A FairyTale Revisited (Part Two)

June 26, 2008 at 8:00 am | Posted in Shinshi Doumei Cross | 13 Comments

This is the final part of my two-parter overview of ShinKuro. This will likely be my last fangirling for the series unless there’s an anime adaptation.

“I will show you a ‘happy ending.’ Even if I were to disappear.” Haine kept her promise at the very end and gave everyone a happy ending.

So because of that happy ending even I have to stop fangirling at some point (unless an anime comes up of course).

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A FairyTale Revisited (Part One)

June 19, 2008 at 8:00 am | Posted in Shinshi Doumei Cross | 6 Comments

Here’s part one on my promised feature on to go over the entire series of Shinshi Doumei Cross. Part two will show up the same time next week.

“I am Otomiya Haine. I’m a spirited fifteen-year-old!!”

With those first words in “Bring it on, Koutei!” the very first chapter, Shinshi Doumei Cross began very happily and “spirited” just like Haine.

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Shinshi Doumei Cross – Chapter 47

June 8, 2008 at 2:27 am | Posted in Shinshi Doumei Cross | 18 Comments
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So, it’s over now. I really do want to crawl into a little hole and be emo for a week.

Endless Youth & Co. released chapter 47 scans and raws yesterday, so it’s time for my thoughts on the chapter. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so now.

There were a couple of comments Shinshi Doumei Cross Ends post from people who had just started reading the manga not long ago. I can identify with that because I can easily count the number of times that happened to me (it happened with Full Moon I believe, but I was stubborn and just read it as it was released by Viz so it would last).

But I’ve been reading ShinKuro almost the entire time it’s been running. So you’ll have to forgive me and allow me to be the emotional sappy girl that’s inside almost all Arina Tanemura fangirls.

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Shinshi Doumei Cross Ends

June 3, 2008 at 1:04 pm | Posted in Shinshi Doumei Cross | 14 Comments
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Well, it’s official. ShinKuro has ended after running four years in Ribon.

Excuse me, I’m going to go crawl into my closet and be emo for a week.

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