Otaku – The Good, The Bad, and The Bishoujos

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For a quick explanation to my readers that aren’t part of the blogging community, I’ve joined an all-girls blogging group. This is the second round of the round-robin (I sat out on the first one). I’m not the only one writing on this topic. Links to the other entries are given below.

Other Participants: Mei, elezend, saimaisama, Hoshi, Fang-tan, Hynavian, biankita, animemiz, nyachan, Susie Q, A Day Without Me, Rachel, j1m0ne, Meows, haruda, townberry

Being an otaku (and what exactly an otaku is) has been on my mind a lot lately. So when “Otaku – Stereotypes and Perception” was announced as the next topic I immediately decided to go for it this round. I have a few posts unfinished in my drafts section that relate to this topic, but all of them are ignoring the big question…what is an otaku?

If Nogizaku Haruka no Himitsu (a light novel and upcoming anime) had its way with its obvious otaku wish fulfillment, otaku boys would get to believe that there are incredibly cute and charming, likely funny, girls that share their hobbies. Well it’s wrong because moe girls don’t exist (that aside, I’m still totally watching this anime). But I think the fact that Nogizaka Haruka exists says a lot about otaku in general.

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