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So, it’s over now. I really do want to crawl into a little hole and be emo for a week.

Endless Youth & Co. released chapter 47 scans and raws yesterday, so it’s time for my thoughts on the chapter. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so now.

There were a couple of comments Shinshi Doumei Cross Ends post from people who had just started reading the manga not long ago. I can identify with that because I can easily count the number of times that happened to me (it happened with Full Moon I believe, but I was stubborn and just read it as it was released by Viz so it would last).

But I’ve been reading ShinKuro almost the entire time it’s been running. So you’ll have to forgive me and allow me to be the emotional sappy girl that’s inside almost all Arina Tanemura fangirls.

I started reading ShinKuro the week before chapter 10 was released. It’s really the first time I got interested in a manga as it was running. Usually I watched an anime then read its manga to avoid being disappointed. But around that time I was starting to read manga that didn’t have an anime adapation.

So ShinKuro’s been running for about four years and I’ve been following it for three. It really does feel like there’s going to be a gap missing in my life. Because there’s no other manga I’ve followed for as long. ShinKuro is really the first thing I checked out scanlations for because I fell in love with Arina Tanemura’s work after Full Moon. And every month I’d go, “Oh! The new chapter is coming out” and I’d get all excited. Especially during the HainexTaka-kun arcs.

That being said…I am definitely disappointed that it’s over. I like the ending and I’m looking forward to Mistress Fortune…but *sigh* ShinKuro is my favorite Arina Tanemura manga. Now that it’s over…it definitely feels like something is missing.

Well enough of my sappiness. For some good news, there’s some rumors that Tanemura-sensei posted something about a ShinKuro omake that’ll serve as an epilogue in her blog. Usually we ShinKuro fangirls have a hard time getting hold of these side stories and such since there’s just so many but that’s since they’re stories about side characters. I have little doubt that if it’s true we’ll all get our hands on it before volume 11 comes out officially in English.

Now remember, those are just rumors for now. As soon as someone I trust states it with certainty I’ll let everyone know. The Arina Tanemura fanbase is wide, talented, and organized. It doesn’t take us long to get news.



Alright, this section is really only here to keep my current set-up going. I’ll do summaries for Mistress Fortune from now on and I would have done summaries of ShinKuro before this, but really, you have to read this chapter. Otherwise it’s just pointless.

But here are some of the highlights:

  • Haine and Taka-kun get married
  • Senri tells Ushio he loves her and takes off his glasses
  • Komaki and Kusame seem to be on the student council in high school
  • Maika and Kazuhito are having another daughter
  • Shizumasa will be head of the Touguu family
  • Taka-kun will be head of the Kamiya family
  • The whole student council is now working for the Kamiya family
  • Kasuga’s got the hots for Kiriaki
  • Touya catches the bouquet and gives it to Riiko
  • Shizumasa comes back and still hasn’t give up on Haine

And there we have it. Those are just things I consider noteworthy.



Some people think this chapter was a rushed ending. In fact there was someone who hated the ending. Honestly, this is exactly what I expected and was looking for. It’s a perfect Arina Tanemura ending. It reminded me a little of the Full Moon ending. The last chapter ended with an “OMG!NO!” sort of ending and the next chapter skipped past all that to go straight for the fluff. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The people who are disappointed with this ending aren’t really your “Arinachi fans” but simply Arina Tanemura fans if you get my meaning. Most of these fans really like Full Moon and ShinKuro but aren’t too interested in KKJ and consider TSK to be barely worth consideration. They often think the one-shots are stupid and often don’t even know what ION is. Arinachi fans on the other hand love every single one of her manga, especially Time Stranger Kyoko. We constantly pine over what TSK could have been if Tanemura-sensei had been given proper time to work on it. We adore every one-shot because they all so clearly represent what we love about Arina Tanemura manga condesnsed into 50 pages or less. And we are very much looking forward to Mistress Fortune.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with simply “Arina Tanemura fans” or anything. I’m just pointing out the difference. These fans usually like the serious drama more than the fluff. And that’s just silly. An Arina Tanemura manga without fluff is like…a CLAMP manga without a OMGWTF twist. It doesn’t really happen. You can’t be an Arina Tanemura fan and not like fluff. Even Full Moon had a fluffy ending. Silly girls.

There’s always a lot of drama when a great manga ends. Especially for the people who have been following it all along. But I think most fans are satisfied. I feel bad for the ones who aren’t though. I get the feeling that they really aren’t looking at things properly. I guess I naturally see things that others don’t because I always try to think like writer when I’m reading manga (and occasionally when watching anime).

But all that aside, it’s time for me to fangirl over this chapter. And also explain how I saw the things that others were disappointed in.

I’m glad I decided to blog this chapter, because a lot of people were looking at things the wrong way. Some people think that the ending was bad. Personally, I think it’s on par with the wonderful ending of Full Moon or its Arina Tanemura’s second best ending. Either way, no one could have written a better ending to this series. People shouldn’t say they’re disappointed. I get the feeling a lot of people were expecting the wrong things.

For example, when Haine said she’d marry both of the boys…here’s the reason. If you remember, Taka-kun has no family register, she’d have to legally marry Shizumasa in order to live with Taka-kun and be his wife. It’s the closest she could get to her happy ending. And if you notice the look in her eyes, it’s not one of complete happiness when she says that. It’s more of a, “I think this is best…” sort of look if you understand my meaning.

But luckily the polygamy is out. Shizumasa takes care of everything like he always does. I think that’s why I like him so much. His love for Haine and Taka-kun (my two favorite characters) is obviously a major factor, but I like the way Shizumasa can just fix things. Ultimately, he always wants to do what’s right. I’ll get more into that later as well.

Also, for Furuba fans, did it occur to anyone else, that Haine is a lot like Tohru? Obviously not personality-wise or anything, but the way she’s managed to deeply affect the lives of everyone she’s met. Shizumasa himself states that outright and that’s really when it occurred to me.

Best scene…ever! Haine still getting all flustered and blushy when she screws up and Taka-kun catches her. These two are just a great couple. Especially since they love each other so much. You can say that Haine’s feelings sway a lot, but I don’t think that’s really true. I think Haine has always loved Taka-kun most (because of the book) and although Shizumasa became a very important part of her life, ultimately the one she developed the close bond with was Taka-kun. And as for Taka-kun, Haine is the first one to acknowledge his existence, even if she didn’t realize it.

I think the two of them have a wonderful and touching love story and it’s probably why they’ll always remain one of my favorite couples. That and of course…

…they both so darn cute! Poor Taka-kun! Poor Haine! Ehehe! I wouldn’t have it any other way though. This is one of those scenes that I’d love to see animated. Assuming they get some good seiyuu for the anime.

20 years old, huh~? Oh they’re adults. That’s one thing I love about Arina Tanemura manga, she always ages her characters for the epilogue to a nice, appropriate age. I kind of wish I could see their college life. They’re all in the college section of the Imperial Academy, right? I’d kind of like to see what their everyday life would be like. I think it would be cute. Heh.

Also…yay! Haine’s hair is long again! I thought her short hair was cute, but Haine definitely looks best with long hair.

They’re all working together and causing Taka-kun trouble still! Awesome! It makes sense for Maguri to work for the Kamiya family, but aren’t Maora and Ushio the successors to their family? Well, Ushio probably left her family (and is now living a rabu-rabu family life with Senri, lol) and Maora’s dad was such a cool guy so he probably just gets to do whatever he wants.

The student council will always be together! This might have made me even happier than the Taka-kun and Haine’s wedding. Because Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen’s Alliance) is ultimately all about the student council. Just with a focus on Haine, Taka-kun, and Shizumasa.

Komaki and Kusame!!! Awesome!!! Every new student council get new uniforms, so can we go ahead and assume this is theirs? If so…awesome~! I wonder which one’s the Koutei? Heh, poor Kusame, having such a rich girlfriend who buys him all sorts of stuff (even though he doesn’t care) I hope he gets to be the authority this time. Besides, doesn’t Komaki want to follow in her sister’s footsteps? She has to be the platinum! It’s a Kamiya girls thing (heh, sort of)!

And speaking of Kamiya girls, I wonder if we’ll get to see Haine’s baby sister in that possible omake. I’d like that, though I…kinda sorta doubt it. But more Kamiya girls would be good. Especially considering Haine isn’t technically a Kamiya.

Kasuga and Kiriaki. I knew they were supposed to have more to them, so this is it, eh? I approve. Kiriaki is too formal. He needs a good yankee girl. I kind of wonder if this is what the omake would be about…but too much guessing isn’t good for us. So I’ll stop now.

So after the Taka-kunxHaine stuff, this is probably my favorite part of this chapter. Ushio and Senri~! She’s such an understanding grown-up girl. Ah, but now she’s 20, so she really is grown-up. No!!! Senri isn’t a pervert anymore! That’s awful (lol, not really! It’s also awful that it took that long for things to get resolved. Ushion is so patient.

Yeah! There he is! My mischievous school doctor! It’s been a while with all the drama. And look at that! Ushio’s actually blushing a little! Cute! Embarrassed by her past. Haha, well it is quite a past. Oh yes Senri, she is very different from Shouka.

Yeah! Senri without glasses! I hope he still wears them sometimes though. He does need them, doesn’t he? So…yeah. But he looks nicer without glasses. Ah~! Senri and Ushio! I hope they get married sometime after the manga ends and all that. What am I saying? Of course they do! All Arina Tanemura couples get married!

Ah~!!!! AWESOME~! I kind of shouted when I first saw this scene! Because! Finally! An Arina Tanemura wedding! I’ve wanted the final chapter of ShinKuro to be Haine and Taka-kun’s wedding since their first date, when Haine was getting all excited thinking “Shizumasa” was going to propose. Oh my~! How far we’ve come! I…want…an…anime! Because there’s a good chance the wedding scene would get extended in an anime! Come on! Somebody!

I just finished talking about bouquets yesterday, didn’t I? It’s a marrying weekend in shoujo manga I guess!

I think Haine got the flowers to Touya on purpose. Because she wanted to show him his “happy end” and everything. I like Touya so I’m happy he gets a real happy ending and all that. But this is another reason why Haine reminds me of Tohru, forgiving the person who shot her and all that.

Oh, and speaking of Haine getting shot. I know some people were wondering what the point of the cliffhanger was. Basically, I think it was to show Haine’s dedication and, more importantly plot-wise, to give Shizumasa a chance to disappear and leave Haine a note. There you go people. Not pointless.

I get the feeling this scene went over some people’s heads. Remember Riiko? She’s one of Haine’s two friends that you used to see a lot in the beginning. In a special (I forget what volume) she and Touya had a club to help push along Shizumasa and Haine’s love. Riiko fell in love with Touya because of the time she spent with him, but got rejected since Touya “lives to serve” Takanari. It’s pretty clear that he liked her all this time. So…they’re the ones getting married next! Cute~!

I was really, really happy when Shizumasa showed up. Have we seen him smile like that…ever? Only when he and Taka-kun were little I think. Though it does look like he was a little sad for a moment, I’m guessing because Haine got married, but the fact that he can smile like that, Yay!

I found this scene to be really touching. Stupid Shizumasa not sending news back to anyone all that time (well, there was some news, but not much). Why are the Touguu boys so stupid?

lol, And jealous too. But that’s okay, because it makes Taka-kun cute. I love how he didn’t know anything about the three of them living together. And I also love how Taka-kun still has a bit of a bad attitude that you can see when he gets angry and jealous. He’s so cute. As for people disliking this scene, I think they’re taking it too seriously. ShinKuro started out with more comedy than drama, remember?

I honestly don’t think Shizumasa was being serious. He loves both his brother and Haine too much to cause them any trouble. I think that fighting is the only way those two silly boys know how to relate anymore. Like in chapter 46 when they were fighting over who knew more about Haine. They weren’t really fighting. It was just a fight between sibling. If you ask me, it means they get along.

lol, And Haine did what she does best in difficult situations. She ran away. She ran away back when she was confused about her feelings for Taka-kun (the cherry blossoms scene) and she hid in the bathroom (or some room) when she was stuck in the same room as Taka-kun. She’s so cute. We all know that she loves Taka-kun the most, but she’s just a cutely confused girl. Haine’s always been simple, expecting her to be mature now…is just silly.

I mean, it’s obvious that Taka-kun is the one she loves most. Haine married him and since her dream has always been to get married to the one she loves, you just know she won’t take that lightly. Have a little more faith in Haine. She just got embarrassed and ran off. The one she loves most is Taka-kun for sure.

And as usual, the whole manga ended with some nice narration. As expected, this time it concerned Haine’s dream to be Cinderella. I always love the messages at the end of Arina Tanemura’s manga. It’s always something I can agree with and it always shows how the heroine has grown a lot. Haine, who was once unhappy with almost everything in her life and even said it would have been better if she was never born at one point, says “To be alive…is something I love very much.” I love that.

Also, and to those who think that ShinKuro didn’t have a Taka-kun and Haine ending, pay closer attention. Everyone is chasing Haine, but Taka-kun is the one who catches her and gets to say, “Haine, I’m glad that I fell in love with you.” It’s a Haine and Taka-kun ending for sure.

I just think that people didn’t catch everything because Arina Tanemura has mastered the Happy Ending. It’s gotten more subtle instead of just, “Happily Ever After” being stated out right, it’s something smaller and…more precious. That sounds lame, but I hope you get my meaning. Basically…do what a person normally does after finishing a series. Sit for a moment, think, reread. Try to be positive and look for a happy ending when you’re reading. Otherwise you might miss it (as many people did).

Anyway, this is probably my second favorite ending for a manga…ever. My first favorite ending is the ending to Full Moon wo Sagashite, because that was just…wow. But this one was really, almost as good. I don’t cry when reading manga, but I can say without a doubt, if this ever gets animated, I’ll be in tears.


Final Thoughts

Okay, these aren’t my final final thoughts. I plan to write up a nice long two-parter with all my incredibly sappy and really final thoughts on the series. I can’t compress my thoughts on all of these characters and all of these storylines into just a few paragraphs. There’s no way it would work.

Safe to say, as I’m typing this out right now and even thinking “final” anything about ShinKuro…I feel even sappier and emotional than I did when writing out my post about ShinKuro ending. Then I get to just look up at the banner on my site and get all choked up again going, “It really was a happy ending!”

Lots of people seemed disappointed with the end, but I am completely satisfied, excluding, you know…the fact that I no longer get to read about Haine, Taka-kun, and the rest of the gang every month. It’s a little sad.

Even right now, I’m working on a video for ShinKuro (MMV) that’s been in progress for over four months. And soon, even that will be done. Then what will I have? *sigh*

I really hope an anime gets announced. If they announce a drama and not an anime…I think I’ll lock myself up in my closet, because I can oh-so-easily see them ruining this series. Dramas are good at that (though my hopes are high for the Taiwanese Skip Beat! one, I always thought that series would make a good drama).

But negativity aside. It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to this series. I still have a few unread side stories to get to and all of that. And I’m expecting this issue of Ribon to arrive in the mail in a couple of weeks.

And on another note…I still need to find the special edition of volume 10 online and I need to get the ShinKuro artbook that’s being released this month. If anyone found them listed somewhere that ships to America, that would be great (I’d rather not go through second party shipping if it’s avoidable).

So, to finish this off…I’m going to prolong this goodbye over the next two weeks with my two upcoming entries on the series. But to end off this entry; I’m really going to miss ShinKuro.

And I leave you with one of those rare rabu-rabu images of Haine and Taka-kun that I got from the Shinshi Doumei Cross fansite I believe. Yeah…I’m going to miss Haine and Taka-kun most of all. I’m going to miss all of them.


  1. People complained about the ending? Really?

    But it was full of cuteness!!!

    How could anyone not read it and be satisfied, I think everything was tied up nicely.

    And with Shizumasa saying he hasn’t given up on Haine we also got a nice bit of comedy thrown in.

    I’m so happy Ushio got her happy ending.

    And I agree that Haine does have that magical Tohru element to her.

    I can’t believe its over, but luckily for me I still have Koukou Debut to fangirl over ^-^

  2. Loved your post. Basically said everything I thought too. T_T It’s going to be hard getting through without the monthly SDC.
    I don’t accept the “Happily Ever After” thing. Ever. Arina’s endings are the only exception to that because she manages to actually make sense. And its hard not to enjoy the fluff. The messages her endings send always gives me this really heart-warming feeling inside so I really can’t help but be happy and satisfied with them.
    If SDC gets animated (no dramas, agreed), One: I want a good animation company and Two: Seiyuus.
    I always thought Kuwashima Houko (she did Maron from KKJ too right?) portrayed Haine well. Totally loved her in the Drama CDs. I remembered liking the entire cast from the CDs so it’d be nice if they kept it for the anime (were it to happy). Well, actually Suwabe as Taka-kun freaked me out slightly (not used to Suwabe voicing a chara like Taka-kun) … it wasn’t bad though, just awkward. Then there’s Arina who did Maora. I was so surprised at that. REALLY. But she sounded awesome, even as Yuubinya-san <3 so I wouldn’t mind if they kept her too. Woups, went overboard there. Sorry. I think I’m going to read SDC from the beginning again. -runs off-

  3. I agree! Haine is like Tohru in her way of bring disfunctional people together.

    The student council. ^_^ It’s nice to know they’ll still be together even as adults

    I love happy endings were everyone ends up with someone, even if it is super unrealistic. That’s why I was so happy and fangirly when the full moon manga ended and the same with this one.

    Riko and Toya! I love how Arina Tanemura’s able to bring random couples she kind of hinted at early in the series together at the end. (I think volume four is the one you’re thinking about)

    Hee-hee! It rules whenever guys who normally don’t wear glasses put them on, or when guys who wear glasses all the time take them off. They probably will you’re right. (maybe we’ll get to see it in a bonus chapter).

    I know what you mean about dramas. The things they’re doing to absolute boyfriend are suppose to be horrible. Probably if someone’s going to do an anime, it will be annouched within the next six months.

  4. [Long comment ahead…]

    Wow…such a long post. And that’s great cuz Shinkuro certainly earned its recognition as what I think is Arina’s best manga to date. ^^
    Wah~! I’m so sad it’s over! T_T It’s not like something died inside of me or anything but more like I’m watching my own kid (not that I have one, heh) grow up and going off to college and well, being grown up and having to let go! *sniffs*
    But the ending was awesome. And I will slap anyone who thinks it’s bad. It’s not the greatest ending in the world, yes, but it certainly wrapped up everything pretty nicely. Sure, there were some parts we would’ve like to be included but I think that even authors like to leave some stuff open-ended for the fans to imagine what happens next. So if people are still complaining, then go write fanfiction or something! : P
    And you are right. Haine did not say “I want to marry both of them” for whatever silly reasons people assumed it to be. She was thinking what was best for the boys because she felt that they deserved to get the greatest happiness they couldn’t have due to being constrained by the Toguu family all this time. And that happiness was probably for them to renew their brotherhood. Also, in chapter 31-ish (?), she said to herself it would be wrong of her to like both of them since there was only one of her and in the chapter when she confessed to Takanari that he was her most important person, she told herself to be honest with her feelings (just as her mother told her to do) even if meant hurting one of the brothers. First of all, Haine loves her mother and really does listen to and remember her advice. To go back on that is not Haine’s character. Second, why would Arina put all that stuff in there and then do an anti-climactic thing in the epilogue? That makes no sense. Third, Haine is not the sharpest crayon in the box and we all know this. So maybe how she said it was not the best way she could have worded it but that’s just how she is. You gotta look past just what the translations tell you, think about the deeper meaning behind it and put yourself in Haine’s shoes , you lazy fans. The emotions are right there! It’s not hard to try to comprehend it! *sigh* (Whoa, that was a long rant…and it’s gonna get even longer now lol)
    Anyways, Haine looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress and that made me really happy. ^^ Cuz usually, when I see weddings in anime or manga, the brides’ dresses never looked good to me. In fact, all the ones up to but not including Haine’s I considered all ugly and just didn’t look special enough for my favorite girl characters. Hmph. So yay for Arinacchi for having a great sense of style! She always does! ^^
    And kyaa~! xD Taka-kun and his blushing bride! They are such a great couple and I think the best one she ever came up yet (and it will stay that way for me! Lol). There’s lots of depth to their relationship, especially because of their aristocratic background which just adds to what makes it so great.
    Oh, and after watching the first five episodes of Itazura na Kiss, I totally agree with you that Nana-sama can definitely voice Haine! Nana-sama has always been great for unrequited love roles and to hear them when her characters’ love are actually returned is kinda rare for me (I think the only time I can fully recall was in Princess Tutu but the voices will have to be a little different). Well, I’m sure she can pull it off…cuz she’s Nana-sama after all. Hee! <3
    Yay! Haine grew her hair back! Awesome! I liked both versions of her hair equally but for her wedding, she had to grow her hair long or else it wouldn’t have been so great! xD And yay! The student council is 4evaaah~! And they should always stay together, yes! In this life, the next and the next and so on. Lol
    Kyaa~! Komaki and Kusame look so cute together! Hehe, and I can imagine Kusame being obsessed over his girlfriend. So cute! x33 And ooo, I want to see Haine’s baby sister, too! Dang, how do all parents know their children’s gender already before the mother gives birth to them these days? That’s the same with my teacher! She told me her baby’s going to be a boy and it was like 5 months into her pregnancy or something. o.O; Ah, but I guess that’s due to technology…but still…sometimes it kinda ruins the surprise. Oh well. *shrug* Btw, was the baby born before or after the wedding? And exactly how old is Maika? She must be very young if she can still give birth to another baby when Haine is about to marry (lol, look at Kazuhito’s face. Guilty as charged! Lol xD; )
    Kasuga and Kiraki…EL OH EL, whut? Ok, that was random but I love it! Haha! xDDD;;;
    And yay again for UshioxSenri! It was awesome, awesome, awesome! Oh yea, who didn’t see Senri taking off his glasses in front of Ushio comin’? I demand to know cuz you’re really not a fan if you didn’t see it comin’! xD; Hmm, I’m still a little urked that he only told her “The only difference was that you were alive…oh, and you had many boyfriends and a twisted love for your best friend” and so on. I wish he could’ve told her he loved her for not being Ushio cuz I don’t think Ushio is like Shouka at all (even though I don’t really know Shouka’s character). Eh, but whatever, I got what I wanted. I’m satisfied. And Senri looks so hot without his glasses! xD
    The wedding~! The wedding was beautiful!
    Question! Did they get married at school? Lol The building kinda looks similar but then again, all their buildings looked similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Hrm, but I wanted to see Itsuki among them. His daughter was getting married after all! Mou, Arinacchi…
    Ha! Of course Haine used her ultimate former-yankee skills to target, aim and fire the bouquet straight at Touya, who was oh-so-conveniently a few feet away from Riiko-chan. xD; I hope he’s happy with her.
    And how can I forget Shizun? His smile made me smile (he has such a nice smile x3). But yeah, why didn’t he contact anyone? Baka. :P But I loved it when he made Taka-kun jealous, haha. It’s really funny since he’s younger and the older brother is the one who’s getting ticked off. Ah yes, pure brotherly love. xD
    I don’t see why people are getting so worked up over the three of them living in the same house. They’re family so why can’t they? And besides, it’s not like it’s only going to be three of them. Maguri and co. will probably visit constantly and maybe even stay over (like they did in highschool). And Shizun would never do something dishonorable after being redeemed. Give him some credit. He left to try to become a better man after all.
    The last monologue was awesome like always. It was like her previous endings but fresh. Yea!
    Finally, I’m gonna end it with Haine. She’s the biggest reason why I loved Shinkuro so much. Ha, she’s also the aspiration of the person I want to be now. She’s not smart but that doesn’t discourage her. She always tried her best, is very honest, very strong and very wise. And very supportive of others. And I liked how she didn’t hold back her tears when she needed to cry and bravely confronted her weaknesses head on. Basically, I think she’s awesome and beautiful. So I’m glad I fell in love with Haine, too (like everybody else, lol)!
    And hell yea, I want this animated! But I am hungry and this is…damn, more than two pages long. I will end here and plan my Hainari MMV (which the song was actually intended for an Amuto but it fits better with them. Hmm, why can’t I find a decent song for Amuto? ;_; ). Shinkuro is forever! (I hope this fits, lol)

  5. I read the chapter and started like a tribute/sad for it!
    I read all 47 chapters and then made a collage of it for the background of my computer. And I have a 24 inch screen. Then I made a mix CD of sad songs and sat in my room for three hours staring at my ShinKuro poster.
    I’m so weird…

  6. Whoa lots of replying to do. Everyone has a lot to say about ShinKuro ending. *sigh* It can only be expected.

    Sakura: Yes, people complained about the ending. I was really surprised since I thought everyone would love it but…meh.

    Exactly! It was funny. Some girls are just way too serious. Everyone got their happy ending so there was comedy, but everyone still wants to complain. Ugh.

    Ah I knew it wasn’t just me! They’re both amazing girls.

    Koukou Debut…I read the first chapter of that…perhaps I should pick it up again to help fill the void.


    saimaisama: I know, it’s going to be so hard! I don’t know what to do…I have Mistress Fortune to follow along with for a while, but *sigh* it’s not the same. I want them to make an anime. That’ll help.

    I know! Normally I think happy endings are all…meh (except when CLAMP does them, because there’s so much drama before the happy ending). But Arina-sensei always wraps things up so nicely that it’s just…wonderful. And with the last two she’s been leaving it open that, hey! The characters still have some problems! Awesome!

    Houko Kuwashima is good…and I might have liked her as Haine if the voice she uses weren’t already ingrained in my mind as being the Maron voice. So I think I’d like someone else to be Haine, but I wouldn’t really be disappointed with Kuwashima-san either. And I want a different seiyuu for Taka-kun as well. Junichi Suwabe really is a good VA, but I don’t think he quite fits Taka-kun (especially in the later chapters). And Maora will definitely have a different VA…it’s kind of too bad. Arina-sensei really did do an amazing job. How many manga-ka can do voices like that?


    warriorhope: Exactly, she brings people together, she heals them, she forgives them. Haine is a lot like Tohru (can’t believe I didn’t see it before this chapter).

    Me too. Now that I got my Tanemura wedding, someday I’d like a wedding where five different couples get married (so unrealistic, but I want it!).

    Yes, I love that! They usually look good both ways, but when they either take them off or put them on it’s like…super awesome (can’t think of other words to describe it). Senri looked so good.

    I was going to watch Absolute Boyfriend, but all the review I read on the first episode just made me decide…no. I didn’t mind them changing the character’s ages so much, but what they’ve done to the story…ugh. I really want them to make an anime for ShinKuro. I think if they made a drama I wouldn’t even watch it (or I’d watch it to complain about it).


    xiao_jie88: Whoa it really is a long comment (lol). I think you might have beaten your previous records.

    I think it’s her best manga too (just the ending of Full Moon was better because that was just seriously…wow).

    Oh I know exactly what you mean! It is like that! Because we watched all the characters and the story mature and…oh! That’s exactly how to describe it!

    Right because if everything is all wrapped-up in a nice package, that’s just boring. But it’s so annoying. People complain if everything gets wrapped up and they complain if everything isn’t wrapped up. Some people need to get smacked and just shut up.

    Exactly! I kind of forgot about chapter 31 (until I reread it), but that’s definitely important. People don’t believe in Haine enough. It’s unfair. You described all about Haine’s reasons even better than I did. If only silly little people would think like that as well (or just think at all).

    Oh I know! She looked amazing. Leave it to Arina-sensei! I hope someone colors in that picture or that the upcoming artbook has an image somewhere in there of Haine in her wedding dress (or maybe that’s what the cover for volume 11 will be! Haine and Taka-kun when they’re 20 and getting married!).

    Oh yes, they’re definitely one of my favorite couples as well. Maybe number one, but if not, definitely number two. And I doubt any one will pass them unless Arina-sensei herself is able to come up with an even more amazing couple (though even if it’s her, I kinda doubt it).

    Yes! Then we must now campaign for a ShinKuro anime starring Nana-sama as Haine! And she has to sing the opening and closing! Ah…that’s true though, she does do a lot of unrequited love roles. Even more reason for her to be Haine! She’ll be perfect for the first few episodes! And I just know Nana-sama can do determined Haine and angry Haine awesomely as well! Seriously though…if Nana-sama got to voice Haine I’d have a heart-attack. Because seiyuu I want to almost never get the role.

    I liked bother versions as well, but Haine is meant to have long hair, especially if she’s a “miniature version of Maika” but it’s also because she just looks so pretty.

    Yes Komaki and Kusame are so cute! I want a spin-off with them (not really, but still). And I want to see Haine’s little sister too. I hope Arina-sensei at least let’s us know what her name is going to be. She does that sometimes. It does kind of ruin the surprise finding out about a baby’s gender…but I can kind of understand why.

    Let’s see…Maika and Kazuhito got married when they were 18 I think, had Haine pretty much immediately because Maika had to be with Itsuki (so about 19 when she had Haine). Add on 20 years and…Maika is 39 (certainly doesn’t look it, she looks so young…).

    I kind of understand what Senri meant by saying that though. I think that’s just explaining how he was initially attracted to Ushio and why he went after her in the first place. But then he fell in love with Ushio for real~! Yes, that’s how I take it.

    Ah it kinda looks like they could have gotten married at school That would be really cool if they did.

    Yes! Haine may be simple-minded, but she certainly knows how to plan out how to make someone else happy. Touya owes her a big thank you. He needs to go out on a nice date with Riiko though first (ah! I’d love to see a special of that).

    Haha, Taka-kun and Shizumasa…those silly, silly boys. Especially Shizumasa purposely trying to mess with his brother (lol). Taka-kun’s too serious most of the time to do that, but since he won the first argument about Haine, it only makes sense that Shizumasa would seek revenge! lol

    Exactly, Ushio will especially probably be over a lot of Senri’s still working for the Touguu family. So every thing’s absolutely fine. I’d love to see them living together though…I can imagine dozens of different hilarious things happening.

    Without Haine, ShinKuro wouldn’t be half as good, would it? Since she played such a major role in everyone’s story and brought everyone together…yeah. I won’t say much else about her here, because I get to go on all about her in the future (lol, there’s no point in hiding that Haine is one of my top ten girls).

    I want to see the MMV! Finish it soon! I want to see (I’m super curious now).


    Erin: *sigh* I actually made a collage of the whole series after also (I’m using it for my two upcoming posts on the series). And I stared at my ShinKuro poster for a while too (just not with music). So it’s not weird at all. Either that or I’m just equally weird (very good chance of that actually).

  7. Nope definitely not just you. Haine just has a lot more kick ass to her than Tohru though. I think if Tohru had to fight someone, she’d actually faint.

    Yes Koukou Debut is just so damned cute. Hubby-sama has gotten very used to hearing awwwwww whenever I’m reading that.

    The penultimate chapter of InuYasha had me doing a lot of that too.

  8. Wow, I never realised these details X_X how could I call myself an Arinachi fan T^T

    On the surface, when Haine said she’ll marry both of them, I felt it was WTH. But if you look at it more closely, its a lovely ending. But in general, it’s a generic shoujo ending with all the fluff you could ask more. Everyone ends up with someone. The little message at the end is also memorible. I liked how Haine’s name was mentioned and how her name fits in with the story.

    I’ve been following Shinshi Doumei Cross since it was on its 4th chapter. I have 3 copies of volume 1. First one was Taiwan version. Then I bought the Hong Kong version because it looked the best on my shelf and I’m currently collecting this version. I got the english version too, because of the poster. Definately going to hung for the art book.

    I remember reading Shinshi Doumei Cross raws and translation notes, I waited for the it every month. Then I found scalations around chapter 30 and waited for it every month. It doesn’t feel weird not waiting for SDC, since I’m waiting for Mistress Fortune instead now. But this is definately my first manga that I followed each month. I thought Arinachi needs to take a break after SDC, but guess she’s working hard on Mistress Fortune.

  9. Fuyu-san: I think so, too…and that’s why I’m awesome. lol J/k. xDDD;;; Ah, I wonder if I will ever beat it (oh, poor you. ^^; ).
    *sigh* They are just too lazy to think but they’ll eventually see it. I put most of the blame on the month-long wait but that can’t be helped. Otherwise, we’d have crappy art. :/ And fans’ excitement for the next chapter reaches so high because of the wait that it’s a very hard landing for their brains when what they wanted to happen doesn’t actually happen…
    I want a colored version of Haine’s dress and wedding, too~! 8D And Taka-kun looking dashing in his suit. Ooo, I can’t wait to get my hands on this artbook or see the cover of volume 11! x3
    Ya, Maika doesn’t look that age at all. o.O I’d be so jealous of her if she was real (and I’m not even half her age yet! xD;).
    Yes, they will continue to bicker over her for the rest of their lives together which just means they love each other very much. x3
    Everything else: Yes~, I agree. xD lol Can’t think of anything else to say so I’m gonna stop here, too, and resume when Haine appears on your top ten list (I’m guessing #2 or 3), hehe. Oh, and I also agree on the similarities between Haine and Tohru, too. Cept Haine is way cooler (she’s like Tohru revamped or something). Yep. ^^
    I will as soon as I get all my materials! ^^ Actually, that was something I’ve been meaning to ask you but I’ll post my questions on your lj journal instead (I loved “Stranded,” btw ~.^).

  10. Great Ending ^_^ ~! i was very satisfied ^^ .> . Shizumasa is my favourite in my opinion ^^ so as Haine. But this was a very cutee and Happy ending =D .
    Love This story ^^ and Yes people shouldn’t be complaining about the ending =.=” it was AWESOME AND CUTEE . This is probably my favourite Arina manga <3

  11. Okay, slightly off topic. But I think I found SDC artbook that ships overseas without the middle man.

    I ‘think’ its the artbook, but my lack of japanese can’t tell me for sure. But the pricing and date of release makes perfect sense for it to be the art book. I’m not sure is it over priced, but I knoiw yesasia does free shipping if you spent enough. Hope this is useful for anything who wants the artbook, including me. I’m quite surprised myself that is it that easy to find it from Yesasia.

  12. Sakura: Oh yes, I can agree with that. Tohru’s mom was a ynakee, but Tohru had none of that in her. She probably would faint for a fight.

    Ah, but I just heard Koukou Debut is ending soon as well…I’ll read it, but it looks like it won’t be able to keep me occupied for long.

    Oh yes, one more for InuYasha…it’s been going so long it feels so weird.


    LilaChan: Well lots of people didn’t realize it. I believe it’s my strange obsessive reading that made me realize all these details. So it’s not so much that it’s weird for you not to realize as it is…weird for me to notice all this (lol, I have no life).

    Yes, it’s a very beautiful ending. Fluff, happiness, a nice message, and romance. It was wonderful.

    Since the fourth chapter? Oh you’ve been following it even longer than I have! And 3 copies…wow. I only have 1. i’ll probably end up getting the Japanese version as well. And the artbook, and the special edition of volume 10 (if I can ever find it…).

    ShinKuro changed scanlators a lot, didn’t it? Luckily the forums kept everyone going all along. Mistress Fortune is taking its place nicely though, at least for the next two months. After that Arina-sensei is taking her well-deserved break.


    xiao_jie88: Oh you are awesome. The more someone has to say, the more awesome they are (new rule that has absolutely no basis, lol).

    Ugh…I hate lazy fans. And stupid fans, and…ugh. I’ll stop here because it could deveolve into a ran far too easily. But the month-long wait is partly to blame I’d say. It’s not a good excuse though, since plenty of people walk away completely satisfied anyway. Well, it only sucks for them if they don’t see the good.

    I need to order the artbook tomorrow (though my parents are already tired of me borrwing their credit card every week, so they need a little convincing). I doubt it will have the image, but I can still hope. And volume 11 is likely to have it on the cover somewhere anyway…hopefully.

    Maika looks like she’s twenty sometimes…unfair. I guess that’s the benefit of being in manga, no one really draws characters looking old unless they’re really old.

    Yes bickering forever! That’s going to be so cute. Now I’m really feeling the regret of the manga ending because…we don’t get to see that stuff!

    Haha, the rank remains a secret, but…pretty much (lol). Yes, Tohru revamped is a good why to describe her. This time she got the yankee genes (lol).

    Thank you.


    Airi: Shizumasa is either my fourth or fifth favorite, but since I love all the characters in ShinKuro so much that’s still really good. This was a great ending. Everyone got happiness. The people complaining just didn’t like Shizumasa enough (some people actually hoped he’d die…losers). But with this ending, it’s my favorite as well~!

    LilaChan: Not off-topic at all! Thank you! I’d been stalking yesasia for a while, but it’s finally up now! Thank you so much! I have to order it ASAP.

    I think it says 30(?) anyway, I don’t think it’s overpriced, I only bought one other artbook, but from what I know they rarely (if ever) cost under 20 dollars so I don’t think it’s overpriced. Yesasia just kills you with the shipping…ugh. But pretty much every store is like that. So thank you!

  13. I love how you explained everything! Very nice. i will miss this manga…I know everybody loves Taka-kun and Haine, but they come in as my second. Somehow, I found RikoxtToya cuter. ^___^
    My third has to be MagurixMaora. They so need to be together. Fourth is SenrixUshio. They both grew a lot. Well, mostly Senri. Ushio really was quite formal and mature in the beginning. Arina needs to surprise us with more mangas like this! I didn’t like the ending, and i thought it was rushed. I think Arina could have done it better. The Full Moon ending was the very best. I loved it. I’m fangirling. ^____^ Yeah, good series. So needs to be an anime. NEEDS TO BE.

  14. You did a great job explaining! THERE IS GONNA BE A SKIP BEAT TAIWANESE DRAMA??!! yay! I love the taiwanese drama of Hana kimi! I hope they give skip beat just as much careful care as hana-kimi. It will be so funny seeing Kyoko going into her “kill-Shotaro” tangents!

  15. Well I’ve just finished this manga and honestly, I liked KKJ better. Maybe because I hadn’t known her style back then, and it was more new and cute for me. This manga often seemed a bit over-dramatized to me, like forced marriage… can’t they just say no or is that a japanese thing? And sometimes a bit illogical/not credible. All in all ok anyway, I really love the drawings.

  16. Such an awesome summary. You explained everything so well. I love this series, though I can’t decide if this will beat Full Moon or not… All of Arina Tanemura’s series are so awesome!

    Are you going to do a summary for the omake of SDC? >.<

  17. […] about the ending is explained perfectly here by FuyuMaiden. The extra chapter has a scene @ the Tougu mansion after the wedding and you can […]

  18. i wuz angry when it finished.. i just kinda thought nooo!!!!
    i also wished there wuld b sum1 shizun wuld find n luv cuz he seemz 2 b the only 1 left out. n i wulda liked 2 c a “many yearz later” ending. wit a baby or sumthing 2 show their luv i guess…. hmm.. but i really didnt want it 2 end. like her other manga.
    i also wanna c all her 1 shotz turned in2 moviez!! >_<
    Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune wuz probably 1 of my favoritez.

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