A FairyTale Revisited (Part Two)

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This is the final part of my two-parter overview of ShinKuro. This will likely be my last fangirling for the series unless there’s an anime adaptation.

“I will show you a ‘happy ending.’ Even if I were to disappear.” Haine kept her promise at the very end and gave everyone a happy ending.

So because of that happy ending even I have to stop fangirling at some point (unless an anime comes up of course).



With the fact that I don’t really think there’s much of a plot in ShinKuro, one has to wonder where all my love for the series comes from.

Quite obviously, I love all the characters from the manga. And I mean all of them.

Haine, Taka-kun, Shizumasa, Ushio, Maora, Maguri, Senri, Komaki, Kusame, Tachibana, Itsuki, Ryokka, Maika, Kazuhito, Touya, Shouka, Kyouka, Kiriaki, Strahl…everyone.

Often manga with overly large casts fail miserably or get very dragged out. But ShinKuro gave everyone enough development to make pretty much every fan love…every character. I know I do.

I mean, Komaki is a side character who doesn’t have much (if any) impact on the main plot, but my love for her character cannot be denied!

Even Shizumasa who had so many fans hating him for so long earned almost everyone’s love in the end. Because he’s a sweet cute boy who loves his Nii-san and Haine! How can you not love him?

And ShinKuro definitely started my love for traps and gay boys in general with Maora and Maguri. And getting me to like Ushio, a girl who started out as a stereotype I dislike? Wow.

I could go on and on and on, but there’s no need. All the ShinKuro characters are just…wonderful. And I love them. That’s really all that needs to be said, right?



The main pairing for ShinKuro is obviously Haine and Taka-kun, but do you think that’s the only one I support? Pfft…no. Though, of course, they are my favorite.

I’m hesitant to go on too much here because of plans for a future post, but I will still give some love to almost all the couples I love.

Komaki and Kusame – OMG! So cute! And as a girl, I have a soft spot in my heart for a couple created when one girl’s unrequited love is returned. So cute too~!

Ushio and Senri – A rare teacher (or school doctor really) and student relationship that doesn’t come across as incredibly cliched. Because Sneri is a playful guy coupled with a girl ignoring his pursuits this pairing just equals automatic love for me~!

Maora and Maguri – I’m not into yaoi. When I stumble upon it as a side story in a manga, I’m fine, but I never actively seek it. But Maora and Maguri just have such a great story and they’re both such great characters so…Maguri and Maora forever!

Touya and Riiko – Ha, skipping over more important couples to go right for this one. Yes. Because both of them are so cute. And their happy ending was a big part of the ending of the manga.

And for some others we have the married couples of Itsuki and Ryokka as well as Kazuhito and Maika. And both couples are so great that I love them as well.

I know it’s a shoujo cliche, but I really love it when all the characters end up paired up and sure to get their happily ever afters. Especially when I love the characters all so much.



This is different from pairings. I’m not talking romantic relationships here, but just pure relationships of any sort. Because sure, romance is great. But personally I’ve always thought ShinKuro’s strength laid in the other relationships.

Komaki’s love for her nee-sama is probably what started to have me looking at the relationships outside of romance. And all of the relationships between all the characters have such great development.

Haine’s relationship with both sets of parents, Haine’s relationship with all of her twins, Ushio and Haine’s friendship, Maora and Haine’s friendship, Maguri and Taka-kun’s friendship, the student council’s group friendship overall!

Basically, any relationship between any characters, and I love it and enjoyed all the development given to it.

Especially since after chapter…38 I think of the manga, the thing I wanted most from the manga was the reconciliation between Shizumasa and Takanari. Those cute, cute twin boys.

Yes, I wanted it even more than Haine and Taka-kun getting together (though that was my number two). Because I guess I can idenfity with problems with siblings more than any of the other relationships (and relationship problems) in the manga.

It’s rare for me to like relationships outside of romance, but ShinKuro really got me excited for everything.


The Specials

This will be a quick section, but the proper attention needs to be given to the specials that played such an important role in the manga.

Some of the best stories about the characters showed up in specials instead  of the regular manga. If it weren’t for a certain couple of specials, my love for Komaki and my love for her pairing with Kusame would probably be cut in half.

Ushio’s story and character development are in a special. The only way you get to really find out about Riiko and Touya is in a special. Maora and Maguri’s past is all collected in two specials.

Without these special side stories, a lot of the characterization would be gone.

But it’s not like they’re all necessary to understand the story. I think that’s part of the…charm(?) of the series. The specials get to be a little extra you can read to better understand everything.

So take that you silly noobs who never buy the manga. You don’t get to really read the special. Ha.


Final Thoughts

Well, I knew I’d have to wrap everything up at some point…so here we go.

ShinKuro is…definitely (probably) my favorite Arina Tanemura manga.

I spent a lot of the past week thinking over exactly what I wanted to say about the end of the manga. It’s not like it all really has some special effect on me. I’m just a fan. I’m not the creator or anything. It’s kind of silly for me to love this series so much.

Well, even if I can see it flaws or even if there are other manga out there that I like more, no manga has ever made me go through the same emotional rollercoaster as ShinKuro.

I can see why not everyone like the ending (personally I loved it) now. And this is why I wanted to wait a little while before putting all my final thoughts out there. Because now I have a clear head and can sit down and properly collect all my thoughts.

I love ShinKuro. I love all the characters and their relationships. It’s just such a thoroughly enjoyable manga. It’s not the best. I know that. But it’s still one of my favorites.

You can show me some wonderful classic manga that is widely considered the best and I’ll just smile at you and say, “I think ShinKuro is better.” Because I enjoyed it. And that’s really all that matters after all.

After all, ShinKuro combined all my favorite things: complicated love triangles, fairytales, childhood love, elite schools, beautiful art, humor, romance, family relationships, friendships, and that wonderful Arina Tanemura storytelling.

Now…god…if Nana Mizuki ever did voice Haine, I think I’d have an overload.

To wrap up all sappiness and the drama that has covered the past few weeks, let me just state again:

I love ShinKuro because I enjoyed it. That’s all that’s really important.

You can’t challenge or change that. Fangirl love is forever~!


Ah. That’s it now. I guess I won’t be able to go on about ShinKuro again until an anime possibly gets announced (or will I? hahaha, that’s a secret for now).


  1. awww so cool. I hope an anime is made :D

  2. If an anime isn’t made, I’m going to fly to Tokyo (on a plane) and threaten/blackmail them to make one! I want the UshioxSenri scenes and the wedding!
    *sigh* It’s almost a given that there will be a manga because of KKJ and Full Moon being Tanemura-sensei’s other long mangas being turned to animes. That’s a really long sentence… This one is my favorite she’s done (I’ll probably say that about her next long one after Mistress Fortune).
    Yes! Specials are important! None of my friends who read ShinKuro with me ever bought the manga or searched online for a special. So, at the end with ToyaxRiko-ness they were all: WTF? and I was all giddy and happy.
    I want an anime…

  3. My favorite non-romantic relationship in Shinkuro is the student council group. ^_^

    Endings like that are the cutest. I loved it when I read the end of Shinkuro and Full Moon. I’m hoping for an ending like that for Shugo Chara since Peach-Pit keeps giving me couples to fangirl over.

    You can follow what’s happening in her mangas without the special, but they do make things clearer. I loved reading the Komaki x Kusume one and the one about when Maora and Maguri were kids. The little noods are idoits. One day they’ll understand. (maybe)

    Now to wait for the anime.

  4. Your first post piqued my curiosity so I read a bit of ShinKuro and I must say it was a wonderful read. I also came across the Drama CD cast list and I almost died. Houko Kuwashima, Yui Horie, and Arina Tanemura herself? Sign me on!

    But I digress, the manga always had a pleasant surprise for me and Arina-sensei’s kindness shines through another classic shoujo manga.

    I just may go all loser fanboy for this.

  5. Arina’s voicing Maora was epic. I remember going all fangirl because of how cute her voice was and hell, it was good in male-version too.
    And I’m saving for the manga! Oh just you wait, I’m going to barge into the bookstore and get them all MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH-cough- Yeah. Now to go pray to the anime Gods for a ShinKuro anime [I predict it to be announced by Spring or Summer ’09!! If not someone shoot me then] … I’ll console myself with Skip Beat in the meanwhile.

  6. I don’t think the possibility of an anime adaption is high at all, and you touched on my reason a little in your post: lack of stable plot. It really has no marketing appeal. Unfortunately.

    I could be wrong, though!

  7. lol2728: I think we all do. At least most of us anyway.


    Erin: I’ll help pay for your ticket to Tokyo if it becomes necessary!

    Well, Full Moon and KKJ were both magical girl (to some extent) anime, so their transition to anime was obvious for a different reason.

    Haha. I hope you laughed at them and rubbed it in their faces that you knew what was going on.


    warriorhope: The student council’s great. I’m glad they’ll all be bugging Taka-kun forever~!

    Yes! An ending where everyone gets paired together! Of course, I can only allow that sort of pairing if it’s pairings I like (if they paired Utau, Kukai, Rima, Nagihiko, and especially Amu or Ikuto with anyone but their proper pairings…that would be bad).

    They make things clearer and add more to character development that there’s no room for in the story. I love it when people are like, “so-and-so’s arc was too short” and I’m just like, “Did you read the specials?” Ah fun.


    HtoK: Yes! It is a wonderful read! And the drama cd was great. Arina-sensei had the potential to be a good seiyuu (especially a trap Seiyuu) if she wasn’t such a great manga-ka. I love Houko-san, but I wasn’t big on her as Haine (sounded too much like Maron). But Yui Horie was great as well!!! Ah, the cast was great, I hope a lot of them would continue their roles if there was an anime.

    You should go all loser fanboy for it and join all of us loser fangirls.


    saimaisama: I know…it was! And so cute! Haha…and I remember when we found out that the postman was Maora, pretty much everyone started feeling like a moron because Arina-sensei had given us a hint for that the whole time! With her being both Maora and the Postman! Agh!

    Yes! Get every volume so you can read everything! Ooo…spring or Summer. I think it’s more likely spring since that seems to be when any 24-26 episode series start up. It’s just too bad we all can’t console ourselves with Skip Beat! until Fall though.


    Esme: I’m going to be blunt and just say that I think you’re wrong. Because anime seems to thrive on plotless anime. They’re called Slice of Life and they tend to be incredibly popular. And most school life (like ShinKuro) anime tends to be slice of life anyway.

    And none of the shoujo anime from this past season have much a plot either. Hey, there’s this school with Vampires. Hey, there’s this school with a special class. Hey, there’s this girl who’s in love with a guy that dislikes her. Meh. I think ShinKuro’s “Hey, there’s this girl who’s an ex-yankee attending an elite school to be with a boy she loved since she was little but who doesn’t seem to love her back” will fit in nicely as the beginning premises.

    So…basically I’m hoping your wrong and I’m hoping that one of the companies who like plotless anime pick it up. I think there’s enough of them.

  8. Yay! Part 2~! ^^
    Oh, but before that, here’s my small response to yours from part 1:
    Um…I don’t have one? ^^;; I dunno, I seem to like so many but when I think about it, there really aren’t that much I would consider a favorite. And I kinda gave up keeping track of favorites cuz I like too many to decide (and I’m just lazy). Lol
    Yea, I noticed that about her, too! It’s really great that she does that even though she doesn’t have to. I guess it makes it easier to relate and understand…and be in more awe of her awesomeness. Ah, communications at its best! X3
    I want zat artbook, tooo~! D: Maybe some American manga publishing company would be nice enough to license (or whatever they do) it and just sell it here. Really, it’s not that hard. It’s mostly gorgeous pictures. Haha, speaking of which, I hope Shugo Chara! gets its own artbook. Lol xDD;; (Don’t we all? *sigh*) Gargh, I need to buy stuff! I’m so bored with watching my old dvds over and over. Ooo, but TSK is out~! Maybe I’ll get that. X333
    And to top it off, they’re all Asian! Lol And at first glance, almost all Asians look alike. xD; But yes, she does a great job with keeping them distinct (especially with the boys, which is quite hard as it is). I remember their faces right away when I’m looking at them. Others, it takes me a while to even remember everyone’s names…and if I feel like concentrating, heh. And Vampire Knight, I’m just tired of even being interested anymore. Just reading it for the end (keh, I bet 10 bucks that Kaname will die and Zero will become Yuuki’s “knight” slash new lover. Meh.)
    So! Part 2! (Maybe you should continue fangirling in order to speed up the process of it becoming an anime. Hey, you never know. xD)
    Haha, I will spare you from ranting about every character I love…which is everyone. xD; And I agree with you on Maora and Maguri. They lifted my paranoia of shounen-ai and yaoi. Now I can’t seem to live without thinking about it every once in a while. Ha, weird~.
    Hainari FTW. I love ‘em. And everyone else should, too (who doesn’t?). And I love all the pairings, too. Cuz everyone was happy in the end and it all made sense how they got together. I even support ItsukixMaika even though they had to say farewell to each other (it’s not tragedy but a memorable true love).
    Completely agree on the non-romantic relationships. If it was just on romance, I’d lose all my teeth due to cavities. Moreover, the romance wouldn’t have work if the characters didn’t receive support from family or friends. So much credit goes to that. And yes, twin brotherly-love was just…awesome. <3
    I love the specials! O.O We’re all set for an anime and its fillers! Shall we proceed to blackmail convince a studio to spread the Shinkuro love with Nana-sama’s wonderful voice as our lead? xDD
    And finally, nice end statement. Foremost thing is your enjoyment. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be writing this post, hehe. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is just stupid. : P

  9. That makes sense, not having one at all. I’m like that now with having a favorite anime and manga. It’s too much to keep track of so I just love what I love and that’s that.

    The artbook is available at Sasuga now. So I’m probably just going to get it for my birthday~! I cannot wait for Viz to license it. Which reminds me…when does their English-translated Full Moon artbook come out?

    A Shugo Chara! artbook! Yes! I want the chapter 27 spalsh page without the rainbow writing on it!!!!

    TSK is out? Right now? Yay! I have something to buy at the new Borders that just opened up nearby. I’ve been waiting so long for TSK~!

    For VK, I’m actually betting that both Zero and Kaname die and Yuki kills herself. The way the manga is going, I’d laugh if it happened. It’s getting so emo drama-ified. Even more than it was.

    If my fangirling would help, I would definitely continue. At the very least I can still fangirl more when I get my copy of the artbook.

    For me Maora and Magugi mostly turned BL into, “lol, BL” instead of, “ew BL”. I fully accept it now. Because it can be funny (and sweet as a side story).

    All the pairings are easy to support. I don’t even hate Haine and Shizumasa like I once did (I still think their pairing lacks substance though). Itsuki and Maika were a great couple tpp. I kind of wish Arina-sensei would write a special about all of Haine’s parents in high school. Especially since I want to know more about Ryokka.

    All the relationships just get 1000 points for being heart-warming and fairly realistic and just, “awww.”

    We should mostly certainly continue with blackmail…or threatening. Threatening is a great way to “convince” someone.

    Anyone who does try so say otherwise is incredibly stupid. Enjoyment is just enjoyment. And that’s that.

  10. Komaki-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ At the start, she was really unlikeable, but after she turned to her real-self, she’s so loveable and cute. The special just added more to her charm. Ushio’s special was the best I think, the one about her and haine’s past. That one really should have been a real chapter, it explained alot why Ushio only needed Haine and no one else.
    Due to me reading SDC chapter by chapter, month by month. I didn’t really enjoyed it. Now I bought up to volume 9 (chinese version ;P) it’s alot better when you read it in one go then reading it chapter by chapter. The art is beautiful to stare at too.
    I also found the SDC artbook (I bought it in a shop in hong kong, not online. If anyone want to know where I bought it from hong kong I’m willing to help. ) its beautiful, but for everyone been following SDC closing, 95% of the artwork you would have seen. But its just beautiful to stare at. I wish they included every piece of artwork, but they didn’t ;~;. I also found the chinese-bootleg version of the artbook, its actually really nice quality, too bad I know what colours Arina-sensei use for skin, therefore I knew it was bootleg. I’m not prepared to rip my artbook apart to scan it ;~;, but I always could get the bootleg version and scan that (because it doesn’t hurt my heart when I rip it apart)
    An anime would be nice, but I dont know what target audience would the anime have. It’s too dramatic for young children and I don’t think otakus (or akihabara boys) would like it. We can dream <3 I think the drama CD was good, Arina-sensei obviously isn’t professional and was over acting (but that’s nit-picking). Nana Mizuki would be great for the anime..whose voice she should do I dont know. But that means we get an excuse for her to sing the opening <3
    GAH I want an anime…Ribon please at leaset make an OVA for SDC. T^T I’m going to black mail statlite to animate SDC, since Shugo Chara is going to end at October.
    Shinshi Doumei Cross wasn’t the best at the start, FMwS and KKJ and TSK had stronger begining. But the story later on is what makes it good.

  11. I know it’s a bit late but I have to admit that you’re freakin’ right with your final thoughts. In my country, many critics is mentioned anout Shinkuro by some readers but even though I’m able to recognize the flaws (like unrealistic action or stupid charakters, sometimes really exaggerated by criticers), they doesn’t matter to me anymore while I read he manga. I am enjoying it no matter what. And that is the important matter to me.

  12. haha, for the characters section, i have that poster! XD

    i really enjoyed the series also. im a HUGE arina fan and shes my fav mangaka around also. (im slowly collecting her series.)

    it sucks that after “Absolute Awakening Angel Mistress Fortune” Arinas taking a break from manga. (boo hoo…)

  13. well, i don’t know much, but, seriously how many volumes did The Gentlemans alliance go to, i own 1-7 right now?

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