Thanksgiving = Food

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Welcome to episode two of my own delicious filler arc on this blog. This one’s acceptable though, because it’s the Holiday Special. I learn the meaning of friendship and family and stop being a selfish lazy blogger. Hahaha, no of course not. Laziness is part of what makes Thanksgiving in the first place. (Lots of food makes you tired and therefore lazier than usual. Foolproof logic.)

So, in the world of lazy filler blogging Holiday Special = Image Spam! So…since it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, enjoy some images of girls holding food and stuff…I guess. (There’s no pilgrim girls. Leave me alone. Food is good.)

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Blatant Filler – Sakura Hime Kaden

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sakurahimepostersmallFull Size

Half-hiatus means filler posts are finally going to show up on this blog for the first time since…well really since the first month I opened it. Thankfully there’s Arina-sensei to look too, because she is capable of inspiring so much filler through fangirling.

Kelakagandy was nice enough to scan some images from the December issue of Ribon, which is the issue that announces Sakura Hime Kaden. And so it inspired me to do this filler (I am so lame that I need inspiration for filler posts).

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Cosplay Answers

November 1, 2008 at 2:21 pm | Posted in Random | 10 Comments

Okay, here are all the answers to my little Halloween Cosplay Challenge from yesterday. It’s really not necessary to give it a whole post, but editing it all in seemed too messy. So we’re doing this instead.

This way people can still check out the challenge before looking at all the answers too!

Plus I have a few comments to make and I want to give proper credit when it could be found (I do my best otherwise). You know, I’ve really been trying to get in the habit of crediting every artist somehow, but it’s hard when none of the image sites seem to do the same (because anyone can just upload them).

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Halloween Dress-up!

October 31, 2008 at 2:55 pm | Posted in Random | 19 Comments

Edit: You can find the answers here now.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I tried coming up with something original to do for Halloween, but I’m afraid I failed miserably. I completely forgot and then just ran out of time. I thought about doing nothing, but that would suck. So I thought it over and decided, “What’s better than an image spam?”

So here’s your image spam! But not of Halloween images. Of some great anime characters all dressing up as other great characters. Basically…cosplay! Because seeing everyone dress up in costumes is my favorite part of Halloween. (Obligatory Image Spam Warning)

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Vote in SaiMoe (for Nagisa please…)

October 29, 2008 at 12:45 pm | Posted in Random | 24 Comments

Edit: *despair* Nagisa lost to the un-moe overly tsundere, but popular, chibi character. As expected. But everyone who loves Nagisa and voted for her deserves thanks. The rest of you should be ashamed.

Bleh. My title is too nice. But since I’m always telling people to respect opinions, I can’t tell non-Nagisa fans to vote for her.

Anyway! Nagisa’s in the final four of SaiMoe and to go any further she needs votes! She’s the last girl of Clannad left and to me she’s really the only one left that fits non-specific moe, original moe, left in the competition. If you want her to win, you have to vote for her. Even if you don’t think she will win at least show your support.

And you know…vote for the other one if you really want to.

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Nagisa Screencaps for Episode 02

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Today I’m going out of town for an all-day trip. I just managed to watch the raw for the second episode of the After Story, but nothing else. No Weekly Anime today, no After Story post either. Not enough time. Look for both posts either tomorrow or Sunday.

So, just enjoy many wonderful screencaps of Nagisa from episode 02 instead. And yes, I did take almost every shot of Nagisa that I saw. But you only get to see 20 of them (plus the one above).

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Best Google Search Result Ever

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So, I was just checking my blog stats for the first time today…and I checked the search engine terms, because I always like finding out how people can find my blog. So far it’s mostly been, “Shugo Chara! 33” or some variation of it.

But today…I found the best thing…ever.

“amu is a perv”

Yes. Apparently, if you google the phrase, “Amu is a perv” my site is the fifth result. There’s no actual results for the phrase itself, but my episode 33 summary comes up because I said in the summary, “Eru makes note of Amu being a pervert (ROFL).”

Ah, and now that I’ve done this post maybe this entry will pop up as a result for the phrase “Amu is a perv.” Yes! I own that phrase now!

Haha, but seriously, if the person who searched “Amu is a perv” is reading this, let me know. Because I really and completely seriously want to know what you were looking for. I’m interested in any “Amu is a perv” results as well.

Heh, maybe this should be the next slogan for my blog.

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