First Impressions – White Album

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This post took a while to get out because quite honestly, I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. It’s kind of boring, but I still think I’ll get what I want from it. I’m watching it to (hopefully) laugh at (or just follow) a love triangle. Getting invested in it works sometimes too, but I wanted to laugh and look at it shallowly. I…probably get to do just that.

It was the anime I was looking forward to most, but because it’s kind of fun to laugh at am I disappointed? Hell no. All I wanted from the anime was Nana-sama and love triangle dorama that will lead to a bitchslap at some point in the future. I believe I will get that. I was actually kind of happy that everyone called it crap (because it means I get to blog it with less competition, hahaha). Of course, I tend to think everyone thinks it’s just crap because it’s boring, but whatever. Crap is still crap and I don’t blame anyone from labeling this as such. It is boring (I think the pacing right now is better for a drama).

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Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 61

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My god, this episode was cute. Very fillery, but it was definitely cute just the same.

I think this episode has the best filler chara and character that I’ve seen in the anime so far. Which just goes to show you that the fillers really would be better if they used the fans’ ideas.

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Special A – Episode 24 (End)

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It’s over. Now all the anime-only fans can go read the manga. Trust me. If you enjoyed this at all (at least enough to get through 24 episodes) you’ll enjoy the manga (more). Though, even if I hadn’t read the manga, I’d feel disappointed in ending since it concluded nothing. I just enjoyed a few small moments along the way (but I really, really enjoyed those moments).

And yes…I did screencap a crayon-y moment for the big image. Because at the end of the day, that is what we all remember about this anime. Those awful crayons. Plus without the crayons that image is darn cute.

(Beware of severely overdone screencapping)

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Special A – Episode 23

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Ah…ehhh…hmmm…um…Huh. Yeah, I really can’t describe how I feel about this episode. It’s all anime original, but I’m having completely mixed feelings about it. The things I did like still bothered me. And the things I didn’t like, I somehow thought were appropriate.

Basically, I am without words. I couldn’t even really find a proper image to “represent” this episode or whatever. Hmm…

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