First Impressions – White Album

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This post took a while to get out because quite honestly, I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. It’s kind of boring, but I still think I’ll get what I want from it. I’m watching it to (hopefully) laugh at (or just follow) a love triangle. Getting invested in it works sometimes too, but I wanted to laugh and look at it shallowly. I…probably get to do just that.

It was the anime I was looking forward to most, but because it’s kind of fun to laugh at am I disappointed? Hell no. All I wanted from the anime was Nana-sama and love triangle dorama that will lead to a bitchslap at some point in the future. I believe I will get that. I was actually kind of happy that everyone called it crap (because it means I get to blog it with less competition, hahaha). Of course, I tend to think everyone thinks it’s just crap because it’s boring, but whatever. Crap is still crap and I don’t blame anyone from labeling this as such. It is boring (I think the pacing right now is better for a drama).

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Bored With Adaptations

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Lately I’ve hit a problem that seems both blasphemous and logical at the same time. I’m getting bored with adaptations of series that I love and really looked forward to.

Of course, right now there’s really only one adaptation that I’ve read the source material of. That would be Skip Beat!, so that’s what I’m mostly talking about here.

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Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 54

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It feels like I’m watching a fanfiction written by a thirteen-year-old fangirl. It honestly feels that way. Just with some tweaking to create a generic mahou shoujo. The only thing missing is Lulu liking either Tadase or Ikuto. Actually glad that hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway Lulu made her appearance and…well everyone can make their own judgments. My opinion hasn’t changed much from last week. Ikuto’s also in the episode, but it really feels like they just threw him in there to keep us happy. It barely worked (on me).

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