Failure to Defend the Nekkid Girl Glow

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And again, I must stop being a nice girl and go into rant mode again. Even though I’m not really angry. I’m more amused than anything. However, for those who like to see me being mean and sarcastic, my Rants category is the place to go. So for that purpose, this is a rant. But keep in mind, I am incredibly happy and entertained.

I just found some good news. The stupidest of the Shugo Chara! fans are the ones I already think lack judgment (and therefore, I don’t care about them). I got my first flame from a stupid Shugo Chara! fan. I was hoping my first flame might have been from one of the people I made fun of in my rant on the CR morons. Oh but this is much better.

It’s a Tadase and Tadamu fan.

Unfortunately, because of this fan’s amusing, but inappropriate dialogue. I don’t want to approve their comment. I know a fan that is ten who watches Shugo Chara and comes to my blog. And despite the occasional f-word when I’m excited, I try to keep out the unnecessary swears. Also, as much as I knew as a child, I’d still have found this crude, and possibly upsetting. Though it’s incredibly amusing to me now.

So before proceeding, here’s a warning about improper language (and awful spelling and grammar too).

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OMG! They Got Stupider!

July 2, 2008 at 6:24 pm | Posted in Rants | 20 Comments
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I am…in shock. Absolute shock.

Readers who have followed me from my LiveJournal may remember that rant way back when about the Shugo Chara! forums on CrunchyRoll. Just you know…all the freakin’ (false) spoilers being thrown around.

It got worse…oh so much worse. I stopped going to CrunchyRoll for anything a while ago, but I decided to check some things out since I might be hanging around watching Strike Witches on CrunchyRoll for a while…but really. Wow.

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Shugo Chara! – Episode 34

May 31, 2008 at 3:28 pm | Posted in Shugo Chara! | 37 Comments
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Ugh…filler. I hate fillers. Or at least “X-chara of the week” fillers. So…lame.

I’m just going to say this now. I’m waiting for the torrents for fillers. No one should really be in a rush to see how boring the episode was or to talk about how boring the episode was, so I figure this should be fine. You can only expect my fast timing like last week when it’s either a chapter from the manga, and Ikuto episode, or an Utau episode. So…there. Otherwise I’m waiting for the torrent.

Oh and also…I really summarized things. No attempts to translate lines. Because this episode…was just boring.

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*sigh* Stupid Manga Site…

May 22, 2008 at 11:00 am | Posted in Rants | 17 Comments
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I really didn’t intend to have a rant on this blog so soon, but…*sigh* What can you do? You can’t control when things will piss you off after all. I debated about whether or not to even post this, but…well my blog is so plain and boring right now anyway. A rant is still a post, right? Heh.

Kanshaku dama no Yuutsu

For some quick background. I’m a really big Arina Tanemura fan. She is my favorite manga-ka. I adore her and her works. 3/4 of her manga are in my top ten list. I have never, ever disliked anything she’s done…ever. Admittedly, I am probably blinded by pure fangirl love, but that is just how it is.

Readers from my livejournal are probably already very well-aware of this. However, things need to be established when you start something new.

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