Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 10-12

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I’m a horrible fangirl. Clannad is probably the series I most enjoy every week, but I haven’t been able to get around to saying anything about it each week. I’m happy to say I have an excuse though. I was sick because winter sucks (and that makes me happy?).

Of course, I’ve gotten better and have been able to do some pretty regular blogging, so I’m working on getting everything back on track. Episode 12 of Clannad of course inspired me very much to push forward with my three episode post, so here I go!

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 09

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Yay! Finally they returned to Nagisa’s arc! And…they finished it off in one episode. Hmm. Well, more Nagisa is good no matter what.

I had to take a two week break from blogging Clannad because I was feeling all moody because of the lack of Nagisa.

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 06

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Oh god I cried so much. And twice. Once while watching the raw and again when watching the fansubs. Kitties are the best pets ever today!

And yeah…new favorite arc (again). I doubt anything (except the full After Story) will surpass this for me.

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 05

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Oh~ I want one too!

I’d heard that Shima was adorable in the game (even though you never got to see him), but aww. Nothing could prepare me for this. I don’t even usually like shota characters! Darn you Key and KyoAni and whoever does Shima’s adorable voice.

I completely even forgot about looking forward to seeing you Misae. …Shima~!

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 04

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The Sunohara/Mei arc is officially confirmed as the best arc so far in the anime. Out of both seasons. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I really felt that this one was the best. Perfect balance of humor, moe, drama, it didn’t feel dragged out (good length), and…what? There was a fight scene? Yes. There was.

And the image? I don’t know…I just wanted to use an image of Nagisa and Mei together. That’s all the reason I need.

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 03

October 19, 2008 at 5:37 am | Posted in Clannad | 4 Comments
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It’s so moe and just fucking adorable that all of you should have at least had one minor heart-attack each. I did and I surround myself by so much cuteness already, you think I’d be immune. But not against this.

You didn’t get to see all that much of Nagisa this week, but I still enjoyed this episode at least as much as the others. Shocking, I know. Well, what can I say? We’re only two episodes in and this is pretty much already guaranteed to be my favorite arc so far. Plus Mei is just damn cute. She’s my second favorite again this week.

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 02

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Sorry that the post is late. Like I said in my image spam of Nagisa, I had to spend the day out of town. I only had enough time to watch the raw and take a bunch of screencaps of Nagisa before heading out for the day. Disappointing.

The fact that I didn’t have time to write anything. I’m not disappointed in posting a dozen screencaps of Nagisa. That was fun.

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Nagisa Screencaps for Episode 02

October 10, 2008 at 11:59 am | Posted in Clannad, Random | 5 Comments
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Today I’m going out of town for an all-day trip. I just managed to watch the raw for the second episode of the After Story, but nothing else. No Weekly Anime today, no After Story post either. Not enough time. Look for both posts either tomorrow or Sunday.

So, just enjoy many wonderful screencaps of Nagisa from episode 02 instead. And yes, I did take almost every shot of Nagisa that I saw. But you only get to see 20 of them (plus the one above).

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Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 01

October 3, 2008 at 3:40 pm | Posted in Clannad | 17 Comments
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Finally! Nagisa! Oh I missed you so much! I was going to curl up in my closet if it took even one more day to see you. Nagisa~!

…That silliness of mine aside, I’m glad Clannad is back. I’m not sure if this stuff is from the VN (or rather necessary for the story), but since I’m keeping away from the VN until after the anime is over I’m fine. As a fan of Nagisa and just the anime, I am satisfied.

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Clannad 24 – Tomoyo Chapter

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Well, I decided to blog it…as a peace offering to all the awful, awful Tomoyo fanboys who I managed to get into fights with this past year. And now, I have to admit…Tomoyo is the best.

No, I’m just kidding. Can you imagine?

I’m still waving my Nagisa flag and Tomoyo is still my number two. Though, I have to say…I do appreciate why everyone seems to be so crazy for her route. Just, you know, it’s not quite my thing. But I do get it now.

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