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Well, it’s official. ShinKuro has ended after running four years in Ribon.

Excuse me, I’m going to go crawl into my closet and be emo for a week.

Haha, seriously though. I’ve only seen the raws so far but everyone over at the ShinKuro forums are so fast that I’ll get to read the translation soon.

Everything I want to happen has happened though. So really…I’m satisfied.

Besides, now I have Mistress Fortune to look forward to also.

Anyway, once I read the translations I’ll be doing a chapter review for both the final chapter of ShinKuro and for Mistress Fortune. I got permission to use scans from Endless Youth & Co. for both series so you can expect to see posts for Mistress Fortune every month.

See…no matter how much I fangirl for Arina Tanemura…it’s never enough.

So everyone fangirl with me!!!

But honestly *sigh* I am going to miss ShinKuro. I’m only getting the chance to do two posts on it (three if you include this one).

So now…we just need an anime. If they can animate Vampire Knight, they sure as Hell should animate ShinKuro (it’s almost as popular). So someone get on that so I can fangirl some more.


  1. I heard the ending suppose to be really good. (I saw some of those raws too).

    You’re blogging Mistress Fortune? Awesome! I’ll be sure to watch for it.

    They might animate now that it’s finished. They waited until after lovely complex was over for six months before someone animated it. Hopefully not a drama, because most dramas based off manga suck ass (case in point the new absolute boyfriends drama. Even though I kinda of want to see the skip beat drama when it comes out.) Only if a good studio animates though.

  2. I’m checking the RAWs right now and squeeing so hard my heart might just stop. Honestly, I’d love SDC to be animated … but after Full Moon and KKJ, I’m afraid of how it’ll be (well, maybe SDC won’t turn out horrible because its already over) …

    Senri without his glasses is really really hot, but I think I like him better with them on (megane moe!) The only thing of the RAWs I’ve been able to read is Senri saying “Aishiteru” -dies inside-

    I can’t wait for translations >< and Mitress Fortune!

  3. Sorry for the double comment. I’m just really giddy right now. A jealous Taka is fine too <3 He’s so cute. GET YOUR HANDS OFF MAH WIFE! XD

  4. lol, it already ended, but I’ve just started reading it recently.

  5. My gosh, I can’t beleive it T-T
    Ah… I’ll miss readin’ it! But hey, I’ve been waitin’ for the endin’… Kinda weird, ‘lo bueno dura poco’…
    And yeah, it would be good havin’ an anime, but I hope that if they do it, would b better than Full Moon Wo Sagashite[Love the manga, but the anime is not what I expected…]

  6. Omg, it ended! *cries*
    I’m gonna miss Shinkuro so bad. I loved everybody. And I mean everybody. T.T
    Haha, I read this while I was at work today and had to keep hiding my window when other workers walked by. I was like “F***, can’t I read this awesome chapter in peace?!” xDDD;;;
    PEOPLEZ, let’s make a petition and urge some nice, good studio to make an anime. Fangirl power will prevail. *waves flag*
    Will be awaiting your chapter review. ^^ *goes off to read chapter again*

  7. It’s over already? But I just got into it… =( The first Arina Tanemura manga I read was Fullmoon, but I wasn’t very interested in Shinshi Doumei Cross until very recently. O_o

    I hope the ending ties everything up. I got so attached to Haine’s families, especially with the bonus KomakixKusame story. I want to see Haine having a tea party with her Kamiya family! ^_^

  8. warriorhope: Well, I kind of figured that if ShinKuro was animated it would be after it was over. It’s not a mahou shoujo anime like the other Arina Tanemura manga. They can’t just make up some silly little ending. If we get an anime it’ll be announced sometime in the next year I think. I’m really hoping for one. As long as it’s not Gonzo (they already give me enough trouble with SA).


    saimaisama: The translations out now, but pretty much everything you can guess from the raws is right. The chapter is just so…fluffy! I love it.

    The Senri and Ushio stuff was probably the best in the chapter (since Shizun intruded upon my TakaxHaine stuff).

    But I’m okay with Shizun popping up since Taka-kun is so cute when he’s jealous!!!


    taiyaki: lol, I’ve actually heard a lot of people saying that this month.


    Reinadeldisfraz: *sigh* I’ve wanted ShinKuro to end for months now so I could get my happy ending but now that it’s over…it’s really disappointing I guess.

    I think they’d do a better job with an anime if one’s made now. The manga’s already over so they don’t have to make up their own ending.


    xiao_jie88: I know! I loved everybody too! Except Touguu grandpa. I don’t hate him anymore, but I’ll never like him. But aside from him I love everyone. No matter how small the character (like Riiko and the teachers) I love them all. They’re all just gread.

    Heh…that stinks. I remember trying to do that with chapter 20 (I think) when I was at school in graphics class.

    Yes! A petition! Though I get the feeling they won’t care if it’s just some people who will have to torrent the episode anyway…

    I’m going to finish up the chapter review once Endless Youth puts up the scans (I’m using the raws so people will be forced to read the scanlation no matter what).


    kaekyo: Yeah, it seems lots of people just got into it recently. I’m seeing lots of people saying that. *sigh* No matter what it’s sort of disappointing that it’s over. If you’ve been following it all along, it messes with your usual schedule and all that and if you’ve just started (or got into it), it’s like it’s over before you really began.

    It ties…pretty much everything up. There’s rumors about an omake which will be an epilogue. The omake part is definitely true, but I feel a little doubtful that it will be an epilogue (I’m thinking it might be something about Kasuga). But there’s plenty of the Kamiya family in the last chapter. Some exciting news for the Kamiya family in fact~!

  9. ShinKuro definately was too long in my opinion, the part about maora could really be shorten. >__<.The only company I really trust that wont mess an anime up is KyoAni, but they’ll never do something like ShinKuro. But I think I would miss the charactrs from ShinKuro…not so much on the story. All the characters was very likeable, at least the main characters.

    Already read the raws of Mistress Fortune, absolutely loved it. My fangirl power is at 120%. Mistress Fortune on the other hand is definately anime material, at least from the first chapter. My first realistic choice for an animation company for Mistress Fortune would be J.C Staff, they ‘can’ mess up endings -coughzeronotsukaimacough-, but in terms of animation, they can do well (their recent Nabari no Ou has some really top notch animation). I guess Satelite would be nice too, hope it would be the same team as Shugo Chara. And if they could…Buono could sing the ending, since from Arina-sensei’s blog..she’s a fan of them ^_^”

    Okay..end of fan girl mode…-goes and finish Mistress Fortune fanart-

  10. I think it’s length was good, but that’s just me. ShinKuro really hit me as more of a character series, than a series with a real plot.

    Heh…I want KyoAni to do it too, but that’ll never happen. It would be cool though. There’s a few other studios I’d be satisfied with anyway.

    This was my first thought when I saw promo images for Mistress Fortune. “I give it until chapter 10 before they announce some god-awful adaptation.” I would like Satelight to do it, despite their annoying fillers, they’re doing a good job with Shugo Chara!. And I would love another Buono! anime theme! I saw that entry in her blog as well~!

    Fanart already? Haha, it doesn’t take long for all of us to fall in love with a new Tanemura series, does it?

  11. For Shinkuro studio Bones maybe? they a good job most of the time.

    heh. I give it about 7 chapters until they have some anime adaptation announcement. Satelight will probably be decent, since they don’t make the characters hair look too werid, unlike gonzo (shudders).

  12. I want Madhouse to do both. 8D I haven’t heard from them for a while…at least not for anything I’m interested in.
    But Satelight can be decent for Mistress Fortune, yep (peoplez, our wishes were answered~! Go watch the last few minutes of ep 35 and ignore Tadadumb’s existence! xD;). *cough*
    Gonzo = NO.

  13. warriorhope: Yes! Bones is one of the ones I think would do a good job.

    Heh…I think I’m taking back what I said about it getting an adaptation. Apparently, Mistress Fortune is only going to have like…3 chapters. So…yeah…


    xiao_jie88: Ooo yeah. Madhouse is another good one.

    And Satelight would be good for Mistress Forunt. Even though it’s only going to be 3 chapters I still want an anime (though I doubt I’ll get one).

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