Skip Beat! – Love Me = Unbitchify (05-07)

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Woo! Three cheers for ten times easier full arc posts! Now I can do fun little titles and I’ve cut my work by…well more than half. Doing it this way also makes it a lot easier to enjoy Skip Beat! since I don’t really have to worry about trying to say something about a scene I experienced like…four years ago or something.

Yup. This way is much better (for now).

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Skip Beat! – Episode 04

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Yes! We’ve finally reached the end of the “Kyoko’s life is pathetic” section of this series. You know, where bad things just keep happening to her one after the other. Now she’s finally going to show us that real Kyoko power that so far has only been expressed in her frustration over not being able to do anything. Or, like in the last episode, when her power actually screws stuff up for her.

Now the power of revenge and Kyoko’s “guts!” (exclamation point is necessary) are her most useful tools. Bring it on!

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Skip Beat! – Episode 02

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Ren!!! More Ren screentime is always good. All the good characters are introduced now so Skip Beat! will only get better from here on out.

The best scene from this episode would be, of course, the Kyoko and Ren interaction. Hell yeah.

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Skip Beat! – Episode 01

October 6, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Skip Beat! | 15 Comments

Finally! Before this summer if you were to ask me what manga I’d most want to be made into an anime, I’d probably give you Shinshi Doumei Cross and add with a sigh that I really want Skip Beat! too, but that it was surely impossible at that point.

It turns out it wasn’t. Because episode 01 of the Skip Beat! anime has aired. AWESOME!!!

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