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Finally! Before this summer if you were to ask me what manga I’d most want to be made into an anime, I’d probably give you Shinshi Doumei Cross and add with a sigh that I really want Skip Beat! too, but that it was surely impossible at that point.

It turns out it wasn’t. Because episode 01 of the Skip Beat! anime has aired. AWESOME!!!

I really can’t express how much I love this manga. Kyoko is probably one of the best heroines in shoujo manga…ever. Or at least one of my favorites to be fair. She’s quite different from the rest of the pack. She has her moments, but she doesn’t stick around with the loser guy who dumped her. Much better!

Now then for the warnings. I’m a Sho-hating fangirl. I don’t want to hear about how he “changes” later on in the manga or whatever crap. I’ve read all the manga released. It doesn’t change my opinion. He’s an asshole and like Kyoko says (hopefully next week), “If sorry was enough then there’d be no reason for Hell!”

All of that aside now…I’m so glad the anime is out~! I’m definitely pleased with it so far (with a few minor spots of complaint). So I am satisfied and can commence the fangirling.


OP – “Dream Star” by The Generous

The OP we’ve already gotten to hear in the trailer. It’s by a new group that’s debuting with the anime. Somehow, that makes me think they might have a cameo later on (like The Scanty did in Full Moon), but I don’t know. That’s just something that occurred to me. I kind of hope I’m wrong because that stuff can be intrusive.

Personally, I think the OP gets a little slow sometimes, but I still love it. In the middle it got really fun (when the chorus started and Kyoko changed), but it definitely had slow moments. Not that I’m complaining really. It’s a fun opening. The way things got revealed as Kyoko ran by was fun. I actually shouted, “Moko!!” she first time I watched it and Kanae showed up.

However, I am very happy that part of the focus seems to be KyokoxRen in the OP. Corn at the beginning and Ren at the end. Fuyu approves! My main interest in Skip Beat! is RenxKyoko and watching Kyoko’s progress in becoming an actress. Her revenge against Sho is just the icing on my wonderful shoujo cake. Kyoko’s Shotaro hatred only popped up once in the OP, so that’s good. It’s all really about Kyoko becoming “Kyoko” I think. If you’ve read the manga you’ll get what I mean.

There’s a lot of things in the OP that only the manga fans will recognize or “get” right now. Kyoko’s uniform, Lory’s gigantic hummer limo, and the aforementioned…Corn. Not to mention character appearances from Moko and Yashiro. You know, I’m really only disappointed that neither Maria or Lory showed up. I’ve been thinking from the beginning that Maria would be playing a smaller role, but…come on! Lory!

*sigh* Anyway, I really liked seeing Princess Kyoko briefly. It got me looking forward to Ruriko’s appearance. I want to see Kyoko with make-up!

ED – “Namida” by 2 BACKKA

We got ripped off! They showed the preview during the ending those sneaky jerks. Ah well…more RenxKyoko is good for me. We also get 30 more seconds of showtime this way I think. It’s not so bad.

Since Namida means “tears” it was very predictably emo-ish. As soon as I heard the title, I figured we’d be getting a shot of Kyoko with Corn, which we did. The fact that Ren was in there too was a nice surprise though. Yay for more Kyoko and Ren!!!

Brief Summary

Kyoko is a girl living alone in Tokyo and working two jobs to get by all because her childhood friend and “prince” Sho asked her to come with him when he ran away from home. Sho wanted to leave home so he wouldn’t have to take over the family business and became a famous singer in Tokyo. His family wanted him to marry a “plain girl” from around there and since Kyoko didn’t want that to happen, she followed him. Kyoko sacrifices everything to help Sho achieve his dream, including all of her own wishes.

However, after she overhears a conversation Sho has with his manager where he basically calls her his servant (and it’s revealed that she was the plain girl his family wanted him to marry)…her pure heart is replaced by an all-consuming grudge. She declares she’ll have revenge before she’s taken away, but Sho says in order to do that, she’ll have to join show business. Kyoko gets a makeover to look like an entirely new person and swears to do just that.

If you want a detailed summary and not just the general idea behind the episode because you don’t understand Japanese enough to follow the dialogue, just read chapter one of the manga. Almost all of it is there except for a scene with Ren they added in the anime.


Well, I love the premiere of the anime for any shoujo manga I love. Especially if I never thought I’d get an anime. I loved Special A back when it aired too. We know how that turned out.

However, I have a good feeling about Skip Beat! so far. I got exactly what I wanted to see this episode. Exactly. Also, Hal Film Maker is behind the anime and they haven’t made one I haven’t liked so far. Out of what I’ve seen anyway. But it’s also important to mention I’ve never seen them adapt anything either. So…I’m just cautiously optimistic.

…Pure Kyoko makes me sad. Watching the whole episode I just kept thinking, “oh you poor sap. You poor, poor adorable sap.” Kyoko really is naive, unless she hears something that tells her otherwise, she lets her imagination run wild. WHen she’s pure Kyoko it’s alway optimistic, later on it’s depressingly pessimistic (oh poor Kyoko…).

Kyoko’s work ethic made me hold a tiny grudge against her when I read the first chapter of the manga. It was too shoujo-y even for me. A pure, kind-hearted girl who will make any sacrifice for the boy she likes. Blegh. That’s not a relationship, that’s servitude (like Kyoko finds out later).

You know, watching the first episode is really fund when you know what happens later on. Kyoko saying that the only good thing about Ren is his face and cheering on Shotaro just makes me laugh.

Skip Beat! was always destined to be an anime! There’s so much visual comedy and it’s nice to see it all done justice in the anime as well. Reading the manga, it feels odd to say this, but it felt so animated all the time because of the art and energy in it. So yeah…destined to be an anime. I’m glad someone finally realized it.

Ah…I still feel like having a Skip Beat! anime is just a dream~!

Hmm…this is the one scene I don’t think they did justice in the anime. Not enough shadowing on Kyoko (she needs to look more threatening!) and I didn’t like the music played during this scene.

You know, outside of the opening and ending themes, I don’t really like any of the music in this anime. Either it doesn’t fit or it sounds too generic…most of the time anyway. But that’s really my only complaint.

…lolwut? Ah…I hope the fansubbers translated what that movie poster says. Anyone else catch it?

Personally, I don’t understand Kyoko’s obsession with make-up since I despise it. I only wear it when I have to because I look all sickly and weak if I don’t. But meh. Kyoko is plenty cute without make-up. It’s kind of sad that she can’t even afford make-up though. I mean…you can buy a whole (cheap) set at a drugstore for about ten dollars.

ROFL! Thank you anime~! That’s all I can say.

Boo! I didn’t like Shotaro from the very beginning when I first read the manga. I read a preview in Shojo Beat and I was going to read more because Kyoko’s energy sucked me in after I got over that “working” grudge. Then I heard the story was about Kyoko wanting revenge and boy, did that suck me in. I bought the first volume the very first day I could.

A couple of times in stores I’ve purposely made a scene really cheesy and shallow so that no one would root for the couple in that scene (unless they were stupid), which I was reminded of by this scene. Now maybe they were going for the genuine, “Hey, this is like a shoujo love story” but it had an opposite effect on me. Which is just as well.

You’re damn lucky that you’re voiced by Mamoru Miyano, Shotaro. Otherwise I’d hate you even more than I do now. (Seriously, this scene was so fun and adorable if I made myself forget it was Shotaro).

Ren! Yay~! Now I know some other fans are disappointed with his character design in the anime, but I’m just fine with it. If they tried to make him too incredibly…hehe, you know~! If they tried to make him like he is in the manga, they’d be messing up a lot of the time. So like I said, I’m just fine~! I mean, half of Tsuruga Ren is still like…two times better than a lot of other anime guys for me.

Haha, Shotaro! You know this is definitely one thing that bothers me about Shotaro. He’s younger than Ren, in an entirely different section of show business, and he still wants to compete with him? I mean, he’s already super famous, why isn’t he satisfied.

Quite simply…I think he’s a spoiled brat and he pisses me off. That’s why other fans forgive Shotaro later on in the manga, but I never will. Obnoxious brat…just wants everything he can get without sacrificing anything.

Hehehe. “A nice girl” huh Ren? Ah, it’s not even a spoiler since there’s all the hints in the OP and ED, so quite obviously, it’s irony at work (the real, literary definition, not just that bad luck crap).

Oh yeah and Kyoko’s “Tsurua Ren no aho!!!” was freakin’ epic. Marina Inoue if now one of my favorite seiyuu to have in loud, shouting roles.

Kyoko…T_T You know every time I watch this scene I hate Shotaro more. Probably because this whole situation Kyoko is in reminds me of a friend of mine and her asshole ex-boyfriend.  Kyoko…at least she didn’t cry about it and get all depressed. Instead she gave us an incredibly entertaining ride!

One last shot of pure Kyoko before the shit hits the fan people.

Seriously though Shotaro. You call that plain? I call it adorable. I think Kyoko looks her cutest with black hair in both the anime and manga. I miss seeing her like that.

You suck Shotaro! For the rest of your life you’re going to look back on this moment and just wish you kept your mouth shut. You deserve what you get. Obnoxious brat.

I think I like Kyoko’s transformation into “evil” Kyoko even more in the anime. Which is really quite amazing since it was already so epic in the manga. Muahahaha…and the real entertainment begins now.

And this is was the final push that shoved Kyoko over the edge. A plain girl who doesn’t wear make-up. Even though she didn’t wear any because she was using all of her hard-earned money on Shotaro. Oooo…he’s dead now.

Oh that evil laugh I love it.

On a side note, Kyoko’s grudge demons didn’t talk like they did in the manga yet. I hope we get to see that later on though. That’s part of the fun.

This scene seemed to be added in for no particular reason. But it’s okay, we got to see Yashiro and more Ren is always good.

I forgot to mention before, but Katsuyuki Konishi is doing a wonderful job~!

Oh this was one of my favorite scenes in the manga. She hurled her own pure-hearted angels at him. Freakin’ great. I really can’t say more than that.

“I’ll have my revenge!” God, I love Marina Inoue as Kyoko. Miki Nagasawa did a great job on the Drama CD, but Marina Inoue…I like her even better. Just…freakin’…great. I love hearing her say “Shotaro!” too.

Now all that’s left to say is…Do your best Kyoko! Make him regret telling you to join show business!

lol, corny shoujo sound effects.

Personally, I think Kyoko doesn’t look as good after her “transformation” especially in the anime. But whatever. I’m glad they made her look kind of plain because that’s something I never really god the same way in the manga. Kyoko looked too cute…

Muahahaha. Watch out Shotaro.

God I love this anime. Is Sunday again yet?

Now just quickly…there’s one thing that keeps bothering me about people talking about Skip Beat!. Kyoko does not want to become a pop idol. She just wants to join show business. I think the idea of another shoujo anime about idols is turning people off and with the never-ending Kirarin Revolution, who can blame them? (Sorry if I’m offending any Kirarin Revolution fans, but that show annoys me. It’s filler Hell.)

So let me make it clear, Kyoko does not want to be a singer. That rumor came from ANN and it still hasn’t been properly corrected. Sheesh…ANN. How many things did they screw up with for Skip Beat?

Well, anyway…Skip Beat! is awesome and everyone in the world should watch it…if they like any shoujo. If you don’t…well, shoo. We don’t need your opinion on an anime that you were never going to like anyway. (Seriously, it’s so annoying when a mecha fanboy watched a shoujo anime and says it sucks just because it doesn’t match his tastes.)


Woo! They’re speeding right through the manga like I want them to! It seems that next week we might get through the LME auditions (at least partway through anyway). Meaning those hideous pink jumpsuits aren’t very far away!

Of course, the main attraction for next week should be…Tsuruga Ren’s official appearance! Yay!

But we’ll also get Kyoko terrorizing Sawara-san and also making voodoo dolls it looks like. Yay again!


  1. I have Ren fangirl syndrome even more ever since seeing it yesterday night. RRRREEEENNNN!!!

    If I was any more excited right now the world would probably implode!!

    Damn! no words to explain how hyper I am right now!

    I’m so escited I’m so excited I’m so excited!!!!!!! more more more more more!!

  2. oh yeah and I think Ren’s hair looks better than shou’s hair. XP

    **turns into a puddle of liquid**

  3. Yay, I’m so looking forward to watching this! Lol at the Harry Potter Poster, any idea what number movie it might have been? Did any one else think of Tamaki from Ouran when Shotaro went into the corner of despair?

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  5. Totally agree with everything you said!

    The first thing I thought when I saw the opening was, “OMG corn’s in the opening.”

    Tadase-style Prince Sho was totally ROFL worthy. Best orignal anime moment in the series so far.

    I think Kyoko obsesses over make-up because she’s a girly girl deep down. The obsession with fairytales is also part of her girly girl side.

    I think we’re suppose to see Kanae, Lory and Maria next episode ^_^. I really want to see the RenxKyoko interaction too, espcically the part where Ren has to look Shotaro up on his phone’s browser. I guess that means around episode four we should get the ashtray kicking scene and the indroduction of the LM uniforms.

  6. CRAP! I forgot to mention Corn! XD
    I’d say the best parts of this week’s episode was Sho’s mood swings and Kyoko vowing revenge. Gods were those scenes hilarious.

  7. It was so good! I’m so happy! And I noticed that Harry Potter thing instantaneously! Lol! XD

  8. ah yes, the visual comedy that the Skip Beat manga provides is just begging to be animated! And now it’s finally come true!! Looking forward to seeing Sawara suffer, hahaha!

  9. Exactly what I needed, a cute loving shoujo manga turned into anime. Personaly what atracted me into Skip Beat was Kyoko’s evil side, her grudge demons ^^ Pure humor mixed it a non-corny romance on the loose. And yes, I’m talking about Ren. Die Shotaro, die!
    I agree too about the bike scene. She was much more scary in the manga, but then again, at least they didn’t spoil the humor like other animes I’ve seen before.

  10. Star-chan: lol, that’s some great fangirling. And as long as it’s for Ren, I love it~!


    oTAKu: That must be Harry Potter and the evil Pudding Cup…I don’t know if that’s what it really says, though it has to be somethng along those lines.

    It’s hard not to think of Tamaki for me in every role Mamoru Miyano is in. Which makes it pretty fun when he’s doing a serious role.


    warriorhope: Hopefully it stays the best moment (except for maybe an added RenxKyoko scene~!) because I’d be most satisfied if they just animated things just like the manga. Normally, that’s not the case, but that’s how I want my Skip Beat!.

    Yeah, that’s probably why. I think part of it might have to do with the fact that she thinks she’s plain too. And she really does transform like Cnderella when she puts it on, though that just adds to her love of make-up.

    Yup, all the good characters show up next week. This week was mostly just Kyoko and Sho (bleh). I’m looking forward to seeing Ren’s evil look.

    Oh and the ashtray kicking scene in the future~!


    saimaisama: *gasp* You forgot to mention Corn? Then you have to mention him a dozen times in…episode 3 I think, when corn first appears.

    Kyoko vowing revenge was classic. Marina Inoue said it just like I always imagined it.

    And yes…bring on Ren! Nao!


    amayalee: lol, Wasn’t it so random? I had to pause it to make sure my eyes weren’t just playing a trick on me.


    usagijen: I really never thought Skip Beat! would be animated, still feels like someone’s playing a trick on me.

    Oh Sawara, that poor guy. Didn’t do anything wrong, just did his job, but those who get in Kyoko’s way suffer. It’s just the rules.


    ForeverOblivion: Skip Beat! is basically perfection for shoujo manga. Nice, well-developed romance (even if it makes all of us impatient) and a nice cute girl, with an evil side. Perfection.

    Yeah. The humor is coming across well in other places which is really enough for me. As long as I can laugh at jokes (even though I know they’re coming ahead of time because I read the manga) this anime is a success.

  11. i take an offense what you said earlier about mecha fans I love mecha!!!!!!!! but I also have a very VERY SELECTED pick on shojo like skip beat is my all time favorite!!!!!!! aside from that its ouran host club,wallflower, the melcholy of harumi sazumiya,vampire knight, kazr hikaru,fruit basket so yeah besides I relate to kyoko on the same page because her issues I have suffered ^_^

  12. kyoko: I love mecha too. It’s the first type of anime I got into. I’m talking about specific mecha fanboys that I’ve dealt with on specific occasions. I was just talking about when a certain sort of guy just likes mecha and then watches a shoujo anime and says it’s crap, even though it’s not the sort of thing he’d like anyway.

    No need to take offense if you’re not the type of person I’m talking about. Obviously you have varied tastes in manga, so there’s no problem.

  13. omg I totally agreed with everything you said. I laughed my head off at the Sho-as-a-prince picture. And Kyoko’s evil laugh is amazing. I’m really happy with the way things are going right now. I was a bit worried because the animation didn’t look as good as it could be, but this first episode definitely made up for it. The way it looks, it’s going to be around one chapter-ish per episode? That’s cool, but I’m really excited for the PV and the Dark Moon arcs. But it’s all still awesome! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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