Skip Beat! – Episode 02

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Ren!!! More Ren screentime is always good. All the good characters are introduced now so Skip Beat! will only get better from here on out.

The best scene from this episode would be, of course, the Kyoko and Ren interaction. Hell yeah.

The raw was available on Sunday this week. When the heck am I going to be able to schedule this show for blogging?

*sigh* I guess that’s how it goes when you get all of your material off of the internet. You can only blog it as soon as it comes out. I’m glad it comes out on Sunday, but honestly…the weekends are going to be pretty hard to deal with if I have my two super fangirling series one after the other.

…I should figure this out later though. It is fangirling time.


Kyoko is still planning to get revenge against Shotaro by joining show business and is now living at Darumaya (her second job). Her boss isn’t very happy about her changed look either since she didn’t really mess with her look before. Kyoko wanders around in a place where talent scouts normally hang out, but  doesn’t get anyone to discover her. So she comes up with the brilliant plan of going to a talent agency herself.

However, even though she manages to get a meeting with the head of the Talento secion (Sawara-san), the fact that she has no real interest in show business. Tsuruga Ren shows up (much to Kyoko’s displeasure) and after finding out she has no interest, he helps in throwing Kyoko out. However, Kyoko sticks around the whole day outside. Until Sawara-san leaves for home and she begins stalking (and haunting) him for about five days.

Eventually Kyoko’s grudge demons make Sawara-san give in. He tells her there’s an audition, but instead of getting worried, Kyoko is simply happy to participate. However, her happiness is short-lived when she runs into Tsuruga Ren again. Because of their previous meeting, Ren basically tells her that it’s a waste of her time (and the judges’). This gets Kyoko angry and she tells him she’s not just doing it for fun, but for revenge against Fuwa Sho! However, Ren isn’t very impressed (has to look him up on the internet). Then the mood suddenly changes when Ren tells her that the audition will be a lot more difficult and she can’t make it through in the same way.

At home Kyoko has developed a (much smaller) grudge against Ren as well (who left with a smile after their confrontation) and vows that she’ll make both of them bow before her. At the audition the next day, Kyoko is overwhelmed by all the pretty girls wearing make-up. So she starts making voodoo dolls by herself until another participant starts shouting about a kid and eventually ends up pushing the girl over to her and then starts insulting her (for no reason). When the little girl starts crying, Kyoko tells her that girls can’t get whatever they want just by crying.

At the audition, the president of the agency introduces himself in a very ridiculous way (dancing…). Throughout the audition Sawara-san worries about what will happen to Kyoko (and more importantly, what will happen to him because of it) because she keeps making obvious mistakes like saying she wants to catch-up with Sho Fuwa. The other particpant from before, Kotonami Kanae, did very well with her memorization talent and is sure Kyoko won’t get any further. For her turn, Kyoko shows up on stage with a radish (or whatever) and a knife. Dun, dun, dun!!!


Eh, I thought the last episode was better because everything spoke for itself. The animation (or lack of I should say) really bothered me a lot more this week. I think there’s something wrong when a scene seems to have more motion in a still image than…when it actually moves.

The music is still bothering me too. But who cares? The voice acting is still great and that’s what I’ve always wanted most for Skip Beat!. To hear some of those crazy lines said out loud.

Awww, Kyoko…at least you’re a cute used tissue. But I think the line about how she’s a “used tissue with so much snot that there’s no clean spots left” specifically wasn’t in there. I’m not sure though. I’m not familiar with the Japanese word for snot.

And it should be stated here…we’re not mentioning a certain loser at all in this post. At all. That anger got out last week and I’m letting it build up for future events (I’m thinking episode four…).

Oh Kyoko and your absolute craziness. Talking to yourself in the street and in absolute ecstasy over someone else’s future misery. Why are you just so absolutely fantastic?

Of course, Sawara-san won’t see it the same way. Ah~! I can remember this Kyoko so well now. If a girl existed and was really like this about something life-changing like joining show business, I’d probably smack her and tell her to grow up. Oh wait, my friend did say she wanted to be an actress one day (completely seriously) and I did smack her and tell her to grow up.

This is still the immediate aftermatch of Kyoko’s declaration of revenge so you have to take it in stride. She can’t see anything outside of her own goal. That’s part of the enjoyment I get from Skip Beat!, watching Kyoko change and mature. She’s a good girl deep down after all, she deserves happiness!

Ren!!!! (nothing to say, this was just my reaction)

Ah, while Kyoko was having a inner-conflict with her usual tendencies about hating Tsuruga Ren, she got magically thrown out without ever being picked up. AMAZING! Ren must have done it with his acting skills. He made Kyoko think she wanted to go outside and then forget that anything ever happened!

Tsuruga Ren really is the best actor in all of Japan…no…the world!

(…okay, I don’t know what that was. I just started typing and random stuff came out. Please excuse me.)

Ren~! Even though he disliked Kyoko’s frivolity, he pretty much knew she had a reason all along (though that reason still isn’t a proper reason). Ren knows everything. I’m really not kidding either. He pretty much does.

My only complaint is that Ren just saw Kyoko’s determined face. She was supposed to be making a face more like this when he was watching her (it has more impact), but I don’t think she was. But whatever.

Personally, I’m on the “Kyoko should just forget all about a certain loser and have a wonderful life” boat (after a certain chapter anyway), but you can’t deny that her revenge comes in handy sometimes. She absolutely refuses to lose! It really makes me want to root her on even when she’s doing evil, mean things (but she only does evil, mean things to evil, mean people so it’s fine).

Hehehe. Kyoko as a stalker is absolutely great. Now outsiders to shoujo manga or new shoujo manga fans can probably see Kyoko as the villain here (which she totally is). But for me it was so refreshing seeing the heroine do something like this. Flowery, nice, sweet, kind girls are nice and all…but they get pretty boring you know. So…Kyoko! No matter who you harass, I am behind you 100%!!!!

Whoa. Good job on transferring a great manga image to the anime! However, I have to bring it up again because it’s bothering me.

*sigh* These stupid silly sound-effects and the music are really bothering me. It’s like they’re trying to say, “LOOK! THIS IS FUNNY!” and so then for me…it’s not funny. The music never seems to match up with scenes like this and it feels really intrusive. I hope it’s something that gets better as the series goes on.

…Well anyway, it won’t be much of a problem because the only high-powered bike-riding scene left isn’t supposed to make Kyoko look quite so scary like these last two were. Still, they should work on the music. Animation I can deal with because at least it doesn’t usually make a scene feel very much like…well a scene in an anime, but the music does. If you get what I mean.

Ah…Sawara-san. You managed to last what? Five days against Kyoko’s hauting? That’s amazing Sawara-san. You should pat yourself on the back because you are the second most awesome “old guy” on this show (middle-aged).

Right now…it needs to be said…every character on this show (except one) is awesome. Sawara-san is certainly no exception.

I love how cheerful and nice Kyoko is after. See…she’s not really a bad girl. She just will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Go Kyoko! If you smile all chibi like that, no one can stay mad at you!

Whoo! Ren!!! (We’re going to do this every time!)

Alright, let the bullying I mean teaching begin!

Ren is so tall. That’s all I could think when I first watched this chibi scene. Kyoko must have been lost in an entirely different world not notice him. Seriously…Ren is tall.

Oh! Kyoko got told! Personally, even though I usually hold the same grudges as Kyoko I just couldn’t help but be like, “Well, she definitely deserved that.” Ren’s a professional who takes pride in his work and there comes along a little girl who seems to want to join for no real reason. In that case you definitely tell the spoiled brat the way reality works!

Oh yes, Ren became my favorite character early on. I loved seeing him mess with Kyoko since he was the only person who could ever defeat her. All of the best scenes have Ren in them. So…bring on the Ruriko episodes!

Heh, see this is what I’m talking about. Ah, Ren is so far at the top of show business that Kyoko’s main source of hatred is someone so insignifcant to him that he has to look him up on the internet.

Oh yeah…and I’m bothered by the fact that you can’t even tell that they’re talking. That was just incredibly lazy.

Oh and of course we have Ren’s own demonic sort of glare! Seriously, is there nothing Ren isn’t the best at? He can even beat Kyoko with his own ominous aura. I look forward to seeing it again…in front of Bo! (Yes…Bo!!!)

Of course, being an actor he’s able to switch back and forth easily. Which reminds me…I want to see Ren’s super gentlemanly smile with sparkles~! Like in the manga.

I think this scene was a little bit different though. Not different bad, just different. I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to hear Kyoko be all stubborn and say, “Was I supposed to be scared or something?” with that little bubble saying “she was scared” but a lot of those jokes are just going to be naturally left out. Kind of disappointing though since some of the best stuff is in there.

But seeing Kyoko go from thoughtful to crazy-pissed off again after remembering was good too.

lol, This was funny because it was different from the manga. But I don’t know if the picture thing even got properly explained unless Kyoko said something I missed. In case she didn’t, the pictures represent the size of Kyoko’s grudge against each of them.

Ah…Kyoko. You’re so wicked and evil in these early chapters. I love you so much for it. So crazy and vengeful~!

Hell yeah voodoo dolls! When do we first get to see them? Ah…not until after Ruriko right? Darn it…but soon. Soon we will all be able to fear chibi adorable voodoo dolls.

And see Kyoko mimic a certain someone with one. Yay~!

Boo! This is the only scene that I’ve actually disliked so far in the anime. Moko’s first “MO!” felt unnatural and forced and she didn’t through Maria!!! Stupid lazy animation! It’s just one throw. I hope this doesn’t mean Moko’s past gets left out.

Other than the first “mo” though Moko (I mean Kotonami Kanae) is perfect. She’s so stuck-up and bitchy. But that just makes her our lovable Moko all the more. Curara commercial please~! (Heh, now that the anime is out, I want to see everything animated ASAP!)

Maria! You wicked, adorable child, you~! This episode was really great, introducing absolutely every important character for the story so far. I mean, others show up later, but these are all the ones who have been important and from the very beginning.

Oddly, enough I felt like Maria’s hair was darked than it’s supposed to be, but looking at an image from the manga tells me I was wrong. It just seems odd when it’s all one shade I suppose. Can’t be helped.

Lory! (Seriously, they’re all coming out one after another!) Animation kind of messed with another otherwise great character intro, but it doesn’t matter. His best ridiculous moments are still yet to come. I want to see his masquerade party at the Dark Moon set (ah, but will that even get animated?).

Hmm…I wonder if my “I want to see this…” spoiledness is spoiling anyone else? Well, hopefully it just makes all of you more curious!

Ren!!! (Yes, Again)

He can’t help but be interested in Kyoko because she’s so abnormal. But not to worry, he’s still going to bully her everytime they meet. Because that is what entertains me! Or that’s just what’s entertaining…for lots of people. Because Kyoko really does need to get knocked down a few pegs every now and again. Until what happens after the Ruriko stuff anyway. Then she starts walking the path to becoming a nice human being again.

Woo! Kyoko you’re so cool! You kill that Daikon!

Yeah, but this is another scene I can’t help but think will look cooler in the manga with Yoshiki Nakamura’s wonderful art. The animation doesn’t quite match up to how you think these scenes would go in the manga, but it’s something they can’t ignore entirely (like Moko throwing Maria) so at least something will happen.

Overall, I’m still loving this anime and how true they are to the manga (and the seiyuu~). But I never really started absolutely loving it until the Ruriko mess so…episode 5! Hopefully! Come on Ruriko you bitch! Hurry up!


Looks like we’ll be getting through the rest of the auditions all the way until Corn’s first introduction. Yay~!

Oh and look, a scene they animated fine with how it seemed in the manga. Though it’s not really something that’s difficult to animate, is it? Just back and forth.

Ah, but now with each episode after the auditions end, my enjoyment will only grow. Looking forward to the weeks to come!


  1. Yay first comment!Great summary as always!

  2. I was expecting the whole interaction between Kyoko and Sawara and the intro of Ren and the others in here. Expecting, but at the same time hoping to see Kyoko’s amazing abilities as an actress. Guess we have to wait another week *sigh*. Oh, and I sure love Ren. Can’t wait to see his, and I quote, “fake charming smile” xD
    The major flaws that makes the anime bellow the manga: comment boxes (ah yes, so far I’ve only seen Ouran High come closer) and the fricken stupid music that doesn’t seem to fit well with the situations. And I guess that’s about it.

  3. You ended up screencapping Ren and Kyoko as much as I did, or more. ^_^

    Yes, Ren is awesome cakes. He’s probably my favorite anime guy right now. I like him and Kyoko equally though.

    Yep. Early overly vengeful Kyoko is awesome. I love how she can still be cute though.

    Sawara. ^_^ I always feel sorry for him having to deal with the craziness that is Kyoko and Lory. But he handles it well. because he’s stubborn. And yes all the reoccuring main characters (with the except of you-know-who) in this series are awesome. I can’t wait until the point where Yashiro starts to become a fangirl for Ren and Kyoko.

    Yeah, Ren is good at telling Kyoko things she needs to hear. He’s just nicer and more direct about it in the current manga chapters. (He stills bullies/teases her if chapter 127 is any indication).

    Heh. I love how it gets to the point where Kyoko’s strange side ceases to surprise him anymore.

    I want the Ruriko arc to happen soon to. It’s the point where I became a fangirl of the series. I want them to cover the ashtray-kicking scene though too.

  4. I’m beginning to find the music intrusive as well. But REN! YES REN! That was my reaction the entire time…just..>REN<!!! Gah, how I love him. (Unlike that certain other someone!) Kyoko meeting Ren…Ren bullying Kyoko…life is good! XD Can’t wait till Corn’s introduction! (Mehe, REN!! XD)

  5. That’s a very good coverage of the episode :) I didn’t give the events much attention, but it looks like this episode really introduced many long-term characters. I am curious about that Moko person :P

  6. Safirie: Thanks.


    ForeverOblivion: Yes, we still have to wait a while for Kyoko to perform.

    Ren’s fake charming smile…when does it first show up properly? Well, at least I know for sure we get to see it when Ruriko shows up!

    Yes! More comment boxes. We haven’t had any yet and that’s so odd since there were so many in the manga. It’s not intrusive, it just seems weird if the rest of the joke isn’t there though!


    warriorhope: Did I now? Haha, I wasn’t paying attention and just screencapped anytime a thought popped into my head.

    Ren is one of my favorite anime guys, but there’s just so many that he can’t be number one. He’s awesome though (heh, I like him more than Kyoko but just my a milimeter).

    Sawara-san, you can’t help but feel bad for him, but I think he enjoys it all somewhere deep down (at least after getting to know Kyoko).

    Yashiro is the best ally fangirls/shippers have ever had inside of a series. It’ll take a while for his own inner fangirl to come out. He starts getting so uncool.

    Did he tease her in chapter 127? Ah! He does. lol Well, that’s definitely one thing you don’t want to change (though he’s still a lot nicer about it now~!).

    Oh yes! Ashtray kicking scene! That way every blogger covering Skip Beat! gets to go “Ren > Sho” all at once!


    amayalee: I’ve seen lots of people having that same, “Ren!” reaction (like me). Ah…Ren. Without him Skip Beat! would have eventually lost my interest. But it’s okay because we have Ren…and Corn! Yes~!


    Kitsune: Yes, very many. We had 4 characters introduced for the first time and better introductions of Ren and Yashiro (Ren’s manager) too. An extremely successful second episode! Especially since the first one really just focused on two characters.

    Moko is my third favorite (or maybe fourth or just tied with Lory) so she is definitely deserving of some interest. Moko~!

  7. REN-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! my sole reason for watching this.. besides the amazing plot and genious character development. but seriously, do you think she will end up wiht ren in the end.. cuz i dont think shes over sho yet.. cuz she should forget about her grudge (ahh sorry im getting ahead of myself and am thinking about the skipbeat manga releases)!

  8. Well, she’s certainly not over what Sho did to her. After all, she spent her whole life on him and he threw her away and treated her like nothing. In the manga it’s only been a year…and 1 year vs. 16 years. Yeah, she still has some recovery time ahead of her. For one year I think she’s made incredibly progress, there’s a lot of things she does because she wants to and not for her revenge. Acting being the main one.

    But without a doubt, she’ll never get back together with Sho. She absolutely hates him. Even if she ends up being friends with him again and forgiving him that much, it’s really impossible to forget exactly how much her hurt her and what he took away from her.

    At least that’s my take on it. And no need to apologize, because I’m overjoyed that I got the chance to talk about it.

  9. I didn’t notice the sound effects and music so much, but now I’ll pay attention to it. It really is a bummer when a show manipulates you for reactions instead of letting the material speak for itself.

  10. […] episodes in, and Skip Beat still does not disappoint! Some people, like Fuyumaiden, found some of the anime comical scenes not so funny, and though I somewhat agree with this, I […]

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