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Yes! We’ve finally reached the end of the “Kyoko’s life is pathetic” section of this series. You know, where bad things just keep happening to her one after the other. Now she’s finally going to show us that real Kyoko power that so far has only been expressed in her frustration over not being able to do anything. Or, like in the last episode, when her power actually screws stuff up for her.

Now the power of revenge and Kyoko’s “guts!” (exclamation point is necessary) are her most useful tools. Bring it on!

Ah…I wasn’t able to post anything last week because I was sick. Rather than forcing myself once I felt better to try and throw something together when any opinions I would have had forgotten. Sometimes when you don’t feel well it’s best to just take something off of your plate temporarily so you have less to worry about.

Playing catch-up after being sick can just end up making you sick from stress anyway. So…yeah. Nothing for last week. All I would have been able to say is basically, “Poor Kyoko…” anyway.

Brief Summary

After failing in the auditions to join LME, Kyoko gets a parttime job at a gas station. She still hasn’t forgotten about getting revenge and tries to think of other ways to do it, but keeps hitting a dead end. While having lunch with a coworker, a commerical of Sho appears on TV, bringing Kyoko into despair again. Then, by an extreme coincidence, Sho and his manager arrive at the gas station in a van. Kyoko does her best to hide her face, but her coworker (mistaking her for being a fan) tells her to shake Sho’s hand and when Kyoko tries to stop her from saying her name, her face is revealed to Sho. But he doesn’t recognize her. And Kyoko’s desire for revenge is completely reawakened!

After a talk with her boss at Darumaya (where she learns she has to “break down the walls” she encounters) she goes back to LME. She tries to sneak in, but bumps into an actress who thinks she’s part of a new section and makes her carry her luggage. They run into Sawara and Ren and Kyoko tells Sawara about how she needed to come back and, to her surprise, gets no resistance whatsoever (in fact Sawara thinks it’s a good thing). The, also to her surprise, Ren helps her carry the luggage and explains the new section “Love Me” to her. It’s a section where people do things for others and slowly earn points and Kyoko is its first member. After her intial horror of being part of such an embarassing group, she realizes she’ll be able to make her debut and drops the things she was carrying. Because of this (and because Ren was also carrying something instead of her), the actress gives her her first points stamp for minus ten points.

All of this makes Kyoko trust people less than ever.


You know, SA was easier to blog than Skip Beat! even though this adaptation is so much better. You can only shout, “AWESOME!” so many times before it begins to lose its effect.

Oh well~ I can happily say that any (even minor) complaints I had with the anime are gone. Though the music still remains a minor thorn in my side.

…I was always kind of “meh” about this in the manga. Kyoko working at a gas station. I guess because the last episode concluded where the first volume did. I got that (and reread it at least seven times) and I had to wait two months for the next volume. Then I got the next volume and had a minor attack of rage. “WHY ISN’T SHE STALKING PEOPLE AND TRYING TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS!?”

But it’s okay. Even Kyoko deserves a moment where she loses some of her confidence and determination.

Ohohoho~! That is our wonderful ojou-sama Kyoko evil side taking over. You know…even after 130 chapters my two favorite Kyoko revenge dreams were in this chapter of the manga. So glad to see that even with the high standard I set them upon, I can’t even complain.

Also…why did you take your shoe off Kyoko! Wipe crap in that loser’s hair!

Chibi-est chibi ever.

Poor Kyoko. As it is known, I don’t quite understand Kyoko’s obsession with makeup (because I despise it!), but really…the poor thing. Seeing the person you hate the most having what you want. Ah…I remember when some stupid bitch in high school started showing everyone pictures of her new cute kitten I wanted to shove those pictures down her throat. Mean people don’t deserve cute things!

So yeah. I think most of us can relate to Kyoko’s despair on this matter.

This is most awesome revenge dream number two. A fucking wrench! Now speaking as someone who got hit with a golf club in a similar way (on the side of the face) that would hurt. A lot. And I can’t think of anyone who deserves a good wrench (or golf club) more than Shotaro. (That person I regulalry wish to be shoved off of various things doesn’t count. He needs to get smacked onto the pavement from ten stories up.)

The only thing is that this one didn’t have quite the same impact as the manga because that had the advantage of black and white (which is rarely an advantage). Super contrasting colors made more of an impact in a violent scene like this. Still awesome though.

Oh poor Kyoko. She tried so hard to keep her identity a secret and it didn’t even matter.

And you know what pissed me off so much? How nice Sho was when he thought she was a stranger. What the Hell is wrong with him? He can be nicer to a perfect stranger than he can be to the childhood friend he’s known almost all his life?

Sure, he’s specifically being nice to someone he thinks is a fan…but Kyoko was his number one fan! Shotaro is so…agh! I want voodoo dolls made of him now! (We still have to wait a little while though…)

Ugh. Obviously Kyoko looks different but the fact that she 1- Had the same voice, 2 – reminded him of herself, and 3 – lived with him for most of their lives! means that Shotaro definitely should have recognized her. Jerk.

But that’s right. You just keep thinking about Kyoko. Think about her so much until you drive yourself crazy! Regret what you lost!!! Regret it so much that you die a little inside!

Hehehe. Personally, I think this part of the episode feels a little bit like filler (just a little), but it’s good to have the grudge demons back. Spirit of Revenge…GO!!!

Hey!!! Where’s the booze!? Okami-san was supposed to give her alcohol!!

Tsk. It’s not a big deal, but it annoyed me. Sometimes it seems like anything on TV just has to cut out underage drinking. Even when it’s just used for humor (here it didn’t even really matter). To put this simply…it reminded me of BeeTrain cutting out some of the funniest scenes in any manga ever when they adapted Tsubasa Chronicle.

Oh you’d like to see what an incarnation of the moe goddess Sakura would be like when she’s drunk? Too bad! No adorable princess running around and meowing for you!

*sigh* Oh well…more cute chibi make me feel better. I’m adding a chibi tag to this blog now. It’s necessary.

Aww…no shoujo eyes daruma? I’m kind of disappointed they cut that out. I’m still looking forward to the day when Kyoko gets to draw that other eye in the manga.

“I don’t hate her. I just dislike her.” Oh lol.

Ren can say anything with such a pleasant smile on his face. That’s why he’s the number one guy in show business! *puts on the Ren fangirl hat*

Of course it’s pretty easy to understand why Ren would dislike Kyoko. She’s after Sho for “revenge” but she didn’t even explain what that revenge was for. If some crazy girl said they were just doing something for revenge I’d kind of be like, “Grow up.” and tell them to do something more useful with their time.

For Ren…well he does that in his own bullying sort of way.

Ugh. I need to find an emoticon that expresses ultimate repulsion. Bleh. Old ladies should not run like school girls. Especially when they look like that. Why is she even in show business? I doubt she has any real capacity for love (that stuck-up bitch…).

But lol. Ren doesn’t hesitate to tell anyone exactly what he thinks (but he says it in such a polite way!).

Ah. Best thing about this manga. Every bitchy character and asshole always gets what’s coming to them. Every single one. *pause* I’m looking at you Chiori in our recent manga arc. Better tone down the evil bitchiness or you’ll get your payback.

It’s so fun to see a time when Kyoko believes Ren so easily. Now even when he’s being sincere she distrusts him and thinks he’s bullying her. Ah, but that’s entertaining in its own way.

ROFL! Finally! Thank you anime! There’s been really no scene in this episode that I thought lacked the same “impact” as in the manga and this one is at least as good as the manga. Absolutely great.

And they brought in the explanations! That’s another thing we all wanted to make sure anime fans got the joke. Though…in this case if you didn’t know what the deal with the instructor was it would still be funny. Precisely because you don’t know.

…oh lol. This is really still one of the funniest moments in the manga for me. I love Lory. Best Preisdent of any company ever.

Ha. It was so fun seeing Kyoko laughing so much about the new section, because you knew what was coming. Even when I was reading it for the first time in the manga. Why else would Ren be telling her about a new section of the company? Silly Kyoko~

Please love me! Ah Marina Inoue has so easily become one of my favorite seiyuu. Her Engrish is epic.

For a second. I was hoping we’d get Miki Nagasawa from the drama CD to play Kyoko, but now I can say Marina Inoue has successfully become my favorite for the role. She’s just way too great (who knew you could be greater than what was already so great?).

Bitch. I hope Kyoko gets to pwn you with her acting in a chapter of the manga someday. Then you’ll be crying and begging her for forgiveness and will want to give her 1000 points to make up for your crappiness!

The look she gave Ren was just so classic. It’s like the first time she’s looking at her parents after learning Santa Claus wasn’t real. “But…you told me…” Oh poor Kyoko. Some people you just can’t trust, even when they’re smiling.

Especially when they’re smiling in this case actually.

Ah Ren’s gentlemanly “saying mean things/lying” smile. How I’ve wanted to see it so, so much. Flowery background with sparkles is perfect. In the future hopefully we’ll get that wind effect sometimes too (like at least one time in the Dark Moon arc).

Haha and right when Kyoko joins the Love Me section she decides not to trust people. Well at the very least she won’t trust Ren. She’s a pretty fast learner (though it doesn’t stop her from losing her cool every single time they meet…).

Ah. I’d say that this has been my favorite episode of Skip Beat! so far. Of course, Ruriko’s arc is starting soon and that’s the best arc until we reach…the manager arc. The manager arc is still my second favorite I think (after Dark Moon). I’m sure we’ll at least get that far in this anime (right? Right!?).


The Love Me uniform makes it’s FABULOUS debut. I’m looking forward to it. The color is more horrifying than anything I’d even imagined.


Ashtray scene. Manga fans know what I’m looking forward to most next week.

Oh also, I’m guessing that next week (or the week after) the “Next Target You!” may change to Ruriko. The “nex” gives me that feeling and I certainly hope so. There are many evil villains out there for Kyoko to smack down!!! Ruriko is the next one. Hehehe.

Besides, it’s not really appropriate for it to be Sho when he…never appears. After this week he won’t appear again until the PV, right?

Well…Ruriko’s arc is coming up really soon now so I’m a happy fangirl. Can’t wait for the next episode!


  1. Yeah, cutting out the sake scene annoyed me too. Stupid “Not apporiate” for tv censers. -_-

    Heh. Ren’s lying gentlemenly smile. He can say anything with that smile and get away with it. Watching him pwn actress bitch, in such polite way was awesome.

    Seeing Kyoko a time when Kyoko actually believed Ren was interesting. Karma really came back on Ren, since now they’re times when he wants Kyoko to believe him, but she doesn’t..excpet for fairy realted things. ^_^ And you’re right her expression was totally like a kid who just found out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

    The peto bismal colored jumpsuit is win. I can’t wait for the asstray kicking scene either. It’s what I’m most looking forward to as well.

  2. Is this out subbed yet??? I don’t think so!! I sadly can’t review till subbed. This main reason is, I don’t like watching raws without watching subs. Cause I know whats going on. It’s like a pet peeve to me,lol. But anyways, it looks good by the screen caps. Shou makes it return into this episode =D

  3. Maura: If you read the manga verison of Skip Beat, you should be able to understand the anime.

  4. i’m much more excited about next episode because everything until that pink uniform has been meh. as soon as the words love me were said on this episode, i knew that the story FINALLY starts ^^

  5. i’m much more excited about next episode because everything until that pink uniform has been meh. as soon as the words love me were said on this episode, i knew that the story FINALLY starts ^^

  6. @Maura: Yes, it’s true that if you read the manga you’ll understand almost everything that’s going out, but it isn’t hard to guess what’s going on just by watching.

    This was, in my opinion, the best episode so far. I don’t why, I guess it was because I laughed so hard during the whole ep. I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait for the next episode. The really story starts now :3~

  7. Your defiantly right about this series getting better =D Lets hope the anime won’t fail us.

  8. @ warriorhope & Meball: No, No I don’t think we got the right translation of what I was saying. I said I don’t understand Japanese fully, so I find it hard for me to watch without subs. I don’t like watching anime, that I’m reviewing, without subs because the most of the time I’ll be so bother as to what there saying, and being confused. Its less harder for me to watch it, with subs so the parts I don’t understand I can look at the subs. I am reading the manga right now, currently. I’m not at this particular part and I bet the manga could explain whats happening, but anime doesn’t go word by word by manga. Anyways thats the only reason. Sorry ~_~

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