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Once again, I’m making a safe bet before all the new shows I plan to watch for the season air and putting up the banner for my favorite series of the season. This time, to (hopefully) no one’s surprise, Maria+Holic is my pick (yeah, I’m only doing the real cross in posts people).

I kind of went out of what I normally like to do and stayed even more in my comfort zone than ever with this banner.

By the way, since some people are trying to figure out how to get the cross, I’ll just very simply tell everyone how I do it.

Copy & Paste (From MAL I think) Now that it’s pasted into my tags I can get it whenever I want. So I look like I’m just so cool with a cross in my post titles. It’s okay, you can be jealous of my super ingenuity. Or…not. Whatever.

*ahem* Moving on.

I fell in love with the series pretty easily (really just by watching the trailer) and once I fell for it, I fell hard. Anyone who doesn’t go, “OMFG! Maria+Holic is great!!!111” seems bizarre to me. Except then I remember that not everyone can be in love with sadistic traps and I move on with life.

It’s really not that extraordinary of a series, but it just happens to be one of those things that hits me perfectly. Everything in it appeals to me (except some of the extra girls since they just seem so one-dimensional).

I still say that any guys who don’t like it are just bummed out that Mariya isn’t a girl though (aww, now I’m using the “y” too?). Or you know…they just don’t like Shaft or the story or something (wait that gives them legitimate reasons, right?).

But anyway, I really don’t need to talk about this anymore so…banner.

It took a while to decide what I’d use for an image. I only like to use official images now and there really weren’t many of those available to me. Just this one which I didn’t want to use for obvious reasons. So I had to go the dreaded screencap method.

Dun…dun…dun. *ominous music*

I think anyone that’s even tried can tell you that editing screencaps from a raw f$&%ing sucks. I mean occasionally you get a good file and you can just edit it a little to make it look good and then slap it somewhere, but it can’t be that easy for me. My banner height is too small for anything to really work for me. The only time I was able to do it was for my Clannad Banner.

Then there was the other time I went through this with my RimaHiko Banner. Thankfully, this time it wasn’t that hard because I didn’t have to worry about any scrolling or credits in the way. Though I did take the images from the ending, there were no credits in the way. Just a bunch of trees and f&%$ing annoying scenery that cut off Mariya’s legs so I had to guess at where they were sometimes (which is why they are not visible in the banner because I probably guessed wrong).

It really wasn’t that difficult this time, which is why I chose these screencaps to work with. Mariya has a pretty simple shape so cutting her out of her background wasn’t a big problem. Then I just had to desaturate to get rid of those annoying pixels where one color bleeds into the other and…it really only took me a half hour? I’m not sure, but it didn’t take long.

So yeah. Easy. I really liked those images, because even though Mariya doesn’t have a face and is basically a stick figure, to me he still seems moe~

And let’s see…the background. It’s kind of annoying. I actually grabbed that as a screencap from the anime too. I picked it because it was one of the only blue ones I saw and the shapes seemed to…I don’t know…be more random and thus less headache-inducing than anything with a pattern.

I blurred it out a little and stuff though because otherwise it took too much attention away from all the little Mariya’s.

And eventually I ended up with…well I’m sure you can see it. Once again it’s very blue, but hey. Blue theme got a blue banner. Trust me, I toned it down a lot from where it was before.

The tagline…is pretty basic. “The prettiest girls will always be boys~” is what I ended up with because I forgot what I wanted to use originally. Pretty standard, it’s the trap rule.

Lately I seem to be doing “anime rule” taglines with this and the last one being “The shoujo smile beats the sword.” Though I’d say this one more than the last one…or something.

Overall…this is an “okay” banner. I’ve definitely done better. But I feel satisfied with this since I didn’t have that much to work with.

I don’t know. I’ve rambled enough. As usual, you can find the old banner on the Banners page. It’s a shame that one didn’t stick around long, but with the Winter season airing, it couldn’t really be helped. At least it was around for a Sakura Hime Kaden post so anyone who would enjoy it got the cance to do  so.

As a little aside, I’ve been thinking of finally putting a stop to by stubbornness…but as for what that may mean, I will keep to myself for now. For now things carry on like usual.

(Normally I would have held off posting about a banner so soon after an episode post, but since it’s Shugo Chara and we’re already at 19 comments I figure it’s fine…)


  1. Err. Its a trap.

  2. it looks great and i love Blue <3 one of my fave colors and this is my fave banner after The rimahiko banner and hopefully an amuto banner <3 i haven’t started watching this anime yet because i am into yaoi more than yuri but everyone says its an awesome Show so i have to take a look at it because cute girls are fun lol XD maria is cute its the first time i like a blond more than utau :D

  3. OMG Mariya!!! It’s so nice to put up a banner of your current favorite show ^^. And it’s also my current favorite show too (alongside ToraDora, course).
    I really like the different Mariya poses. My most favorite is the sixth one, because it’s the sadistic side of Mariya and I love her sadistic trap side (lol @ me because I still call Mariya ‘her’, well we can’t deny the fact that this guy’s absolutely pretty). This is also my favorite banner of you so far :) It’s just so stylish. I also like the blue in it because it adds a boyish touch, unwrapping Mariya’s real gender lol. And I also think that the tagline is so funny. OMG now I’m doubtful on some Ms. Universe candidates lol XDD~.

    P.S. – I have this thought a while back ago… Is Mariya wearing a wig/weave? Or did she grew that blonde hair? Lol

  4. Maria poses are win. Cute banner.

  5. love the banner good job :)

  6. The banner looks awesome. The editing is really good, I love the blue. :D And I so agree with the tagline. ^_^
    Maria†Holic is my favorite anime for the season as well. I loved the series! I thought from the summary it would be too much yuri for my taste, but your post got me hooked. Maria is so awesome, it was a good idea to put him in your banner. :D Btw, I love the different poses, they’re awesome.
    I did the same thing (copy&paste) to get the cross too, awhile ago, hehe.

  7. Mariya is “moe”…it sounds like something illegal has been made…legal.
    Oh~! Traps works wonders! xDDD

    I really like it and commend you on your job of getting rid of all the annoying pixels and stuff. Even if you say it’s simple, I would’ve just sat there and said “…screw this, I’m moving on to the next screencap/anime.” ^^;

    “Simplicity” looks really nice there. Big and bold and just…there.

    Ah, love the tagline. That is one of the biggest rules, if not the biggest trap rule.
    …all this talk about traps is making me think up ridiculous trap things. But I won’t say it cuz I already did mention one in my impressions post. ^^;

    Yep, awesome! ;D

  8. That’s a cleverly designed banner! Good work. I look forward to watching the show, too.

  9. “The prettiest girls will always be boys”


  10. btw can i ask something ? did u pay to edit css ? because i just started a blog here and i don’t know how to edit without css and i can’t pay :(

  11. Maria Holic really is good so far and I love how you used the trap rule for the banner, it’s like the icing on the cake! I know you mentioned how this isn’t your best, but I think it looks great and blue really does look great with blue! :D

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