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OMG. I was actually excited about this episode before it aired. When was the last time that happened? Unfortunately my excitement immediately turned to despair upon seeing that new opening (I still want to cry when I see it). But I got picked back up pretty quickly.

Also, this is my first time watching it with the CR subtitles. So, lots of new things this week. A technically new arc, a new opening, and a new way to watch it. Let’s see how it all goes.

(Warning for overdone screencapping again, 54 caps this time)

First off, everyone should know that Shugo Chara showed up on CR like…five minutes after it finished airing. So I might start skipping keyhole and just watch it a half hour later. So, you know…I can understand everything (even if I don’t always need subtitles, the audio on keyhole is awful). I’ll miss doing angry and fangirling spams with everyone on twitter though.

This week we got a new opening (but no new ending for some reason), so I guess I have to do that section…but do I have to? I want to pretend that opening does not exist!

Shugo Chara Egg – Shugo Shugo!


Last time we had Amu dancing like she was on a show for five-year-old’s and this time…she’s walking like she’s on one. Ugh.

And if making Amu OOC in the opening wasn’t enough, now they’re spreading out to the other cool characters. Utau…Ikuto…what are they trying to do to my awesomely cool Tsukiyomi siblings? All of the coolest characters on this show now…before it was just Amu, but now…*despair*

I can’t even grab screencaps to show you how lame it is because it breaks my heart. So I only took caps of things that either looked good or at the very least didn’t break my heart.

It’s such a shame since I think the song was better than the last one. But oh well…what can you do? (You can skip that opening every single time you watch the episode…)

In some ways it’s good (I like when they showed off all of Amu’s outfits and lol cow Amu), but the lame parts are so lame that I really do want to go ahead and cry in my closet. I feel like I lost Shugo Chara again today. Until I got to see some stuff that’s actually from the manga (then I got it back).

Utau still has a pretty big role in the opening, which strikes me as more odd than comforting like last time. She’s really only as important as Kukai now and he’s not in the opening. I guess it’s because she’s always being put forth like one of the main characters. Usually she’s fourth after Amu, Ikuto, and Tadase (but third in popularity polls, hahahaha~).

We also got a little bit of Amuto (then Tadamu for those 20-25% of the fandom) and for the first time a shot of all three which makes sense for where the story might be going (finally focusing on Amu’s love life and such). But really, there’s not much here that would tell us about what’s going to be happening from now on. Lulu is obviously still there, but there’s really no signs of action or anything new in the opening.

Tch…I was at least hoping for one of those openings where the heroine goes about her daily routine so we could maybe see Ikuto in her room, but no. Oh well. I have higher hopes for Buono!’s which is hopefully appearing next week.


Will add in later. And this time I mean it because that’s why I’m watching the sub. To give a full clear understanding now that Shugo Chara isn’t going to be properly available for everyone until next week. Of course, illegal versions of the crunchyroll subs out there which was totally expected. So I get the feeling that lots of Shugo Chara fans won’t even care about summaries anyway. The rest of you can be patient until tomorrow, right?

EDIT (1/11/09): Due to something suddenly coming up the summary is postponed again.


It’s here!!!!! Kinda. Ikuto is successfully in Amu’s room, but Ikuto’s arc still seems to be a little way’s off. Which is fine by me if Ikuto stays put in Amu’s room.

So picking up from where we were last time…


Like the start of all other great arcs in Shugo Chara, Amu has found something interesting in her bed, but instead of an egg this time it was…


…a teenage boy (with his own sound effects~).


And, of course, because she’s Amu she proceeds to freak out (though to be fair, anyone might…before totally taking advantage of the situation).


Amu, Amu~ I believe the face you meant to make was one like ‘dis: >////< Right?


But of course, Amu still being Amu decides to take everything out on Yoru. Awww.


Ikuto ;_; Poor Ikuto out in the snow. Makes me a sad fangirl.


And seeing Ikuto weak even when he’s in his chara-nari! Usually when Ikuto’s tranformed we get to see him being all badass and saving Amu and stuff, but…but! Ah…Ikuto ;_;


Aw. Look how proud Yoru is (as he should be). Just for today Yoru can be my favorite chara instead of Eru (because he brought Ikuto into Amu’s room and Eru’s technically anti-Amuto). But it’s just for today.

sc65-09“Ikuto! GTFO of my bed!”

Aw. Come on now Amu~ You don’t mean that~


And so begins our wonderful romantic comedy arc where Amu tries to hide Ikuto in her room without her parents finding out and various comprising situations will occur. Situation number one…GO~!


Ah. I am quite fond of situation number one. How about you? (Kira~Kira~ magic shoujo bubbles and sparkles to make sure we only think of this as innocent)



Hehehehe. Amu what kind of things are you thinking now? You’re totally destroying the “this is completely innocent” vibe we’re supposed to be getting from the kira~kira~ atmosphere.


Hahaha~ That’s right Amu. So be a good girl, STFU and get back to bed.



Oi, oi Amu. What the heck are you thinking about doing now? (Meaning, “that’s more like it! Go for it Amu-chan!”)


Amu couldn’t get any sleep because she was too busy staring at Ikuto and thinking about how he looked so defenseless. Sneaky little poser. Thinking those kinds of things.


d’awww. They’re both sleeping like kitties~ How cute~


Ikuto hiding place #1: Make an Ikuto couch!


Ah. Ami’s right he doesn’t. I never even though about that before (how random though).


Oh? What’s wrong now Mr. Asshole Director? Can’t find Ikuto? Even though he’s your stepson and a puppet of Easter? Wow, you must really incompetent to let him get away then. Oh I have an idea. Why don’t you go searching in a dump truck. I promise I won’t pull that compressing lever on you while you’re in there.


Picture only included because I am in uber-shipping mode and they’re the only other pairing I have to be giggly over (Utau~ Where are you?).

Also, Rima’s hair is cute (I still want my twintails!)


Tch. I really want Utau around. It’s not fair.


Hehehe~ Amu~ Are you worrying about Ikuto? You are, aren’t you? How cute.


*gasp* Yoru stole the bunny’s “bum”! (I don’t know why I found this so funny while watching the subs, but I did.)


Oh what’s this Amu? Are you still worrying about Ikuto? Ehehehe~


Whoa. Big snowman. (Seriously how were they able to do that?) and lol at the bucket on its head. So tiny and cute.


Whoa. Rima is scary when angered. I feel bad for Yaya and Ami.

EDIT: lol…it’s Rimadusa~


Nagi~ Poor trap misses the chara that makes his most awesome trapness possible. I am glad that this scene was included finally (because it really shows how smart Nagihiko is~) but it makes me sad.

It also kind of makes me wonder again if we’ll get to see Nagihiko’s chara-nari sooner than we did in the manga. That is one re-ordering of the story that I think they can get away with pretty easily.


Best thing about watching with subtitles? Knowing what the heck this guy is saying. usually I understand or can guess at what the rest of the characters, but stupid Tsukasa is always talking like an adult and pissing me off. (but not anymore~)



Sleepy Ikuto is cute~

One of my remaining complaints with the first season was that they cut out all the cute little moments of Ikuto spacing out early on and that’s part of what made me choose him as a favorite pretty much immediately. But sleepy Ikuto kind of makes up for it~


Stupid glowy violin! Making Ikuto sick! Oh wait…this is misdirected rage. The violin’s just a victim. STUPID ASSHOLE DIRECTOR!

Soon…soon, I will have you thrown from someplace so high into some place so awful that…well…you know. I want you dead and gone asshole (killed by the light of Amuto raburabu!!!!!).


Tadase’s like the fourth person that gets to go into Amu’s room now. I’d feel bad for him if I weren’t so amused by Rima basically saying, “Take that. You’re not even in the running for Amu’s BFF and stuff. Me > You.”


Oh? What’s this Amu? Thinking about a cat-eared boy at home some more? Remembering what kind of things he likes? Showing how thoughtful you are by bringing some back for him? Huh, Amu-chan~?


See? I told you. Mr. Rabbit is missing his bum. (I still don’t know why, but I find that funny and adorable.)


Even though you only thought about him all day while you were out with your friends. Silly little tsundere Amu.

sc65-38“zOMG a catboy just fell out of my closet?”

Sheesh. Where won’t Amu find Ikuto during these roommate adventures? Ahahaha~

But that’s what you get for being a little tsundere poser Amu. Now you have a teenage boy falling on top of you.


Tch. Even though she said he was heavy, she still managed to avoid him falling on top of her. It’s not fair I say!


“I wasn’t even worried about him. I’m relieved he’s finally gone.” Was that what it was before? Hmm, Amu?


But Amu’s real relief over Ikuto still being there can’t last when Ikuto catches on too easily after Amu accidentally lowers her guard. So a return to tsuntsun and silly little arguments it is.

sc65-42“I don’t care about you at all, but here I thought of you while I was out and got you food anyway.”

Oh Amu-chan. You’re so great. Even when you try to be tsuntsun and Cool & Spicy around Ikuto you just fail at it in the cutest way.


Cute tsuntsun Amu screencap, simply because she looks oh-so-cute. “Hurry up and get out…(except not really, pls stay).”


But like I said, even when Amu does decide to go all tsuntsun on Ikuto, he sees through her so easily. Chibi jii— ftw! (omg this was so cute…)


And a return jii— so Amu can snicker about Ikuto eating taiyaki like a kitty would.


Ha! Even I find it amusing to hear Ikuto say that. “Says the cat-eared pervert” is right Amu-chan. Though to be fair Ikuto’s never gone into Amu’s room before, just her balcony (but considering what happened there…ahahaha~)


Okay. For once I will have to say it. I couldn’t be the only one thinking that Ikuto should have said, “Should I teach you?” next, right?

(Oh dear me~ This is what happens to me when I wait an extra week for Shugo Chara after having Ikuto appear on Amu’s bed with sound effects. The fangirling comes back and goes into overdrive.)


And this is where I ignore the subtitles so I can imagine all sorts of different things Ikuto can be whispering to Amu instead. These things I will keep to myself though because I like to pretend I’m less perverted (and have less of a rabid imagination) than the other people my age watching Shugo Chara.


Ohohohoho~ Ikuto’s really at his best today. “But you were staring?” Our sneaky, teasing cat boy really knows how to get Amu all flustered, doesn’t he?


But he decided to be merciful and dropped it quickly so he got rewarded with a cutely honest Amu-chan. “You’re not feeling well? I’m worried about you, so please don’t leave.” I believe is the general gist here.

Now then…









It’s so cute when they’re both being stubborn little posers~ And this time it’s literal. Chibi lover’s quarrel ftw~

Hahaha. And Ikuto’s just way too great in this episode. Even when they’re both being stubborn in their own ways, Ikuto gets to win because Amu gets so worked up.

sc65-52“Fine! Do whatever you want!”

sc65-53“kthnx. I’ll just stay in your room until something interesting happens at some point in the future.”

Yup. Looks like Ikuto wins. I like to think that Amu wins too, but she’s just being stubborn because she’s our lovable Cool & Spicy tsundere heroine.


Ehehehe~ Please say that again Yoru. ^_^

Well, it looks like I really, really, really went overboard this time, but it couldn’t be helped. Having the screencaps with subtitles made it just too much fun sometimes. I haven’t enjoyed watching Shugo Chara this much since…well it’s been a really long time. Maybe not since episode 43.

I’m thinking that even if we’re in for fillers, I’m going to be enjoying it a lot more now. With Ikuto being Amu’s “roommate” *insert insane giggling here* I can expect a lot of anime-original Amuto, right? No matter how lame the filler storylines get, I will still be all smiles if I get to see Ikuto in Amu’s room every week *more giggling*

Well. Let’s just see how it goes. At any rate, I think I now have a new favorite episode. Lots of great stuff from the manga executed quite nicely in the anime, with some rather enjoyable add-ins. The only complains is the new opening which I can just skip over anyway. I think my life as a Shugo Chara fangirl is pretty good right now.



The next episode looks kind of stupid. There’s some girl running around like a magical girl with cat ears it seems.

But no matter because…


Ikuto’s still there!

Tehe~ I wonder if I’m even going to be capable of making fun of Doki anymore if Ikuto’s going to be in Amu’s room this whole time. Satelight you sly dogs.


Another easy poll today.

I’m on the “Hell yes!” side of things. Think of all the things that could happen if Ikuto is in Amu’s room for an extended amount of time.

…No not stuff like that. You guyz are pervs~


  1. Heh? What OP? I don’t see no new OP? Are you sure?

    *completely does not know about any new OP*

    lol “With his own sound effects” I was thinking about breathing because even though I watched this on crappy keyhole, I could hear Ikuto’s breathing pretty clearly. xDD;;

    OMG, sick Ikuto has CG dying eyes! O.O NOOOOOO!!!!! Ikuto! Don’t die! Dx

    Eru is so not anti-Amuto. She is just very pro-Utau before she is pro-rabu. x3

    & Amu just wants Ikkun to take his shoes off so it won’t dirty the blankets. Hehehe~

    Never has kira kira make you feel so warm, fuzzy and just *dokidoki!* *giggle*

    Noo! Rima’s hair in a messy bun is so much cuter! Leave the twintails to our other tsunderekkos!

    Amu worrying about Ikuto for one full episode made me such a happy fangirl. I think Shouko-san, when she gets out of her depressed dilemma, will like Amu a lot (a make Utau jealous because her mom is closer to Amu than she is to her…ooo, yes! I want to see that! xD)

    Angry Rima looks like Medusa! 8D

    Tsukasa doesn’t even talk like an adult. He talks drunkenly sober.

    Spacey Ikuto is not a morning person. Awwz…

    The poor rabbit is now buttless. Poor rabbit. :( lol xD

    Amu must have been working out or something. Ikuto’s pretty big. xDD


    Oiya, Fuyu-san is an ecchi. *gets smacked* |D; And you pretend? Pfft, be a pervert with pride, silly.

    Waah, my comment is just sentences. A first for me. Stupid torrent. It’s so slow.

    And you are so not honest about being a pervert yourself. *smacks you with a Punyorin*

    Hmm, yesh, thanks for the awesome early post, dearie~. |3


  3. this episode made me so happy! yes i think next week ill ignore the filler girl and just go to the amuto parts. and finally the beginning of the ikuto arc is slowly beginning. but when he opened the violin wasnt amu supposd to find him on the floor? whatev. im happy right now thanks to amuto.

  4. GAWD. I made a mistake on the poll, I clicked on Hell No when my answer was actually Hell YES! OTL.

    This episode was funny when I watched it specially the part where Amu was all tsuntsun with Ikuto. XD

  5. YAY IT’S UP! *Glomps*

    OMG THE OPENING IS HORRIFYING! DX It’s exactly what I was afraid would happen, a cheesy opening. The only bit I did like was when we had that slight Amuto moment, and the bit where she held on to both of them. THAT was epic win. The rest… uggggh… especially Ikuto dancing WTF!??!

    OMG THE EP ITSELF WAS AMAZING THOUGH! I loved the whole bit of them under the covers with her thinking pretty perverted thoughts. LOL did you notice that when Ikuto transformed, his pants were down lower than normal? You can see his hips. ;) This whole ep was win, every single moment except the opening. But I reaaaally loved the scene with him falling out of the closet and onto her and she held him.. sooo cute! Then they just had the cutest moments chibi-style and I kept awwing at them. XD I liked the fact that she said “Fine. Do what ever you want!” since he rarely gets to, working for Easter and all. So the option and choice left to him must have really felt good. He could leave if he wanted, not like with Easter. ;.;

    oohh.. and I wanted to kill asshole step father at that scene too. (LOL @ your caption though. xD I love when you talk shit to him.) “Search his school and his friends’ house” Wow… what an inconvience for his friends. D: I hope they pwn that fugly bastard.

    lol, I’ll probably write more on my post. xD Right now.. *Goes to watch ep again*

  6. LMAO! Oh that new OP. Talk about a hippie trip! I did like the little love triangle part though. And Rima looks cute jumping up.

    God I loved this episode. That’s all I can say. I loved it! Yoru’s an awesome chara, how he takes care of Ikuto so much. G’aaaaawww. Those Amuto moments were awesome aswell. They make such an adorable team! I want them to team up or something, and beat stupid Easter together!

    This is a little random, since Lulu wasn’t even in this episode. But, am I the only one that’s questioned WHY Lulu’s in Easter? If she has no intentions of giving the embryo to them, then why is she bothering with them? It’s not like easter gave her that jewel. She can do it all without them. But whatever, maybe I’m missing something.

  7. “This means we’ll be roomies” *sweatdrop* “Mr.Rabbit’s missing his bum” Oh Satelight…I forgive you…JUST…TAKE….AWAY….LULU….But on the other side…You have to admit, Freakin cute Yawning Dia is just TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry….Ahh….Yes….Opening-scary but cute with Dia in it. *hopeless fangirl*

  8. Also, I guess I’m a real pervert myself. Since I was staring at Ikuto sleeping with a huge smiling face. Weee~

  9. I saw the new opening, and it was alright. Parts of the animation made me go “WTF” and parts of it weren’t too bad. I think it would have been better overall if they stopped trying to make so childish. And I agree, there were a couple of parts with Ikuto and Utau where my mouth dropped open because… yeah. Those characters should never… ever… be made to do that kind of ridiculous movement!
    The song wasn’t too bad. At one point, they did bring back a “Hop Step Jump” phrase, which I did appreciate… I can’t help but notice, though, that they choose Ran’s instead of Miki’s or Suu’s! Maybe Miki’s and Suu’s will appear in the longer version.

    Kyaaa~ to the Amuto! It was fantastic. In the very last scene between them when Amu’s freaking out, I love how smug Ikuto looks. It’s just so easy for him to wind Amu up. I also noticed in the first bed scene with Ikuto, when Amu is hiding him from her dad, Ikuto’s arm is draped over her, even though it doesn’t need to be! She could have laid on top of his arms… But nooo… his arm is around her waist… and since Ikuto is passed out, we can only assume there’s one person who lifted his arm and slipped under it…!

    Overall, such an awesome episode. I was thinking of you while watching it, and all I could think was “Fuyu is going to flip out…” I’ve been watching for your post so I could see screencaps all over again! Satelight is so clever… Now all we need is for Amu to be snowed in while her family is away…

  10. …I hope that everybody who watched the opening was as entertained as I was. XD
    Aw, I loved the mini chibi scenes~ <333

  11. AHAHAHA the new OP was well….creepy….I wasn’t really paying attention and then BAM! I got hit with those Ikuto “dancing” parts of the OP and was like O_O WOAH! (I knocked over my ice-cream TT.TT nuuuu!) And YES I LUVS THIS EPISODE!!!! WHOOO! This was one of the few times I actually decided to hunt for the ep instead of looking at summaries XD

    Hey I was wondering where’s the little kid who just kind of appears (he’s hasn’t spoken at all in the manga has he?) And what was the First King doing? cooking huh? The whatever that was just king of popped out of the box(?)…
    Anyway, I can’t wait for of the next episodes! ^-^
    (Haha my secret fav part was when Amu jumped in bed and you could hear Ikuto’s breathing XD does that make me a perv of some degree XD haha WOW!)

  12. Oh I forgot to add one more thing…..Cute stubborn poses- SUPERUBERDUPER KAWAII!

  13. ahhh that opening I cried inside… i really did atleast the other one was catchy ;__; why the annoying preschooler beginnings? WOW FAIL. I stopped the video to comment on the op, and then i realized i x’d out of it…so now i have to reload it. again. *smacks self*
    Awww so cute~ I can’t wait till next episode ;_;

  14. Xiao Jie: That’s how to act! There is no new OP. It’s still Minna Daisuki actually. Hop Step Jump for Amuto~

    Oh yes. His breathing. Amu heard that quite clearly as well.

    Fine. Of course you’re right. Eru is just Utau’s innocent brother complex side so she can’t bring herself to support Ikuto with anyone else.

    Ohoho~ I like that. Interpreting to make everything pro-pro-pro Amuto, yes?

    Nuuu! Amu and Utau both got twintails so if Rima doesn’t get any she’ll be left out (besides with her curly hair she’d be so moe in pigtails~). Rima has awesome hair for twintails.

    Ah! I was going to say that (about Medusa) but I left it out to keep it simple. Scary Rimadusa is what I will call her now (I am so overly excited and blabby today…)

    Well that’s true. Drunkenly sober Tsukasa…he’s got something in that tea he’s always drinking I bet…

    The poor rabbit it bumless you mean. Little girls shouldn’t say rude words like “butt” you know (of course we’re not little girls).

    No! You’re ousting me! I’m a good girl with no perverted thoughts at all (just like Amu lolz).

    I’m quite sure I don’t know what you’re talking about calling me a pervert. I don’t stare at people sleeping with a smile on face (I take pictures).

    Karen: Crunchyroll. I got the membership.

    Yes. The opening was uber-failage. Hopefully when we really get to Ikuto’s arc they’ll put a stop to this crap because dance-along openings don’t fit him at all.

    rabbitefromthehat: Yes, ignore the filler girl. As long as there’s amuto there will be something to enjoy anyway (hahaha~).

    Yes, she was. But I like him falling on her from the closet better. ^_^

    kirapika: Nuuu! How could you? now we don’t have 100% anymore. It’s okay, as long as I know the truth.

    myvampireyes: Isn’t it? It makes me want to cry…but at least there are some good parts (but I will never, ever watch them up).

    Oh my, you certainly are being a perv now, aren’t you? (but yes I did notice and just pretended I didn’t…)

    Oh, I like thinking of it that way. Amu lets Ikuto do whatever he wants and he can come and go. Ah…that’s nice. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that *too busy enjoying my rare perviness* Yes. I like that a lot.

    We all need to talk shit to him I think. Maybe if we wish hard enough we’ll finally get him dead!

    Abstractsoul: Yes~ Rima looked cute. She looks cute doing silly things. Too bad it doesn’t work for others. ^_^;

    They’ll definitely team up and beat Easter together. With rabu powah!

    That’s…a good question and another plothole in Doki that we will just have to ignore I suppose (maybe it’s because she doesn’t have the power to actually catch it?)

    I’m a pervert too then, but shhh…keep it to yourself.

    Christine Daae: Lulu probably won’t go away for a little while yet. Part of me now thinks she’ll be around until the end of the series. Best to just get used to her I suppose.

    chibidoucet: I know. Especially since the fandom was all built up when the anime wasn’t trying to act all childish.

    Well, to be fair I think that “Hop, Step, Jump” is the best out of all the little phrases. It flows and sounds so cute.

    Yes, Ikuto can…manipulate (lolz) Amu so easily. And yes! I noticed that too! Wasn’t it great. Amu secretly forced herself into a mini-hug with Ikuto. Ehehe~

    I did flip out quite a bit, didn’t I?

    O_O Yes! I want that to happen.

    kaedemirumo: I wasn’t. I took it as srs bsns and cried in my closet for a week (and yet somehow I’m here on the day it aired just the same).

    aliceindreamland: *gasp* The opening makes people knock over ice cream? The official treat of Amuto? Nuuu! They’ve gone too far!

    I don’t think the kid has spoken yet. I’m betting the kid will appear sometime at the end of this batch of episodes so he can be in the next opening or something.

    You’re only a perv if you were smiling. But I’m guessing you were, huh?

  15. Fuyumaiden: Awwwwwwwwww…….DANGNABBIT!FUDGESTICKS!

  16. Kyaaa!!~ Amuto!
    I was hoping that Ikuto would confess, but then again, that means he gets to stay longer! Yay! *ahem…back to the topic*
    For the OP, it does look…shameful. It has all those crayon-drawings and stuff like that. It just doesn’t seem to fit, but I’m glad I’m able to see Amuto in the OP. A lot of the characters seem OOC in the OP, so when will they go back to normal?!
    Oh, I am so excited to see this episode! I loved the chibi moments with Amu and Ikuto, and how Ikuto can always make Amu get all worked up. Lol, Amu trying to keep her tsuntsun self starts making massive contradictions. Tadase doesn’t deserve to be in Amu’s bedroom. >.< Both Amu and Ikuto staring at each other was pretty funny, and don’t worry, everyone at least once has their little pervy thought moments. xD I agree, Ikuto was so great in this episode. When Yoru was talking about being roomies, I thought Miki would be happy, because doesn’t she somewhat like Yoru or something (like when she often calls him “cool”)?
    Is it just me or is that girl in the preview look like she is trying to imitate Sailor Moon with cat ears? -_-

  17. Isn’t it strange?The series gets better=the opening gets worse.Hmm…There were 60 screenshots in this post(+preview),Isn’t that the record?

  18. Hey I’m still happy. That’s means that this opening will only last for 13-ish episodes before changing along with the ending.…I can’t wait for it to be animated because it seems to fit in with the current scenario and atmosphere of the arc (Buono!~). Thanks for posting Fuyu. I don’t think I can stand watching this on CR.

  19. My heart was like DOKI DOKI the WHOLE episode ! i loved it but i HATED the op ! its supposed to be darker ! we are talking about ikuto’s arc here ! imagine the next couple months , seeing this op then a scene of Death rebel ! its a mixed up feelings X@ but hey i can accept it for now because of AMUTOOOOOOO ! <3 those scenes are going to look so good in my amvs ! get ready !! XD

    and i wonder when is chapter 37 going to be out ? can u tell me ? i am confused :(

  20. where did you watch it?
    I so love yoru – he is hilarious. And I don’t care about fillers if ikuto is there :P

  21. I think i noe wat u mean by cr copies of the show, i just watched it on veoh. ^^”

    But i’m grateful though!

    I think that the show’s OP is getting cuter and cuter… it makes the character kinda ooc…but i agree with you, the song is nicer then the prev. :D

    I’ll never get enough of Amuto *sighs* They are just such a cute couple. You will never get that with Tadamu. Tadamu has more awkard and one side fangirling by amu then rabu rabu interaction between them. Amuto forever! >.<

  22. I’ve turned today (and since i don’t know Japanese, laugh all you want, I have to wait an extra day to watch them) so today I got one of the best gifts, so far, which was my favorite episode of Shugo Chara! (so far.)
    Anyway, I think I’ll enjoy the next episode more, noting that, althought it wasn’t in the preveiw, Tadase’s probably gonna come and confess, followed by Ikuto, which was my favorite part in the manga.
    Although I can’t find Volume 8 anywhere, online or in stores, I can’t be as up to date as most of you. So I use common sense:
    REALLY REALLY hot older guy…IN YOUR BED???
    Cute prettyboy… in your room???

    I think we all know the answer. And if were all wrong…which is unlikely…I’ll fly to Japan and torch the Satellite Building. XD!

  23. I actually kind of liked the new opening…I’m not sure why though I thought it was cute and stuff…must be a personal preferance or something(I can understand why others don’t like it)

    Despite being not much of an amuto fan,I not a real big fan of any Amu shipping(my fav at the moment is KairixAmu because Kairi reminds me of myself when I have crushes), I generally like this episode because it follows the manga plotline.

  24. Meh. Finally got use to the other opening then this. WHY SATELIGHT ;-; I like how the manga is getting up on mangafox, RIGHT BEFORE THE EPISODE =D Anyway, it seems like some other subs are still gonna try and be illegal =D

  25. I <em?told myself I wasn’t going to spoil this episode for myself before I could watch it next Friday….but look at how that turned out. xD I’m soooo super excited about this episode now! :D

  26. The opening burns my eyes. (shudders)

    Sparkly Amuto hiding under the covers is win.

    And Amu’s career as a closet pervert continues.

    Amu worrying over Ikuto is win.

    Rimahiko moment. They have something in common.

    Rima’s hair is adorable.

    Nagihiko is perceptive trap. But also a poor trap.

    Spacy Ikuto is adorable.

    Chibi lovers qurrell is adorable.

  27. I love your blogs so effing much. XD
    And yes, “Mr Rabbit is missing his bum.” is adorable AND funny!

  28. Is there a possibility of there being a new opening for when the Ikuto arc starts?
    Somehow the whole happy thing isn’t really going to work with how the Ikuto arc has turned out to be.

    A possibility?

  29. I don’t know why it bother me SO MUCH that Ikuto starts eating Taiyaki from its butt.


  30. […] think Fuyumaiden pretty much said what we were all thinking about this on her screencap on her post for this […]

  31. hmm opening…scary. i guess falling is better than stepping on more amuto interaction. and i hope there is more amuto moments to come. when i watched the episode i found out yoru cant float and sleep. so cute.

  32. i liked the opening except for the part with utau ikuto and lulu doing those silly things and amu walking all weird. has anyone else noticed? the way satelight draws amu has changed

  33. ahhhhhhhhhhhh iam sooooooooooo happpyyy iam like sreaming at the top of my lungs goooooooooo AMUTO and iktuo is the BEST teasing amu like that and seeing right through her and ooooohhhhhhhhh fillers with ikuto in her room for awhile is like the best thing satelitie did so far THANK YOU and amu u can never hide ur feeling from ikuto and thinking about him allll the time worried even when he’s not there u care a lot about him and i cant wait for the confession! and yoru is the cutesest thing ever! yay for bringing him in amu’s room! I JUST ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THIS EPISODE THE BEST ONE EVER!

  34. Kind of offtopic, but not really… has spoilers for chapter 37-39 kind of

    It’s not mine, I copied off of some scanlations… so freaking funny.

  35. Oh I forgot something. How tall is Ikuto compared to Amu? Amu seems tall compared to Ikuto than she really should. I’m 17 like Ikuto and I have a brother thats 12 and I’m 1/2 a head taller than him, and the girls in his class are like up to my neck. and I’m like 5″9.
    I picture Ikuto to be tall(like 6″2 or 6″3) so shouldn’t Amu be a bit shorter than she is I think shes like up to his nose height wise(her height seems to change a lot)

  36. URG! i wanted a real catgirl! not a headband-ears girl!ah well, at least after that one we have UFO girl(please nbo UFO dream0 but then saaya leaves!

  37. I love how you puttext into that scenes xD
    makes me like Ikuto :3

    I really can’t understand why I can’t fangirl him like the rest D’: , is it because Tadase’s my fav? that doesn’t have to be in the way, does it? because I also fangirl Nagi and Kuukai… but not enough of Ikuto :(

  38. câu truyện này rất hay

  39. OMFGZZZ *helpless fanboy mode*

    What on earth have yo0u all done to UTAU CHAAAN!
    Ikuto + Amu + Room.. *hehehehehehehehehehehehe* im soo loving this arc.. But srsly whens the other arcs going to end… -__- Siiiiigh..

  40. despite the opening, I like how she’s holding Ikuto’s arm (and Tadase, but who cares about him?)

  41. LOVE chibi Ikuto!
    ‘posers’ lol. XD

  42. I am going to agree with you. I watched the new opening and nearly threw up. At least the series had a bit of drama, but now it’s been reduced from a shoujo to a kids show. Ugh.

    That’s all I have to say, unless you want me to fangirl over the Amuto bed scene…(which I already did when I saw the screencaps)

  43. Wait… what happened to the taiyaki boy. ;_;

  44. I love this ep XD But i wonder when the confessions are?? I hope they’re in one of these DARN FILLERS:
    66:Uproar! A Cat-Eared Girl!?
    67:A UFO Girl Appears!
    68:Goodbye, Saaya Yamabuki…
    69:First Love? Love Attack!
    Why fillers during Ikuto’s arc??

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