Sakura Hime Kaden – Chapter 02

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*sigh* Ara ara~ It’s the first time in my life I ever felt like saying that (or typing…whatever) but there it is. My, oh my, this series (and these characters) are trouble for me. We’re only in the second chapter, so my fellow Tanemura fans will have to forgive me for a little critique. Things that I can still notice before falling helplessly in love with a story and characters.

Also, because I haven’t gotten permission to really use scans from anyone scanning the series (I will be taking care of that before the next chapter), I’m going to keep it short this week and just discuss the one thing that really comes to mind for this chapter.

(Obligatory warning, because as usual, this post is meant to be read after the chapter is read. Scanlations are out at Aerandria.)

That one thing is, of course, the massive cliffhanger.

Of course it’s not really a big deal that Sakura got shot I think. We’re in the second chapter so she’s obviosuly going to make it out all right. My bet is that Byakuya or someone will save her. Or you know…something.

The thing to talk about is wo it is that shot her which was…Aoba (dun, dun, DUUUUN).

To be perfectly honest though I didn’t really have any special feelings one way or the other when I saw that. Maybe it’s because I saw rage directed at Aoba when other people saw the raws and sort of expected it. or maybe it’s because we’re only two chapters in so I’m not a huge fan of any of the characters.

I mean…Sakura is cute, but I don’t have any special attachment to her. That sort of thing takes more time to develop and right now Sakura isn’t striking me as too different from a pretty standard heroine. She’s cute and stuff, but right now to me she’s more on a Maron-level than a Haine-level to me. I can’t understand her situation and such so I kind of…don’t care.

Of course, everyone is entertaining to me, but like I said, I’m not too attached to anyone.

Except ironically, I was enjoying Aoba the most because his general attitude made me smile and laugh (though obviously not towards the end).

Also…the fact that I’m not having much feeling one way or the other has a lot to do with the fact that this is shoujo and and Arina Tanemura series. I mean, name one person that we were still supposed to think was bad at the end of the series. Even the devil in KKJ had his sympathetic moment.

So, I guess I’ve gotten to the point in shoujo where I’m a little cynical. Or perhaps not cynical, but…I don’t get caught in the moment quite so easily.

*gasp* My shoujo heart is turning to ice. You can all call me the ice queen now.

Anyway, I’m especially getting vibes from ShinKuro with how things are going. I mean, Taka-kun was a total douche for like…ten chapters. While reading those chapters I couldn’t come up with any possible reason why he would be that way and was actually grumpy thinking about how Arina-sensei might try to make him likable. But then we found out he was living his whole life in the shadows and yeah. That sucked. I forgave Taka-kun immediately.

I am not saying that will happen here though. I’m just saying I have a hard time even trying to hate Aoba when I know how easily I might come to like him later.

Ah…Arina-sensei. What are you doing to me? Knowing you, this will be the one time you decide not to redeem a character so I’ll be left in major shock.

As for other romantic interests for Sakura…I’d rather have no romance than whatever everyone might already be speculating about happening with the future emperor. He’s already striking me as similar to the guys in shoujo manga (Arina-sensei’s and others’) that I absolutelly will not like. I hate the guys that look and act like adults. They freak me out. Actual adults can sneek by sometimes because they don’t act like adults. At least not creepy adults.

Ah…it’s hard to explain. There’s just some things I will always be repulsed by and mature guys who are so nice and polite that they seem fake are definitely one of them. Princely characters that are so nice they seem fake are another…so just any guy that seems fake.

If Aoba isn’t redeemed and a mature fake guy are my only two options I will be the shipless fangirl for the first time while reading a manga.

Well…you can pretty much ignore my rambling and take my thoughts from this chapter as: Well, let’s just see where it goes.

And oh yeah…Sakura still looks like such a loli that I can’t enjoy any romantic scenes at all. (Though when she’s transformed it’s a lot better.)

EDIT: Also…I think it got kind of forgotten with the cliffhanger, but no one has any idea who our cute girl with Nanoha-twintails is on the splash page, right?


  1. The cute girl with Nanoha-twintails is Kohaku.

    I can’t really comment much about it since a lot is just speculation and general busy-ness. I somewhat have the “I don’t really care” attitude, but it might change depending on what happens, plot or character wise.

  2. aoba…that jerk!

  3. *blow-dries icy heart* Oh noes! D: Not a shojo-proof heart! :3 I’m sure it’s cureable. xD

    Are you talking about Kohaku? The one who looks like a ninja version of Yaya from Shugo Chara? She was in the preview pages I posted and the guys over at the SHK forums figured out her name. She’s on the 09 Ribon calendar cover too.

  4. クレナイ夢: Ah. Kohaku. Good to know. (Ah, that’s a cute name for a girl, I’m determined to like her I think).

    Well, the story is just getting started so I’m not too concerned about the “I don’t care” attitude. Things are bound to change.

    jj: Yes. That jerk.

    kelakagandy: It has to be! I’ve loved shoujo to much to let the love fade away now! Divorce isn’t an option! (lolwut)

    Yes, yes, Kohaku. I need to start hanging out in the forums to be able to be a part of these things from now on. Ah, but poor me. I’m so out of practice with forums in general. I got too used to blogs.

  5. Aoba that jerk! (Rants about what a jerk he is and compares him to evil step dad) Rant- finished.

    Ahhh yes Sakura Hime Kaden sounds good…I should read it one day….

  6. You said you weren’t that interested in Shinkuro when you started reading it. That’s the problem with starting a manga when they’re aren’t that many chapters out yet, becuase the characters don’t get enough development in a short period of time especially if it’s going to be a long running series. I have a feeling Sakura will probably end up being more interested as the series goes on.

    Yeah, future emperior dude seems the type. I’m kind of hoping he’ll end up being like Itzumi or something to make things more interesting. He’ll probably end up being the polite type.

    Everyone’s a little cynical about shojo now and again. (since real life resembles it in no way).

    Yeah, Taka-kun was a jerk at the start too. I really didn’t like him until volume three.

    It might be almost better to wait until there are like ten chapters out before trying to start reading a series.

  7. @Christine Daae: I agree Aoba is a jerk (at this point anyways), but I don’t think he’s at Evil Stepdad level(that guy will never be redeemed; Aoba might).

  8. Ahaha. Forums aren’t that bad. :D Plus there aren’t that many people (and the ones that are there are great) over at the SHK forums.

  9. i am determined not to read this series until i can get it in book form…but you are making it hard! you tempt me!

  10. I add myself to the persons who are waiting for development. The characters will grow and so will my love for the series^^

    Well, I can understand Aoba to a point. He hates the moon princesses for proper reasons (losing his family) and he is really angry about being kept out from the throne. If the grass dialogue was real then it would be way too kitschy – all that lovey-dovey in the second chapter? The forced marriage turns out as true love so easily? No way…Aoba doing so much sport, making connections and deceiving for becoming the heir again is way better to make him an understandable character. He truly believes Sakura is a monster. Though the arrow and everything is too much and heartless :-(
    But I don’t know if I still support Sakura x Aoba at this point – Aoba turning all nice and learning to love Sakura in the end would be really cliché and not creative.

    Isn’t the Touguu an adult? I don’t mind him acting that way since he is not the uber nice prince-type.

    Lovely greets, Mina

  11. Evil cliffhanger is evil. Srsly, what’s up with it? Nonononononono ; -;~~

    Aoba is… kewl. I’m guessing he won’t become that evil D: who knows, tho.

  12. Say, is the author of this manga the one who made Full Moon? the art is quite similar

  13. @foomafoo – Yes, Arina Tanemura is one who created both Full Moon and Sakura Hime Kaden, among other works.

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