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Well, I almost got everything I was supposed to this week. I’ll probably get through the rest of ToraDora! tomorrow or something. I kind of got distracted by the new season of anime. Starting a new season takes up a lot more time I think. Because you pretty much always have something to say.

Anime: CHAOS;HEAD (12 END),  ToraDora! (11), Plus Shakugan no Shana.

Hm. Looks like I’m going to get the chance to go through some older series like I’ve been wanting to this season. I’m caught up with the Fall anime and I’m…really not going to be picking up much in Winter after all. I’m almost certain now that MariaHolic is going to be in here. I don’t think I’m even going to blog SoraKake and I won’t get past more than a couple of episodes of Asu no Yoichi.

Winter is going to be pretty easy for me it looks like. Makes me happy.

Shakugan no Shana (Episodes 01 – 08)

sns05No organized blogging here whatsoever, I decided to just get my thoughts out while they’re in my head.

First off, the first episode was awesome. After watching the first episode I wanted to just sit down and watch the whole thing at once, but it’s like 24 episodes (or is it 26?) so that would be stupid. Plus I know from everyone else’s grumblings that it doesn’t stay this incredibly awesome. But ah~ What a great series opener. It starts off with action, then clears up all the details, and oh yeah, “you’re dead”. Hahaha~ I love first episodes like that.

See. That’s how you get people hooked. Hm…as far as I’m concerned all an anime really needs is a great first episode and great last episode to make it memorable. Everything in between just has to be satisfactory.

Also in the first episode, I was surprised by Shana, or more specifically Rie Kugimiya as Shana. From the way people talk about all of her loli-ish tsundere roles you’d think they were all alike, but they all have pretty obvious differences (at least they’re obvious to me out of the ones I’ve seen). Shana talks a lot more calmly, steadily, and seriously than any of the other roles (at least right now). From the way people talk about Rie Kugimiya you’d think that all of her roles sound the same, but it’s not any worse than pretty much any seiyuu (except Miyuki Sawashiro lolz). It overlaps sometimes when they’re angry or something, but it’s not bad or anything. I guess it’s because Rie-san has such a distinctive voice though. Kind of like Yukari Tamura. It’s impossible not to recognize her.sns03

Aw…and Hirai-san. She was only around for two episodes, but it was kind of sad to see her go. Such a bright, cheerful girl. Sheesh. The idea of your “existence” disappearing is really depressing. After you die all that’s left of you are your accomplishments and the memories of others so just disappearing entirely is…awful. Can’t help but wonder what would happen if a person who invented some world-changing thing had their existence taken and all that…what would happen then? Would their invention disappear too and would the world change or is it just on a personal level? I’m guessing it’s something I just shouldn’t dwell on too much right now though.

That other girl in class though, the one that I assume is responsible for the love triangle dorama. I’m not fond of her. Normally I’d fall for her sort of character easily (and I did by her looks alone at first), but she’s just too boring. There has to be more to her than love trianlge drama, right?

And another small complaint is that I don’t like how quickly Shana changed. She started relying on and trusting Yuuji too quickly. or maybe not qoo ucikly, but too suddenly. I guess it’s not too surprising though because I have to say, smiling Shana in the opening felt like a spoiler.

Last thing on the opening (while it’s on my mind)…I love it. I watch the opening and ending almost every time. The animation is nothing really too special, but how it just fits perfectly with the song is awesome.

CHAOS;HEAD – Episode 12 (END)

ch12-02Aww. It’s over. You know, this anime had some sticky points where I turned my back on it, but overall I can say that…it turned out fine.

Fine is slightly less than the “awesome” I might have expected, but I guess that someday I’ll just have to turn to the VN to enjoy that awesomeness. Someday when I have more time and you know…the actual ability to.

It really feels like somewhere along the line the anime became more of a basic action anime than what I started out expecting it to be. So I know that the VN has to be at least a little different, because a VN running on action that you can’t really see seems like a dumb idea. Of course I might have ruined the experience by finishing the anime, but I’m kind of okay with that considering I can’t play through the game for a little while.ch12-05

Now then as for the actual finale, I have to say some of the things Norose was saying was giving me flashbacks to Charles in Code Geass R2. That probably hurt the anime more than it helped it because of how ridiculous that all seemed back then.

The happy-love-harem delusion made me laugh quite a bit. As did Takumi “breaking up” with Seira (that’s right bitch. He chose someone he gave him a better name. Taku > Takki). Speaking of nicknames and such though, I don’t think I realized until this episode that every single girl in the series calls Takumi something different. I wonder if that was on purpose for that one scene (if it was in the VN that is).

ch12-06I really don’t have a lot to say so I’ll keep it simple now. The anime somehow became rather typical, so I’d like to play the game because everyone thinks that was so…not typical. Seeing Takumi the hikkikomori loser rise up and be awesome was fun and of course…Rimi <3

It seems that even though I kept talking about the importance of the girls none of them ended up being completely unimportant because it meant more people who got to know Takumi and believe in him and all that corny stuff. Though I still think the most important is Rimi and then Nanami.ch12-08

Also lol at the very ominous scene at the beginning of the anime actually meaning, “Happy ending!” A happy ending where Rimi and Takumi live together happily ever after. Really not what you’d expect from the start of the anime (lol, no main characters died at all). I think that sort of ending was surprising though and kind of refreshing (less predictable than the unhappy ending in this case) so…I liked it?

Yeah. I like this anime. It’s okay. Still want to play the game though.


Episode 11


Ohoho~ Now I’m starting to see what people are talking about calling this a character drama over a comedy now. Specifically Taiga’s frustration with her father and Ryuuji doing the, “but family is family” thing made me start thinking about Clannad. I don’t think that Taiga’s dad is a bad person though, or even really a bad father. He really just comes off as the lonely papa~ right now if you know what I mean. Sometimes parents just make mistakes and you have to forgive them. Because they’re your parents and they actually love you (even when they’re making mistakes).

Of course I’m not saying all parents love their children. Some parents are abnormal. But Taiga’s dad seems fine to me. Of course there still seems to be more to the story that I need to see so I’ll have to see what happens.

This post is so lame. I watched almost nothing this week. Not bad, because I did actual things in the real world, but it sure makes this post look pretty…well bare (and lame).

Next week I’ll catch up properly with ToraDora. I hate being behind, especially when episode 13 is supposed to be so good. Then I’ll probably be adding Maria+Holic to Weekly Anime next week too. Or actually…maybe not since I’ll have to wait an extra week for an actual new episode to appear.


  1. In episodes 12/13 he is revealed to be a bit more sucky then preivously thought. The cultrual festival arc is good though. The end’s really cute.

    Chaos;head. -_- I have to watch the rest of the show. ^^; The end looks good though.

  2. “There has to be more to her than love triangle drama, right?”

    There’s not really much more to it, unfortunately. She plays a rather small part in the overall story, compared to the love triangle.
    I think all the annoyance with Rie is that she plays the exact same roles, a loli tsundere, in like.. everything :p I don’t really mind, because I love her being tsundere.
    I guess you just have to kinda accept how quickly Yuuji breaks through her tsuntsun shell. It might not be normal or feel reasonable, but take it for now, while you can.

  3. Hey!! I’ve already watched shakugan no shana and the first season is good enough, beware of season 2! and also have you watched the anime “Karin”? it’s really good and I think you’d like, at least, most of it P: please consider my poor fragile comment as a splendid recommendation (:

  4. warriorhope: Hmm. Well I kind of figured something like that might happen. Taiga was really too depressed after she gave in.

    You really don’t have to watch the rest of C;H. It’s…good but I’m not sure if it’s worth catching up on or something. Maybe if you’re bored. Because I can really see it as an easily forgettable anime.

    nazarielle: Awww. Booo. That sucks. But not unexpected. All I ever see her doing in promo images and stuff is see her…looking cute.

    Well yeah. That is annoying. At least there’s some sort of difference in her tsundere loli roles though. ^_^;

    HimekaButoukai: Oh yes. I’ve been hearing a lot of that (I might be a bad girl and not buy it because it might not be worth the money, even though I’m still curious enough to watch it).

    Oh yes. I saw Karin. It’s a cute anime (though the ending’s a little weird). It’s what started my love for Sayuri Yahagi. I’m going to buy it once it comes out as a boxset (and I have the moeny to).

  5. “…as far as I’m concerned all an anime really needs is a great first episode and great last episode to make it memorable. Everything in between just has to be satisfactory.”
    That’s a nice way of putting it. Shame a lot of shows don’t actually follow this formula. Heh.

    Hmm, yea, Rie-san is awesome on how she can maintain a similarity in all her tsundere-loli roles yet make them all seem different every time. ^^
    Heh, I should’ve known that when I watched the first episode of Toradora (actually, no, I did and still do) but I guess it was just Taiga that made me go “ugh”…which I really have to give credit to Rie-san cuz it’s not only about liking the seiyuu’s voice and going gaga over it. If it’s enough to spark some negative reactions from you, they have to be really good at their acting. Hehe xD

    Oi, existence…quite a nice, interesting concept the author has used for this series (and the tie-in with flames as the “power of existence”, Flame Hazes, etc.). But yea, it’s probably best if you’re just content with your existence very sad thought but even if you’re wiped out, you won’t exist to remember anyways *very sad* D’:.

    And Kazumi? She’s alright. I won’t spoil anymore from there. ^^ (this emoticon does not mean anything else, lol)

    Huh, I think Shana changed her mind about Yuuji just as (if not a little less) quickly in the novel. Not really sure about that even though I read the first one, urk but eh, Yuuji’s the first “person” she can see on an even eye level…or something. Gah, I dunno. I’ll just shut up cuz I can’t remember.

    & Mami Kawada RAWKS!!! X3

    …Your talk about parents makes me feel very guilty now. D:
    But at least Taiga’s dad knows what he did wrong and doesn’t hesitate to apologize for it. Taiga is just…Taiga. *waves it off*

    Aha, I should really catch up on Toradora. -.-;

    Yep. Thanks for the post as always. ^^

  6. If you want to play Chaos;Head, there’s a fan translation and they’re very very close to done (a RC is available now). I still need to buy the game, but it looks like it should be totally playable in English for those of us without moon rune expertise. ^_^

    re:toradora, you’ll definitely like the next two episodes. Very good mix of laugh-out-loud comedy and heart-string-tugging drama. I’m super-embarassed to admit it, but I find myself shipping Ami x Ryuuji. I love Minorin, but she’s too off-the-wall for me to find her a good match. Maybe I’d like the pairing better with more moments like in ep9, who knows. Taiga is of course awesome, but Taiga x Ryuuji feels at once too obvious and too improbable for me to want it. Obvious because it’s the obvious pairing for anime, improbable because they have such a great friendship that I don’t think it needs a romantic dimension to remain awesome.

    re:shana, I do agree that shana’s turnaround is a bit fast, though I’ve always wondered exactly how old she’s supposed to be. There are some flashbacks later on in the series of her flame haze training and she looks exactly the same iirc, and there’s no clear indication of how much time has passed since then. She’s probably pretty young though, but either way, I think the main point is that her interpersonal inexperience is what leads to her being so thrown off by Yuji’s tenacious insistence on both his and her own personal identity. The whole flame haze business is a bit unclear, but it does seem that the older flame hazes have a much clearer sense of self than Shana, who has just never had to deal with people. That all probably doesn’t make much sense, but it’s late, so maybe you’ll be interested! >_>

    first post here, I <3 your blog! :D

  7. i know this has nothing to do with this post but … i just checked wiki and the title of SC Ep 66 is “A Disturbance! A Beautiful Girl With Cat Ears?!”
    OMG 0__0 does this mean another ikuto fangirl that would be against amuto ? and episode 67 : “A UFO Girl Appears!” WTF ? UFO ? i hope u blog them Fuyu-chan cause i am confused :S

  8. Xiao Jie: *sigh* No they don’t. Even though I’m so easily satisfied.

    I think I’ve learned to appreciate the things that make me go, “ugh” over the years, but it’s a pretty easy thing to forget. I certainly forgot it with Rie-san as Taiga…

    Oh. Now I have to sit down and watch more Shana (don’t say things then not say them!) but I haven’t really been in much of a sitting and watching mood.

    It’s still too quick though, but I guess it…kind of worked. I don’t know. I just need to watch more…now.

    teiglin: Oh! Thank you. I’m going to play it as soon as I can.

    Personally I think I’m getting closer to shipping Ami x Ryuuji too. I’m trying to avoid it because Ami is so devious, but somehow I can’t help but like her and like her with Ryuuji. No matter what I’m against Taiga Ryuuji though.

    I kind of got the feeling that Shana is supposed to be ageless. Like maybe she kind of grew to be a teenager and then she became a flame haze and since then she’s been the same age. At least that’s the feeling I got when Marjery Daw showed up.

    Well thank you so much for commenting. I hope you’ll comment more in the future (feel free if you know of any other fan translation projects as well, hehehe).

    Mo0on12: Yes! I saw that. I would like to see another Ikuto fangirl to make Amu jealous though~ Haha. I imagine UFO girl being a lot like that rocket boy.And I will most certainly be blogging every episode.

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