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A post that perhaps should have been done yesterday, but if I have one resolution this year it’s going to be to stop stressing myself out over just about everything. All I really seem to accomplish when I go into rush mode is making myself sicker. Also, this post is kind of unnecessary, but I feel it’s a good way of trying to say that I’m not lazy (but I am)

All of my plans basically amount to things that I’ve been working on for a while, but think will finally get off the ground in 2009. I don’t really do resolutions. The only difference between 2008 and 2009 for me is one digit in the date. That said, I do hope to accomplish a lot more this year. Some of those goals relate to anime and such so here’s a post to let out some of the stuff that gathers in my head. Some of it’s even related to blogging!

Behold! For once I decided to break up the text with some images (relevant and not!). But that’s only because everything is in categories…



First thing’s first…new banner (and back to the regular theme~). Featuring Sakura from Sakura Hime Kaden. I made it kind of quickly because it will really only get to be a filler banner until I get a banner up for my favorite anime of the Winter Season. I do like it though. I found back with my Skip Beat! banner that purple fits in quite nicely with the colors of the pool theme (…blue) while still being able to stand out and be noticable.

I used the poster scanned by kelakagandy that you may have already seen in that filler post when I tried to clean it up a little bit. Then I used the smiling image of Sakura from the actual chapter and voila…banner. Oh and there was a blank space so I filled that in with an image I found of some cherry blossoms.

For something that came out so simple, it sure took a lot of effort. New images showed up, but I decided to use the same banner because otherwise it’s wasted effort. And the tagline…is something you should get if you’ve read the manga and are a fan of mahou shoujo (or just shoujo).

Now then my Winter banner. This time I’ll be good and wait until everything airs, but I’m probably going to end up making it a Maria+Holic banner. I already have a few choices for taglines, one that is my favorite and for once I’m going to try to build the banner around the tagline rather than the other way around.

It’s proving to be difficult because so far the only anime scan from Maria+Holic is too (almost) yuri for me to want or be able to use. I’m probably going to end up cleaning up some screencaps when I can download the highest quality raw I can find and see where it goes from there.



The most obvious change is one that I’ve been talking about for a while. Moving my blog to some nice paid hosting so that I can have more options with…everything. My basic reason for wanting to do this is that I like web page design (to some extent, I like graphics anyway) and I hate the lack of options to make my blog look good. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy changing banners and themes oh-so-much.

Since my main reason is so basic, I’ve decided I’m not in any terrible rush. I’d like to develop my blog more and work on some real-life things first before I get too into it. I’ve grown too accustomed to (yes, even that new wide dashboard) and change greaks me out sometimes. Best not to get too involved in changes until I have the time to spare for it.

I’ve also been thinking about some sort of feature to have on my blog that will make it unique. So that people can say more than just, “ah, the serious business fangirl” while talking about me and my blog. Being known as a fangirl is wonderful since it makes me seem more outgoing and carefree than I am in real life, but I have so many thoughts in my head and I want to be more! It’s quite frustrating that with all of the buzzing in my head that I can’t really come up with much. My thoughts are all dedicated to something else (which I’ll get to next). Hopefully I’ll come up with something sometime this year. I’m rather without talent so we’ll see though. For now I’ll just focus on…what I’ve been focusing on.

In the meantime, fellow bloggers can always invite me in on any multi-blog projects. Maybe someone who is as lost as me can join up with me and while try to be less lame together!



It’s something that I’ve mentioned a few times. My biggest passion is writing (even before anime and manga and all of that) or rather my imagination which creates stories that I want to write. With my messed up head I’ve lost a little of my once great love for written text. I still try to keep my writing alive on this blog but it’s hard to read as much anymore. Sometimes I just can’t read through a post unless I know it’ll get me motivated to say something of my own if it has too much text. I miss out on a lot of good posts and bloggers that way I’m sure.

This year I think I’ll finally start posting chapters for a story I’ve been writing and then rewriting for quite some time now. If you count the time when it used to be two separate stories it’s been about four years. Of course I won’t be posting it here, but because I hate fictionpress right now I’ll probably be posting it in a WordPress blog.

The story isn’t a novel. It’s specifically written with the intention of being read chapter by chapter. I want to get the outline finished and get maybe a ten chapter head start on it before I start posting. I’m hoping to have both of those goals acheived by the end of June this year.

I don’t like saying a lot about a story before it gets set in stone (except with the person I am constantly asking advice from) because I’m so likely to change things when I have one of those moments that just click.

I will just say that I focus on my stories in the same way that I focus on anime. Characters and relationships (both romantic and not) are my focus with a plot that goes around to make it all work. So, the plot is really, really nothing special. It’s the characters I spend a lot of time on. And yeah. That’s all I want to say right now.



This year I will absolutely graduate from high school! And then I will proceed to go to Disney World (this is my real motivation).

The original plan didn’t work out ,so I’m going through night-school instead this year. It’s a regular high school degree, actually better than if I’d gotten it from my own school (because they’re about to lose their accreditation). But the fact that it’s “night school” makes me make a face, but it’s pretty much my last option so Iwill persevere!

I’m also making a lot more decisions about my future. After I finish high school I’m going to community college for a year to fix the mess being sick has made of my GPA. Then I’m actually thinking of applying for a college out of state because I finally sat down and thought about what I wanted to do for a career.

I ended up deciding I wanted to learn other languages and do something with that. The most fun I’ve ever had learning was when I first started Spanish (I grew to dislike it because I always got stuck in Spanish first thing in the morning). Unfortunately no colleges in this part of the country have a good focus on translating and languages. So I’m going to start looking into Colleges in California, Hawaii, Virgina, and Florida. All places where I have relatives. I’m especially fond of the Hawaii idea, as is my mom since it would give her a reason to come visit.

Because I want to go to college in another state though I need to get a job so I can start saving up money now. Less for tuition and more for travel expenses. Especially if I decide on Hawaii. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find a job in my area so I’ll have to rely on some friends helping me out with that. Likely I’ll go back to a place I’ve already worked. Either a grocery store or  a paper route (ewwww) that requires driving.



The plan is to follow less crap that I’m just going to drop when it comes to the end of the season and I don’t feel like catching up. That and watch more old anime.

I already downloaded two series onto my hard drive (Kure-Nai and Nanatsuiro Drops) and I hope to get through both some time this month. I have a long list of other anime I want to watch but there’s ones that pop right into my head.

Rozen Maiden, Genshiken, ef (both series), Toshokan Sensou, and many, many others are planned for viewing sometime this year.

I also plan on doing better with the anime I watch as they air. My mind too often wanders while I’m at the computer (it goes to writing stories) and hopefully I’ll be able to fix that.

As for anime I intend to watch that will be airing sometime this year, I actually have quite a few. Kobato, Pandora Hearts, Tears to Tiara, and Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou are all anime I’m looking forward to to some extent. Most of them in Spring it seems.

I also want to read more finished manga. I have a long “currently reading” list but almost all of them are still being published and it’s pissing me off. Anything that’s not being published I’m waiting for scanlations.

To put thing simply, this year I plan on putting in more effort and putting a stop to easy posts…like this. These sorts of personal and easy posts always seem to pop up more around the holidays too. So hopefully it will be easier from now on.

Now I’m going to finally work on my Christmas “Swag” post and hopefully have it up by tomorrow.

…I’m going to have another “2009”/New Year post up before a post dealing with Christmas. This is another thing I should fix this year.


  1. “stop stressing myself out over just about everything.”

    Seriously! Just take it easy, or at least a bit easier. It seems like you’re always worried about something. Sometimes you just need to relax and take a deep breath ^^

    That first picture is really cute :3 Cute girl in a kimono with a kitty on her shoulder = adorable :>

  2. Oh lolz, nazarielle is right, it’s not the end of the world D: Relax and take it easy. Also, i’m not expectiong much from 2009. It’s just another year, and most probably it’s going to suck. Let’s hope it doesn’t. It will also be nice to read your story. I think everyone that follows your blog knows your potentional and imagionation writting. So I’ll look forward to that too.
    May 2009 bring you all sort of good things :3

  3. Hi Fuyu. :)

    The biggest shocker from this post of yours is this: YOU WRITE FICTION?! *huggles* I’m also a writer and is only blogging in order to improve my typing speed for my fiction. XD Don’t tell the others that. XD It’s not 100% true since I love to watch anime and fangirl as well. And surprise surprise, we write the same types of stories. I don’t exactly write stories in order to read chapter by chapter. However, I do write stories that is focued on characters and characters alone with a non-existent plot. XD If you decide to upload your story, I’ll be happy to read it. ^^;; I upload mine on my own blog but I haven’t updated in 5 days already. Oh well~

    I graduated from high school last year. I know that feeling well. :) I hope you have fun whatever you plan to do!

    If you want, you can join us with our multi-blog project. XD I assume you’re watching Clannad After Story? We really need a blogger for that anime. ^_^;; Although judging from your blog, you might be too busy. XD I don’t know. You can join for that anime alone and leave? XD Anyways, the options are there.

    For the last comment, your banner is very pretty. *__*

  4. well, I also think 2009’s just another year, take it easy x)

    btw, about watching ef – you totally should. you watched maria holic and you liked the animation right? well, I still don’t know if I’m gonna see it or not *because it’s yuri* but I assure that shaft is like my god studio *or whatever*… I had no idea that Maria Holic was being animated by shaft though, so I think I’ll wait for you to post more about the story and then I’ll decide.

    btw, the 1st pic is really cute. is that girl from an anime o0r manga in particular? so cute *0*
    oh and… about you learning languages… seems like we have the same ideas xD
    I’m portuguese so, if you want to learn portuguese you can always ask me ;)


  5. Toshokan Sensou is freaking amazing! There really isn’t a better word for how awesome it is. I don’t tend to buy official English anime releases (I know, I’m terrible), cuz I buy a ton of English manga, but if it get’s licensed I’m absolutely going to buy every volume! : D

  6. OMG! The banner is lilac! 8DDD *stares* …

    Ah, really loved how you inserted the cherry blossoms in there. Clever. X3 And the tagline! Nothing can withstand a bishoujo smile! N-O-T-H-I-N-G! xD

    Hmm, really great banner as always. Can’t wait for the MariaHolic one. ^^

    I wish I could move to a better host, too, cuz I really hate the lack of options on wordpress even though the site makes it easier to maneuver stuff around so I don’t have to mess with HTML or CSS…and I don’t really don’t want to pay for it either so I’ll probably never get one. WordPress should really change their policy on personal themes at least and just allow us to make our own. But no~, they have to be fruitcakes and require us to use the ones they provided for us. =P

    Speaking of features, I invite you to be co-host for my tournament if you’d like. Don’t worry, I’ll do all the technical stuff. You can just dictate what is required to be MOE. 83

    I’m really going to look forward to your posts on your stories. Good luck with it! I’m sure it’ll be good. ^^

    OMG, you and I have almost the same career goal. O.O My school actually has a world language and culture major (and another separate one that pertains to business) so I took up on that cuz I figured business was definitely not what I wanted to pursue in life. But languages I can do. I love learning them and interpreting is rather fun. *sigh* Hopefully, they won’t limit me to just French or Spanish cuz I really want to learn Chinese and Japanese before everything first (I’m still in the business area so that’s why it will be more beneficial to know those).
    But hope you find one in one of those states. Hawaii is especially nice (you get to wear shorts all the time!) but the prices over there are extremely expensive. o.O; 1 apple for $3. Hopefully, you won’t have to live on ramen most of the time and later come to hate it. That’d be the worst.
    Good luck on finding a job, too. ^^

    Aish, that’s quite a lot you plan to watch and read on. Good luck with that, too. hehe
    And I like your “easy posts” but do what you want to do and don’t worry so much over what you should post or not. Your health comes first and when you feel up to it, just post whenever. K?

    Alright~, will be looking forward to your X-mas and New Years posts. ^^

  7. Put your studies first, anime comes 2nd seriously. Good luck with your graduation and good luck with college. As far as Hawaii last I heard all their colleges are surrounded by crazies and bums so I wouldn’t recommend going there.

    Florida is full of party schools whores and rapist douche bags so maybe stay away from there too. Why not come to New York? Or even a state school to save money, I went out of state first then 2 years in realized it was a waste and graduated at 1/4 the price at a state school. In the end they don’t care where you got your degree unless you plan to be a doctor or a lawyer or some fancy financial analyst.

  8. Sounds like a grand plan. Although it might not seem like it, I actually understand what you’re going through since I myself was (or is still is) in the same disposition in RL. Let me see how I can help you…

    School: Congratulations on becoming your way as a college student! One of the many dilemmas you’ll face is finding the appropriate college. Your plan of going to a community college is actually a good choice. I myself is in one, and I’m saving a lot of money by doing so (not to mention the government is paying 90% of tuition as long as I complete an Associates Degree). What I don’t understand is why you only want to spend a year in there when you could spend two, get an AS degree (on top of a 4 yr degree) and save money in the process. You’re going to transfer after your second year anyway. Of course I’m not completely aware of your situation but do consider your choices carefully.

    If and when you decide to transfer, try checking out this link. It will filter out colleges based on your criteria (i.e. major, private vs public, environment, etc.). You do know you have to pay a lot more tuition due to taxes when you’re out of state, right? That, plus dorm and all other expenses. So yes, consider that too.

    I’m not sure how you’re going to pay for college..if you’re paying tuition by working, well..good luck. I hope you don’t get sick in the process or anything. The other choice would be loans which I PERSONALLY HATE! I don’t want to have to worry about paying anything when I graduate college..EVER! That is why I’m sticking to scholarships.

    Speaking of which, there’s lots of scholarships out there, and I’m happy to tell you that 99% of them makes you write essays. like writing right?

    Blogging: You should save whatever money you have for your academic expenses instead of hosting. Trust me, you’re going to need it. If you want hosting, I can give you one for free! Dammit, I’ve been advertising that all over the place and so far, only one was interested (or maybe two). I’ll even help you setup this ‘Pool’ theme of yours.

    Everything Else: Just take it easy. Don’t be too, well, focused on details. Everything will fall in place, you’ll see. And don’t get too stressed over every little thing. Stress is a big pain in the ass, especially when you get to college. It will make your body even weaker..especially in that easy-to-contaminate immune system of yours.

    Good luck with your plans. Ask me ’bout anything college-related.

  9. great plans and i hope u get your own hosted website because your designs are cute especially the new banner :D lilac <3
    and i can’t wait 4 u to blog SC 65 Tomorrow XD
    its going to be a F***ing awesome Episode ! :D Amuto <3 and i hope u make a banner of amuto sometime i am sure it will be great :P

  10. It’s great to see other people who enjoy writing. I’ve been developing a novel for about six years now. I hope to get it completed this year. But yeah, good luck with your endeavours! Hopefully we can see some of your stories posted sometime. =)

  11. Um… I know this is (slightly) irrelevant but, I would like to share my analysis of Amuto vs. Tadamu crap. Oh, and miss S.A., (don’t know your name, XC), but I’d likeit if you gave me your thoughts on this, if, of course, you actually read these.
    Ikuto: Loves Amu for who she is
    Tadase: Loves Amu’s CharaNari Amulet Heart, idiot.
    Ikuto: Doesn’t see Amu often.
    Tadase: Knows Amu more personally.
    Ikuto: Always teases Amu, (Not Good!!!Xp)
    Tadase: Always (overly) sweet to Amu.
    Ikuto: Has got the good looks and it mature(*Fangirl squeal).
    Tadase: Is still (somewhat) ugly and young, (opinions, but still…)
    Ikuto: Is intimidating (cosplay XJ) and spontaneous.
    Tadase: Is cute and predictable.
    Ikuto: Though, he isn’t who you think of when you think “hero”, but if you look back, he’s rescued/protected Amu a lot more times than he gets credit for.
    Tadase: He is the one who always, as Tadamu fans always boast, holds Amu, princess-style in his arms. But note: How many times has he actually done this? Twice? Three times? And he also ONLY does this when she becomes Amulet Heart! WAY too good to be real.
    Ikuto: Sure, he’s perfect for Amu, but is he DEPENDABLE?? Signs point to no, he disappears WAY too much. X0
    Tadase: Sigh… is always there for Amu.
    Ikuto: Whenever Amu is with him, she can be her true self, (the whole Amuto voilin/singing scene.
    Tadase: Whenever Tadase opens his mouth, half the time it’s to tempt Amu to do something he wants, which, of course, causes her to become all “Cool & Spicy” (Xp)
    Ikuto: Worst name called by Amu: Cat-Cosplay-Weirdo(? What does cosplay mean anyway?)
    Tadase: Worst name called by Amu: Shorty (Ouch! That’s Harsh!)
    Ikuto: Obstacle: Utau, (bot for him, but for Amu. (XK)
    Tadase: Obstacle: Half the 6th grade. (And Amu wants to be normal, right? Well, not with Tadase*! *One BRILLIANT way to make enemies with everybody.)
    IKUTO~MY NEKA-CHAN~ WINS!!!!!!!XD!!!!!!

  12. nazarielle: Well then I have to at least make my paranoia less obvious.

    That’s Rin~ She’ll probably be an anime made by KyoAni someday. Or at least I hope so.

    Meball: So many people recognize my paranoid nature. I feel as though an “uguu~” is appropriate here.

    Oh my I hope people from my blog would like to read the story. On FictionPress no one reads anything.

    Minnie: *gasp* Now I’m so glad that I did this post. Encountering other hopeful story-writers always makes me so happy. I want to see your story! What’s the address for it?

    Oh. Oh! I might want to take you up on that. I love blogging Clannad here and somehow I always feel like I have more to say but…hm. Somehow I think I might be stretching myself a bit doing that. Can I think about it and still take you up on the offer later?

    vandakiara: I liked the animation quite a bit. Lots of random stuff thrown it but it looked pretty.

    Maria+Holic isn’t really a yuri anime though. It just has yuri you’re supposed to laugh at (I think mostly).

    Portuguese, huh? That always seemed like an interesting language to me so I might just poke you for that after all.

    kelakagandy: I don’t think many people tend to buy English releases so we’re all terrible. But hmm…another great recommendation for Toshokan Sensou. That’s next I suppose then.

    Xiao Jie: I know I’m so clever. Hopefully that cleverness will be put to good use on Maria+Holic.

    If I get a host you’re always free to share with me. Might be a while though. But all of the problems really would be solved in had more options. I guess that’s why it’s free.

    YES! I want to then. And you gave me the easiest job to. To be moe, you have to be moe. Simple, right? (lol)

    no my story is going to suck it always does (I hate my own stuff so this is the proof I am a writer!!!).

    *gasp* What a coincidence! Languages are just fun I think. It seems like there’s something…special about it. I don’t know.

    Oh god no. No ramen. My mom would kill me and I’d flunk out of school because eating junk (and not getting sleep) is what made me sick in the first place. Besides, if I went to Hawaii, I have a rather rich uncle there. My brother and I are officially adults but we still get expensive presents from him.

    Hinano: Oh yes. That’s my biggest plan. I prefer reality (as crappy as it may be) over fiction any day.

    Ah I can believe that about Florida and Hawaii now that I think about it (I feel bad for my cousins who have to go there). I started researching state schools more last night though (we have about four so there’s some good options) and my brother is graduating this year and already has a job lined up. Hopefully that will work out. Since it would solve all my potential problems.

    7: Ah well. The plan for 1 year over 2 years is because I really quite despise the local Communtiy College. The teachers and such are all great, but the students are absolutely awful. Some of the dumbest most ignorant people I ever met and I want nothing to do with them (it’s why it didn’t work out). I’ll do 2 if I have to, I just hope I don’t.

    Hehe, actually I started reasearching college on that site last night. I used to have an account but I just made a new one.

    Loans are a fine option for me because my parents are willing to take some of the burden (I swear they spoil us, but somehow neither my brother or I are bratty).

    I like writing, but essays can piss me off. Well, it depends on the essay though.

    oh I saw your post where you mentioned the hosting. I was going to reply but then I just spaced out. I’m tempted to take you up on it, but…ah. I don’t know. For some reason I just feel like I want to do it on my own. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t know enough. Maybe I’ll e-mail you so we can discuss it more.

    Mo0on12: Ah. I don’t get to blog it tomorrow…I mean today though (we have to wait a week remember?).

    I’m saving the Amuto banner for a special occasion! Hopefully for when I have more space in the banner section too.

    M12: Six year. Wow. THat sounds about right though. I hope to be able to read it someday.

    ikuto my neka-chan! (agian): Hahaha. How off-topic.

    I think some of it is more opinion than fact, but if Ikuto wins it’s definitely right.

  13. OMg i forgot sorry ~~ no amuto this week >_____< Ugh its like u said :D fangirls have to suffer lol XD

  14. Good luck with all your projects. I look forward to reading your story. ^__^

    What’s going to happen to this site once you get a paid account?

  15. Thank you! I hope you’ll buy it if it gets published :).

  16. […] got the idea from FuyuMaiden when she mentioned that she’d being doing the same thing for a project she was working on. I […]

  17. I look forward to reading your stories. ^_^

    I’m in Orlando, FL right now and will be going to Walt Disney World tomorrow. I’m most looking to the Japan and other country pavilions in EPCOT. I hope I get to buy a kimono with sakura blossoms and then I can do a cosplay of Sakura-hime~

  18. I hope so, she’s adorable :3 wait a sec, is that the same person in your new avatar for twitter? I just realized how similar they look. I was going to comment on your new avatar being adorable too :>

  19. Semi-lurker would like to say that from reading your blog posts, you seem like the kind of person who could write something amazing and attention-holding, and I would love to read that story you’re planning.

    Just in case you needed some motivation. x]

  20. Belated Happy New Year ^_^
    OMG so we’re both graduating from High School this year!!! (but I think HS in the US is different than here.. oh well but at least it’s called high school lol) Goodluck to both of us :) I’m also looking forward to your story :)

    P.S. Kyaa~!!! Rin is WIN!!!

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