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Craaap. The Fall season is ending and I’m still behind. Thank god I’m not picking up much in Winter so I can finally catch-up. I did a pretty good job this week though.

Also have my blogging plans for the Winter stuffed in here at the bottom.

Anime: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (11 & 12 END…rant), CHAOS;HEAD (09, 10, & 11), ToraDora! (09 & 10)

I got the first season of Shana for Christmas (Yay?). I haven’t started watching it yet, because I specifically gave my parents the choice of buying me one of like…three or so boxsets because I wanted something new to watch when I’m too sick to even get on the computer.

So~ I’m wondering if I should start including the Shana episodes I watch in here as I go along or if I should just stuff all my thoughts in here at the end. If anyone has an opinion, feel free to let me know.

And “I don’t think you should watch it” is not the sort of opinion I’m looking for. I have the boxset now, so like Hell I’m not going to watch it.

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (END)

akasakaend01I’m not going to bother separating my thoughts on each episode because there’s no real point. I got spoiled like hell about the ending (willingly because I didn’t care, unwillingly because I didn’t want to…not care). I watched the last episode on fastforward the whole way through…which actually made it more entertaining. I can only imagine watching it normally because the DORAMA still felt like it was stretched out.

So…I can pretty much just call this a fail ending and be done with it, right? Of course, not I am a rambler, so ramble I must.akasakaend03

It’s not like I have a big, “OMG INCEST DISGUSTING!” thing like a lot of people. It’s fiction and for me fiction is very easy to separate from reality. I’m not like girls who because they have a brother, automatically connect anime with their real life. If you ask me, there’s something a little odd about the person who connects fiction to their real life so easily. At least when it comes to vague situations like just having a brother. -_-;

No. My problem with AkaSaka’s incest is that it came out of nowhere. I mean, sure Junichi was staring at his sister like a perv a lot of the time, but outside of that she was just treated like his sister. Any development happened between Yuuhi and Junichi. So therefore…this ending is stupid. It’s a failure as an ending. Even if I’d been a Minato fan I’d hate this anime.

akasakaend06And it’s not really like we’ve been trolled either. Trolling is done on purpose. As far as I can see it, the anime was just trying to please everyone and shove out their crap with the least possible effort. Yuuhi fans get all the story and screentime, Minato fans get the ending. There! Everyone happy.

Except not quite. This anime sucked long before the ending anyway. Random filler in a series that’s only 12 episodes long? wtf. Trying to go from random un-funny filler to an attempt at siscon drama? SERIOUSLY! WTF!akasakaend07

Really though, if they did do it on purpose I can imagine why. It’s a commercial for the game! Most people watching get built up to like Yuuhi as the main girl (while the only people who like Minato just like siscon or stupidly perfect girls) and BAM! Yuuhi’s development gets derailed for a different end. Now would people want to play the game to see Yuuhi’s real end?

In that case, I could try to admire them for doing a good commercial, except I have no urge to play the game. Though there is that OAV (which I will only watch if I hear Yuuhi gets proper time in it).

akasakaend05I’m also bothered by the “we like the same guys but let’s be friendly rivals in love!” thing. The fact that Yuuhi forgave Minato in the blink of an eye, but got so pissed at Junichi seems stupid. Both of them were lying and hiding things from her, I mean yeah…get more pissed of at the guy, but the natural thing would be to get pissed at everyone.

Sheesh, I could have at least gotten some sort of girlfight out of this, but no. They keep the trash out at all the wrong times. Especially here where one girl is in love with her brother. I think that would cause a normal person (especially someone living with them) to freak out a little. It’s not even like it’s the blood-relation that’s so creepy (though if they go ahead and have deformed babies, it is), it’s the fact that they both treat each other like siblings which makes this sort of thing so…well actually stupid. Usually other attempts at siscon get at least that part right.akasakaend02

If you treat someone like a sibling, I have a hard time believing there’s any romance there at all. In fact, don’t girls turn guys down by saying they’re more like a brother to them?

Maybe this is why girls don’t get the siscon thing…

Meh. This still could have been a good ending if Yuuhi just said, “screw you” to the sibling-complex duo and took over her father’s company on her own like I wanted her to be able to do back in episode two. That’s what I’d call a good end. At least she did kind of stand up to her father in episode 11…but whatever.

akasakaend08Hrmph. I’ll admit for proper disclosure that I’m feeling grumpy over this anime because I like my romance. When a series tries to push a couple that I saw zero development for over the course of the anime on me, I feel rather insulted. I am not an idiot! I can accept many plotholes for the sake of love, but when it defies common sense completely and goes the shallow route I must object!

In the preview for the finale when they were showing all of the “moments” for each girl, I found it really pathetic comparing Minato’s to Yuuhi’s. Meh. Well whatever. It’s not like I didn’t expect this. But whatever. I guess this post can be entertaining for everyone? It’s part of the AkaSaka experience to make fun of (and just generally bash) this anime as much as possible. But now it’s over…and I want my time back. T_Takasakaend10

I guess something good you can say about this anime is that it’s an expected RAGE anime. In these cases, at some point you know it’s coming, you enjoy getting pissed off with everyone, and it kind of ends up being therapeutic instead of truly rageful. But that just makes it a predictable bad end. I don’t think that’s much better.

In fact, I think I started fearing a Minato end when I saw in the second episode that she got her chance at the “dame yo” part too which officially gave them both equal time in the opening. I’m programmed by Key and KyoAni to believe (rather logically) that whatever girl gets the most time in the opening, wins. Nagisa, Ayu, and Misuzu all got at least one more moment in the opening than the other girls did, therefore…Main girl.

akasakaend09So to wrap this up (because I’d like to avoid putting more effort into my post than they bothered to put into the show)…I want to see Rie Kugimiya play another cute Yuuhi-like role in an anime that doesn’t suck. Polite, adorable, and less (than usual) tsundere ojou-sama please! And this is the last time I watch an anime for a great cast of seiyuu. If a bunch of my absolute favorites with less roles are in an anime though, I’ll still watch it (Meaning SoraKake for Winter is totally on my watchlist).


lol. All Rimi Screencaps.

Episode 09


Rimi protected Takumi again so my only belief in this anime is right! Rimi is good. End of story. Moving on. Shogun is Takumi! ZOMG~! Actually, I got spoiled on Takumi “being a delusion” so I kind of figured that he would be shogun’s delusion. It’s a shame since that’s the sort of WTF!? cliffhanger I like from this show. Oh well. Anyway, all the girls do have their stories and they’re becoming relevant again (except Kozue…she still seems unimportant).

Episode 10


Felt bad for Takumi. Finding out you’re a delusion sucks. My sympathy only lasted so long because I got distracted by how loudly right I was about Rimi wanting to help Takumi, but there possibly being something holding her back. Totally right. Diswords also appeared like crazy in this episode. Also, young detective was bad (like the opening wasn’t a hint).

Most importantly though, Rimi got development. She has her own set of worries. It’s quite awful too, I feel so bad for the characters in this show. Tragedy and mind-messing all around. Rimi and Takumi are the ones I think I feel the worst for though (but that might be because they get the most screentime?). Rimi’s also awesome, going in to save Nanami (I assume they know each other through Takumi). Oh yeah and Rimi isn’t the killer. Yay~

btw…seeing Rimi actually show dislike for someone (and lots of it) made an impression on me. She’s usually smiling or just has a kind of blank expression. Norose must be an asshole!

Episode 11


How did my supernatural mystery turn into a love story? Of course, it’s not like I mind. I’m such a sucker for “fake” or created beings falling in love. I think it’s CLAMP’s fault. So fun that Takumi changed from being a hikikomori loser to SAVING THE WORLD because of Rimi. Hehe, because he likes Rimi so much, I really find it hard to dislike him (even though he’s been such a loser). Especially now. Why can’t I dislike people who like the girls I like? I can’t help but like Ayase too because she smacked Rimi for her own good.

Yup. Rimi is too kind. Trying to shoulder everything on her own. That finally explains my weakness for her though. I really like the sort of girls that help people (whether it’s intentional or not). Someone that’s so kind that they make other people around them feel better. I like that kind of girl. In Rimi’s case though, she has a little bit of coolness too because of the disword. I really like the design of hers the best.

Let’s see plot-related…The nurse that we hadn’t seen until so recently, it was kind of a letdown that she turned out to be the one behind all the murders. I mean, we didn’t see her until really just a little while ago. Anyway, she’s a really messed up person. Glad she’s gone. Crazy detective too. Now there’s only one “bad guy” left to really worry about. He’s an asshole so I hope he really gets what he deserves!


Damn. Didn’t get even close to episode 13. By next week for sure! (lol well hopefully next week I get to 14)

Episode 09


ROFL What the Hell was that dream in the beginning? XD That’s some messed up Ryuuji (lol and Taiga too). Ah~ What a fun plot device. Ah this episode made me laugh so much (hahaha that was great with Minori and Kitamura at the trainstation). The whole bunch of them are already acting like a big group of friends. Which should be expected since it’s the ninth episode, but I’m including Ami in it too. Oh how I can recall the number of times I have pretended not to know my friends and vice-versa. You’re embarassed by them, but you still hang out with them! Except Ami and Taiga still don’t really act like friends (not friends I know anyway).

I love the girls in this show now (though Kitamura and Ryuuji are entertaining as well). Minorin is awesome and hilarious, Taiga is…well tsuntsuntsun(dere), and Ami is such a sly little tease that now I can’t help but like her (I love how Ryuuji basically went crying to Taiga like she’s his mom or something after the shower scene). Well, to put it simply, this episode was awesome and had so many, “WTF!? ROFL XD” moments that I can’t even list them all (Minori taking pictures of almost-naked Kitamura stands out though).


Outside of the funniness, the scenes with Minori and Ryuuji outside was really memorable. Since she’s usually so weird, it’s nice to see her talk calmly and seriously about something. I think if I like any pairing in this anime it would be Minori and Ryuuji because of that scene. But it still feels like it might head for Ryuuji and Taiga and I’m not prepared to have another pairing I support not work out so shortly after AkaSaka (There’s still only like three total that haven’t gone the way I want).

Episode 10


‘kay~ It’s been kind of unofficial for a while now, but Minori is now officially my favorite character. She’s the one I enjoy watching the most and now she gets to be cute sometimes too (before she was just weird but when she went “yay” near the beginning of the episode I could help but smile). It also helps that she keeps getting development now too. But ah, why do they keep putting her and Ryuuji alone together!? It feels like if I let my guard down I’ll get my hope up. Luckily it’s not that hard to keep my shipping fangirl side at bay because I’m always distracted by some joke that comes up.

I’m also getting to like Ami more too. Of course I wouldn’t like her if she were a real person, but she’s really entertaining. I can’t help but think that eventually Taiga is going to suffer from being the most featured character and I’ll get bored with her. At the very least I don’t seem to have the same reaction to her being cute because she’s cute so often. And of course, now I think Ami ending up with Ryuuji wouldn’t be that bad either (except I can’t help but feel deep down in my heart that girls like her can’t win!), so I’m thinking I’m just for anyone ending up with Ryuuji but Taiga (really, why mess with such a great friendship?). But ah. This turned into a big ramble about stupid fangirl things (while trying not to do so). So basically, I think I like the episodes with all five characters together the most.

Winter Blogging

I’m going to try to limit myself to four new shows this season. It’s kind of messed up. Winter isn’t that interesting, but it’s interesting enough for me to want to pick up pretty much the same amount of shows that are ending. Maybe more?

So as I’m predicting it…

White Album – Episodic Category Blogging (Love Triangles equal developments I can rant and rave about)

Maria+Holic – Weekly Anime (I watched the early online stream and this anime is great. Watch it!)

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo – Weekly Anime (I love mech and action, but I rarely have much to say)

Munto – Weekly Anime (Hm…kind of would like to check the OAV of this out first though)

Also quickly about SoraKake…my god. I heard Sayuri Yahagi is going to be in this too. With Yui Makino, that’s like two out four of my most-loved but need-more-roles seiyuu (the other two are Megumi Nakajima and Kanae Ito btw).

But that’s off-topic. As for the others from my preview…

KuroKami – I’m still interested in it, but since it’s getting dubbed so quickly, I figure I can wait for a DVD release. If it turns out to be good I’ll buy it. Seems like it might be a good anime for when I’m sick.

Asu no Yoichi – I figure I won’t get past a couple of episodes of this, since I have Yui Makino in a bigger role in another anime. If I do watch it I won’t blog it (maybe first impressions)

Akikan! – I think I actually want to watch this…what a surprise. But I don’t think I’ll blog it at all.

So that’s that.

I haven’t watched anything yet, even though Akikan! and Maria+Holic are available online. I need to catch up with my current anime before starting anything new. Which became easier (because I’m dropping two).

I have other new plans for Winter as well. Fall’s Weekly Anime struck me as too jumbled. It’s almost impossible for new visitors to go back and see what I said about another anime, especially since I want to delete the site tags once I’m done with them (they’re bumping some of my fun tags out of the cloud).

So! I plan on doing two “standalone” posts for every season from now on. The First Impressions and the Wrap-Up. In the Wrap-Up I’m going to include all the past Weekly Anime posts that the anime was in. Then the schedule page (probably) will link to past series by their Wrap-Up posts after I delete the tags. Of course this season’s tags just get deleted. Bye-bye~

I’m also going to continue blogging Shugo Chara!! Doki, Skip Beat!Clannad ~After Story~, and ToraDora! in all their respective ways.

Yes, To Aru Majutsu no Index is not on that list. After I finish watching the episodes on my harddrive, I’m putting it on hold. I think it’s probably better to just marathon through (and without trying to say something about it). Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it when the series is over. My On-Hold list is getting too long.

lol. I think I’ve kind of dropped Hakushaku to Yousei for the meantime too because I haven’t thought about it in forever and everyone else is going on about what a big disappointment it is. I’m so unmotivated to catch-up with six episodes. Maybe someday, but that day is not today.

Huh. Out of all the anime I watched, who would have ever thought I’d drop HtY?

On a random note, CrunchyRoll has started filling in some of the anime that will be available legally in 2009. Not much of what will be airing though, outside of the Gonzo stuff.


  1. I seriously hope the AkaSaka OVA is Yuuhi/Junichi, which is kinda what I expect it to be…
    I have to agree, I think episode 9 of ToraDora is full of absolute win. That’s why I told you waaaay back when to catch up. ;D Ami gets even better in the newest episodes (12/13 I really love her specifically).

  2. I expect either that or a really random beach OVA with tons of fanservice. On their stupid filler adventures, surprisingly they never had a beach episode. Another part me expects it to focus on someone that didn’t get an episode (like the class president).

    Ah. Now I’m almost afraid to catch-up. I don’t want to like Ami anymore than I already do (she’s such a sly wonderful girl though and I can’t help it! DX). She’s supposed to be a selfish bitch!

  3. That’s true…I really hope it’s not some dumb filler…cuz I’ll probably watch it anyway, and I don’t want to sit through something like that… :/

    It’s not that Ami’s not a selfish bitch, she is. She’s just…more like likeable… if that makes any sense at all… xD

  4. For Shana, I’d say watch the first 8 episodes, then make a post, then continue on. I can’t remember if you read/commented on my review, but yeah, I think you at least heard some of my ranting from it :p

    For all the reasons you said you hated Akane Iro, I find I have a different reaction. And that is to be unable to take it seriously. It was after the 7th episode, when they had their little school festival with the giant robot and all sorts of random shit that I finally stopped taking anything that happened serious and just sat back and laughed at the series. I guess that’s probably a good thing, because I might’ve gotten a bit annoyed at the end, but instead, since I couldn’t really take it seriously, I had to just sit back and laugh.

    Nooooo, not you too! Everyone’s shipping Ryuuji with someone other than Taiga >:|

  5. my advice to u is don’t bother watching index because its too much talking and the plot keeps on repeating itself … i dropped it now even though i stopped at ep 12 … really BORING anime even though the animation is really good !

    i will read everything u blog in winter and if i liked it i will surely watch it , can u believe i haven’t watched clannad yet ! what a SHAME i really want to but i have too many anime’s i haven’t watched that i really want to watch

    and thanks for sharing CHAOS;HEAD thought , i will re-watch it from the start because i dropped it on ep 5 because of school and forgot everything about it except that takumi is a CRAZY otaku lol XD

  6. ToraDora being a win, needs no further explanation. But for Chaos;Head, I kinda thought badly about that series. The impression I got is that it’s trying too hard to be philosophical, ending up to be shallow (ironically).

  7. Apart from Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou, the winter season has utterly failed to pique my interest. I’m glad you’ve lined up a fair number of series for viewing – I might consider trying them out depending on what you and other bloggers think after the first few episodes have aired.

    And yeah, Toradora! rocks.

  8. Yay! I’m glad you liked Maria+Holic I was seeing some hating even if they didn’t watch it :( I loved the first episode, it passed all my expectations!

  9. kelakagandy: I’m going to ignore the OAV completely unless it’s a Yuuhi-ending because that anime has taken enough of my time.

    That makes sense. I suppose I should have said, “She’s supposed to just be a selfish bitch!” then.

    nazarielle: 8 episodes? That’s good. Seems like that’s where I’ll end up by my next Weekly Anime anyway.

    Hm. Well, it’s not like I took it seriously either. I just think that they were trying to get people to do that. “Hahaha! Look, a sea monster!” “Hahaha! Look a giant robot!” They were basically shoving the stupidity in our faces. It’s impossible to take it seriously.

    But that’s why it should get you mad at the end. They’re professionals. When an anime is that bad you have to take it a little seriously so you can flame the Hell out of them. I hope Japanese bloggers did the same so they could hear about it. They shouldn’t get away with producing basic crap. All I’m doing is holding them to some basic standard of decent storyline development. They’re professionals after all.

    Also they wasted my time. I could have spent that time watching Kure-Nai or ef or something else that’s good. Therefore they still need to be bitched out (muahaha, and I’m the bitch to do it).

    Well, frankly, Ryuuji and Taiga would kind of suck as a couple. It’s more like they’re good…teammates. They seem like those rare sorts of friends who will always be even closer than they will be with whoever they date. It would be awful to ruin that with dating.

    Mo0on12: Ah well, I kind of figured by the way that people are talking about it. Too bad that the novels will never get licensed. I actually like plot exposition when I’m reading (and that’s when action is boring).

    Watch Clannad! Do it! Once you start it’s pretty easy to go through the first seven episodes at once.

    Only watch the C;H anime if you want romance and not crazy supernatural mysteries though. It’s surprisingly lacking in the department.

    Legionarion Conquistadorz: I think Chaos;Head succeeded with the philosophy more in the game, but it all got really compressed (and therefore became shallow) when they stuffed the whole story into 12 episodes. At least that’s the impression I get from the people who have played the game.

    Diego: I’m not glad I lined up so many. I want to marathon some old anime!!! Hopefully something ends up being crappy though.

    I wouldn’t trust my opinion though. I’m too easy to please. That alone is showed by the fact that I’m picking up so much while everyone else calls the season utter crap.

    Karen: Ah yeah. I think that’s general hate for the people making it (SHAFT). Lots of people hate SHAFT, so I doubt that’s really about the series (because this story is AWESOME).

  10. Ooo~, you got Shana! Yay! ^^ I’m pretty sure you’re goin’ to do just this but I’ll say it anyway. Just blog the stuff you find interesting. There’s a “stretched” filler in it and it’s pretty pointless but that’s just my opinion. Hope you enjoy it. It’s pretty ok.

    AkaSaka – Whoa, very long review. O.O
    Yea, the sudden change to incest was very, very not well-planned for but looking at it now (heh, didn’t even watch it), I’d say it was all done on purpose by the production staff so they could get a good laugh or something while satisfying all the ends (the Yuuhi fans, the Minato fans, the commercials, etc.). =_=; Um, but even so, yea, it still sucked.
    Except for one thing and that was the voice-acting in the girl-to-girl cry talk between Yuuhi and Minato. That was what I was waiting for. The seiyuus’ talents. It was really well done. I liked it immensely.
    The romance junk and everything else I just tossed out the window cuz it really didn’t matter to me anymore. Not wasting energy on that. & I mean, let’s face it. Jun’ichi is sarcastic but nice on the inside and that’s why he has a harem. =P Wow, as if I never saw that happen before. And since this is a harem anime, I don’t know if I can say “he’s not worth the trouble” since there are no other guys the girls can move on with (then it wouldn’t be a harem) but seriously, he isn’t worth the trouble.
    Ok, I just confused myself but yea.
    Nice point on the OP reference. It really does make sense. 80
    And I want Rie-san to play another Yuuhi-like role in the future, too. But let’s hope it’s not for a harem. God, harems. Why the hell did you have to march into the anime/gaming industry and just started existing on programs? You’re just like Disney in ruining my appreciation! Go away! Dx

    Toradora – Aha~, I also think Ami and Ryuuji would look quite nice together considering the fact that she might truly like him but share the same feeling that…they just can’t. As much as I love Ami (actually, she’s the only one I like, everyone else is just being themselves for the story) and as much as she use that cool metaphor about the sun and the moon, they’re not even meant to be even called “meant to be.” I don’t know if that makes sense but yea.
    Heh, I should really catch up on this show. ^^;
    But yay! Glad to hear someone else support Ryuuji and Taiga’s friendship more over their romance. Hmm, yep, that’s all.

    *nod nod* Sounds like a good plan. Though I’m confused about Munto now. I thought that and SoraKake were the same thing. o.O; Urgh, this is what I hate about the OAVs. I don’t know which ones come first or which ones I have to watch or gah!

    …I’m goin’ to sleep now (and I slept for a good 8 yesterday so it’s all guud, haha).

    Thanks for the post. ^^

  11. Yah I’m praying that they post the dubbed version or japanese version online. Bandai might! Hopefully!! Of Kurokami!!

    I have my list of Winter Review’s Schedule Up!! I’m glad were both doing White Album and Maria Holic, except I’m doing Maria Holic on Panther’s blog.

  12. If you watch episode 12-13 of ToraDora! You might be caught in between affections for Taiga and Minorin that one messed up my pairings in a lot of ways -_- hehe
    Maybe I’ll check out Maria+Holic *wanders off to random corners of the internet to watch anime*

  13. Xiao Jie: Nooo. Not filler. The thing I’m liking about Shana most right now is the way it always leads nicely into the next episode. Filler messes up everything!

    Oh yes I agree that scene was good. If I hadn’t already been turned into a Rie Kugimiya fan by the first episode, that would have done it. Aya Hirano did quite well too of course. Though the scene was still annoying with how easily things worked out.

    Junichi seems like such a loser by the end of the anime (not sure why I didn’t mention that in my post though). If he chose Yuuhi I could think that he’d change, but if he’s with his sister I can’t help but think he’ll stay a loser for life (a nice loser, but that’s not good enough).

    Ami is confusing (so that might be why I like her), but I can’t tell if she really like Ryuuji or if she maybe likes Kitamura. She’s too mysterious!

    SoraKake is the sunrise anime. Munto is the one with too long of a name that we just call Munto after the OAV. Though they both have Sora in them to make them more confusing (dammit…).

    Maura: I hope that Bandai does, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t. It’s licesned and airing so they might not want to add extra complications.

    I need to add Panther’s blog to my reader then. The more reviews of the Trap anime I read, the better.

    Trishy: I’m guessing that will happen. I’ve been hearing a lot of things about ToraDora 13 and Minori that is telling me I need to watch it.

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