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I got my wish(es). The Ikuto arc has started before the new year! Unfortunately the Lulu stuff is still going on, but for the meantime (at least in the next episode) Satelight is following my second wish.

That second wish, of course, pretty much guarantees Amuto in every episode.

… *insert all sorts of fangirling craziness here*

The Shugo Chara! fangirling crisis is successfully averted. Thanks to Christmas, my own ponderings, and…this. THIS!!!!111

Yes, yes, and I want tons of fillers now. TONS! As long as Amu spends at least one minute in her room every week I can persevere through anything. Hahahaha~ *drunk on fangirling*

But one quick thing. I got the feeling from comments last week that some people still don’t know. The next chapter of Shugo Chara isn’t being released until February. Peach-Pit (if it’s one or both of them I don’t know) is sick. Anyone who complains gets labeled a fanbrat. Instead wish thes manga-ka who make the series you like a quick recovery.

Now then, it’s too bad the raw came out extremely late and that I tried to wait for it. I would usually only wait until 1AM, but I got caught up doing stuff and before I knew it it was like…4AM. So I didn’t wake up until 6PM and here we are now.

But enough of that. Skip the summary and go for the thoughts. (Summary should be filled in better later)


Guardians go to their first shrine visit of the new year, random filler happens on that end. They all meet Lulu and Lulu does her ?-egg thing. The only useful note is that Amu got a fortune about a shooting star (like having an encounter with a shooting star or something~). But that’s it on that end.

Ikuto’s back at Easter still coming to meetings and crap with the director who continues to be an asshole. But while Ikuto was listening to this crap, Yoru stole a key from the director (to Ikuto’s violin!). So Ikuto steals back his violin and escapes. But now the violin glows all ominously and Ikuto isn’t feeling well as he tries to escape (random meeting with Lulu that I really don’t think was imporant) and

After the day is over Amu wonders about the “shooting star” in her fortune again but flops into her bed. At first, she seems completely unaware, but then notices that lying in her bed right next to her is Ikuto. (OMGz!!!!)

Xiao Jie just did a wonderful summary on her new blog earlier today, so I think anyone who wants better right now can go there.


Um…welcome back Shugo Chara?

Well, there was filler added in, but it’s kind of slipped my memory. I don’t care about it, so I won’t even mention it (but it’s totally there, all the best stuff is at the end).


Normally starting the episode like this would cause me to curse Satelight and Easter and all other evildoers in the world (wait…does that make Satelight evil too?), but it’s fine today. Ohoho~ I may dislike the way that they’re always shoving the violin in our faces so we already know it means trouble before trouble even starts, but! But~! Ehehehe~

I think you get giddier for this sort of thing when you sit through quite a few weeks of anime-original stuff. I might not be so crazy if the Dia arc actually took 26 episodes.


Anyway Lulu…isn’t annoying me as much. She’s still not up to the standards of the other Shugo Chara characters, but I don’t know. She’s getting development now and she’s not seeming quite as much like the other girls (though I still wish that they thought up something for her issue that didn’t include weird parents).


Amu looks pretty in her kimono~ Her hair looked better last year though. I like Amu’s changing hairstyles, but now it seems like she has her hair every way except her signature style. Not really a complaint, but I kind of miss it every once in a while. Maybe once school starts again?


Nagihiko looks good dressed as a boy, but he still looks like a girl (at least in this shot he does though…). I’m starting to think that something would just feel wrong if Nagihiko cut his hair (then he can’t switch into Nadeshiko on a whim!).


Hahaha~ Other pairings don’t even bother me a bit anymore. I’ve become pretty calm about this series and I like it (Of course I was always calmer than lots of other fangirls I could mention…).

I do want to take the opportunity to say something that’s a little bit related to the manga. My point of “shallowness” still stands after all this time. Not for the pairing as a whole, but still on Amu’s end of things. Now look what reading the manga has done to me! Watching some scenes I’m now going to have to think, “poor Tadase” instead of the other way around. It feels like the world’s gone upside down.


Thanks to Rima I might have a ponytail moe. Hahaha~ No I’m kidding (I am not a fanboy!). However, it’s really nice to finally see other girls with different hairstyles (looks like we get even more from Rima next week).

So…now can I have Rima in twintails? OMG please? That would seriously be cute…


Ahahaha~ Amu got “great luck” so I assume that means finding a catboy in your bed is lucky? Well most fangirls would agree I think.


Nagareboshi~ (I think I heard a song like that somewhere…) Like warriorhope, the “shooting star” line has become my favorite in the manga. More catch-phrases and such will rise from it now I believe.


Oh too bad. A nice little stain on Nagihiko’s 100% right record. This doesn’t refer to friends at all. This refers to catboys landing in someone’s (Amu’s) bed.

I think this is just a poor attempt at Satelight trying to throw us off the trail. Too bad for them that it doesn’t even work on English-speaking fans anymore. Scanlations just started up again fools! (of course they wouldn’t know that)


Is it just me or is srs bsns Rima even more formiddable when she has that adorable messy ponytail?


Meh. This would have to be my one problem left with Lulu. Having her still be around in Ikuto’s arc makes her feel so out of place. Go away~

Or really, go away before the other stuff starts. For now it’s fine (fillers = more time spent in the room).

EDIT: Oh yeah, because I forgot (and have nowhere else to put it) What happened to Ikuto’s outfit from the manga!? There’s no school right now. Put him in the outfit from the manga! Stupid Satelight!


Aw…Poor Ikuto. …Ah. Sorry. I can only say that with half of my heart in it today. Sorry that you need to be surrounded by suckiness Ikuto, but such things are necessary to lead you into someone’s room (and bed).

Oh yeah also asshole director. Since it’s been a while…I want him shoved face first into a bed of glowing red coals. This one is good, right?


Ohohoho~ I love seeing Ikuto outsmart the people at Easter so easily. I don’t care what happens later! Let me enjoy this! Because obviously no one wanted him to run off with the violin. Therefore this round goes to Ikuto.



Indeed this round goes to Ikuto too.

Oh Easter. What a sucky company. The real employees are so afraid of the employees working against the company, that now they’ll tie themselves up. If that company really existed in today’s economy (at least in the US) they would be going down. None of the people running the company can really be that smart if they hire people like this.

Ah…I thin I enjoy scenes like this so much because annoying characters that aren’t in the manga need to know their place! (Same reason I enjoyed Ikuto annoying Lulu in the early episodes of Doki)


Too bad about the violin though. Totally ruined our Ikuto > Everyone momentum that we had going. But I can’t be too sad (It won’t be long now~).


Yes. Rima has successfull out-bitched Lulu. Utau next, right? Let’s go!

It’s a little late, since I would have rather this happen when I was still going with my Lulu hate, but whatever.


lol. Loser/stalker scientist is such a loser that he can’t even stand up to another anime-original character. And this character is supposed to be a puppet of Easter too (lolz).

Is this maybe the small difference between created by Peach-Pit and complete worthlessness?


Ah. I guess you could call this my one complaint about the episode. A scene with Ikuto that really furthered someone else’s story more than his own (and it was Lulu too!). I am not amused by this at all. Real characters cannot further filler character’s story unless it’s by a peptalk (and Ikuto doesn’t do that so he should further anyone’s story ever).


But lol. Easter needs to stop leaving this embryo crap to teenagers and preteens. None of them have the slightest intention of handing it over to Easter.

Note to Easter: Kids and Teenagers are rebellious. They also have actual wishes and dreams and would therefore want the embryo. Please have some common sense, ‘kay?


But ah. Again. Scenes like this tear me in two. Part of me goes, “Oh…poor Ikuto” and the unreasonable fangirl in me goes, “Hahahaha! Get in that bed nao!”

…I think Doki stupidity has warped my personality.


Oh Nagihiko you’re so cool! Bossing everyone around. Of course he still has a 99% right record which is better than anyone else, so he’s the best one for the job (I would have liked to see Rima being stubborn again though…).


During this part I was like, “Oh they have Rima doing the speech again…um why?” because I totally forgot about those fillers parts (lol, they barely take up any time anyway). But yeah, Rima was the one teaching them and stuff so it fits. Plus, it’s always nice to see someone else bust out their mahou shoujo speech (I like it when Utau does it too~).


Dear Satelight…please make Amulet Heart go away already. I see enough of her in the manga now too. Also, every time she appears it ruins your possible attempts at making Amu seem like she’s growing up.

…I’ll let other people figure that out, but it’s pretty obvious in that picture.


lol Lulu can’t get the embryo. Fail.

Ah…Lulu. Hurry up and just have your final battle and become good. Everyone except you knows that you aren’t going to succeed.


HAHAHAHA! SNOW~! (Sorry, but every little sign made me happy)


Oh yes Amu. You go right ahead and wonder all you want about what your fortune could possibly mean. You will soon regret that carefree attitude about it though.



sc64-31*cue “catboy in my bed” sound effects*


lol. Amu is so slow. You’d think someone would notice something like a teenage boy laying in their bed right away (well she did in the manga…).


sc64-34*more catboy in a bed sound effects*

Ah…that was so much fun. I think I’m pretty much settled on Shugo Chara fulfillment for two weeks.

It’s kind of a shame that they gave it away on the preview. If I had watched the episode without knowing anything it would have been another prime opportunity for a heart-attack. But nooo.

Of course, you have to understand why they did it. They needed to make sure that everyone heard about it so that the pretty much 70% Amuto fan majority would watch it (Ikuto’s the second most popular character in all the popularity polls too, you know).

Ehehe~ Yeah~ I think I can start looking forward to Shugo Chara every week again. At this point I’m either guaranteed plot or at least some Amu and Ikuto interaction. Both make me happy.



Kids play in the snow, blah, blah, blah (oddly enough no filler character in sigh though).

More importantly, we get more of this:



Beds are really great, you know?

Of course, for this episode everyone will just have to be good and wait two weeks because Shugo Chara isn’t airing next week. No manga either, so the more impatient fangirls will just have to…suffer I guess? (Ooo and if you only wait for fansubs it’s even tougher because the fansubbers all stopped and unless you have the subscription to CR, you don’t get to watch it for a week)

…I feel somewhat mean because I’m kind of happy saying all that. Of course, I feel sorry for the nice fangirls, but you stupid ones will just have to suffer. Muahahaha!


Have no idea what to do as a poll…Um…I think I didn’t do one last week either. ^_^;

Oh actually I have the perfect one.

Since it’s my blog though, I think I know what three answers are going to be chosen the most though.



    “catboy in bed sfx” indeed … nya ~

  2. Yay it’s up! : D

    You finished yours soon after mine. XD I just joined WordPress and did a post on ep 64 because Livejournal’s sucking taking too long to load pics, etc. XD

    But yeah! Onto the ep! : D

    ROFL. Rima was great in this ep with that cute little ponytail. Omg, if she has twintails.. *Imagines and dies from cuteness*. LOL. Easter really are morons. They should learn by now that leaving this kind of job to preteens and teenagers is risky business. Why doesn’t evil step dad ever do anything besides sit on his ass in an office all day and ruin Ikuto’s life? He should go look for the Embryo if he wants it so damn bad.

    Lulu isn’t too annoying now that she’s got some development, but yes it does feel so weird for her to be here.. she feels so misplaced. Satelight needs to hurry up and finish her arc with fillers of Ikuto in Amu’s room (HELL YES) and then just go straight to the Ikuto arc.

    Those Easter Scientists really are morons, especially that stalker. I liked Lulu bitching at evil step dad slightly, though. Anyone who gets cocky or even raises their voice to him is automatic win to me. XD All my worries — about the violin retrieval — washed away as soon as I saw Ikuto in Easter. I was like “Okay.. they’re going to do it. They’re going to do it!” And they did. So no more worries on my part. The only thing I’m curious about now is the transition in the anime from cute to emo. How will they do this without toning it down? Please don’t kid-erize it Satelight!

    BED. SCENE. BED. SCENE!!! *_* I need to do an AMV using this, but can’t think of a song at the moment (ARGH. Right when I want to do one too). That scene was just.. so hilarious. I don’t know how Amu didn’t notice him. I mean, as soon as she pulled the covers over and jumped into bed I kind of did a headdesk followed by a face palm with hysteric laughter and in the middle of fangirling and said “AMU.. he’s right THERE!” Then the freak-out reaction only made me laugh more and especially the scene with Yoru rubbing his eyes like “What’cha screaming about?”

    THE PREVIEW!! *Dies* They’re soo close together.. under the covers.. in the dark… *BREATHES*

    Ha ha ha! XD You’re right; Amulet Heart appearing is causing a problem in showing Amu growing up. (Seriously, is she not even GROWING at all? In other eps it looked like it a bit, but when she goes into Amulet Heart it doesn’t look like she has ANYTHING..)

    The snow made me happy too. XD (Though I’m not quite as happy with it as I am in real life. XD I’m a summer/spring person) But the snow is such a good sign for the Ikuto arc. So appropriate too.

    Yeah! I was wondering where his outfit from the manga went! I wanted to see him in smexy jeans in a smexy shirt with a smexy winter coat. Boo. Aw well.. damn Satelight.

  3. saimaisama: Ohohoho~ So can I assume that you will be watching this episode and the next one? (Hahaha he’s in her bed~ I still can’t get over that~)

    myvampireyes: Oh! Gimme the link to your worpress blog then! I want to follow it (lol, I never follow anything on livejournal for some reason).

    Right? They have to do twintails for Rima! I kind of want to see her in a cut gothic lolita outfit with twintails too and…hehe yeah~ I’ll stop before I start imagining too much cuteness.

    I know! I bet that even if the asshole director gets his hands on the mebryo he can’t make a wish on it and neither can Gozen. I bet you have to be the one to catch it for your wish to be granted (so stop using other people asshole director!).

    Heh. I’m actually not too into them hurrying to Ikuto’s arc. I want them to stretch out the time in Amu’s room…a lot. Hahaha~ Especially now that it’s going to take another month for the manga to finish…

    Oh Lulu bitching out Easter people (especially the director) makes her so much more likable for me. The main thing I hated about her was that she seems to be fine with being an Easter employee (but not anymore! That’s right Lulu! You tell those idiots to take as hike!).

    I think…hm…it seems to me that Satelight only really kid-ifies that anime-original parts, so I’m sure once we really get into Ikuto’s part things will take place like normal. If the bed scenes are being included we have nothing to fear! I hope so anyway.

    Haha, funny that you mention it because as soon as the episode finished I thought, “Why aren’t there any songs about a girl finding a boy in her bed? That would make an awesome song.” But alas, I have yet to hear of one. I think somewhere back from my own crappy AMV days I wrote out a bunch of songs (that aren’t popular and therefore probably still haven’t been used) that would fit Amu and Ikuto. Some of those songs annoyed me, but if I find that before you find something I could send it your way. I want to see Amuto AMVs with the bed scene. >_<

    Ah~! I know! The scene was just freakin’…yeah hilarious. Combine the hilarity with my fangirling and I was giggling up a little storm in my room.

    Oh god yes the preview. Hahaha~ I love seeing all of these scenes (FINALLY!!!)

    If Amu’s growing her Amulet Heart outfit would show it. Tch. Well at least I think she looks like she’s grown a little in the manga. I know she has from a couple of the bed scenes! (lol…)

    There needs to be snow or else Amu will shove Ikuto out into the cold! (This means that snow can equal amuto-ness now too, right?)

    *sigh* Ikuto looked so good in those jeans. I’m going to be pouting every time I see Ikuto hanging out in Amu’s room not in jeans. (Such a missed opportunity!!!)

  4. Yay! Chapter 28 has finally arrived! Soon we get some lovin’ and cuddlin’ and snugglin’ and confessin’! I hope Peach-pit gets better soon. So, you can’t watch episodes subbed even if you just have an account on CR? Oh well, I watch the episodes RAW first anyway. It’s not fair! How come Amu gets to have Ikuto in her bed but I don’t? *goes in corner and pouts*

  5. Here you go. : D Thanks! ^^

    omg gothic lolita outfit? Pure win. She’d be like Amu in Cool N Spicy wear only cuter! 8D! I bet so too! Which would be completely pointless for evil step dad since he’s a lazy bitch who makes other people get it for him. No way Gozen’s wish (whatever it is) can be granted like this. Seriously. They have no common sense. Idiots.

    Ha ha, I love the idea of stretching the Ikuto arc. More time of Ikuto in Amu’s room is good for me. XD It’s just I want them to hurry up this Lulu arc so it can soley be Ikuto’s arc. (I’m so excited to see the current stuff animated, but at the same time.. no.. I’ll be a complete emotional roller coaster seeing him suffer like that. T_T)

    I hope you’re right. XD I would hate for them to cut out Tadase’s sword and Ikuto’s kick ass death scythe just because there’s young girls who watch it.. I mean, most of us who can handle the lock and key stuff (and that’s perverted as hell. XD), can handle the manga stuff. So Satelight shouldn’t make it tamed just for a younger audience.

    LOL I thought the same thing. I was trying to think of songs that included “Sleep” or whatever and only came up with “Everytime We Touch” which really fits. XD Might do that. Hmm.. though I could probably start one of like.. the 11 Amuto/Ikuto Arc vids I have planned. Aww thanks. : D If I don’t find one I’ll ask. Thanks so much.

    ROFL, same. My mom came in like “WTF are you laughing about?” And I said “Fangirling! She found him in her bed” and my mom went “… oh… yeah.. your couple. They had sex?” And that only made me go into hysterics more and I had to explain to her that they were just sleeping (Boy, that sounds so wrong)

    She does look like she’s growing in the manga. In volume 2 (I bought it for Christmas), it looked like she was growing a bit, and especially lately too. The bed scenes really kind of indicate it. XD Yeah. D: LOL yes. Snow = Amuto. Everything’s just Amuto now. XD The Amusement Park and the Park of Amutoness are their special places and now we got Amu’s room being their safe haven! : D And snow should automatically mean Amuto now. (I demand it Satelight! XD).

    Omg he did. *Pout* Especially in the one scan where he was reading manga and had his legs all.. okay, I’ll stop there. XD But it was drool worthy. Lol me too. XD Stupid Satelight.

  6. Aww. Even looking at the screencaps fills me with fangirl happiness.

    Rima with a ponytail is adorable. More hairstyles please Satelight. give Ikuto different clothes once in awhile while you’re at it . Rima was just generally awesome this week. But she always is.

    Watching Ikuto pwn idoits, makes me feel happy. Especially the three Easter idoits.

  7. Lolz when watching I saw stalker/loser scientist tie himself up and thought *What will Fuyumaiden say about this??* Now I see, Lolz. Cute Rima in pigtails was…So cute. I rewinded like a million times to see her in that (And a million times for the bedscene) Well thanks for the “Overly-long” post(as usual) Happy New Year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. Yay Bed scene! You’d think Amu would notice him before going in the bed. XD

    Too bad chapter 37 is delayed. Can’t be helped. I hope they get better.

    Ikuto’s wearing some thing different from the manga. O.o This one is nice too. Better then the regular school uniform he never changes out of. lol

    Have you been watching Chaos;Head lately Fuyu? Episode 11 is so good with Takumi. I won’t say any spoilers, but you should watch when you have the time.

    Looks like Lulu’s even more determined to find the embryo. Wished that her parents did act like Amu’s. Satelight need originality.

  9. look , i am really really REALLY glad i finally got to see the amuto bed scene but a lot of things bother me in the anime

    first of all , what the hell is wrong with satelight ? why didn’t they change ikuto’s HOT manga outfits ? they looked so cool in the manga !

    second of all , i really want lulu to get the hell out of the picture , get lost already ! i don’t want ikuto’s arc to be with the filler arc !!

    and what is wrong with amulet spade or clover ? amulet heart in a raw isn’t cool at all ! i HATE pink ! isn’t dancing an art ? she should transform to amulet spade then !!

    but hey i am glad next episode is amuto + KUKAAAAAAAAI !! *fangirl scream* omg ! kukai and amuto ? *doki doki* ! i love it !!
    still hoping for a kutau filler , might be useful in my amvs lol XD

    anyway i am sad that i have to wait more and more time for that episode and for chapter 37 ! its an important chapter and yet we have to wait more and more … isn’t a month enough for us ?
    i am glad i have soul eater and code geass to watch :) i love them !

  10. I spent along time wondering if teenage boys are hard to spot under your covers for 12 year olds, it turns out they are(I got my big brother to hide under my little brother’s bed covers…I was borde)
    I guess Amu’s top blanket is really puffy but still.
    poor Amu next week she’s going to be blushing the whole time she’s near Ikuto.
    I like episodes with kids building things in the snow it’s usually very cute. I think they started the Ikuto arc because they wanted to keep the seasons in somewhat real time(despite autum not appearing)

  11. OMG AMUTOOOOOOOOO yayness! XD but man stupid satilite seperate lulu’s arc from ikuto’s arc its like soo messed up but anyways i cant believe it ! its finally here!!! ikuto in amu’s bed her shooting star LOL^_^ but i cant wait till the next episode! whooooooo amuto ikuto is really close to amu XD

    ha! tadase u can never get that close to amu! only ikuto can! lol

  12. i love this ep!!!!!!!!! thank you for always summerizing fuyu!!! but right now i feel happy and pissed at the same time. no shugo chara 4 1 week?!!! nooooooooooo! but on the the other hand-AMUTO!!! i love and hate satelite right now. why have they warped my personality?

  13. […] Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 64 I got my wish(es). The Ikuto arc has started before the new year! Unfortunately the Lulu stuff is still going on, but […] […]

  14. LOL.
    …*Is more of a Kaiya fangirl*
    Sorry, but at least I still support Amuto. XP That scene totally made me laugh for some reason…XD
    Rima was awesome in this episode. Looks like she will be in the next one too. :D And Kuukai was in the preview, wasn’t he?
    Hope Peach-Pit gets better soon and the new episode comes out faster too. :D

  15. and btw i just noticed something … that nagihiko dress color is diffrent in the preview thn the actual episode ! :

    and this :

  16. AHHH! I wish I wasn’t in Mexico, then maybe Veoh would work so I can watch my lovely 2 minutes of Amuto DDD:

    *fails* T_T

  17. Ack! I’m so late late late! I was going to comment yesterday but the stupid restaurant didn’t give us dinner until 10 PM and when I got back, I was so dead tired. =_=; But now I can. And then I’ll go to sleep cuz it’s Magic Kingdom at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Joy~…

    This should be the somewhat right phrase: Satelight is so dumb, it’s almost evil. Yes, yes.
    But yeah, finally we get to see the violin out of that horrible tube thing. Too bad it’s all…infected. Poor violin~… *cries for it* T___T

    I wanna see Amu’s pigtails again~! Muu…

    *gasp!* How can you suggest such a…an outlandish thought?! Nagi should always have long hair! so he can look like a girl xD;

    Fangirls like meh, probably. :P lol Aish, Amu’s still not getting out of that kiddy pond. She must be stuck real deep. Let’s pull her out. xD;
    Ok, ok, all kidding aside (I don’t know why I’m so kiddish all of sudden…I must really not want to grow up D: ) , Tadamu doesn’t bother me anymore as well either. I can even admit that I like ONE-SIDED (cuz if I’m not going to make it noticeable, it’s not going to be believable, oi) Tadamu, as in Tadase liking the Amu for herself. It’s sweet and doesn’t appear offensive to me at all like it use to. But I’m still a little more than just anxious about the whole turnout in the manga so far in regards to the triangle. Amu’s genuine (however much there is or there still is) feelings for Tadase is still there and now that Tadase’s all breaking true with the heroic side of him of wanting to save Ikuto and protect Amu, both who are very important to him, he still has a chance of winning her back. Hate to say it, but it’s true. *winces a little* And then there’s the issue with Ikuto. I can really only guess what he plans to do about his own feelings after they save him. There’s all these things that can go rightfully wrong or wrongfully right or something like that. Like he regrets that, even though he was being controlled, he hurt Amu and tried to kill her or he suddenly decides to go away for college and not come back until a few years for her for whatever reasons (this is a very popular idea used in fanfiction, strangely). I dunno! I dunno! I’m freaking out because I dunno! *goes into a frenzy*
    Gah! If Amu would just sit down for an hour or two and think things through till she’s finally figured it out, make her (right) choice and let everyone else just move on with their lives, than I can finally have peace! Of course, this has all got to be done when the fighting’s done but she has to! We need a Maika in here! Can Midori be our Maika? Yes, right?! Amu-mama! *goes off to find her*

    …I’m so crazy. xD;

    Rima and Nagi should have hair style competitions and Amu would be the judge. *random*

    YES! The clothes! WTF happened to Ikuto’s awesome clothes?! I wanted to see his awesome jacket and his awesome boots, dammit! I hate you, Satelight! I hate you! D:<

    …You know that last line in the suckiness is necessary paragraph sounded so wrong. *mind’s in the gutter now* xD;
    Argh, but it’s true. It’s so painfully true. T_T

    Lol So we have a group of girls who are constantly going to be bitching at one another from here on out? People will wonder how the managed to get such hot boyfriends. Lol

    God, anyone would be extremely dumb to think that someone who’ve they hired to get the Embryo would just say “Ok, here’s the Embryo!” and hand it over to them. It’s like Aladdin…only Aladdin was pretty naïve.

    Agh, another pervy line. Stop it~! It makes me think things! xDDD;;; Stupid Amuto had to bring out the closet pervert in me.

    Hmm, forgot to mention this in my own post but d’you recognize the more times Nagi takes the role as leader in the fights, the less we get to see Tadase of coming closer to his goal? And it’s not even with Nagi alone. Kairi did it when he was there, too. Tadase, you are the K chair! You can have your cookies fed to you and your massages of death but at least try to act like a K when it calls for it. *sigh*

    OMG! Rima is so awesome! <33333

    Agrees on Amulet Heart.

    Ah, I have to watch that last part again when I get back. In the meantime…stay warm, you two! xD

    …Oh wow, 72 people said they never stopped watching. Are you sure? lol

    K, thanx for your thoughts as always! Off to read your next post! ^^

  18. lulu needs ta fight with amu and disappear. then ikuto arc can commence. shugo chara is getting messed up.

  19. “Nagareboshi~”?
    From Home-Made Kazuku, or something like that ^^;
    I was addicted to that song for a month.. and it was a Naruto ending, first one of Shippuuden.

    Also on GaiaOnline, this girl had a forum on Shugo Chara! Doki! [ish how I make it cause two !! is wierd] asking if people liked it or it was meh and it was just all funny cause I went all amuto fangirl on her, then like 5 people joined in and it was Amuto party.

  20. ok ok breathe breathe.

    finally the year can end on a good note! minus the lulu stuff! The Ikuto arc! Yes the best arc filled with amuto-y goodness! i cant wait till jan 15 i think…cuz thats when the next episode appears! It will be awesome! The end of this episode was even better than i expected! but how did she not see him? i hope the lulu stuff ends soon. and yoru was so adorable! anywho i shall end this now and return to the (its almost the) new year party!

  21. bed scene. XD checked back here every few weeks to see if they got back in track already. XD i just love your summaries and thoughts. :)) iLu very much.

    nagareboshi. reminds me of that NewS song mafuyu no nagareboshi which sort of means like winter shooting star i think. XD rofl.

    gosh. can’t wait. XD hahaha.

  22. Like finally?! I’ve been waiting so long for this! YES! Say what, not airing next week, like seriously?
    I’m sad then. But the end of the episode is seriously nice! I’ve only been watching snippets of the episodes to see the last part!

  23. Everyone! I have big news! It’s about the next several episodes!
    The following was unceremoniously copied and psted from Wikipedia.
    66 “A Disturbance! A Beautiful Girl With Cat Ears?!
    67 “A UFO Girl Appears!”
    “UFO Shōjo Arawaru!”

    68 “Goodbye, Saaya Yamabuki…”
    “Sayōnara, Yamabuki Saaya…”
    First Episode 66. A cat girl! Yay!!!!!! She better not be a filler charcter though. I want a cat girl that stays long!
    67. a UFO girl… hmmm i hope not something along the lines of UFO Dream. thatd be bad.
    but the peice de resistance, GOOD BYE YAMABUKI SAAYA! GAZE UPON IT! Is satelite trying to appease the tadamu fans by getting rid of the #1 annoying Tadamu blocker, Saaya after appeaseing the amuto fans with the bed scene? ah well, as long as its not like episode 60 where everyone thought Utau was leavoing. oh please let it be true! I hate saaya!And now i wont have to send my ninja kitty army to satelite to dimember then and sell their organs to the mokey parade!(man those monkeys use a lot of organs)

    i am an amuto fan

    goes int dark corner to fangirl

  24. Is very good,because ikuto’s violin is glowing purple(so this means Death Rebel in anime).

    However,I think,during Nagihiko chara-nari arc,instead of X basketball eggs,is a corrupted person who chara-naris in Basket Dream or Basketball Dream (Lulu’s Magic).

  25. Ikuto, isn’t reallly in his uniform, his uniform has blue fringe-stuff, and he normally doesn’t where a cross on his neck, too. ^_^

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