A New Year Banner?

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Heh…well it’s only kind of a New Year banner. Not much about it says, “Happy New Year!” so that’s something I need to explain a little bit I suppose.

So this is the last Holiday banner (not very Holiday-ish though) and it features Amu, Ikuto, and Utau from Shugo Chara!, which means that this has got to be the coolest banner I will ever use.

But aww…now we have no more Holiday banners. At least not until Valentine’s Day I suppose (*shockgasp* I get to go crazy over-board with shipping that day!!!).

So, there’s a reason I decided to use Shugo Chara for the New Year’s banner. Every year, people make resolutions to “better” themselves. To reach their dreams, and “would-be” selves connects quite easily to that. The image also has the embryo in it which goes along with all of our fond wishes and such for the New Year (though you can’t see it in the banner).

I suppose the name for this one would be “New Year’s Wishes” because of all of that.

But yup. Shugo Chara fits the New Year quite nicely. I’m surprised that stuff doesn’t really come up in the Holiday fillers. Maybe it’s because resolutions aren’t that big of a deal in Japan? I wouldn’t really know, but I have to say you don’t really hear it mentioned in all of their other stuff. I won’t say much more about Shugo Chara and the New Year, because it fits in quite nicely with possible plans for a New Year’s post (that for once isn’t lazy) so I’ll leave it at that.

Now then, the image is the November/December poster in the 2008 calendar, so it kind of hit me to use it for the New Year then. It’s the last image I’ll see in 2009! I should mention that I have the calnedar now…and I’m so glad I got the anime calendar instead of the manga one (since I could only get one or the other) because of this image and the September/October one.

I’m actually keeping my calendar on the cover page though until March, because it’s still painful for me to just see Amu blushing over Tadase with him completely oblivious. It’s not like it’s Tadase’s fault though because he’s busy, but still. I’d probably get ticked off if Tadase was paying attention too, because their cutesy atmosphere has the tendency to piss me off too. I’m not sure if it’s the anti-shipping in me, or something else, but yeah. It’s an irrational sort of thing (if I recognize it, it’s fine).

But I think it would be odd to put up an image of any couple you don’t support. I would put up AmuxNagihiko and AmuxKairi though…but no AmuxKukai or RimaxTadase. It’s kind of strange what couples I’m opposed to and which ones I’m fine with.

Anyway (got off-track) the banner didn’t take much editing. I had to clean it up because black has the tendency to look…pretty awful in scans (and screencaps…), but I was surprised by how well it came out. The image really is beautiful after it’s cleaned-up. Purple and black always look nice together (expecially with that white glow).

It works quite nicely because Amu, Utau, and Ikuto are the ones who seem to either change the most or want to change the most in the series. I think I’ll leave it at that because if I get into all three, I’ll start talking about some things about Ikuto’s arc that I’d rather save for later posts when they aren’t spoilers.

Ah~ But it is soon. A few things in the past few days (Christmas presents being one) has reawakened my Shugo Chara fangirling a bit. Perhaps not quite to the rabid level I might once have been at, but more at a thoughtful level. That’s usually when I enjoy my fandom the most. The slight excitement, but mostly calm fondness. That’s something I’d also like to maybe talk about later.

So yeah. I’ll leave at this for now. (…Episode 64 soon~ Is a “shooting star” going to fall into Amu’s room?)


  1. you need to stop with this waste of time activity a.k.a anime. You’re 18! start living your life

  2. Hahaha~ Says the person flaming posts for no reason.

  3. Your posts are lenghty and take up your time, u admitted this yourself. Mine was just a warning post so that u don’t become obsessed with this habit.
    Anyway, better ban my IP so that I won’t come again to ur blog.

  4. Dammit Fuyu…you have an affinity to attract good and bad commentators alike. LOLz

  5. Claudiu: Oh snap. You got me with your reasoning. I’ll try to wrench myself away from this “habit” but it might take a while, seeing as I enjoy it.

    But I’m not going to ban your IP. That seems like an immature way to handle the situation at this point. Just stay off of my blog if you’re aware of the annoyance. Or is this a bad habit that you need me to save you from in return for your attempts to save me?

    7: I do, don’t I? Bad ones are fun though~ Rarely do I get to use my sarcasm without boundaries.

  6. I’ll never spam again. I just got a bit enraged when you forced people to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a character that doesn’t even exist. Bye!

  7. -_-;; And we have a prime example of “taking things too seriously”. It’s a joke. As if I could really find someone on the internet to throw bricks at them…(and of course even if I could, I wouldn’t).

    Thanks for the laughs~

  8. =_=; *heavy sigh*

    Stupid, overly opinionated asshole.

    Anyways…yaaay~! Shugo Chara~! Utauuu~! Amuuu~!! Ikutooo~!!! <3333 lol

    I agree that SC! does fit very nicely with the New Years resolution thing. Nothing more to add. ^^

    Ah, and you’re not alone in your pain (I don’t get what you mean by “irrational”, though, but maybe it’s because I’m irrational myself so it’d make sense to me…whatever that means *confused now* xD; ). For me, it’s dulled down a bit but they dragged it out for so long that it’s just as hard. TwT I need closure! *shuts myself in a closet*

    And ooo~! Me, too! …But that fond feeling has been with me for quite a while now. *will explain more in my own winter season post* Argh, this isn’t hard or anything but I wish I can just type this all from brain instead. I’m currently looking for pictures. Oiyoiyoi~…And then, I’ll reply to your comment (hee, it made me happy~! ^^)

    Hehe, our nagareboshi is preparing for descent in approximately 4 hours. xDDD;;;

  9. Utau, Amu and Ikuto smiling together=Awesomeness. I think that says everything.

    Yeah. That happens to everyone pairings wise.

    Yeah, calm fondess, is generally better then rapid fangirlism.

    I loved that line in the manga. ^_^

  10. Wow, I love that picture of Amu, Ikuto, and Utau. It’s a really good one! I can’t wait for episode 64 to come out. ^^

  11. yay love the new banner :) shugo chara does fit the new year’s never noticed that o_O

    lolz @ flamers :3

  12. You’re so right. This image goes so nicely with your blog! It’s epic win! *_* ROFL @ the flamer. It’s just a joke, we’re not overly obsessed. It’s just hobbies. Though I don’t even know why I’m explaining this to a loser.. ugh. Anyway!~ Ikuto looks so hot (like always!) in this pic. OMG ep 64.. I’m so excited for it I’m bouncing in my seat, but I’m also VERY worried… I’m scared they won’t have Ikuto re-claiming his violin and that the bed scene will have no significance at all to why he’s even there. I guess I’m just suspicious of Satelight since we all pretty much want them to do this right and without cutting things or rearranging them. Yeah.. sorry, got off-topic. XD I’ll leave that for later when your post comes out. I’ve always loved how cute/epic your blog looked and now it looks even better! :D Purple/black ftw.

  13. fuyu-chan don’t listen to that stupid flamer … your blog is awesome and the new banner is AMAZING ! i got that picture too its so cool *0*

    and i REALLY want u to blog Doki 64 tomorrow … Amuto !!~~ :3
    lol i can’t sleep because i am waiting for it … i usually wake up on Saturday and watch every new episode but now (Friday night) i am still awake waiting for it to show up so i can sleep in peace lol XD

    and btw In CR they say that 65 will have to wait another Extra week because on this week their is this traveling thingi so no SC Doki next week … -___-


  15. Xiao Jie: Ooo I like your avatar (off-topic, I know).

    Overly opinionated srs bsns asshole.

    It’s irrational to those who are not fangirls (or fanboys) I think. If I tried to explain it to my parents I think I’d get weird reactions. Well, except for maybe my mom. She watches soap operas and she’s always complaining about mistmatched couples.

    I think the excitement dulls down because all we’ve really been getting is spoilers stretched across months. Scanlations are what got me to that calm, reflective, fondness for the series.

    Oh! Pictures. I can help you with pictures. I have links to like…at least three good sites for images where you don’t have to register. Er…but I’d need to explain how to use one of them. Can I send you an e-mail? (WordPress should have a PM system…at least they don’t as far as I know).

    warriorhope: Yes. That does say everything. But alas, I always ramble.

    It’s a great line, isn’t it? Ah~ Reading scanlations is so much fun.

    MyVampireEyes: Yes…but like you said Ikuto is always hot. And so very cool. Oh god~ In the bed he looks so…eheh~ Well, you just have to know.

    Well, luckily Satelight didn’t screw up that much, but since Lulu is still around, things aren’t exactly like they’re supposed to be.

    Mo0on12: Haha. My blog is awesome, isn’t it? (Oh, I’m so modest…)

    I’m actually going to try and blog it tonight if everything goes according to plan. Hopefully…I want to anyway. Since I’m so excited about it.

    What? No Shugo Chara right away on CR? I have to check that out, because if that’s true, I’m going to be kind of pissed. That’s one week’s usefulness taken off of my Anime Membership!

    They’re not just referring to the regular broadcast break, are they? Oh I hope they are (but somehow I doubt it)

  16. man, if you are yelled at for blogging anime and being 18, I wonder what will happened to ME a 25 year old.

    people who say crap like that are the ones who need to grow up. you don’t become an adult and suddenly lose interest in your hobbies.

    on topic your banner is very nice. i hope you had a very lovely Christmas.

  17. Lol just read the “Claudie” comments. We like your overly-long posts. Your overly long posts are quite enjoyable actually~ The banner is awesome~ I’ve already found my resolution: “To not want to kill Satelight” I wonder how I’ll keep it though…

  18. Hehe thank you. ^^ I think you’re the reason (or at least that one comment about Nadeshiko in last week’s ep post) I decided to put Na-chi as my avy. I miss Na-chi~! ;____;

    Oh, I see…well, then that’s their problem. Being irrational is guud~.

    Hehe, we have almost attained nirvana (which is Amuto ending). *meditates on the next ep* |3

    Oh yea! That’d be great! Thanx! ^^

  19. I read the Claudiu comment, I don’t see why someone would say that. As you evidently mentioned, watching anime is an enjoyment for you, how could someone call that a waste of time? I’d rather do things in life that I like rather than the opposite, but it’s not as though anyone took them seriously anyway…..

    As for the banner, I love it! Not only is it a cute image, but I like the way you described its meaning. I never thought about the whole point of the series and the fact that the New Year is arriving in that sense, but now that I do, I realized how fitting it actually is. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  20. A nice, new banner :). I don’t want this show, but hey, still cool. Looking forward to 2009!

  21. Christina: Maybe the idiot already thinks it’s too late to “save” you.

    I think the most mature people are the ones who don’t focus on being an adult and just go ahead and like whatever they like without pretending. I really wonder how old that flamer was. No matter what they were immature.

    Dia: Aww. Thank you. I hope they’re enjoyable, because I can’t exactly stop them.

    Haha. Good luck keeping that. Who knows? Maybe Satelight will try to make it easier for us?

    Xiao Jie: Yes. I think we all miss her. Nadeshiko~ At least I can enjoy seeing her in your avi for the time being.

    ROFL Nirvana. I wasn’t even thinking, but it does sound like that. Yes…soon nirvana. Though it’s put off for another month.

    Alright then, I’ll send you the e-mail with the three sites I commonly use and the directions for all three. You can use them when you get back (I’d have a lot of free time ready for the first time, because if you’re like me you’ll want to sit down and search for everything that comes to mind). So I’ll just send it to the e-mail you’re using now.

    lostty: I know. They’re an idiot. I guess they’re probably some kid that thinks as soon as you turn 18 you’re an adult and have to do adult-like things like working and crap. I never understand flamers though.

    Heh. Well it didn’t really hit me how fitting it was until I was trying to find an image for the last one and decided to see what the calendar had for New Year’s and then…bam it kind of just hit me.

    And I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well.

    M12: Yes…2009! It’s not that far away now. (Oh poo, have to still gather my end-of-the-year posts)

  22. I saw that picture when I was looking for pictures for my shugo chara chibi collection.I’m happy that you used it!I need that calendar too!
    But here is a fact nobody should ever forget!

    “You can never grow out of anime”…(ok maybe when you’re 78)

  23. Fuyu-sama!Did you watch shugo chara episode 64???I’m not asking if you will blog it today,I’m asking did you see it

  24. Fuyumaiden: That is a hard one to keep…Even though their pleasing me, nd Lulu seems like she’s about to leave. We’ll most likely get a filler or 20 in the main plot.

  25. Lol I might actually watch ep 65 since that was a fun part in the manga xD

  26. I’ve always wondered what they’re staring at. 8D;

    But damn, the pictures look so much nicer on the computer than irl. .–.

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