Happy Merry Christmas!

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Shugo Chara image because if it weren’t for that show, my brain wouldn’t be programmed to wish everyone a “Happy Merry Christmas” instead of just one or the other.

As you all probably know, I’m pretty busy this holiday season and my half-hiatus is still on for all regular blogging (except for Shugo Chara’s next episode because OMG preview). But it doesn’t take much to do a little post to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. No matter what holiday you celebrate, hopefully you’re at least a little infected with seasonal cheer. If you are not…have some egg nog and release your inhibitions to force yourself into cheer! (meaning, yeah get drunk…if you can legally…)


Thought I’d let people know how I managed first since everyone was so kind wishing me well. I didn’t quite manage to do everything I wanted to. After I got to the almost-done point, I kind of just fell asleep in a chair until 9:00 PM. Now it’s an hour later while I’m writing this and I still don’t feel that great when I try to stand up and do stuff.

But my parents said that I should rest so I can you know…not be all sick on Christmas day. They said I did a good job and said other corny things that you’d normally find on TV in the 50’s that are too embarrassing to write down here.

Hopefully, this means that they’ll trust me enough to loan me moneys again so I can get this other Rin figure. I love my current Rin dearly, but I absolutely love the pose on this other one and her hair looks all cool (wind effect~) and she comes with a cat! So I want it. Eh, whether or not I’ll get it is another story though. At the very least, it looks like I might be getting some sort of Nagisa figure (HELL YEAH!) in a couple of months.


But um, back to Christmas. I managed to do everything but the baking and wrapping of presents (which I’ll be doing before bed). We also missed out on watching Dark Knight before Christmas because my brother is always sleeping. -_-; He’s worse than I am, except he doesn’t have an excuse. He’s just lazy.

christmas06I think my favorite part about Christmas is giving presents rather than recieving them because I could technically buy all the stuff I ask for any time of the year. I only get an excuse to buy presents for everyone once a year and I put a lot of thought into it. I only have three people to buy presents for (since my best friend hasn’t given me a present the last three Christmases I’m not giving her one either), so it makes it pretty easy to buy stuff.

Because I love giving presents I wanted to do something for some regular commenters and the people on my blogroll, but as it turns out, I kind of ran out of time…and ideas. I thought of throwing together some “Christmas Cards” of a sort, but I only got through a few and I think it’s better not to do anything rather than only point out certain people who I happened to come up with something for first. Wishing a nice, equal happy holidays is better.christmas05

…I have a whole year to come up with something for next year anyway.

Now this makes two personal posts in a row…so I’m just going to kind of stop here. Over the next several days I may still do posts, but I probably won’t do much of my regular blogging. Some time after Christmas I’ll be doing a post to show off what I got. I hope to see the same from some other people, otherwise you only get to be jealous and there’s no retaliation.

Of course, I don’t think I’m getting anything too impressive this year, but I know I asked for a couple of things that had to go through ebay with bidding…so I’m actually certain to be surprised for once about whether or not I get something.

But yeah, that’s it. Sorry I have nothing better to say. Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful…time. Oh and that you get what you want for Christmas too!


That’s the best I can do for a present. It’s more for me though…I put together plaid Santa Amu using the DS game site! It was a lot of work getting rid of some annoying text over part of Amu, so I hope someone enjoys it. (I kind of messed up on one part, but hopefully no one notices)

And um yeah…


Happy Merry Christmas! ^_^;


P.S. Oh yeah~ Nagisa’s birthday was yesterday (today while I’m writing this) so a Happy Birthday to my current favorite fictional girl. Also happy birthday to someone else in reality. I’d mention them by name, but I’m not sure if she wants me to or not. Well, in any case she should know who she is! I don’t think anyone else has told me about their birthday being around Christmas (I’ll try to wish you a Happy Birthday on twitter instead~ But in case I get too caught up in Christmas, here’s this vague one instead).

Anyway, everyone wish Nagisa a happy belated birthday if you forgot to do so on the 24th. DO IT! Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean I won’t find you and toss bricks at your head. Or perhaps for the season I’ll be generous and bring out my forgotten wiffle bat. Just be good and wish her a happy birthday to save us all trouble though.


  1. Happy Merry Xmas to you too. Enjoy your presents…every bit of them!

    Is it me or is this post private? I can’t seem to see this when I’m on my other profile.

  2. Happy Birthday Nagisa~! And Merry Christmas Fuyumaiden ^^. Hope you enjoy your presents. Well Merry Christmas from the most Magical place on Earth~!

  3. Happy merry Christmas !~~ Best wishes for u fuyu-chan :P let us celebrate it with amuto bed scene and chapter 37 lol XD

    c ya when u blog it :D

  4. The best part of Christmas is getting someone a present you’d think they’d like, but they don’t and the awkward smile they put on and the feeling of absolute failure in your heart…

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and get well soon ^^

  5. Merry christmas! XD

  6. Merry Christmas Fuyu-chan! :D You do need to rest. I was all sick with a headache last night on Christmas Eve from doing too much but I feel better today. I actually don’t have my present yet and it’s going to be really late but I’m happy my mom and bro liked their gifts. :) You’re right, giving is much better than recieivng. Though it’s a good feeling getting something too. Anyway, I hope you eat up, sleep well and enjoy the day today and feel the holiday spirit! ^_^

    Happy Merry X-mas

    (Totally can’t wait to see the ep tomorrow and your post after. XD)

  7. Merry Cristmas!Yeah…

  8. Lol Wow, getting more figures, eh? Lucky~! X3 Will be waiting for your posts on those. Hehe

    Ah, giving presents is your favorite part about Christmas. That’s so nice. I personally like choosing and getting the presents for my friends and family the most (kinda strange but that’s the only “spending” I’m not so frowny at, lol) … but I still didn’t get anyone anything yet. B-but I said I’d get it for them when I’m Orlando! So I have another week to search. Haha ^^;

    Kyaa~! Amuuuuu~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333 I love it! *saves*

    And I wished Nagisa a Happy Birthday, too, in my warm humble heart. *prayer-like and shines* (wut? xD)

    && thanx! *fails for being vague but* <3

    Enjoy your Christmas! ;D

  9. Oh yeah!!! It was Nagisa’s birthday! Happy birthday! And Merry Christmas to everyone here.

  10. Merry Christmas!!

    I’ve always thought that the picking of the gifts and the giving of the gifts is the best part of Christmas.

    I remembered to wish Nagisa Happy Birthday on my blog yesterday, glad to see I wasn’t the only one.

  11. Merry Christmas!

    I like making presents for people (cookies, random pieces of writing etc.) It’s fun. ^_^

  12. Ah! I forgot Nagisa! Happy birthday to her now I guess XD!

    Merry Christmas ~~~!

  13. It’s a freaking fictional character!!!!!!!!! Are u that dumb?

  14. I’m a little more spoiled, and tend to like getting presents rather than giving them… :/
    But I do love getting presents for my friends. One of my best friends and I have this running joke at Christmas. Since she hates ducks, her nickname became Duckie, so I always get her a rubber duck/duck shaped thing. xD It’s been going on for like 3 years now, and I think it’s my favorite part of buying Christmas gifts.

  15. I love the first photo!! so cute!

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