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Happy Merry Christmas everyone in Shugo Chara land! And to those fans who stuck it through. It may just be reward time.

It is very likely that soon we will all be receiving a gift for not giving up. So this a two-for-one week for me, I (hopefully) get what I want and now some fans can stop asking me “when is ___ going to happen?” Okay?

Also…Yes. My post was late, but life happens. This time I was actually only busy on Saturday, but the fact that I was so busy on Saturday lead to me sleeping all day today. This is why being sick stinks.

*sigh* As much as I like Shugo Chara, it bothers me that so many of my readers seem to come here for just that or that they look forward to the posts so much. Seeing other people’s enthusiasm so surpassing mine kind of makes my own enthusiasm die out a little. I’ve also been getting more excited about a certain other series and it seems I only have so much excitement in me to spread around.

Nothing to worry about, I’m still blogging Shugo Chara regularly. I’m just explaining why my enthusiasm might not be there in the same way for a little bit. My fangirling always returns to me, I’m just a little worn out. I’ve been trying to do too much again. ^_^;


Short summary because subs are out.

Amu goes to a house for a Christmas party, it turns out to be Lulu’s. Over the course of the party, the two actually get to know each other and begin to get along. Lulu wants to give a present to her mother, but after she sees her mother acting goofy and so she goes out to make some ?-eggs so she can find the embryo and get her mother’s radiance back. On her way home, Amu finds the Santa that Lulu hypnotized (or whatever) and fights him with Lulu watching from behind a tree. Words said in the fight have an effect on Lulu who goes home to give her mom her present and Happy Merry Christmas to all.

Also, Kanae Ito sings a really pretty Christmas song (main reason to watch this episode).


The episode is a lot like a Christmas Special you get to see on TV in my part of the world. I figured this year something relatively plot-important would happen, because it did last year and I guess it did with Amu and Lulu getting along. And in a nice Christmas-y way.


Eru is so cute riding in that sleigh. My goodness, the Tsukiyomi charas have to steal every scene that they’re in, don’t they? No one else got to be in adorable sleighs (or leading them in Yoru’s case).


Aw…Lulu looks so much cute close-up. Because really…I hate her hair. Oh god, hair can piss me off so easily because of my…ways, and Lulu’s happens to be the type that can do that. If her hair was shorter (and therefore the curl not as big either) I’d think she’d be really cute.

But oh well. Can’t have everything. At least Lulu’s personality made itself clear this week and I don’t have to call her a Rima and Utau rip-off anymore.


OMGOMGOMG! The spiral twintails! SPIRAL TWINTAILS! My god, I love curly twintails and Amu…yes, I’m going to call her the best in spiral twintails EVAR.

No seriously. Amu wins. I love how she has some hair in front, because that made it look so cute and the shape of them is just right and…it’s Amu. She can make anything look good.



Ahaha. Mahou Shoujo means coincidences are everywhere. This is a pretty typical one though, so I’ll let it go.

It was pretty fun watching Amu figure it out though. She took it well. Maybe Cool & Spicy is back?


Ooo…almost. But because it’s a Christmas party, her charas told her to hold back. But it became more Cool &…Sweet? lol.

So, does this mean that it took a Christmas miracle for Satelight to make Amu in character? (Haha, okay, maybe I’ll stop picking on them now though)


Hmm…and so Lulu’s revealed personality is…tsundere ojou-sama. orz

I was getting that feeling lately and this one confirmed it and…ah. It’s not like it’s bad, some people like it, I just happen not to be one of those people. I can tolerate Lulu pretty easily because she’s still young, but tsundere ojou-sama is not good for me. And this is one of the signs (bragging). I’ll point out the others as we go along.

However, Lulu being a tsundere ojou-sama is good because it means she’s not like any of the other tsundere girls. Utau is Tsundere classic, Rima is kind of like shy-stubborn tsundere, and Amu is Cool & Spicy.


I loved Amu and her charas reaction to Nana because it’s kind of what the fandom was like if I remember. We saw the commercial with her looking all cutesy and then the voice and…well my reaction was, “OMG FUGLY TRAP!” for the voice.


Another tsundere ojou-sama sign, the fact that she’s taking so much care in her party. It’s a general ojou-sama sign, but the tsundere ojou-sama will get braggy about it (like Lulu did a little saying she had stuff to do).

I mean…For AkaSaka watchers, remember Aynakouji’s two gatherings? Yup. (Though Lulu isn’t even half that bad or annoying…)


That’s my Amu! Purposefully being nice when someone else is all tsuntsun on you. Because Amu knows when to not be stubborn is why she can make friends despite having her own tsundere ways.

Of course, she never would be like this unless Nadeshiko came along to befriend her first, so I send my thank you’s to Nadehiko today!


And now…we talk about the Kanae Ito Christmas song, ‘kay? I guess we can call it “Happy Christmas” (though I am very tempted to call it “Happy Merry Christmas” like the charas).

To put it simply…I love it! This is why Saikyou Love Power was the song I thought suited Kanae-san better, it had a part where Kanae-san sang like this and…ah~ She just sounds so cute and sweet. I just can’t help but smile while listening to it. I really do hope that it gets released, but it’s a shame that it won’t happen before Christmas. It’s a Christmas song after all.

I probably won’t be in the mood to listen to the song too much after Christmas since it is so very Christmas-y. Yup, a good Christmas song. It matched the mood and…*sigh* It’s just really too bad I can’t listen to it a whole bunch before Christmas.



lol, Lulu. You fell too fast. You’ve only met Amu like three times. You’re almost beating Ikuto in warming up to Amu so quickly!

Of course, it’s hard not to smile around Amu with her looking so cute in those twintails (Amu~!).



And one more tsundere ojou-sama sign. Getting all blushy and “well I guess it can’t be helped” over being complimented. You know, trying to be modest without being modest and smirk instead of smile. You know~

Anyway, it really is unfortunate (for me), but it suits Lulu fine and makes her different so whatever. I can’t complain.



I’d be pretty upset if my parents did something like that too (I would hide in my room from shame!). It’s fine if it’s someone else’s parents, but no thank you.

Also…surprised Amu is cute.


And on the topic of Amu’s appearances, isn’t she looking older? Warriorhope brought it up too.

I realized it in this shot where Amu’s standing up straight and has her hands just makes her look more mature and…ladylike (darn the lack of a good adjective). Basically, she’s growing up. (Ignore the awkward, lazy art though that makes her head face all the way to the left…our right).


One complaint I do still have about Lulu is that she needs to grow up. Her wish is still pretty stupid. She should stop and really think about whether or not her mom is happy? To me, she seems happy. I think Lulu is going to realize it eventually, Nana already seems to be realizing that they’re doing the wrong thing. Would-be selves are always ahead of their owners, aren’t they?

…Hmm, maybe being spoiled like Lulu (not realizing that maybe someone else could really use that wish) is part of her fitting into an ojou-sama type?


Thoughtful, kind of sad, Amu is so cute. (GOD! I love that hair.)


…That hat looks so stupid.

Also, aw…Lulu! Don’t make a Santa into your tool! It’s Christmas time! He’s busy (if people around him would stop being asshole)!


…ew. wtf…

Even though Lulu deserves getting chased for messing with people, it’s still hard not to feel bad for. Goddamn that creepy smile. Imagining it in reality is just too much.


I was wondering how Santa could transform into Santa when he was already Santa. Lookie here…purple Santa. -_-;;

lol…”Santa Dream”


I’m usually against Amulet Heart taking up so much screentime, but she was pretty awesome this week with all the recharging of pom=poms.

Of course, I always hate seeing Amulet Heart at this time of year, especially outside. Just looking at her makes me cold.


*gasp* My god Amu you are so cute. I love you most out of my anime girls this week. Freakin’ cute.


It’s kind of a shame that Lulu’s smiley image came right after Amu’s (and that she’s wearing that hat) because she really can’t compare. Not her fault though.

Anyway, glad to see that Lulu decided to appreciate her parents and thank them. I guess you have to forgive them quickly this time of year.


So, that’s it. Could have been better if snow started falling when everyone was getting their Christmas presents, but whatever. I can’t complain.

Actually I can, as a fangirl complaint, whine about how I wanted this year’s Christmas episode to have some fluffy Amuto in it to make up for last year’s Christmas episode, but whatever. Can’t happen since Ikuto has to be missing before he can return. Eh.

Now since a lot of you just come around for Shugo Chara let me wish you a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! now. If you celebrate it. Otherwise, you know a nice Happy Holidays~ and have a good day.

Now preview time! Because that’s what’s most important this week!



So next week, it’s already the New Year and it looks like all the guardians are going to visit a shrine for their first visit of the new year. You know how it goes. Plus meeting Lulu this time. Which is good, the more she’s around the easier she can get befriended and we can move on.

Hrm, which reminds me. It’s this time of year again, so are we skipping a week of Shugo Chara again this year? I don’t normally find out the airings, but I know lots of anime get postponed for a week this time of year. Shugo Chara did last year. So is it happening at all? Is it happening this Saturday or the one after? What? Anyone know.

Anyway we also have…


Two chara-nari (oh my~)


Nagihiko taking charge of the guardians again (awesome~). Time in the preview means guaranteed time in the episode. So…can I hope for some tsuntsun Rimahiko too? Yes? No?





Kyaaa~! Bed scene~! Welcome back Shugo Chara!

Or wait. Lulu’s still here. Hmm…makes me think back to what came up in episode 59 and my edited-in rage.

However, those of you who have been with me against Ikuto’s arc starting up too soon, I have a compromise. Just the bed scene and then…fillers (and finishing up Lulu’s stuff). Yes! Fillers!

Because these wouldn’t just be fillers, they would be fillers…while Ikuto…is living in Amu’s room. YES! Guaranteed Ikuto in every episode! I WANT THAT!!!

Of course, if they go about it a different way it’s going to be troublesome. It would be especially bad for them to hurry too much with Shugo Chara guaranteed to take at least one more month since it was postponed this month. I always figured they might put fillers in after a certain point (Ikuto chara-nari-ing as Death Rebel, before or after Amu finds out, but before the final confrotnation. Maybe they’d kind of throw in the Nagihiko chapter too at some point out of order. You know…whatever.), but I don’t want too many fillers because it kind of deflates the drama.

Well, let’s see where it goes. New ending coming up soon too, so there’s a lot to look forward to (Co no Michi by Buono!).

EDIT: New opening coming up too apparently. Shugo Chara Egg’s next single is being released at the end of February and the title is “Shugo Shugo” and it will be used as an opening (As if the title weren’t an indication). New opening usually means new arc so…um yeah.


  1. Yes yes yes! The bed scene is finally upon us! I’m happy with Satelight for two reasons:
    1) They’re making the characters look a little older, some it seems that time ACTUALLY passes.
    2) They change Amu;s hairstyle ever now and then (the spiral twintails are WIN).


    -drops dead on floor-

  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year ! yay the bed scene i waited so long ! gonna look good in future amuto amv’s :) i hope they start ikuto arc without lulu or any fillers because after few days we will have chapter 37 Yey !!~~ we will find out what happens when amu unlock the key and lock :) AMUTO ~~!! in your face tadase lol XD he can NEVER get to amu’s bed ! and amu is SO CUTE in this episode :)

  4. YAY!!!!! BED SCENE!!!!!! This cheers me up from a certain thing that happened in a certain chapter of a certain manga. I was constantly checking here because I was really anxious to see what you would say about the bed scene. Happy Merry Christmas to you too! I am so going to start saying that now!

  5. Feeling excited as it is with the preview.
    And OMG, I’m happy that you think the same way as I do. I also thought that he could stay with Amu till the time is right for the anime to get along with the plot.
    And to clear your questions, the break that the anime will have will be on the 3rd of January, meaning that we will have that episode still next week. After that we’ll be sure to have the episodes subbed in CR <.<
    …and, if I’m not mistaken, given the fact that we already have 2 chapter in the “soon-to-be” volume 9, there must be 6 more chapters left of the manga (unless Amu starts to count with her toes to excede vol 10 xD). It will end probably in June/July. If Doki is 51 epis, Satelight might finally decide to be truth in the end to the manga and give us 2 months of anime goodies, aka ending like the manga (~8 episodes ^^)

  6. Right now I am hyperventilating with excitement.

    BED SCENE!!!!! -faints and revives-

    And they just got there on manga fox… I can wait for the mindless Amuto fluff…. <_< Oooooh! If they don’t give us Amuto clips, even jsut little ones, in every episode, I’m gonna be pissed!!!!

    Wow~ Amu does look adorable in the pigtails! ^^ lol, Yoru pulling the sleigh~ Hm. :\ will the next episode be a Amuto New Years if just a little, or cut off at the bed scene at the end, like the manga chapter? Ooh! I can’t wait nya!! i’m going to go watch it now!! -runs to watch-

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!! (And Hanaku and Kwanaza and New Years~) ^^

  7. I was so surprised and shocked at the bed scene that I gasped out loud. Luckily my bedroom door was closed. Lols. Happy Merry Christmas to everybody too~!

  8. Yes, the Christmas special feel of it is awesome. ^_^

    I can see the Death Rebel thing too. It tends to happen a lot in Maho Shojo. I really want fillers of Ikuto living in Amu’s room though.

    New opening? Already wow that’s scary.

    Anyways Happy Holidays.

  9. Happy Merry Cristmas!
    If Amu’s hair would be the usual I don’t think I would enjoy this episode too much.But still Kanae Ito sang again!I could say soo much about me waiting the next episode but I won’t.I know If I get to exited it will turn out to be a stupid filler with 2 seconds of Amuto( :( I don’t want that! ).Anyway,Happy Holidays Fuyu-sama!

  10. KYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ (Overreactive fangirly side) AMUTONESS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN DISNEYLAND WHERE IT’S RAINING! Going on… This episode was very well. I was hoping like maybe Su or Miki could Kyara Nari instead of Ran so it coud be more “artistic” or “girly” I seriously thought that Miki or Su would be better for this but Satelight’s just tryin to make us happy. *sigh* Well Merry Christmas Fuyumaiden! And Happy new year!

  11. That dumb hat, the fact that I like Lulu a lot more now, and the fact that the Amuto bes scene is in the next episode were the only things I got out of this episode. Not to say I didn’t like it, I really actually did a lot, just didn’t get a lot from it… :/

  12. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY bed scene has come…………i’ve been waiting for this for soooooooooooooooo long but that will prpobably at the end of the episode and continue on ep 65 soooooo HAPPYYYYY gooo amuto at least my hoilday will be brightened up but its kinda confusing because in the manga ikuto gets his violin and then ends up being in amu’s bed wonder if there gonnna show that :s but still SOOOOOOO happy that when i saw the preveiw i screamed and was speechless and stupid tadase is gonna be in the episode -_- anyways happy new year everyone!

  13. oh, and…. Merry Christmas, Fuyu-chan~!!! ^_^


    *goes into corner to fangirl*

    but seriously didnt manami already charanari? in the first ?-chara episode? flower dream?


    Eru face =.=(her eyes are always closed.)

    (> <) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your whatever to help her on her way to world domination!
    (゚、 。 7
     l、 ~ヽ
     じしf_,)ノ This is Kitty. Copy Kitty into your whatever to help her on her way to world domination!

    | • ▬ • | This is Panda. Copy Panda into your whatever to help her on her way to world domination!

  15. Aiya~, fangirling is brutal, hun. ^^; I get what you mean, though.

    But you’re an expert at it so wear it with pride. *insert cool sunglasses smiley here* lol xD

    So yay! Christmas episode. Let’s start. *cracks fingers* >:D

    I am very fond of Lulu’s hair…because it looks so strange! I can poke fun at it all day long till I get bored and then poke fun at it the very next day all the same. And yes, I’m still calling it the octopus hair style (if her hair color was red, it’d look like a tako sausage wig). xDD

    *floored at the UBER adorable-ness of Amu’s corkscrew pigtails* I dub Amu my favorite heroine with the most awesomest hairstyles of all times (and more yadayada after that).
    “So, does this mean that it took a Christmas miracle for Satelight to make Amu in character? (Haha, okay, maybe I’ll stop picking on them now though)
    You are mean, girl! I agree. xDDD

    Haha, Lulu’s tsundere Oujo-sama personality was expected, I guess. Since she’s the daughter of two very talented people, it’d be weird if she were not.

    ;__; Why’d you have to mention Na-chi? Now I miss her. *boohoo~* Aha, I kid, I kid. Very true on that point. ^^

    I hate Pony Canyon (or whoever’s in charge of the CDs). What the hell is taking them so long to get these character singles out? HMM?! ):<

    AMUUUUU~~~~~!!! *squeal* xDDDD She is so cute. Who can resist Amu’s smile? I adore it. 8D (I would add some cruddy comment about pairings here but nah, haha)

    Hmm, I hope we get to see Amu when she’s sixteen or something. Either in the manga or the anime is fine (both would be just awesome). I’d be truly happy to see that. x3

    About Lulu’s wish for her mom, yea, she’s really dumb about the concept of happiness but I think there’s a little more to it than that. & I’ll just quote a little of what I said on warrior’s post (cuz I’m so lazy~):

    “I guess it’s because she always thought of her mother as a beautiful and composed actress that to see her acting in such a way makes her very depressed – almost as if she thinks her mother lost what she really admired about her (and Lulu’s mom did say something about being on a temporary break from acting, didn’t she?). So she wants the Embryo to get that back and that’s just really simply naïve thinking”

    Hmm. Yea. That’s what it seemed to me. :/

    Amulet Heart~! <3 Ah, but Amu’s last smiling shot was the one that pwns everything else. I wish Ikuto was there to see her smile like that. I mean, he did see it before (amusment park date) but now that she’s “changed”, as he so rightly puts it himself (hehe), I wonder what his reaction will be to her now…aww, man! I want him to blush a little and secretly go *doki!* and then be tsuntsun/stubborn about it! I know that’s a little impossible at the moment and maybe totally OOC but I do! I do! Kyaaa~!!!! xDDDDD

    SO! …If they’re meeting Lulu on the way to the shrine, I want hints of Ludase them to unwillingly get along (lol, “befriended”, where’s Nanoha? xD; ). Bitch wars between Rima and Lulu? Oh yes! Mwuahahaha~!

    And I thought the next ep will be on the 27th but that’s what Wiki said. Don’t know if it’s true so we’ll just have to see. Waahhh! I’m going to stay up all night for the torrent before I go to Florida if it’s showing this Friday! I will NOT miss this ep for the world.

    K, the sibling chara-nari’s remind me of an ep I saw in the fourth season of Sailor Moon. But w/e, cuz I get…

    Nagi in traditional male kimono wear. 8D

    …AND DUH! The obvious. Hahaha
    This is awesome. Really. And it is no dream if they do show us a shot of sleeping Ikuto (yes, thank you for confirming, Satelight!). Aha~, I was reading the scanlations of Ch. 27 and when they said Ikuto was “like a shooting star” and I heard “nagareboshi” in the preview, I fapped: “Damn yea! It’s about time he make like the hot shooting star he is and crash land (snugly) into Amu’s bed!” xDD Why am I so crazy? I dunno~…

    But yep, this just basically seals the deal he’s there to stay for a while. I have no problem with fillers until the drama in the manga is cleared and we’re ready to go into the Ikuto arc after Lulu issues are cleared (in fact, I welcome them).

    Amu: *coming home tired after battling again*
    Ikuto: You’re late~…get me something to eat.
    Amu: *glares*

    Yes? :3

    Ugh, and I hope the people who won’t stop yapping about how Lulu will interfere b/c this is happening now will shut up about getting rid of her. That’d be just dumb if she just suddenly walked out b/c Ikuto’s arc is only slightly starting. Consistency, people! =P

    Hmm, so new ending, eh? Sounds cute though unoriginal…again. *sigh* It’s even bad that they forgot to add in “Hop! Step! Jump!” and the other phrases like how Buono! did it with the first season. & I wonder how they will be able to put Death Rebel in all his awesome dark glory in the OP with such a cheery-sounding song (assuming from the title). Eh, w/e, I’ll deal with it when it comes. But can’t wait for Buono!’s new song. x3

    Oh wow, another long comment…well, I can finally say that I will be officially opening my blog (hopefully) by Friday. *tryin’ to make a banner now* Let my ranting and rambling get released like Haruka-papa’s Hell Hounds (lol).

    But I’ll probably still have a page to comment on your post (still too soon to leave my commenter status). ^^;

    Yep, thanx for the awesome review! ^^ Now off to read your other one.

  16. 0.0 Fuyumaiden! I just saw this episode, Lulu had 4 Mahou no Jewel’s at the beginning now she has three! And Nana looks Like she doesn’t want to work for Easter anymore. By the end of next week, Lulu will have two! Eventually she’ll hopefully leave!

  17. i wish satelight just stuck to the plot and filler they screw things up too much. if they stuck to the plot, then after utau’s arc they could do a filler but no they had to combine BOTH THE FILLER AND THE PLOT. that’s why i hate them i love them bc the episodes are entertaining. sry im ranting… yea i’ve got mixed feelings and my friends feel the same way.
    i luved the christmas song. did they release a soundtrack for shugo chara yet? and where can you download shugo chara music to put on ur i pod? like my heartful song and love power and this christmas song

  18. haha I squeeled when I saw Ikuto and bsically yelled that his arc is here then I knew you most likely did too xD

  19. OMFG!!!! i luv amu in those spiral twintails!!!!!! I LOVE HER HAIR!!!!!!! she just looks so cute! they should keep her hair like that instead of her usual hair. i can’t wait until the next ep. AMUTO 4 LIFE!!!!!!! i am a crazy amuto fan and tadagay hater. we will finaly see ikuto’s true arc begin! i’m so freakin’ excited! this ep was awesome fuyu. keep up the good work fuyu! ^^

  20. That scene…
    That scene…
    OMFG it’s that scene!

    Welcome back, Shugo Chara.

  21. This episode was cute…though it did get a little boring.
    About that scene, I’m not really hyped up for it to appear because Amu didn’t really see him appear that way. It’s likely to be just a premonition.
    I’m keeping my hopes low for now. :O
    Ah…finally Ruru can be considered a proper character and not a rip-off. :D

  22. How do they sleep with the lights on?

  23. ya i heard it was coming out on the 27th just to let u no
    YAYAY bed scene:)

  24. Another wonderful Christmas episode!

    Lulu looks so kawaii, I just wanna hug her!!


    I personally can’t wait for the new OP+ED songs. “Rottara Rottara” was awesome and “Minna no Tamago” just knocked my socks off, so I’m pretty freaking excited for “Shugo Shugo” and “Co-no-mi-chi”.

    Here’s to more Shugo Chara awesomeness in 2009!

    Bed scene is finally here!!!!♥
    Once more-KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!♥
    Okay done.
    Totally doki doki♥♥♥♥^^

  26. hey i know this was meant to go on youtube on sunday but i can’t see it anywere i mean its my favorite one im going to have a melt down why is it not there i want to see it so much tell where can i find it. i’v been loooking every where for cds but nope also nice pix there great in telling the story but serisusly help why can’t i see it im meltin down help any one in disappering help im going going gone gagwg help me!


    *faints from lack of air*

  28. OMFG!!!! XD!! I KNOW IM A TOTAL LOSER FOR NOT STARTING TO READ THESE BOOKS UNTIL THIS MORNING, (X-MAS! WAH-CHA!) BUT I TOO, HAVE BEEN AWAITING THE BED SCENE FOREVER! even though i haven’t a clue what happens…besides the ikuto-in-amu’s-bed part, the romance, and it being a scene.. HA HA! DAMN YOU TADASE! SUCKIT KAIRI! YOU LOSE KUKAI! SORRY NAGIHIKO, BUT WE KNOW YOU LOVE AMU TOO, (you kinda gave it away it your first appearence…idiot…lovely sweet idiot… you sucked out your own chance at romance with amu… :p!) IKUTO IS THE BEST! ALL HAIL HIM! I LOVE HIM! WHERE ARE MY CALMING PILLS?! SCREW IT! I DON’T EVEN TAKE PILLS!!! OMFG! KKKKKKKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  29. OH…MY…GOD…I think I might die of happiness just from LOOKING at that screencap. O.O Seriously need to get back to blogging. I feel awful for being so sucky with my consistency. But…I MUST…see that..I will be impatiently awaiting that scene for days to come…Wow…just..OMG…finally…WOW. *Goes into corner to fangirl without annoying people*

  30. OMFG!!!!
    IS HERE!!!
    IM A HUGE FAN :]<3

  31. FREAKKKKK!!!

  32. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ~,~ kiss scene, kiss scnene!!!! ohmg!!! ^-^ finally something good!!! Thanks for the summary!!! so cute can[t wait for next episode!!!

  33. Um… I know this is (slightly) irrelevant but, I would like to share my analysis of Amuto vs. Tadamu crap. Oh, and miss S.A., (don’t know your name, XC), but I’d likeit if you gave me your thoughts on this, if, of course, you actually read these.

    Ikuto: Loves Amu for who she is
    Tadase: Loves Amu’s CharaNari Amulet Heart, idiot.
    Ikuto: Doesn’t see Amu often.
    Tadase: Knows Amu more personally.
    Ikuto: Always teases Amu, (Not Good!!!Xp)
    Tadase: Always (overly) sweet to Amu.
    Ikuto: Has got the good looks and it mature(*Fangirl squeal).
    Tadase: Is still (somewhat) ugly and young, (opinions, but still…)
    Ikuto: Is intimidating (cosplay XJ) and spontaneous.
    Tadase: Is cute and predictable.
    Ikuto: Though, he isn’t who you think of when you think “hero”, but if you look back, he’s rescued/protected Amu a lot more times than he gets credit for.
    Tadase: He is the one who always, as Tadamu fans always boast, holds Amu, princess-style in his arms. But note: How many times has he actually done this? Twice? Three times? And he also ONLY does this when she becomes Amulet Heart! WAY too good to be real.
    Ikuto: Sure, he’s perfect for Amu, but is he DEPENDABLE?? Signs point to no, he disappears WAY too much. X0
    Tadase: Sigh… is always there for Amu.
    Ikuto: Whenever Amu is with him, she can be her true self, (the whole Amuto voilin/singing scene.
    Tadase: Whenever Tadase opens his mouth, half the time it’s to tempt Amu to do something he wants, which, of course, causes her to become all “Cool & Spicy” (Xp)
    Ikuto: Worst name called by Amu: Cat-Cosplay-Weirdo(? What does cosplay mean anyway?)
    Tadase: Worst name called by Amu: Shorty (Ouch! That’s Harsh!)
    Ikuto: Obstacle: Utau, (bot for him, but for Amu. (XK)
    Tadase: Obstacle: Half the 6th grade. (And Amu wants to be normal, right? Well, not with Tadase*! *One BRILLIANT way to make enemies with everybody.)


    IKUTO~MY NEKA-CHAN~ WINS!!!!!!!XD!!!!!!!!

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