From Half-Hiatus to Holiday Half-Hiatus

December 22, 2008 at 6:29 am | Posted in Site | 13 Comments


Yay~ The holidays made me sick~

Of course, it’s really winter that’s to blame, but some stress involved with the holiday season made me sicker. So, unfortunately we’re hitting another Half-Hiatus until after Christmas.

Basically this means that I am limiting my blogging activities to the 12 Days posts (because I love it so), but everything else has a nice big stall on it. Hohoho. Merry Christmas. That is the gift I give to you…nothing. Even less than usual. (Sorry, I know it sucks)

This really only affects Skip Beat! and my Weekly Anime. So basically this just means that I will not be catching up with either of those right now.

My 12 Days, I’m already behind, but I’m still going to do all 12 posts (well, minus the Skip Beat one I decided to skip). They’ll probably suffer a decrease in quality, but I’m going to start writing my last one now so that will come out nicely.

Also…less replying to comments I’m sure. *failure*

So, I pretty much caught up with everything this weekend anyway. It’s really not that big of a deal, but you know. I wanted to make it clear anyway, especially since I’m not sure exactly when after Christmas I’ll be functional. Therefore, the half-hiatus. You know.

Actually, maybe you don’t know. Some people didn’t get Half-Hiatus last time so let me tell you…it means I’m slowing down, I know it, and I can’t fix it. Also, I’m mildly absent from the internet in general. There you go.

Now then for more reasons (even though I don’t need to give them), here are my Holiday woes…in list form! (AKA what I need to do)

  • Wrap presents.
  • Buy cards to give out personally.
  • Help my dad find stocking stuffers for my mom.
  • Bake. Five pies and Gingerbread cookies.
  • I have to find my Christmas dress…
  • Clean my room.
  • Help clean up the house.
  • Finish decorating the house.
  • Finish decorating the tree while not having an OCD “THOSE ORNAMANENTS ARE THE SAME COLOR AND THEY’RE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER AGH!” breakdown.
  • Avoid having other OCD breakdowns over the way my mom arranges her nutcracker collection.
  • Watch 100 Christmas Specials and fit Dark Knight in there too because my brother hasn’t seen it and I want to watch it again (That movie is fucking awesome)

Also add in all my normal daily woes. Like trying to remember to eat, getting on the right sleep schedule, remembering to take the right medicine, etc, etc, sick girl worries.

It’s a shame I can’t look as cute as Nagisa did around Christmas, even though she was sick too. *pout*

Anyway, normally all this stuff wouldn’t be so bad, but this year our family somehow forgot that my Dad has to work a lot more hours before Christmas. We’re idiots.

So that’s it. I’m busy, can’t post much until…maybe even a few days after Christmas.

I could have just said that and avoided all of this text, but whatever. You don’t have to read it.

(And yeah, messy, messy, rambling because I’m sick. This time I don’t care because it’s not a real post. Just…yeah whatever.)


  1. lol XD happy holidays and i want to taste what u bake :P Merry Christmas and happy new year :D u sure post a lot for a sick person lol XD get well soon ~~!! :P

  2. You sound like my sister, she always gets sick the week of Christmas :p
    Hope you feel better, take your time. The people who matter don’t mind waiting for you ^^

    P.S. Jeez, that list would suck, I’m glad I’m schneizeleffort around the holidays. Lazy ftw~

  3. and here is my present for u :P a cute one i found !

  4. Get well soon ^_^. …And don’t forget the style inspiration this Christmas: the manga-fied Fuyu-chan with the wind and scarf ^_^!!!

    Finish decorating the tree while not having an OCD “THOSE ORNAMANENTS ARE THE SAME COLOR AND THEY’RE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER AGH!” breakdown.
    >>Oh god I’m having this dilemma too T.T and much worse, the Christmas lights we just bought had the same colors right next to each other. Arrgh… I always get irritated when they open them -_-…

    Aaand, advanced Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Take it easy and enjoy the holidays.

  6. Lol I hated Dark night (Actually I hate Batman in general) Poor you with Holiday madness, and too much snow. Here in Disnyeland we have too much Freakin Rain! And it’s not cold, it’s HOT! So in My world your having a better christmas then I am. Even though I’m not sick, I finally got rid of my Cold. Well Merry Merry Christmas! 0.0 I just realized something, Satelight (really stupid idea) might have brought the bed scene back because chap.37 is delayed.

  7. I hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime, I think we all understand why you won’t be able to post as much and we just hope you focus on getting better.
    I’ve managed to get my tree up so far, but the fact that there isn’t a single present under it worries me. Christmas is in less than a week and I haven’t started my shopping! Not to mention all the baking I have to get done myself as well…
    Anyway, even with all this pre-Christmas craziness, I hope you have a Happy Holiday! :)

  8. What? Sick? And Christmas is coming? WTF!? Thats soo.. uhh..

    Get well soon. :D And enjoy the holidays.

  9. Whoa, pretty busy.

    It’s ok. These are the holidays (oiyoiyoi). Just take your time and enjoy them to the fullest (as stressful as it may be ^^; ) and feel better.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! :D

  10. Mo0on12: I post more when I’m not sick though. Ah, when I first started my blog, so much activity sometimes.

    nazarielle: I can sympathize with her then…it sucks. Usually Christmas cheer has me feeling better on Christmas day though.

    kanzeon: Actually I just went out and bought a scarf the other day. A big one.

    Agh! Our lights are like that too. Luckily my mom arranges them so you can’t really notice. But omg there’s pink/purple and red ones and they’re right next to each other and look the same and it pisses me off.

    warriorhope: I’ll try. ^_^;

    Dia: By “I hate Batman” you better mean, “I hate all superhero movies” because otherwise there’s no excuse for hating Batman. I can let hating Dark Knight (but seriously, how!?) and Batman go only if you dislike superhero movies in general.

    -_-; I don’t think you’re allowed to complain about a crappy Christmas in Disney Land. No matter what the weather (it’s the happiest place on earth~)

    Except the episode for Shugo Chara are made planned 3 months in advance so they wouldn’t know about the chapter being delayed.

    lostty: No shopping at all yet? Oh my god that would be my worst nightmare. I got stressed because I didn’t finish my shopping until last week.

    Kairu Ishimaru: Haha, well thank you.

    xiao_jie: Yes pretty busy. I’m going to try to enjoy the holidays (though I doubt I can get to my usual almost elf-level cheer).

    And yes~! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone else as well!

  11. @Fuyumaiden Lolz then, well it’s still a good X-mas present ^^. And yes I can complain since I was dragged on Grizzly Bear river run and got SOAKED! And it CAN be the Happiest place on Earth~ but it isn’t. For me the happiest place on Earth would be Japan~

  12. Awww man, sick during Christmas? That’s unfortunate! Hope you’ll recover very soon, and get heaps of nice presents :).

  13. I’m impressed by how your illness is always present, especially during the holidays! Wait…I’m only kidding.

    Anyhow, what I’m about to say has pretty much already been said by everyone else. I’ll say it again for the heck of it…get well soon!! I’m really wondering how and why your immune system is unable to build up resistance, coming from somebody who has been attacked so many times.

    Nevertheless, Merry Christmas! I’m wishing you a Christmas miracle that your sickness may disappear. If it so happens where that wish does not take place, I’m just going to wish you a very bright Christmas spirit. You might have a sickly body, but at least your spirit’s bright.


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