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I’m a horrible fangirl. Clannad is probably the series I most enjoy every week, but I haven’t been able to get around to saying anything about it each week. I’m happy to say I have an excuse though. I was sick because winter sucks (and that makes me happy?).

Of course, I’ve gotten better and have been able to do some pretty regular blogging, so I’m working on getting everything back on track. Episode 12 of Clannad of course inspired me very much to push forward with my three episode post, so here I go!

I can’t do my usual blogging for Clannad this week because that’s too much for three episodes at once. It makes me feel like a failure as a Nagisa fangirl when I can’t do my usual random shots of her but…gah. I want to get better and stress is bad for me. Nagisa would understand that, right?

Of course she would, because she’s the most understanding, adorable girl to ever (not) exist.

Hm…I’m going to make most of the images random, adorable shots of Nagisa just the same. To let everyone know, I don’t think much of this is in order.

Episode 10

cas10-06Tomoya has gotten a lot cuter the longer he’s been with Nagisa.

I believe some guys like to say it means he’s wussier and use it as an excuse to say why he shouldn’t be with Nagisa (except anime-only Tomoyo fanboys can’t say that because Tomoya was such a wuss in that episode). All I can say to you guys is that’s why you’ll never have a girlfriend. We like cute boys. Or at least boys who don’t determine that cute = wussy.cas10-03

But um…Nagisa’s having a hard time at school again, isn’t she? I think it’s the next episode where we see her warming up in gym class by herself, but…*sigh* poor Nagisa. I’ve never gone to school by myself (I firmly refused as some may recall), but I had the awful luck of never being in the same classes as my friends and, even worse, rarely in the same lunch period. I think it’s worse than having people pick on you sometimes (because I’ve had that happen too), because then you at least socialize with people more. Personally, I enjoy calling a girl a fat bitch for making fun of me more than I enjoy non-existance.

cas10-04Oh…poor Nagisa. She handles it so well though. Smiling through all of her difficulties. She’s gotten a lot stronger than she was at the beginning of this series. Something that makes me very happy. I love seeing my favorite girls get stronger. It fills me up with pride because I supported and believed in them (though of course it’s all fictional, but still).

It really was fun seeing Tomoya so enthusiastic about being an adult. I love what Yoshino Yusuke said, “You’re like a kid who is eager to be an cas10-07adult”. Such a smart thing to say. He says such good, true things (weird sometimes, but true). I have a friend who is kind of like that since I’m at that age where some people are entering the adult world. My friend is enterring the work force soon and is so excited about it that it’s cute. My brother’s the same, but he was excited back when he first had his internship (and not cute at all!) and not so much now.

Me…I’m stuck in the middle. Trying to hold onto my teenage years since I missed out on so much when I was sick, but wanting to grow up and move on as well. Right now it’s all about even for me. School and a job. I’m not too sure about my future really, so I guess I’m still focusing on being a kid.


Now on a less-substantial and more fangirling moment…seeing Nagisa cooking (while singing dango daikazoku~) and Tomoya blushing as he talked about them maybe living together someday made my day! It’s so cute how they start having a family life before they even officially become a family.

Ah, it already started in episode 09, but Tomoya and Nagisa are really acting like a couple now, aren’t they? I know I might get some hate for this, but good riddance to the side character arcs!!! I liked them, but they really interfered with the development of the main story. After Clannad is over I’m going to watch the whole thing and skip that stuff.

Oh yes! And because I’d be terrible to forget. The scene where Tomoya asked Akio if he could “take Nagisa with him” someday…another day-making scene. Or just a really good one. You know, whichever.

Episode 11

cas11-01I want to be woken up in the morning by Nagisa. T_T I have trouble waking up in the morning, but if Nagisa woke me up I’d be up in 0.02 seconds.

…I am coming to the awful realization that I tend to sound more like a fanboy than a fangirl when talking about Nagisa these days…Oh well. More “Nagisa is awesome” ramblings in a way that makes me seem more like a girl.cas11-08

Nagisa is the best girlfriend EVAR. If it was me that got stood up, I might understand, but I’d be really vindictive about it. I’d be glaring and I’d probably hit him and make him buy me something. Someday I hope to learn how to keep guys in line with wonderful words like Nagisa does, rather than violence (except hitting is fun~).

cas11-04…I can’t stay on the only girlish path though. Nagisa is freakin’ cute in her apron. So cute how she takes care of Tomoya like a housewife~ And how she worries about him and…ah~ Nagisa~ I love you more every week.

It’s so cute how worried she got about Tomoya being lonely too. That’s real love there! Hrm. It’s too bad they couldn’t go on either date. More NagisaxTomoya would always be good. Hmm, but the Furukawa antics that took place instead of the first date (when Nagisa had a test) were still fun. I kind of missed them too. Akio and Sanae are awesome. That’s all I can say.cas11-03

What a happy family~ It’s really the Furukawa family that make this anime for me. Tomoya gets included with them now btw. The way all of them interact is great. I get the feeling that the more Tomoya hangs out with them, the less jokes he gets to make on his own though.

Ah…but that second date. Of course Nagisa is a great girlfriend because she’s so understanding, but it’s really too bad. Smiling and being so upbeat about it though. Nagisa really is the best.


Hahaha, the last scene at Tomoya’s job is what really kind of made the episode complete though. Yoshino Yusuke is awesome. The way he can say such speeches so entirely seriously…never ever will get old. I actually had to go back and watch his first speech (in the first season) after seeing this episode. “LOVE!”

Episode 12


KYAAAA~! Proposal~!!! Hahaha, while writing this episode, I’m actually playing “The Wedding March” in the background (seriously, though it happened to be a coincidence and I let it continue because of the occasion~).

On a side note, did you know that “The Wedding March” was apparently written with Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” in mind. I have the whole collection of songs on a CD. And…um. This is way off-topic. Sorry. My mind does not work properly at times like this. Because…


Kyaaa~! Alright, “kyaa” doesn’t quite fit it in the moment, but it still fits my whole mood about the whole thing. Ah! I love marriage! You hardly ever get to see an actual married couple in anime. You usually just get it in the epilogue, which is fine, but I feel like I’m getting ripped-off.

Ah! I want there to be a wedding! I fucking love weddings! Ah and at this point I must clarify I got “The Wedding March” on that CD as a coincidence. I’m not that crazily into weddings. Maybe I’m so into wedding, because I’ve never actually been to one (SOMEONE INVITE ME!!!). Tch. My brother got to go to my uncle’s wedding (but it’s okay they got divorced anyway…).

I…got so off-track again. I guess I’m kind of like a dog who forgets all about what they were doing when you wave a steak in their face. Except my steak is marriage (and weddings~).


But let me see…before I got off to happy shipping heaven in this post, I’ll talk about other parts of the episode first…I loved the return of Akio’s quizzes. Oh the happy Furukawa family life. Families where everyone jokes around are so much fun. Dad’s that act like idiots are fun too (mine does that, in a different way, but he acts like an idiot).

Hehe~ I love how Nagisa tends to take it seriously. She’s so darn cute.

Next…Yoshino Yusuke (we still use his full name at all times).


To be honest, I felt his story was a little short, so I kind of felt like it would be forgotten, but oddly enough, it worked that way. Telling a story to someone in the car, that’s more how it would come out (short) and using images to tell the story was a nice bit of subtlety that I was afraid KyoAni had forgotten this season.

Outside of how it was told, I also liked Yoshino Yusuke’s story. People being inspired by your music causing your own downfall? To be honest, I’d think it would be the opposite, but after watching this episode it makes a lot of sense. Somewhere in the back of my mind it always made sense that celebrities and singers would turn to drugs, but I couldn’t think of any specific reason (just…pressure, but not exactly what kind). I don’t think it’s the same reason for everyone, but for the first time it feels like something I couldn’t understand was explained to me.


And now Kouko and Yoshino Yusuke make a good couple, instead of looking at them and wondering, “How the heck did that happen?” It makes sense! The (mildly) strict shipper fangirl approves. The way Kouko was just there for him reminded me of Nagisa, so I might have a soft spot for this couple.


Moving right along to Tomoya…poor guy. All of his enthusiasm from the past couple of episodes lead to something really good and then…it gets ruined by something he can’t even control. Life just isn’t fair. This episode I really thought Tomoya’s anger at his father was justified (as opposed to other times when he kind of just flips out because he holds his anger in too long). I really felt bad for him, especially since he’d been getting so cute and (like Nagisa said) kinder.

But it’s fine! Because of this I got my proposal (kyaa…).


Moving on again to NagisaxTomoya (oh almost there!) and Nagisa in general. She’s…really good at…”dealing with” seems wrong, so maybe “handling” Tomoya. She really wants to help him heal his relationship with his father, but she doesn’t push him too much. She brings it up, but will let it go too. If it were anyone but Nagisa it wouldn’t work though. Because Tomoya only really listens to Nagisa about that stuff right now (and that’s so cute).


Ah…it really was a bit of a shame that after Tomoya and Nagisa had advanced so much that something bad had to happen. I can’t feel too bad about it all since it lead to MOAR NagisaxTomoya scenes. But still…I like the fluff and wanted a little bit more. I mean, I’m sure we’ll still get more (for god’s sake they’re getting married) but still…


The scene at the swingset was great. Tomoya was saying stupid unreasonable things, but Nagisa was awesome and pulled out something Tomoya can’t argue with. She loves the town they live in because a lot of good things have happened, the most important thing being their meeting. Tomoya can’t argue with that, can he? Nagisa is totally in charge of that relationship now, or at least at the times when she needs to be (and Tomoya is in charge when he needs to be).


Of course all of this lead to Nagisa and Tomoya visitng Tomoya’s father…who was being quite stupid (there’s got to be some limit to smiling, especially without saying anything).

But of course, in difficult times, that’s when the people around you can show that they’ll come through for you and Nagisa did!


To me, it seems like Nagisa becomes an even better girl every episode. Like I said before, she can handle Tomoya really well. In the first season (and on into this season), we got to see Tomoya being a better person because he wanted to help Nagisa. Now Nagisa is always getting stronger because of Tomoya too. Oh and it just makes me so happy. To me, you can’t have a better relationship than that. Two people that love and support each other. Whenever one of them is having a hard time, the other one can step in quite easily to make it better.

Ehe~ But I don’t want to get too into that in this post. It’s something I think you just get (even if you don’t think about it consciously) without having it explained to you. Nagisa and Tomoya are just…great together.


That last scene shows it best I think. When Tomoya proposes (kyaaa~). It’s asked rather suddenly and Nagisa just replies “yes” without hesitation. The two of them just love eachother most and that’s really so…oh it’s so wonderful (I love this series!!!). Oh and Nagisa really said it at the end, didn’t she? “If we’re together we can become stronger.” YES!!!


And oh…I think I’m actually done now. This episode was wonderful, wasn’t it? So wonderful that its wonderfulness is something you just have to get. If you didn’t think this episode was wonderful and that Tomoya and Nagisa are a pretty much perfect couple, then there’s something wrong with you.

Hm. I’m pretty sure that Tomoya and Nagisa my favorite pairing ever…at least for today. I’m so easily overcome by current emotions and tend to forget other things.


P.S. (Never had to do this before) Watching it a second time, I got all teary-eyed when Nagisa said that they can become stronger together. This scene is really just so…so great. That’s all I can say. I’m so tempted to work it into my Twelve Moments of Anime for this year…



Looks like it’s time to tell the families about the engagement! Oh the word “engagement” makes me so happy.

…I’m going to have to edit this post so much when I return to my regular theme (some those images…).

I also feel like I messed up massively somewhere in this post. I’m probably being stupid as usual, so feel free to ignore me. I just feel the need to say it so that I won’t seem like a total idiot if it turns out I’m right.


  1. Wow,episode 12 was awesome.God I love Clannad.By the way will you blog shugo chara today or will you wait for subs?You should really watch it.Kanea Ito’s voice shines again…

  2. Yes it was an awesome episode!

    About Shugo Chara though, I’m glad you caught me before I left (hopefully someone else will read the comments on this post). I watched the episode already, but I’m off to pick up my brother from his college today so I can’t blog it until (maybe) late tonight.

    I loved hearing Kanae-san sing though. I want that song! Too bad we probably won’t get it before Christmas (even though it’s a Christmas song!)

  3. Whoa, long post…means long comment. Haha ;D

    INORITE?!! D:<

    Who says being sweet and carefree with your girlfriend equals wussy? Idiots. No girl would want you if you’re being all “manly” and stiff all the time. They might as well be going out with a walking rock.

    Anyways…awwz, Nagisaaa~!!! She looked so lonely and sad that I wanted to hug her. ;________;

    Hmm, but yes, she handled those problems really well even though her smiling cover-up was not that good but it’s ok because she knows she has real friends who care for her (they’re just…off somewhere pursuing their dreams, heh) and that’s enough to support her. Ohhh~, Nagisaaaa~!!! <3

    Tomoya being all excited about starting work for the first time really freaked me out. o_O But I guess it is exciting even though I’ve never been that way when I got into my internship (which was also my first job, oi) and I just don’t like working all together (so lazy~).
    But yea, Tomoya, working is hard even if you only have to organize paper works (like dragging yourself there, that’s pretty hard *nodnod*). At least he’s determined and positive about it.
    Heh, if I were an adult in the series or Kyou, I’d scold him for not taking his studies seriously and therefore, not being able to get a better job that didn’t require such physical strain. Learn from this, kids: Go to college. Even though the work load really really sucks. =P *nobody’s listening anyway* |D;

    Argh, all this talk about school makes me a little sad that Nagisa won’t be going to college even though she’s so smart. I really don’t want to see her dressed up in a waitress outfit and serving in a restaurant for the rest of her life. She could do so much better. But what’s done is done, I guess. *shrug*

    So…YAY! They’re finally acting like a couple!

    Haha, I loved Akio. He’s an awesome and understanding parent in his own weird way…we need more Key dads! D:

    Agh, Nagisa is such a great girlfriend, indeed. How does she do it? D8 Tomoya doesn’t deserve her. lol xDD;;

    Hmm…I think the new boom in my increasing fangirling for Amu (which kinda sounds like fanboy rants, too, if I think about) is sorta the same as your growing love for Nagisa but it’s ok~! It’s not like the girls make us go*doki!* or anything. More like
    *squealsqueal* “Kyaa~! So cute! Need to hug you! xDDD”. Yea, it’s just simply that. ^^

    Haha “This is how you keep your love fresh” Yea, Akio! xDDD Poor Sanae, though. Lol But she was so cute.

    Aww man, we really don’t have any Key moms in Little Busters, do we? That’s sad. T_T

    Lol Weddings…I’m actually going to one tonight. Crap, I don’t have anything to wear.
    But back on topic!

    Yoshino Yusuke’s story was as I expected it to be. Less than half an episode was just perfect to fit it all in (flashbacks shouldn’t last that long). His story alone was pretty good as well even though I’ll only understand a small part of it. Hmm. Celebrity life is hard.
    …and this is going to sound so mean but when he started getting so teary-eyed and even afraid at seeing Kouko after all those years that they haven’t been in contact, I had to laugh. I mean, I mean, when Yuichi from Kanon cried, it looked sad but when the guys in CLANNAD cry, their faces just look so damn funny! *so so mean* xDD;; I blame KyoAni again. They’re making laugh at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. =P

    Awwwwzzzz, Nagisaaaaaaa~!!!! (what is this, the third time already? xD; ) I really liked how the way she handles Tomoya, too (Tomoya is a pervert, btw, wanting to see how Nagisa would look in a bathing suit, lol) and you worded it so perfectly that I really don’t have anything more to say except…cute. x333

    Tomoya’s dad…is really stupid. I know Tomoya’s reluctance to reconcile with him is kinda just dumb stubbornness on his part but he’s the kid who got hurt because of what his parent did to him so for him to be angry is understandable. His dad, however, needs counseling. As nice as it is that he’s thinking for Tomoya’s well-being, he’s going about it all wrong and someone just needs to slap his damaged brain back into gear. Stupid old man. =_=;

    The proposal scene was just epic. Tomoya punching the wall was epic. Nagisa trying to stop him was epic. The hug was EPIC! It was all UBER EPICNESS!!!1one *pause* …I need to watch it again. *doing it now*

    So yes, wedding plz? xDDD

    Thanx for the awesome post as always! ^^

  4. Ah how cute! ^_^ And don’t be sad, I’ve never been to a wedding either…-___-
    Well I did go to one in Malaysia, but my great great(?) uncle was invited so my mom, my brother and I just tagged along. I had absolutely know idea who the heck those people were?
    So I don’t count it (besides I was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt XD)

  5. “I’d be glaring and I’d probably hit him and make him buy me something.”

    Fuyu is tsundere! :O

    I have to say I was a little bit worried when he was like trying to hold his hand back, I was afraid Nagisa was going to get hit D: I don’t know why, because it wouldn’t make sense for her to, but then she tried to stop him and I was worried for the worst :<

    But omg he proposed, and she accepted without even a moment’s hesitation. *squee*
    I personally don’t like weddings (I’ve been to 4 already, my uncle’s and 3 cousins), but you’re right, we never do get to see couples in anime actually getting married, unless it’s as an afterthought, so I think this is one case where I’d actually like to see a wedding :p

  6. Great post, I found myself nodding my head in agreement with everything that you said about these 3 episodes. I hope by now that all the Nagisa-haters are willing to concede that Nagisa was the best girl of the bunch.

    I’m positively giddy at the prospect of getting to see the wedding. I hope they take the time to show Nagisa doing wedding dress shopping.

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