12 Moments of Anime: Unexpected Otaku Fluff

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Why hello there Nogizaka Haruka. It’s been a while. In fact we haven’t talked much since the very episode I will now be talking about.

So, for my…seventh(?) day of anime we have episode 07 of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu~

Or as I like to call it, the episode so good that it made me stop watching.

lolwut? I know. It makes no sense when said so simply, so I will explain.

day06-01Before I started paying attention to anime blogging at all (and especially when I joined in) I generally waited until a season of anime finished and then I’d watch it all at once. I’d only follow a few series weekly if I read the manga for them. Everything else I would watch after I stumbled upon it somehow. Generally AMVs and random forum conversation is what would do it. If anything was popular enough I’d go check it out as well.

With blogging however, I want to keep up to date and read all the wonderful posts. However, when something stops me from watching the episodes, I still end up reading the posts. Not always on purpose, but not exactly by accident either. Out of habit I suppose. In a lot of cases it makes me kind of…not want to watch the episode.day06-04

It did the same with Nogizaka Haruka. I read about the series, I know how it ends, and I don’t really feel motivated to finish it. But in this case it makes me feel…a little happy.

I think, without a doubt, that Nogizaka Haruka hit its peak with episode 07. It the…resolution really, to Haruka’s otaku woes. I loved the whole anime leading up to this episode, but this is the one that really hit it home for me.

Oh my yes. I was right along with everyone, in love with this series. Cheering on Haruka and Yuuto. Enjoying the fluff without it being ruined by, *eyeroll* fanservice. What made it so great was probably the pleasant surprise. I was fully expecting it to be chock full of fanservice. The type of thing I’d watch for a while and then toss aside. I was looking forward to it just the same, but hell. I got through 11 episode of To Love-Ru!!! Though admittedly, I didn’t think the fanservice would be that bad (though even now, the promo images seem to really push the relatively rare fanservice).

day06-06I wasn’t expecting the story to be that good I suppose. Or the characters to be that good I should say. The story really has nothing new about it, except adding on the little otaku twist to the classic “boy meets a wonderfully fantastic girl” story. I was expecting Haruka to basically just be more, “Hey look! It’s a girl who has the same hobby as you! Except she’s MOE!” that we usually seem to find in anime.

Except, no one really seemed to talk about how Haruka was moe and “ONE OF US!” (though I’m sure it will come up next SaiMoe). I think it was the surprise that made it so great.

I really talked about it a lot when I was posting about it. Filling up my pre-thoughts section so much with so many…thoughts that I put in some filler images to break up the text, so there’s really no need to talk about it here.

Really…I can’t go into why that episode was so wonderful, because the reasons are already there.day06-08

I mean, there was the fluff, and the over-the-top sequence with her father’s troops storming the house, which actually lead to fluff not normally seen in anime like this (therefore approved!). Haruka’s father rejecting her hobby really strikes a personal chord too (I know it did with me). Then the laughs and…oh yes, the fluff. The fluffy, fluff. Haruka and Yuuto holding hands~

Haruka standing up for herself (and then Yuuto standing up for her) is what really made the episode though.

But to me…it just felt like the end. At least it seemed to be the end to Haruka’s otaku worries. All that was left was…new worries I didn’t quite know yet.

day06-11I read posts after the episode and nothing ever seemed to give everyone that…spark back. There were more complaints than usual too. I mean cliches got pointed out, but at least for me it was more like going, “Hey see this! This anime is so much fun that I don’t care about this!” Especially since it only used the good cliches and smashed most of the bad ones on the floor.

I ended up watching episode 08 (the Mika filler) when the anime was coming to a close, hoping to catch-up and finish up my blogging, but…it kind of hurt. It felt like I was purposely searching through the episode to say something that might come close to what I said about earlier episodes. It seemed almost like a waste of energy so…I stopped.

And that’s it. The seventh episode felt like a nice “ending” to me, so I took it as one.

Eventually, someday I’m going to go back to Haruka and finish it. But I’m waiting until my love for it fades a little more. I like still having it be a favorite series that left with such an impact. Endings to 13 episode love-com anime can be pretty disappointing or just…not satisfying. I was satisfied enough with episode 07 for the meantime.


So…it’s memorable for the wonderful scene where Yuuto and Haruka defend Haruka’s hobby (and all the wonderful fluff~). It’s more memorable, because I get to keep that as the last thing I’ll really remember about the anime.

At least for the time being. Someday…someday…(though that day when Haruka love fades is going to take a little longer to come now that I’ve done this post…)


  1. wow so much fluff in this episode XD

  2. I actually agree with you. Sometimes you just have to let time stand still (a bit).

  3. Episode 7 was definitely the best, both for shipping and Haruka’s development. It would’ve been a good place to end the series. (even though the rest of the series was good). I would wait till your love fades a little, since the ending’s a little disappointing.

  4. Haha, everyone says that about the ending, but I still don’t get it. We got a kiss (even though they didn’t show it), the parents finally accepted Yuuto. I mean, yeah, it’s kinda open, and I do hope there’s a sequel that will further their relationship, but cmon :p

  5. They should have ended the series with this episode. The next few eps towards the finale had just kept me wanting a sequel instead. But I guess its quite good.

  6. This anime looks quite cute and romantic… not sure if I’ll try to catch it though, with my schedule.

  7. I forgot about Haruka. ^^;

    Hmm, I watched Haruka for the laughs and amusement (and of course, the mini-squeal fests) so the series just seemed like a good past-time for that summer boredom. Yea, that’s the best way to word it for me.

    This ep was pretty awesome, agreed. Nothing more to add (I forgot what other thoughts I had about it since it’s been quite a while now, haha).
    The rest of the episodes after it are just ok and I also think there’s a good chance of there being a sequel but watching Haruka one time through was enough. Don’t want to spoil my positive opinion on this series even if the second season is somehow better. It wouldn’t matter to me anyway. Hmm.

    So one more time: Haruka is cuuuuttteee! <3
    Yep. ^^

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