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…Is it fair to already cheat on all of my past Arina Tanemura loves and call this my favorite series from her? No? It’s too soon, isn’t it?

*sigh* Well fine. But after being an Arina Tanemura fan for a few years now, I feel like I’ve fallen in love with her manga all over again. We have something a little bit different, but with plenty of old sparks from some of her more “classic” series…and…yeah. I already fell in love with the raws, but seeing that wonderful dialogue just made my love complete!

So I have to thank Chiibi for translating and allowing me the use of her scanlation (scans provided by Yuuki Himura).

I suggest people don’t read my post until after reading the chapter, because I freely talk about everything in the chapter. (Though since I’m late I’m sure most people already read it)

I already did my first impression, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise how much I love this series so far. Of course, it might surprise you how much I love it…which is a lot.

shk01-02I was overjoyed to see the connection to Kaguya-hime in this series since it just came to me as a random thought. To find out that Kaguya-hime was actually somehow connected…made me happy. I like getting things right, but I also have a small sort of fascination with Kaguya-hime, at least as much as I can without ever fully reading the story. I only get what I know from anime mostly.

So after reading the chapter I sat down and at least read the article on Wikipedia about the story Kaguya-hime comes from, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. I pretty much knew all of the story, except for the end (after Kaguya returns to the moon).shk01-03

Hearing all of this is reminding me a lot of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, except instead of Sakura being a reincarnation of Kaguya (like Maron was of Jeanne) she’s a descendant. The fact that it remains me of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is what has me most excited about this series.

It’s not exactly a big secret that KKJ is probably my least favorite Arina Tanemura manga (I still love it of course, just not as much as her other works). The problem is that I always thought KKJ was a really good idea for a story, but since it was Arina-sensei’s first long manga, it might not have developed in exactly the right way. Plotlines got wrapped up a little too easily (like Noin becoming good, being forgiven, and then not really being important at all). It could have done with being longer.

shk01-04So having Arina Tanemura tackle another historical (though fictional this time) figure has me all giddy. We know she can spend the time to properly develop every single plotline now (she did it in Full Moon and in ShinKuro to the extent that she made a special to wrap up what wasn’t explained in the final chapter).

And in this manga we have some characters that…quite honestly don’t remind me of others in an Arina Tanemura series. Was any boy mean quite like Aoba? Sure there’s been teasing and pervy boys, but Aoba is pretty darn rude (in a fun way). And Sakura really doesn’t remind me of anyone else either. Maybe Mitsuki a little with her naivety, but she’s a lot more easy to anger than any other Arina Tanemura heroine.

Though I guess for Sakura, her un-princess-like qualities make her remind me a little of Kyoko. Two princesses that don’t act the way they’re supposed to. Except Sakura’s not really selfish at all. She’s already a fine princess, wanting to protect everyone.shk01-07

Ah, but I’m rambling so much. I apologize for my massive unorganized text. Because the post is a little late (and the chapter is so long), I’m going to just collect my thoughts in rambling rather than random picture-comments. Certain people who also blog SHK got to it before I did, so I really feel like it would just be reading the same thing again.

I think I already said all that I can really say though. It’s a classic Arina Tanemura series. Nothing that new, but that’s just fine for me. The main reason I read Arina Tanemura’s manga is for fluff, humor, and pretty art. As long as I get all of that I’m good.

Of course, as the series goes along, I become more attached to the characters, but since we’re only in the first chapter, I’m not feeling too atached to anyone yet. Yes, Sakura is cute, (and Aoba is fun~), but that’s just an attachment on the enjoyment level. I’ll have to learn more about the character to feel attached (though I’m feeling pretty good about Sakura already).

shk01-08As far as an anime goes…part of me would like to see it (especially when it comes to the sword action), part of me wouldn’t. See…the reason I was so pro-anime for ShinKuro was because it was a story without any magical girl elements. There’s really no need to change anything and I’d just have fun watching a (hopefully) loyal adaptation. I know that recently I talked about the problems with an adaptation being too loyal, but for ShinKuro I really just wanted an animated version of the manga.

However, this being a slightly different mahou shoujo series (taking place in the past and all) I get the feeling that some company will want to jump at it too quickly. And while differences aren’t bad, I just want to avoid another KKJ. It’s something I’m especially fearful of with the manga’s seeming similar to me.

Now then…as for where the manga will go. If Aoba wasn’t the prince, I’d say that’s where our love trianlge would be right there. Since we only have one guy so far I’m kind of guessing that we might get a goofy guy to be a romantic rival (except, you know, not really), but I’m hoping for some girls going after Aoba (or really, just one).shk01-10

One thing I’d complain a little about in Arina Tanemura’s manga is that it’s usually about boys competing for a girl, which is fine and all, but I want a little bit of a change. Especially when there’s a prince and all that involved, I think it’s more fitting for another girl to be thrown in there.

Of course, I’ll probably be happy either way. As long as Sakura keeps on pwning demons (and being cute). Heck, maybe there won’t even be a love triangle and it will just focus on the story and Aoba and Sakura developing a relationship. That would be nice (but like I said, I’m happy no matter what).

Shots of Sakura smiling in such a cute way certainly doesn’t hurt this series either. I’m going to be adding my favorite smiling~ image to the Sakura Hime Kaden banner I’m making (first one after I change back my theme).


So to wrap this up, Sakura Hime Kaden has exactly what I want from it and more (Kaguya-hime~). Sakura’s badass sword, cute blushing on both sides, cuteness in general, a determined girl, and the cliffhanger was classic (predictable, but classic). Oh and I’m always up for some tsuntsun on both sides of a relationship.

Yup, I think judging by a lot of the elements in this series, I’d say we have another classic Arina Tanemura series in the making.

And if it’s just Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, but better…than so be it. I’ve always wanted that anyway~! So…is chapter two out yet?

*shame*  What a lousy first post for a new Arina Tanemura series. *fangirl shame*

Oh yeah, there’s one more thing. Sakura looks like a loli.


It had to be said.


  1. WANT! Must have the manga now!!! :( but i will be a good girl and wait for it at my borders…because reading mangas online makes me feel dirty XD

    but long like fan subbed anime!

    I will never, EVER tire of her beautiful art work. She, CLAMP, and Yuu Watase are the one whose mangas will be saved in the event of a fire :O

  2. Yay. Someone besides me who doesn’t dislike Aoba.

    I think I kind of said everything that was needed to in my post.

    The Kaguya-hime connection is awesome. Can’t wait to see what she does with it.

    I think it might be my favorite too. Ask me again in ten chapters.

  3. Yipee!!! Thanks for this post!!!

    I found Aoba funny because at first, he’s all annoying and rude but then he goes cute and blushy (so tsundere~ XD) Sakura looks pretty bada** too! Pwning demons are totally win! Plus she’s so cute especially when bear ears suddenly pop out of her head XD~ Another thing I really really like are the dresses *drools all over those beautiful stuff*… Ugh, one thing I don’t wanna happen (but I’m predicting to happen all along) is a rabu-triangle… God I hate those, except when it’s done quite well (like in the anime True Tears ^_^)…

    I heard that this manga would be three volumes so I really wonder if Arina-sensei really gets some rest after that looong ShinKuro and immediately followed by AAAMS then now this in just a year? XD… And I agree with you that it would definitely be a classic. Also, SHINKURO ANIME WANT!!! WANT!!! WANT!!!!!111one XD~ lol forgive me for being too reckless XD…

  4. Wow this is really good. I wish I had enough money to subscribe myself to more manga magazines…. For now I’ll just have to live with Nakayosi

  5. Yes, another lovely series from Arina-sensei. ^^ Hope we get a lot of specials. Nyahaha~

    Ah, Kaguya-hime…hmm, maybe she’ll make an appearance herself later on since nobody confirmed that she “died” or anything. But I felt really bad for her adoptive parents (the one in the legend). Poor parents. She should’ve taken them with her to her capital. T____T

    *shifty eyes* I think Aoba is the past life of Tachibana for some reason. The rudeness quality they have anyway. And Aoba’s face in the fourth panel (here) looks so much like Tachibana’s face in chapter 12 (here). O_o
    Um, yea…woooo~! *shuts up*

    On Sakura…I just love everything about her right now. Heh.

    Hoping Arina-sensei would throw in a girl for the triangle, too, if she does have one, instead of a guy. Or maybe she can do both…but then that’d probably be like Jeanne all over again…or not. Depends on how she’s going to do it.
    Hmm, maybe a distant cousin since incest is so popular these days =P or a servant girl? Ah, the possibilities~…
    …Does Aoba have a half-brother? *slapped* |D;

    Ah, that reminds me…is it just me or are there a LOT of references/coincidences in this series? Namely from CLAMP (sword comin’ out of the hand, Sakura, Sakura being a “bear” (Sakura loved bears, remember? xD) cherry blossoms, monster coming out of the cherry blossoms (TRC – Outo country, I think), etc.) and one or two from Inuyasha (the inheriting-sword business, the extermination of demons…and the setting, not era, setting).
    …Yay for ripoffs! *slapped again* |DD;; Aha, but it’s true. If you love a series, you have to make fun of it as well. This is just my weird way of joking. \P

    And Sakura is a loli if she’s getting married that early. All them ancient pedo peoples. Megh. =_=

    Next chapter is coming out the 29th right? Can’t wait. <3

  6. She kind of is a loli, since she’s only 14. : D

    And I only got to it before you because I was basically stalking the SHK Forums…. xD

  7. I’m really interested on how the story of Sakura Hime Kaden, I just hope that it would turn out to be more than an Arina Tanemura ‘classic’. It’s a good thing that it’s been uploading in mangafox already. :3

  8. Ah yes, I had the very same thoughts about it’s similarity to KKJ. I was really afraid that it would end up too similar and causes several people loose interest (because we know how picky some fangirls/readers can get *sigh*). But I think there is hope because as you pointed out Sakura and Aoba are different, but adorable. And yes! The guys falling first is always cute, but i seem to find that reacuring in all (if not most) of her stories (although I find it adorable XD). I also noticed that in ShinKuro Arina also included some darker(?) elements into the storyline (well there was some in Full Moon) and I REALLY hope that gets mixed into SHK because it will add more flavor(?) and steer away from KKJ.
    Haha my opinions sound weird to me, I apologize if they do to you.
    ~By the way, my friend is also ShinKuro anime obsessed, although she wants it as a jdrama too XD, although i think it might be a little too complicated.
    Thanks for the review. I loved reading yours because they always have so much thought put into them. ^-^

  9. Oh I forgot, by the way do you know where to find the extra ShinKuro chapter? I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

  10. @ Alice: The SDC-Extra is not scanlated yet but raws and translation are in the Sdc forum.

    I totally adore Sakura <3 She’s cute, stubborn, bratty and self-confident. And she acts of own ideas. It’s funny how she’s torn between hoping for a nice prince and fearing the wedding stuff. I hope the emperor will appear in the capital since Arina’s stories always need a sexy grown-up. Also hoping for Sakura’s brother not being really dead (or some sappy childhood flashback).
    A trinangle shouldn’t be as dominant as in SDC again but two girls could be interesting. Maybe Aoba/Oura has a really good friend secretly loving and the usual bad fiancée is the main character now. Turning the cliché around ;-)

    But I don’t think Shinkuro is better planned than KKJ (it’s my favourite series!). Shinkuro has some really sudden ideas not came out of nowhere and I doubt they were planned fron the beginning. And SDC has not the dramatical triangle (what’s the English word? It’s in the classical school stuff) which Fullmoon and KKJ have. Instead there are arcs going up and down. But I like Shinkuro better than Fulloon for the touchy characters.

    Lovely greets, Mina

  11. I always placed Shinshi Doumei Cross as the worst long manga that Arina Tanemura did. Nevertheless I bought all the volumes in chinese (missing the last two volumes…but I’ll get them once I can), the artbook, imported volume 11 special edition that came with playing cards ^_^” (and I bought the chinese version of Ribon just for the SDC postcards it had). Fullmoon Wo Sagashite remains my favourite manga from Arina Tanemura. KKJ comes next, then TSK, lastly SDC. I shall save my rants about SDC for another day.

    SHK seems to have a great start again. Thank god for no love triangles, I’m getting bored of them lately. The story is quite typical, but it’s placed together well, nothing much to comment on story. The characters are pretty much typical Arina Tanemura characters, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Oura-sama/prince felt alot like Takuto, and Sakura feels like Haine/Maron. The cast doesn’t seem to be too large, so there should be no problem of telling apart of characters (that really plauged SDC, I never was able to tell the difference between Ushio and Haine at the start unless I looked carefully). The art again is typical Arina Tanemura, which is the sole reason why I spend the most money on Arina-related stuff compared to other mangakas. I think she started using less screen tones compared to the end of SDC, the amount she uses here seems to be similar to the start of SDC. Which I am happy about. The action scenes was done extremely well, alot of shoujo mangaka can never draw action. Although I’m not so fond of Sakura ‘battle’ costume…

    Anime adaption for this is possible. It probally would go the mahou shoujo route of being a saturday morning anime, maybe some demons have to be toned down. Satelite please make an anime adaption of this after you’re done with Shugo Chara (which should be soon right? two years of Shugo Chara is pretty good in my opinion) and then have Buono! singing the opening, because Momoko is a fan of Arina-sensei (as seen from volume 7 of FMwS) and Arina-sensei is a fan of Buono (from her offical blog). But we’ll have the see futher chapters on how this should develope, I’m sure Ribon wants a manga from the magazine to be animated so it’ll sell better.

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