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Fourth Banner Up (12/19)

Happy Holidays everyone~ I’m breaking out my seasonal cheer in a series of five banners this year. As you can see, the new banners had to come along with a new theme again.

That’s because at least two (maybe three) of the banners I wanted to use would have clashed with my current theme. But not to worry! The theme change isn’t nearly as annoying as it was last time. Though I still have some minor complaints (my theme is the BEST theme for me, otherwise I’d use something else).

The background is still white, which was the most disruptive thing about my last theme change. The last one also had a disappearing sidebar and it would keep getting rid of the category widget in the sidebar for some reason.

The only remaining problem, same as last time, is a change in the width of my posts. It only goes to 460px (the last one was 450px I think) rather than 550px. I mostly use images that are 400-480 so it’s…mostly fine.

Though the sidebar is really wide. Makes me wonder why they don’t just slim that down a little to make more room for important stuff. But whatever. Hopefully I’m going to get some money that I can buy hosting with for Christmas (or that can be my, “Changing stuff” New Year’s Present since it’s something new that’s…mildly productive for me). Then these things will no longer be a problem~

Outside of the theme and onto the banners though! I have five of them you know. To be changed each week on Friday (yes, that takes me past Christmas I realize, but “Holiday Season” means more than just Christmas you know).

I’m going to just keep updating this post (maybe push it up top each time too) rather than doing a new post on “oh! Look what I changed!” every week. That’s…a little much.

And a certain someone made me want to name my banners too. I guess the urge comes when you don’t add a tagline.

Winter Fantasy (11/28 – 12/05)

sbanner02post2Series: Clannad / Character: Furukawa Nagisa

Nagisa~! A Nagisa banner was necessary and this image was just too pretty to let go. Even if there’s nothing about it that reflects Christmas (or any other Holiday). Just some nice Winter scenery.

Unfortunately, you may notice something a little similar to the Sakura Hime Kaden poster I edited. This image had a nice big line in it too (luckily, people are smart not to let the fold go in the bishoujo’s face). There was also a whole bunch of text on one side that I had to edit out, but I obviously did a pretty okay job on that since you can’t really notice it. At least not when the image is resized.

I also did a better job on the line for the part that appeared in the banner.

The clean-up was really the only stuff I had to do. Well along with adding the title over to the side. For the first time ever you get to see a different size for the Simplicity title. It’s still the same font though. Always will be.

I wanted to keep the banner simple because it’s such a pretty image, but there’s not a lot of room for additions because the pages get in the way of the header anyway.

The title, “Winter Fantasy” just came out of me wanting to use the word Fantasy I suppose. I always felt that way when I was little anyway. That Snow was magic and it looked really beautiful when the sun was rising or setting. Well magic = fantasy, so there you go. Though, no fantasy snow for me yet.

Oh yeah, and the color for part of the theme changes for every banner. I’m stuck between two choices for this banner, so you might see it change randomly tomorrow or something. Right now it’s pink.

Twilight Snow (12/05 – 12/12)

sbanner03post1Series: Little Busters! / Character: Kamikita Komari

I actually don’t think I have a lot to say about the second baner.

It features Komari from <i>Little Busters!</i>. She’s probably my second favorite out of the girls (not second favoirte character over all) because she’s so cute, but I really wish I could have gotten an official Rin image.

Speaking of Rin, I found the best Christmas image EVER because it features both Rin and Nagisa. How wonderfully epic and cute.

However, (back on track) I think that Komari is better suited for this wonderful image because her blonde hair looks better than Rin’s hair would have.

I didn’t have to do a whole lot for this banner either. I had to resize the image and also make the full size a background for the banner. After that it still looked too plain so I added in a little gradient to the banner and the actual text. Ah…I love the white to blue gradient in the text.

The full size image looks better and more obviously Christmas-y with the wreath, but whatever. I like how the banner turned out just the same.

The title, “Twilight Snow” should be obvious. It’s night, but not very dark, and it’s snowing.

Hm. Well this might be my least favorite out of my holiday banners, but I still like how it turned out with the little additions of gradients. I think it adds a little something.

Orange Sugar and Spice (12/12 – 12/19)

sbanner04post2Series: Shinshi Doumei Cross / Character: Otomiya Haine

Geh. I’m late on it today. Spaced out because I’m sick. Also explains my lack of activity lately…that and the Holiday shopping season (2 more presents to go!!!).

I had to use an Arina Tanemura image and since Shinshi Doumei Cross is the manga that ended this year, that is the one we will use. Plus, I love the Holiday images Arina-sensei made for ShinKuro. Yellow, orange, and gold aren’t that common at all in holiday images. At least in manga and anime ones.

The banner was really simple to make, so there’s no real reason explain it. Used two layers of images and added in a gradient at the bottom. It was all really easy to make it match since the colors were the same no big deal. But oddly enough, despite how easy it was and how little I had to do, this one ended up being my favorite. It just looks nice. I think its owed to Arina-sensei using such a nice unique color.

So this one is named Orange Sugar and Spice. Orance Spice is the name of the color theme that goes with it actually. I saw that and it reminded me of the orange sugar cookies that my mom makes every year for Christmas (We used to give them to Santa. ^_^; Those and some rasberry cookies.) and the title came out pretty easily.

Ah…Christmas memories.

Christmas Eve (12/19 – 12/26)


Sakura and Syaoran are so cute. >////<

I’ve had this image sitting in a folder in my computer since…I had a different computer. And I had nothing to use it with! Agh! So one of the best things about having a blog is that I finally have a way to get all of my graphics-making out of my system. And omg doing it so much actually gives me so small hope that I am…improving!?

Of course, I generally stay away from brushes and stuff, anything outside of working with images that are already made seems like too much effort and therefore…I do not do it. It’s kind of a Christmas miracle that I even bothered to add some snowflakes in the background to the right.

Now, as for the banner and the reasoning (the less boring part of these posts), I’ve been progressively making my banners Christmas-ier as we get closer to the holiday. Now next Friday will be the day after Christmas, so this is it. This is the Christmas banner. We finally have Santa style and some red in there.

Its title is simple for a reason. Christmas Eve fits both images in there. Santa-Sakura delivering present and Sakura and Syaoran on their Christmas Eve date (as is so popular in our shoujo anime~). Ah that Christmas Eve date image. I love it so.

Now then, this will be my last Christmas banner, but I did mention five banners total, which will be making the next one a…New Year’s Banner! Yes! Which means I’m just going to do a completely new post next time. I mean…why not?

I’m a little worried about my theme right now though. It’s looking quite odd in firefox. I made the last banner to match this theme as well, so I’m hoping that the problem gets worked out (I’m looking into it now). I could still fix the banner to go with another theme…but I don’t want to. I’ve grown rather fond of my current one (not enough for it to be year-round, but still fond enough to keep it around for more variety).

Bah. Hopefully all of these problems will be solved anyway when I get my own hosting sometimes in the coming year. But more on that in a later post. For now, just enjoy adorable Sakura and blushing Syaoran (also adorable).

Well, somehow I managed to hold myself off until now (12/28), even though I’ve been a Christmas mood for weeks. Before Halloween actually. It got held off a little thanks to my no-money depression, but I ended up with enough to buy gifts, so I got more in the mood a couple of weeks ago. It’s the best Holiday EVER and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it as long as possible.

But to avoid the grumpy moods of people who don’t like that Christmas is starting to engulf 1/4 of the year, I held myself off until Thanksgiving was over. Santa only arrives at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade after all. We have him in America and the rest of you can’t have him until Christmas Eve! Then not again for another year.

For the record, if you take me seriously, I’m going to need you to leave for the North Pole and let humanity go on without you.


  1. Wow I love the new pretty-in-pink look! The banner is very beautiful yet gives off a warm, melancholic feeling (which is really fitting to what’s happening on Clannad now. Aww, Nagisa… T.T). I really agree that it’s very magical and I think it’s very refreshing (lol I’m so biased because pink is my favorite color XD). Plus it’s like cotton candy (yum yum :3)

    The title really suits well (and thanks for linking ^_^) and oh how I wish I could feel snow too T.T… I’m excited on what will be your line-up of your banners this season, and color-changing… sounds cool! :)

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Ah! I love the new theme! : D I wish I knew more about wordpress/css to be able to change mine from something so blah and generic, but oh well. :]

  3. I like the new theme and banner very much! You did a great job.

    Unfortunately it’s not holiday time for me yet -_-. Oh well.

    Hope to see you on VJutsu again soon.

  4. OMG !! your banner is awesomely cute ! happy holidays and thanks giving :D

  5. :O way too early for a christmas theme…but i like it.

    now excuse me as i go christmas shopping. :P

  6. Happy Holidays! :)

    It sounds like you put much time and work into those banners and themes. I like the current one and look forward to others :)

    I like that picture of the girl with a flower. I believe you posted illustrations with her before in the Thanksgiving post. What manga is she from? Is that Sakura Hime?

  7. This is soooooo cute! You really know blogging fashion huh?

  8. Pretty. It really fits concerting this week of clannad.

  9. @.@
    Even the comment box is different. *stares*
    WordPress looks so intimidating from the way you put it! xDD;;

    Ah, but you’re finally in your season, eh? haha
    & I absolutely <333 the banner! Nagisa~! <333
    And the pink is very nice. ^^ Nice job on the editing even though I don’t know how the original scan looks like but anyone can tell from the SHK poster. :)
    Definitely looking forward to your other ones. Can’t wait! x3

    Oh, and Happy Holidays, of course! Let’s all enjoy the great products at cheap prices unless you’re ordering from overseas, then try to find a discount, heh.
    Hmm, I should start making my gift list now but then again, don’t really have to buy anything this year. Hmm…dunno. :/

  10. Clannad banner! Just now noticed! So ccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttteeeeeeeeeeee!

  11. Happy Holidays!

    Nice theme! I envy the fact that you’re done with your holiday preparations. I still have to work with mine. T_T. You know how CSS is…it’s the work of the devil..LOL!

  12. kanzeon: I’m glad you like the pink. At first it seemed too shocking, but it’s kind of growing on me now, so I’m going to keep it.

    Yes…Nagisa. The timing was a complete accident since I planned to use the Nagisa banner first from the beginning, but it really fits quite nicely. …Nagisa…(keep doing your best Nagisa! I’m cheering you on!)

    Well, you can shave some ice cubes or something to get some snow. My Aunt in Hawaii did that once anyway (no idea if it works). But if it makes you feel better, if you’re like everyone else, you’d get sick of snow after five days (though it’s always nice to look at).

    kelakagandy: If you go through the themes enough you’ll find something that will fit exactly what you want eventually. Though, the selection is kind of limited. I always filter through to look at one thing specifically. This time was Custom Colors, but usually it’s Custom Header.

    M12: It’ll be Holiday time soon though I’m sure.

    I’m going to start posting on VJutsu like crazy soon I’m sure. Lots of things I want to talk about, but it always leaves my mind after I come up with it somehow.

    Mo0on12: Same to you~! Can I maybe look forward to a holiday video from you this season? I’d like to see something like that.

    Christina: Too early for Christmas themes, but not too early for shopping? I like that. I think you have your priorities straight.

    Kitsune: Ah, well a little, but luckily it was fun.

    The girl with the flower is Haine from Shinshi Doumei Cross. It’s by the same manga-ka as Sakura Hime Kaden, Arina Tanemura.

    Shugo Chara!Doki: Well…I try to anyway.

    warriorhope: Ah yes it is. Nagisa~ Now she’ll finally get some focus for a while.

    xiao_jie: The comment box is different? I need to check that out when I’m not logged in.
    It’s not intimidating! At least I don’t think it is. It’s fun~

    I’ve been in the season for a month now, but I like to suppress it and keep it hidden as much as possible. I gave in as soon as possible though.

    I’m making sure everything is being ordered right in the states. I can’t afford overseas~ Though I already got my calendar and the Shugo Chara! single which might count as Christmas presents.

    7: CSS is the work of the devil. I’m still not sure how you manage to do it, but I’m going to be looking forward to it anyway. As long as you get it done before we’re too far into December, I think you’re safe.

  13. Hey~! It’s been a long time =)
    And I came here finally again and puff!! New theme~! xD
    Love it, it’s pretty cute (L
    Not much to say for now. I still have to study ¬¬
    I just escaped a bit to see ur blog, and good I did xP

  14. Aww Kawaii!!! It’s a nice tone and mood to the place that the banner makes, so it’s perfect. Good job

  15. kirei na~

    I’ve never seen that series, but I love the new banner. She’s so cute in that huge winter coat :>

  16. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ The new banner is sooooooo cute

  17. Komariiii~!!!! <333

    New banner is very pretty. Makes me think of a snowy night (well, duh :P) and you suddenly have the urge to open a window to see how deep the snow is and when you do, you’re met with the most peaceful silence that you can’t hear anytime, anywhere else b/c…well, it’s snowing!
    haha, I know, weird.
    Hmm, I wish it would snow here again but due to global warming, it won’t happen anymore. Sad.

    And I want Komari’s coat! *A* It’s so purdy~!

  18. Nice. I love the Nagisa banner!

  19. Ah, golden, dear Haine. .>

  20. Oops. Stupid arrows.

    Well, the banner is very nice and pretty. ^^
    Hmm, gold and yellow are a bit underused as holidy season colors. It’s mostly red and green or red and white. :/

    & cute lil story behind the naming of the banner. hehe

  21. The banners look very nice. You’ve got some skills :)! I always struggle with developing these kind of graphics.

  22. Wooot love this juicy new orange banner! It looks fresh! Yum yum orange sugar cookies~

  23. Sorry I didn’t comment on the SDC banner. It was cute, and you’re right it was nice to see orange, and yellow used in a Christmas banner. That reminds me I have make some cookies today….

    Sakura and Syaoran+Christmas Eve date=win. They are so adorable together.

    Your graphic skills are really good. ^_^

  24. Kyaa~! Sakuraaaa~~~!!! (haha, again xD;) Syaoran-kun~! <3

    I love this image. I remember it so well. There was even a wallscroll somewhere in Chinatown but I didn’t buy it. Poo.

    But yes! Christmas Eve date! xDD She’s even wearing that outfit Tomoyo (right right?) made her! *sigh* One of my favorite outfits she wore. x3

    And Santa-Sakura delivering gifts with wings. 8D Awesome. Pure awesome. xD!

    Really cute banner. Lookin’ forward to the New Years one. ^^

  25. Shaoran and Sakura are the CUTEST couple ever!

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