12 Moments of Anime: Ranka Shines~

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The coming snowstorm put a halt to my post-writing yesterday since I had to rush out and take care of things before I’d be confined to my house (I just got my license this summer, I’m not driving in a foot of snow). It’s a good thing it was yesterday though, because I can just point you to this post and there you have it. My post would have been lame anyway.

But today you get episode 12 of Macross Frontier.

First of all, I am still completely addicted to Seikan Hikou. Ever since the single was released it’s been played a dozen times in a row at least once a week. A song that has fixed itself permanently into my playlist needs to have its shining moment in this series. Of course!

And of course (again), the wonderful (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ sensation should not be so easily forgotten.


Sudden concerts descending from the sky in general shouldn’t be forgotten actually. As ridiculous as it was, everyone has to admit that they loved it (except for the people who still hate Ranka, who…don’t count really).

Speaking of the people who hate Ranka, the backlash that came against her later in the series, I partially blame on the fact that Ranka shined so brightly so early. Episode 12 wasn’t even halfway through the series.

day07-02But I have to be completely honest with myself so I will not dwell on Ranka’s positive traits for even a moment. I did that once.

It’s not Ranka’s personality or the fact that she went through space to save Alto and wish him a happy birthday or whatever that made this moment so memorable. Though I love Ranka to pieces and find her memorable all on her own.

However, for episode 12, it’s just the performance of Seikan Hikou which will forever be ingrained in my mind.

Maybe it’s the presentation (descending from the sky in the middle of the battle!). Maybe it’s just that I love the song. Maybe it’s the fact that Ranka is so freakin’ cute. Or maybe it’s the dance.day07-07

Oh hell. It’s all of the above. You take one thing out and the whole thing falls apart. Then the finale of Macross Frontier becomes my most memorable moment instead (because that was insanely awesome too…and I kind of want to watch that now…).

If I were to choose one thing though, it’s probably the dance. Because…it was mentioned once briefly that I could do about 40%% of the dance. Now I’m up to 70%. And I’m not even trying to learn it! I just watch this episode and Megumi Nakajima’s performance so much that it’s invading my brain.

Of course, most of the dance is incredibly adorable hop-step-jumping (need to get out more), so it’s not that hard to learn. Especially since one of the movements everyone in the anime fandom should know by now…


…(ノゝ∀・)~キラ (Kira has probably surpassed “Fuyu” as my favorite Japanese word recently btw…wonder how that happened~)

Ah…now I’m feeling so nostalgic about Ranka in general (want to rewatch Macross Frontier…must resist and catch-up on current anime). It doesn’t help that I suddenly came across a Ranka AMV while writing this.

Basically, Ranka + Seikan Hikou + Dancing + Everything else makes this moments incredibly memorable for me. Oh! And Megumi Nakajima too! (should be shot for almost forgetting to mention her)

I think this also caused my Megumi Nakajima love too. I don’t care what Megumi-chan does in the future, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be a fan for life. If she chooses the seiyuu-singer path like my beloved Nana-sama or if she continues to simply focus on her singing career, I pretty much win either way. More Megumi-chan!

How long before I start remembering that dance? ^_^; (…oh shit I already know the chorus.)


My god Ranka is cute.

So yes…Seikan Hikou in episode 12 is my sixth day of anime. Six? Oh my~ That means we’re halfway through, doesn’t it?

How come the higher up on my “list” I get, the smaller my posts seem to be? Actually the ranking part is totally tossed out at this point I’d say, they’re all about even, but still. Stupid Winter…or not even Winter. Taking all my energy away. Believe me today when I say that I think this post is crappy. It’s not good enough for Ranka!


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  2. i haven’t watched Macross F yet but Ranka is so damn cute ! especially the last pic :) cute Blush !

  3. They used this song for the opening of the 17th episode it was so good. This song is pretty catchy too, I like it :>

  4. Cute Ranka’s sooooooooooo cute

  5. Great post! I remembered love!

    I nosebled along with those poor Zentraedi soldiers, doomed soon after.

    My love for ranka is immense, it must be my own rare Zentraedi trait.

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