Sakura Hime Kaden – Chapter 01

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…Is it fair to already cheat on all of my past Arina Tanemura loves and call this my favorite series from her? No? It’s too soon, isn’t it?

*sigh* Well fine. But after being an Arina Tanemura fan for a few years now, I feel like I’ve fallen in love with her manga all over again. We have something a little bit different, but with plenty of old sparks from some of her more “classic” series…and…yeah. I already fell in love with the raws, but seeing that wonderful dialogue just made my love complete!

So I have to thank Chiibi for translating and allowing me the use of her scanlation (scans provided by Yuuki Himura).

I suggest people don’t read my post until after reading the chapter, because I freely talk about everything in the chapter. (Though since I’m late I’m sure most people already read it)

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12 Moments of Anime: Ranka Shines~

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The coming snowstorm put a halt to my post-writing yesterday since I had to rush out and take care of things before I’d be confined to my house (I just got my license this summer, I’m not driving in a foot of snow). It’s a good thing it was yesterday though, because I can just point you to this post and there you have it. My post would have been lame anyway.

But today you get episode 12 of Macross Frontier.

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Holiday Changes

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Fourth Banner Up (12/19)

Happy Holidays everyone~ I’m breaking out my seasonal cheer in a series of five banners this year. As you can see, the new banners had to come along with a new theme again.

That’s because at least two (maybe three) of the banners I wanted to use would have clashed with my current theme. But not to worry! The theme change isn’t nearly as annoying as it was last time. Though I still have some minor complaints (my theme is the BEST theme for me, otherwise I’d use something else).

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