12 Moments of Anime: ZOMG Sakura!

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This one kind of makes me weep for 2008 in general (or for myself for finding it so memorable), but I suppose that as a starving fangirl, whatever gets thrown at me for certain series will be memorable to me. Even if it seems like it’s only thrown in there as a nudity-free form of fanservice.

My fourth day of anime comes from the third OAD of Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations. (Spoiler Warning)


ZOMG it’s Sakura! And not just any Sakura, but our lovable Cardcaptor! (OMGWTFNOWAI)

Out of…nowhere. Sometimes the unexpected just has to be memorable.

Of course, if it wasn’t CardCaptor Sakura, my favoritest character in any anime EVAR, I probably wouldn’t find it memorable. Even if it is unexpected. If CLAMP threw Chii as she was in Chobits in our faces I wouldn’t have even blinked. In fact, I might be outraged at the stupidity of putting a character in there for what seems to be no reason outside of giving fangirls and fanboys an enjoyable little moment.

Which was probably Sakura’s main purpose of being thrown in there too, but it’s different because it’s Sakura.

Back when Sakura had her own anime, it was all hand-drawn cels. Even though I wouldn’t change that animation one bit, it still gives me a little *squee* to see Sakura in all her digital animated glory. It comes from my own personal belief that Sakura should invade absolutely every single part of anime. Sakura needs to appear in absolutely every medium. Why?


Because she’s Sakura. There doesn’t need to be a reason.

Then again, Sakura doesn’t need to really be all 3D computer animated thanks.

And also…she appeared in CLAMP in Wonderland II…but that happened in 2007 of course.day09-04

So, it’s also Sakura (TRC) meeting Sakura (CCS). CLAMP in Wonderland kind of bragged that it would show Sakura and Syaoran meeting their other selves, but that was a big fat lie. They barely appeared on the same screen together. Not saying I didn’t love CLAMP in Wonderland, just saying, you know…don’t use false advertising guys.

“What would happen if Sakura and Syaoran met the other Sakura and Syaoran?”

Nothing apparently.

But I’m a little off-track here.

Sakura appearing in Tokyo Revelations made it her first appearance in a canon series since CCS. Sure, it didn’t happen in the manga, but Nanase Ohkawa still apparently wrote the script for the OADs. So of course, that lead to wild theories that I will keep vague and not really mention (except to say that I was right, score one for me).

Basically, Sakura appearing to lead the other Sakura to safety (and to be “the dream” so the title would make sense without the manga)…seemed unnecessary, but I loved it anyway.


I’d also like to mention that even if Sakura didn’t appear, the third OAD would probably be in here because I got to see Sakura be all badass while still retaining her sweet (Yui Makino) voice and somehow that made it ten times more awesome for me. So…Sakura was badass too. Just, ccSakura stole her thunder.


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  2. They need to do another CCS movie lol.

  3. I think my thought train pretty much follows your title here, Fuyu.
    “Oh gee it’s Tsubasa isn’t it, oh well that’s kind of bor HOLY CRAP IT ACTUALLY IS THE OLD SAKURA SQUEE squee squee ok stop you’re being a fangirl but it’s still so awesome~”

    Sakura should invade absolutely every single part of anime. Sakura needs to appear in absolutely every medium.
    I agree, but our Sakura isn’t a whore. Her appearances should be special. :P

    However, if, say, KyoAni wants to animate Cardcaptor Sakura 2009, I won’t complain. (straw poll, people in the know: more or less likely than Tsukihime 2010 or Kanon 2011)

  4. “Because she’s GOD Sakura. There doesn’t need to be a reason.”


    …SAKURAAAAAA~~~~!!!!! <333333 My MOE QUEEN/GODDESS! But not TRC Sakura. Don’t like her at all anymore. No offense, though. :(
    But Sakuraaa~~~!!! xDDDDDD

    …yea, I’m just blinded by my uber Sakura love. The rest of the OAD, regardless of what Sakura’s appearance had to do with it or not, all went out the window when she came in. ^^;

    Um, yea…Sakura~! xD I was so happy to hear from (I don’t remember if it was in holic or TRC but) Yuuko that the Sakura and Syaoran from Tokyo were not dead. So very, very glad. I mean, killing them off would have been just “WTFAREYOUF***IN’DOINGCLAMP?!?!?!” but surprisngly, I didn’t freak out at that. :/ Hmm. I guess even if they are the original Sakura and Syaoran, TRC is still a separate entity from CCS. At least that’s how I think of it. And since I just stopped caring for TRC…yea.

    …Ah, I just thought up a funny little thing that could have made this Sakura-to-Sakura moment more memorable (some parody or 4-koma-like, I guess). CCS Sakura (for some random oh-so-cute reason) would say “Hoe?”
    And then TRC Sakura would blink and say “Huh?”
    CCS Sakura: “Ah, no, no. You would say “Hoe?” Say it.”
    TRC ” : “H-Hoe?”
    CCS ” : “Yes!” *smiley* “…Hoe?”
    TRC ” : (…I hate you, CLAMP) *continues to “Hoe?” war.

    …Yes, I’m crazy. And I regret nothing! xDD;; (ha, sorry for being irrelevant ^^; )

  5. sakura is awesome :) she is cute, lovable and powerful , that why she is also memorable.

  6. *hasn’t seen Tsubasa Tokyo revelations (because I’m too lazy/ cheap to buy/watch all of tsubasa) but probably will now, because Sakura (ccs) looks so cute and Sakura (trc) looks so badass.*

  7. Ah ~ you did it before I could! I almost fell off my chair in happy surprise when I saw ccSakura in here. I mean, GOD. She’s just the best. Tokyo Revelations was worth it for ccSakura. I mean, wow. I thought TRCSakura was pretty badass with her guns and moves and etc, but when ccSakura showed up for like .. less than 10 seconds, I was just speechless. I had to play it back like a hundred times because she looked so cute and … cute! MOEEEE~!! -dies-

    I’m with CCY on KyoAni animating CCS 2009.

  8. SAKURA~ One of my fave CCS characters

  9. ZOMG I really got into super-fangirl mode when I watched this!!! Sakura is awesome. We definitely need more of her next year!

  10. Josh: Yes. They do. Though I don’t know what it would be about. I want one anyway.

    CCY: Sakura sparks such excitement, so easily, doesn’t she?

    Well, yes, that’s true. But one could argue that if Sakura is appearing, that makes it special. But of course if she appeared all the time, it might stop being special.

    I want KyoAni to remake CCS more than I want Haruhi season 2 or Little Busters!. Probably won’t happen though…except maybe for an important anniversary someday. I can hope a little then.

    xiao_jie: Aw…you don’t like trcSakura? Well, I don’t like “real” trcSakura anyway. She’s boring because she’s not the least bit different from either Sakura (at least from what we’ve seen of her).

    I wasn’t really glad, I was kind of just like, “That’s fucking right! Agh! I knew it. Even CLAMP isn’t that bad.” My reaction to finding out they were “dead” was just me glaring at my computer screen and demanding in my head that they, “fix it”.

    …I kind of would like to see that actually. Could I maybe hear Yui Makino say “hoe” then? Gah, but even if it’s Yui Makino, it just won’t be the same (though it would be darn cute, just not Sakura cute).

    Mo0on12: Yes! All of that. Oh, but she’s also warm and kind and healing! I look at a picture of Sakura and I am healed.

    warriorhope: Yes! Watch Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, but screw the anime TV series. Bee Train sucks!

    saimaisama: Oh, does this mean that you’ll be doing it too? Looking forward to that then. More Sakura fangirling.

    Yes. Poor trcSakura, forgotten because ccSakura appears. The original is just absolutely the best. When it’s Sakura anyway!

    Dia: Heh. She’s my favorite character overall ever.

    kanzeon: We do!!! But how? I can’t think of any ways for ccSakura to appear outside of a remake (and we definitely won’t get that in 2009).

    Oh! Maybe a cameo in the Kobato anime!? Yes. I want that. Sakura filler!!! Somehow!!!

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