12 Moments of Anime: Kobato’s Smile

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Ah~ Now I’ve hit the easier part of the list for my moments. Wonderful, memorable things that popped into my head the very instant I tried to think of what I could remember about this year in anime. Unfortunately, that brings us to a little bit of a “cheat” again since I’m using manga, but memories cannot be contained to one medium alone!

Chapter…or wait…yes. We were still in “chapters” then. Chapter 07 of Kobato (though it’s kind of the 16th installment…or whatever).

There’s a lot of fond memories from when I first read Kobato in January of this year (just barely making everything in it eligible for 2008). The early “exam” chapter I remember with a lot of fondness. Especially that adorable umbrella chapter, which I believe was my first introduction to the series.

I want to use a leaf like an umbrella too Kobato…

But anyway, when I heard of the new Kobato anime that will be airing next Fall, my mind automatically went to one moment in the series.

The chapter or what was happening in that chapter…I couldn’t quite remember, but the last page in the chapter is what very easily stood out in my mind.


Kobato’s smile.

day10-02Specifically, I remembered it coming with the little line “There’s nobody who couldn’t be healed by that smile, right everyone?” Because I was such a dork and while reading that chapter home alone I actually shouted out, “That’s right!” like I am so prone to do while excited.

Of course, since my mind so easily went to this moment when I heard of the anime, I also felt the need to include it in this list. A simple page with a very adorable girl smiling. Those of you who know me enough, probably understand why I am so fond of this small moment (I am fond of small moments in general).

For me, it was memorable because (aside from my own outburst) it just made me smile. Most chapters of Kobato are like that. It’s a simple, heart-warming story (most of the time). The first chapter I believe was only 15 pages long, but instead of feeling rushed it felt like a nice…miniature story. Rather, slice of life at its best. A small piece of life.day10-03

Though perhaps it differs from most slice of life, because Kobato’s life isn’t something a lot of people can connect with. Instead it’s more of a fantasy (that isn’t very magical, dealing with human emotions more often) and it takes you away and lets you simply smile.

I generally don’t get excited for Kobato, like I said, I just smile and I think that’s enough. It’s this sort of story that made me fall in love with CLAMP works. CardCaptor Sakura and Chobits both made me smile. The first half of Tsubasa did as well, but let’s leave it at that so my Kobato post can remain pure fluff.

To put it simply, because too many words and over-analyzation would actually ruin the feeling in this case, Kobato is just that wonderful heart-warming CLAMP…fluff (though I’m behind on chapters, so I can only hope my fluff is still there). And it’s memorable just because it’s memorable. I remembered Kobato’s smile because it made me smile. And it’s that simple.


Now with the anime coming in 2009, I hope I’ll be able to find more people thinking of Kobato as memorable. I’m sure to find something memorable about it next year myself.


  1. Kobato is so adorable! I love her! I’ve read all three version so far (for some reason, CLAMP has restarted the series twice…), and loved each one. Seems the most recent version is going to stay though, thank goodness. I was so excited when I heard about the anime! I just know I’m going to love it. : D

  2. KOBATOOOOO~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333

    Agh, I’ve always loved Kobato’s smile but I can’t believe I can’t remember what chapter that particular page was in actually, I don’t know if I even read it yet *so bad*. Gotta go look in my manga folder.

    But yes! Kobato Kobato Kobato! x333333 I miss the(mostly) warm fluffy CLAMP stories and Kobato is just the right dose of that needed warm fluffiness…if they had Kobato running on regular weekly issues even with 12 pages, I would’ve dropped TRC altogether but noo~… =3=
    Hmm, well, Kobato makes me smile, too, but I guess the inner fangirl takes control of those moments and the smiling part is just left behind in its dust (poor niconico T_T). Hmm. I’ll need to better control it with the anime coming up but that shouldn’t be too hard. ^^;

    So yes~…I’m so excited for it! xD Yay! We get to see both sisters (argh, so cute!) with Chitose and there’s never been a guy who could look so hawt in glasses until Fujimoto can (in my horrible memory, anyways, lol). Yay for Kobato! ^^

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  4. kelakagandy: Are they supposed to be three versions? I was kind of under the impressions that it’s more like three parts of the story (unless we’re talking about two different things). But yes~ The Kobato anime is going to be wonderful. I love that CLAMP gets involved in their own anime. It means no insane screw-ups.

    xiao_jie: For shame! Of course I didn’t remember what chapter it was either. But now I will forever remember.

    Oh god, I’m rereading the whole thing because of this.

    I wish they had Kobato running weekly instead of Tsubasa. Tch. Maybe after Tsubasa finishes (but oh god, if CLAMP starts another series after xxxHolic and Tsubasa end I think I’m going to throw a fit. Of course there’s the “mangettes” coming up, but that’s all they’re allowed!)

    Yes~ The sisters. Hm. I wonder who is going to voice them in the anime…they better get Rie Tanaka. Outside of Rie Tanaka I’m not thinking too much about seiyuu (Kikuko Inoue as Chitose would be nice too though). And OMG yes Fujimoto. Ah Kobato anime…too bad we have to wait for Fall.

  5. OMG the promo image is so cute! Can’t wait to see who the seriuus are.

  6. As far as I can tell, it’s basically the same story in all three, it’s just told slightly different in each version, or starts in a different spot of the story.

    And on another note, is there a reason why your blog is asking me if I want to edit it? …I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be able to do that…

  7. warriorhope: I know, isn’t it? It’ll probably still be a while until we find anything else out though.

    kelakagandy: Ah that’s it. I just reread Kobato about an hour ago (I infected myself with Kobato love~) and it seems to be that way. Like it keeps taking breaks or like it switches publications or something.

    Edit the comment or the post? Because it’s not supposed to do either. o_O Can you send me a capture of screen by any chance? You know, pressing Print Screen then pasting it into paint or something. I want to see exactly what it looks like.

  8. It was for the post; I’m not sure about the comment, I didn’t check that. But it’s not doing it anymore, so I can’t get a sceen cap for you, sorry. It seems like it was random fluke…if it happens again, I’ll take a screen cap for you. :]

  9. i’m not sure if i should get excited about the anime or not because i know that there’s not a lot of volumes out since it’s fairly new… i just don’t want it to turn into S2 of tsubasa chronicles where the lack of manga material will turn the series into a victim of animation raep. ~but it’s not like i’m not happy about the fact it’s gonna have an anime.

  10. Well…I’m not sure it would be a problem with Kobato…there’s not too much story. I know there’s the whole plot about the preschool teacher’s ex being yakuza/a debt collector, but other than that being mentioned a few times, it’s pretty much only day to day adventures, and I feel that would be hard to mess up, and I wouldn’t really mind fillers on something like that… :]

  11. can’t say much bout’ d manga (drop half-way) n definitely will not hav any high hope on d nime~
    buttt things can go 2 d opposite.. maybe d anime can motivate me back 2 reading it. xD

  12. Kufufufu… I bought Newtype just to see that two paged spread. ^^;


    (But, where do all her clothes come from?)

  13. Oh, and Rie Tanaka would be nice~ (…Not really because of Elda/Freya, but because of Hibird. -brick’d-)

    It would be nice to have Maaya Sakamoto to perform an OP and/or ED or better yet, Kobato’s voice. x3

  14. @kelakgandy
    it’s CLAMP. after years of reading/watching CLAMP works, it’s definitely foolish to say that seemingly innocent day-to-day encounters will remain that way..especially considering it has the element of a wish, i wouldn’t be surprised if a much deeper story would emerge sooner or later.

  15. Kobato anime~! I can’t contain my excitement. It looks really cute, too. I love Kobato to death. Her entire ditzy adorable personality is wonderful. I can’t wait to see it animated. I want to hear her voice so bad~ Same with Fujimoto’s voice. And Chii and Freya’s voices as well. I can’t remember their Kobsto names, but seeing them makes a Chobits fan like me very happy. Maybe we’ll get a few fillers about them. … I’m so excited right now. I flipping love Kobato.

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