12 Moments of Anime: SA Stopped Being Special

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Tch. I don’t want SA to be ahead of Rimahiko. I don’t want SA to be memorable at all. I want to forget all about it. The anime anyway. And having any teensy bit of negativity in this feels like more cheating from me (and ruins some of the fun for me).

Nonetheless, for my second day of anime, episode 04 of Special A is my eleventh most memorable moment of 2008.

Oh how I wish one of the most memorable thing about SA had been one of the episodes I actually enjoyed. However when I was going through my anime from this year to spark some memories, I came to SA rather quickly. It was one of the first two series I blogged on Simplicity.

However, the first thing that came to mind wasn’t an episode I blogged on here, but something that left me so stunned on livejournal that I could barely type something up.

That was episode 04 of Special A. Or more specifically…this:


“Oh my! What are they doing that causes for such super poses with nets?” is probably what you’re asking. You have to know, don’t you?

Well I will be the wonderful person that I am and let you in on the secret (in case you can’t figure it out). They are…


…catching dragonflies. orz

day11-03Why is this so memorable for me? Well I think that it’s just about one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in an anime…and I’m watching Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (oooh, SA just got dissed).

It wasn’t in the manga and I can think of absolutely no reason why they would decide to add it in the anime. It was stupid. My god nothing has ever seemed so incredibly stupid to me. For the one minute (almost exactly) where their ridiculous “haha! Who can catch more dragonflies~!” competition is taking place, those two characters become two entirely different people. Well maybe not Hikari, because she’s so bizarre and generally stupid…or dense for a kinder word (especially in the anime).

But it’s almost painful for me to go back and visit.day11-04

Of course, I say almost because now it’s kind of funny. Something you can look back on and laugh because of how much it fails. After they are trolled, people get very angry, but eventually they look back and laugh. They own up to what a good job someone else did trolling them.

Though, I don’t think that’s the case here. I just think Gonzo x AIC failed…big time.

I think most fans of the manga generally have the same opinion of the anime (negative) and I made mine quite clear by the end. I blogged it almost every week…through…all sorts of stupidity and Hikari’s denseness. So I don’t really have to revisit that, but yeah. This was the one that stood out to me.

day11-05I mean, I sound pretty traumatized, but there is a good side to this. At this point I was still trying to like the anime and possibly make excuses for it, despite all of its flaws, but after this I kind of just went, “screw it” and took the whole thing as it was. And with zero expectations from there on out.

This episode saved me from expecting something out of the finale.

Also, after the point where I stopped caring, I was able to enjoy talking about the anime a lot more. So someone, despite the anime being so crappy, I managed to blog it all the way to the end (after I started).

So yes…there are some fond memories attached to this crap. It’s mildly surprising, isn’t it?

…But just for a minute. Honestly.


How am I supposed to believe that Sui developed a brother complex after what he has seen?

Oh right. He thought his brother was cool because he acted uncool later. Well…whatever. =_=;

That’s all I can take to say right now, so I’ll leave it at that. (Haha, much worse than yesterday, with a completely clear head. Oh my, somehow I have a lack of enthusiasm over my own “fond” memories. What a shame…for today.)


  1. Yeah…I think I’d list Special A as worst series of the year, 2008 on my list, heh. then OP was practically enough to do that alone.

  2. I thought it was supposed to be 12 best moments of anime not twelve worst! :lol: Oh well ;D

  3. WHY ?? S.A is amazing ! it made me cry sometimes :) but its your own opinion i don’t want to forget about this anime ever !

  4. Man, I actually forgot about the whole dragonfly catching thing. I think I was so traumatized I just … er … forgot about it. Maybe Sui did the same. Hur.

  5. I was considering watching this anime after episode 1… now, I think I have to change my MAL from on-hold to drop. XD The images are amusing though. :P

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  7. Oh god… SA… That was really really bad, but it’s bad that I can’t stop watching it until the end too ^_^…
    Moving on~ This scene is incredibly stupid XD… Oh lol I was laughing all the time and Kei’s dragonfly catching skills are really over-the-top (well, that’s what he is XD)… The OP was absolute hell too… It was the worst of the year… Oh I forgot it’s GONZO… That was totally unexpected – not. XD I guess SA’s memorable for being bad :)

    Now all they have to do is to inspire the girls of Anime-NTM with their poses XD!

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  9. I really liked SA when I first saw it but then it got worse as it went along, the last episode was like, are your for serious? :( Especially when I decided to read most of the manga too afterwards….
    oh well :(

  10. i think everyone who watched SA til the very end were hoping it would get better at some point until we all realized it was over. i actually forgot this scene.. yeah, i thought it was kinda stupid at the time, but it didn’t embed in my head. maybe i just try to remember the nicer episodes that made watching it for 24 weeks not so bad. ^^

  11. …I didn’t even watch this episode. ^^;

    But yea, either way, S.A. was a huge fail. *pulls a similar Sui face* It had its good moments but not enough to make up for the overall disappointment of it.

    …I did, however, learn to like the scenes more through AMVs…and I only watched one (Far Away). xD;

    *sigh* Yea…sad. :(

  12. I actually liked SA cause it was just funny to watch but i like the manga a lot better then the anime !

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