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No Weekly Anime for last week, simply because I didn’t watch anything. I sacrificed some blogging this week though so I could catch up with some of the that anime I fell behind with. I had a good start, but then it kind of fell apart when I was unable to use the computer. So I’m left with another pitiful Weekly Anime post. Oh well. Maybe next week.

Anime: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (10), CHAOS;HEAD (08), ToraDora! (06-08)

I finally decided what I’m doing with Weekly Anime. I’m only going to talk about anime that I don’t blog regularly when I *gasp* I have something to say. How original!

Well, it seems to be the trend in the blogosphere lately. I’m only doing it halfway though. Anime I usually do blog in categories will still be blogged regularly (unless I have a withdrawal like I did with Clannad and the lack of Nagisa).

By the way, blogging on Clannad just stopped temporarily because I haven’t been feeling well enough to use the computer much. I’ll be having a double post soon. Same for Skip Beat! (double arc post rather than episode post though).

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

Episode 10

akasaka10-01ZOMG! How long has it been since I’ve blogged AkaSaka? I even said I was going to drop it entirely. Unfortunately for me, Yuuhi is still freakin’ adorable. So when I heard things were finally progressing for her, I picked it back up and went through all the episodes at once. All those group adventure episodes really felt stupid and unnecessary though. They should have just cut out anything that wasn’t involved with Yuuhi or Minato and have all the other characters be stupid comic relief idiots (like they are anyway).

I actually enjoyed this episode of AkaSaka because it had confessions, kissing, and blushing~ All we’re akasaka10-02missing was some hand-holding or princess carries, but I guess kissing kind of trumps that. My goodness, Yuuhi was so cute in this episode. After AkaSaka started getting really bad, I kind of forgot about what I liked. The only thing I liked was Yuuhi, but you know…whatever.

Hmm…I wish I could have actually liked the episode though. This series is just still way too stupid. If they didn’t have all that stupidity in there, I’d probably like this anime though (for my romance and shipping purposes).

Of course, when shipping is involved there’s the ship I’m against which brings me to our next unfortunate point.

akasaka10-04Tch. Minato. She’s really bothering me. Of course, her brother complex after years of treating her brother like her brother pisses me off, but the worst part was that you could see it coming from a mile away. And my god she is so “perfect” that I want to hit her over the head with her own frying pan. Honestly. Is there anything that she can’t do? She even does stupid things like talking to bears (or whatever). -_-

Well, I guess there is one thing. She can’t manage to stay away from her brother, despite the fact that she was trying to help Yuuhi get closer with him the whole time.akasaka10-07

Meh. I get this unfortunate feeling that Minato is going to get to be all sulky in the next episode because she likes her brother. Boohoo. Go to therapy and get over it. (Oh and I was right! Waiting to watch the next episode with subs though, because I don’t want to watch it twice.)

(And the first person who says, “but they’re not really related” and honestly thinks that makes it not stupid to want someone you think and treat as family, will be…ignored. Meh. I’m being mature today.)

The screencaps are just automatic so they’re all pretty random. I really didn’t want to go through the episode to get screencaps.


Episode 08

How did CHAOS;HEAD go from being the show I look forward to most to coming after…AkaSaka. Oh that’s right. Episode 07 was boring. And no. I won’t take it back. Exposition done in a squeaky telepathic voice sucks. Lack of Rimi didn’t help either. I have zero expectations for AkaSaka, so that can’t disappoint, but C;H can…and can therefore make me sulky.ch08-01

I think the main problem is that we went from not knowing anything to knowing…almost everything. Rimi was pretty much the only uncertainty left. We know about the delusions, the diswords, gigalomaniacs, and we got to know the current “enemy”, so yeah. For me at least I could only wonder about Rimi. Oh and the murders too.

Of course, this week we get to know what Rimi was up to (she’s connected with Shogun). I feel kind of stupid for getting upset that we’re finally getting answers, but it still bothers me. If all of my questions are getting answered, what am I supposed to write about? Agh! Luckily got a couple of new questions this week, but it’s still nothing like it was before.ch08-02

Meh. Feels kind of like it turned into an action anime with mysteries on the side instead of being more about all the mysterious stuff and I’m sulking over that. So yeah. I have nothing to say (except…woo! More Rimi screentime next episode!).

But I’m enjoying it more again anyway. I just haven’t gotten around to watching the next episode yet…somehow.


Since I have to catch up on so many episodes and ToraDora! isn’t just the sort of thing you can talk about story developments for (because there’s really no continuous plot) I’ll just do quick little blurbs on each episode.


Episode 06 – As expected, I do like Ami better when she’s not being so two-faced. Her story with the stalker was actually kind of nice. Even the bitchy girl was scared of something and…my god! Seeing Taiga be fearless was what caused Ami to confront her own fears. Heh. It’s kind of like Ami admires Taiga. Ohohoho~ I certainly want to believe that. Nice justice considering what a bitch Ami is to Taiga. For her to actually secretly admire her makes things fun. I think Ami becoming more likable is mostly owed to her being voiced by Eri Kitamura. Because sometimes she sounds like she’s not a bad person, even when she’s acting like one.


Episode 07 – Oh god poor Taiga. Swimsuit shopping is always awful for girls I think, but poor Taiga. I’m sorry to say this, but at least it makes me feel better about my own shopping expeditions. At least I can find things that fit me. It’s especially embarrassing that she’s lacking in…er…the chest region. But that’s all we’re going to say on that because it’s an embarrassing subject overall I think. But god then what happened in the pool. It’s almost too embarrassing to think about.


Episode 08 – Yeah, I think I’m starting to like Ami more now that she’s letting her bitchy side show through more. It’s basically like she’s just a spoiled bratty child, but it’s kind of more okay because she knows it. Unfortunately, I think Ami was right about Taiga being jealous and that kind of leads us a little bit into the direction I don’t want to go. Where romance overtakes the nice friendships we have going in this series. Though the scene at the pool was really touching either way.

And that’s it. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on more before next Sunday.

Geh. Every time I post these, I still feel like I failed in some major way. No one ever brings anything up, so I’m starting to think I’m just super paranoid…about something completely stupid and pointless too. More proof that stress is bad for you.


  1. “Where romance overtakes the nice friendships we have going in this series.”

    Well, it’s also equally if not more frustrating for there to be no direction at all. Being friends is all nice and good, and I agree, I didn’t really want a Ryuuji/Taiga thing at first, but now I think I wouldn’t mind it as much.
    P.S. You need to watch the rest of the episodes of Toradora!

    I didn’t read the Chaos;Head stuff yet, because I’m waiting until the next episode comes out subbed so I can just watch 8-10 all in one go and see if I can live through it :p I saw some interesting screencaps from episodes 9-10, so I’m hoping the thought of those coming up will help me watch through all three of em in one go.

    Akane Iro was doomed from the beginning to be a typical harem animu. After the stupid fillers from pretty much episode 4 to episode 9 filled with fanservice, I knew it was going to end up being pretty lame. Although I didn’t actually think we’d end up with a Minato/Junichi end, but after seeing episode 11, I think Hinano is probably right :p Though I agree with you, it’s really weird, whether they’re technically blood related or not. But if it does end up like that, I’ll give it credit for being an awesome troll.

  2. Stress is bad for you. It makes you lose your hair! D8
    So don’t stress. Your posts are just fine as always. ^^

    AkaSaka – OMG, there was actual plot?! D8 Say it isn’t so! *doesn’t really want to go back to watch it* …But I will for the drama…cuz that kind of drama just makes me laugh. I need a good laugh. *rolls eyes*

    ToraDora – Yay for Ami! <3 Out of everyone, she probably has to be the deepest character yet. Hmm, yea.
    Taiga was very cute and awesome in those episodes, too. Lol She thought she could grow a chest overnight by eating soy beans. How cute is that? xD

  3. i don’t watch any of those shows instead of Chaos;Head and i agree it was cool when he had delusions and murders but bow with these swords and all its Kinda like Magical Show and i already have too many magical Shows ! i though it would be awesome like higurashi i mean in higurashi i watched a WHOLE season without answers then i Watched a full season with the answers (Kai) it was awesome ! but Chaos;Head have a lack of mystery now and it Sucks ! i will not continue on watching it .

    and Toradora … many of my friends tell me to watch it cause its cute but i feel its a ripoff Haruhi.S because that girl attitude remind me of her and that boy remind me of kyon especially their Violence relationship lol XD so i don’t really watch it … but i love the OP though :)

  4. Actually as the story progresses more in ToraDora, the more I find to like Ami. I was really raging in anger for her in the early eps but even though she’s a bitch (and she still is XD), I’m really starting to grow on her. ToraDora really managed to have such likable characters imo :) Umm… but I still don’t quite get Kitamura XD~ Anyway, Taiga was too cute on the swimming episodes! ^_^ I really lol’d so badly XD!

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