12 Moments in Anime: Overactive Fangirling Pays Off!

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I’m starting with something that technically happened yesterday (or Friday night really). I wonder what that says about my year in general. Good or bad that one of my most memorable moments happened just yesterday? Maybe good since it bumped something else off the list (though that was recent too -_-;;;). I kind of feel like I’m cheating somehow, but it really is more memorable for me than a lot of other things. I’d hate to miss out on calling it “memorable” just because it came too close to 2009.

But who knows, it might not deserve to properly be in this series (though I think it does) I could just be drunk off of shipping excitement (though I’ve calmed down a lot since yesterday…). But nonetheless…one of my Twelve Moments of Anime for 2008 comes from episode 62 of Shugo Chara! – my filler Rimahiko scenes.


First I should explain what the Twelve Moments of Anime are exactly. It’s a project of sorts (apparently from last year as well) that CCY invited other anime bloggers to participate in. I thought it was a wonderful idea so I decided to join in as well.

The idea is (and I’m paraphrasing) to take 12 fond moments from anime we watched this year and count them down as we get closer to Christmas. My paraphrasing probably sucks though so I’ll quote CCY to give you the proper idea:

…it’s an annual tradition I decided to pioneer last year, as a nostalgic look back upon a year well spent on anime. Based around the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas celebration, Twelve Moments of Anime is a countdown of some of our most loved or remembered anime moments over the last year.

Unfortunately, I don’t quite have 12 moments from anime, so I’m going to have to cheat a little as we go along, like I did when I counted down my Top Ten Anime Girls. I could probably come up with 12 moments without cheating, but they probably wouldn’t fit the most important criteria of being memorable.

My main problem is probably that back in the Winter Season last year, I was too sick to watch almost any anime (I think I only watched Clannad and Shugo Chara). Then a lot of this year just seemed kind of dull, but…I will do my best! Even if I have to cheat a little! As an example, I get the feeling that Shugo Chara might have to be used to the point of abuse in this series because it’s spanned the entire year.

Now that our explanation is out of the way, let’s dive right into…well it’s the “First Day” but I guess it’s “Number 12” countdown-wise (only because I feel so uneasy about putting it on the list, I think it deserves highter). It’s episode 62 of Shugo Chara! which proved my banner right and rewarded my patience (and stubbornness) with much-anticipated filler (lol sounds like an oxymoron).


Looking back it seems I started thinking about RimaxNagihiko on May 31, 2008 (because of my blogging I have an exact date…ooo). Also reading that post it seems I was wrong when I said in my Episode 62 post that I supported them the nanosecond they appeared on a page together. I supported them before that. -_-;;

But you can’t fall in love with that filler boy Rima. I’m hearing some good things about a possible pairing of you and Nagihiko (now all you two have to do is meet…).

“now all you two have to do is meet…” I’m a more overactive fangirl than I ever realized.

Of course, the Shugo Chara fandom being…welll what it is, I don’t think I was exactly alone in my new shipping love. Haha~ Something I can appreciate a lot more than the flaming shipping wars. ^_^day12-03

At any rate, it looks like my rather pre-mature shipping went into full-swing around episode 41 when I started being suspicious of Rima and Tadase interactions. After a challenger appears there is no looking back.

My anticipation for more material first started building up at the end of May  (when I hadn’t even seen Rima and Nagihiko interact… forget what sparked me thinking about them in the first place). That’s…a lot of time to let things build-up, especially for someone like me who is so easily excitable. And it did build-up. I demanded four fillers at one point (one down three to go).

And now I have my filler.

Of course, watching it, I don’t think non-fans of the pairing will quite see what there was to get so excited about. It has lots of small moments that you make into something more when you’re looking too. It was just the right amount of fluff and interaction for me after…running on “empty” for most of my time with this pairing.

Technically I might have been rewarded for my overactive fangirling with chapter 34, but somehow, I just wanted more interaction before that (I am as difficult to please as I am easy to please it seems…though it makes no sense).

day12-04The thing I knew I would like right away about Rima and Nagihiko was the possibility of Nagihiko teasing Rima a little and I didn’t get to see much of that until episode 62. (Ohohoho~ He pissed her off so much~) And even though Nagihiko does tick her off, he made her smile and that is crucial for my pairings, so it made me very happy.

To put it simply, episode 62 was my wonderful reward for both my overactive fangirling and my resolve to sit through every Shugo Chara episode ever. A filler that “fulfilled” me more than the manga? Yes~ (What a surprise) I suppose that if there’s more interaction between two characters, it feels that much more rewarding when (*sigh* or if) they get together.

Plus, as if I needed more reasons, animated Rimahiko means Rimahiko AMVs. Yes~ I have waited so long to be able to see some Rimahiko videos. I got such great ones too. I can’t stop watching them (I’m in that fangirling mood).

Ah~ I  think people who don’t quite get us Rimahiko fangirls should at least give the videos a try (of course they still might not understand). Perhaps they can be converted! If they don’t already have pairing at least, maybe even they do (because apparently it was possible to convert a Rimase fan).day12-05

Hey! And after this episode perhaps we will get some fanart too? Yes?

But oh my! I got a little off-track, even though I did so much fangirling yesterday too. ^_^;

I guess we can see why it’s memorable now.

After thinking that I wanted a Rimahiko filler six months ago…I got one. And it had just about everything I wanted and could have expected (plus a little more~). Therefore, this moment just has to be memorable because of all the anticipation built up while I was waiting for it. I’m already getting that nice warm, nostalgic feeling when I watch the episode (or AMVs) than I do for other things which are older and perhaps enjoyable (the odd “nostalgia” makes me think I’ve watched it too many times actually…).

Of course, like I said before, I might still be drunk off of shipping excitement. Though it feels sincere to me…I haven’t found a new pairing I’ve enjoyed so much since last year (Amuto btw). And for me, my pairings are everything! And Rimahiko is one of the only pairings I’ve started supporting (so rabidly anyway) before I got more substantial hints of actual romance (rather than just friendship hints). I think we fangirls based it off of compatibility with their personalities (plus some fun imaginings~).

At any rate, unless someone else is a fan of this pairing, they might not quite get the way it has hit me (even so they might not) but I did my best to explain without getting too fangirly and scaring away sane people who do not read my episode posts (and therefore can’t know what I can be like).

day12-06Ah~ I love having the ability to put together scrolling screencaps~

lol, Nagihiko looks like such a girl, but unusually (for me) that makes this ship no less fun.

I wrote this with a very “foggy” head, so I really have to step back and apologize for a possible messy post. And it’s a little later than I wanted it to be because I tried to make it more understandable after I felt better. It was difficult since this moment was so recent, I had to write it recently too (even with my foggy head) because with the…”deadline” for the first day coming up I couldn’t wait until I felt better. Please forgive me for possibly bad introduction to my part in an otherwise great blogging community project.


  1. Haha, you always worry about writing bad posts, but you write better when you’re feeling sick than I write on my best days :p

    I don’t follow Shugo Chara, but omg Rima looks like quite the tsundere to me, I like her already! :> I especially love how she’s looking daggers at Nagihiko and he’s sitting there smiling at her. Must resist the urge to watch…

  2. Haha, it looks alright to me. I especially like how you used your images, and put them to the side instead of traditional image-text-image-text blogging style. It looks professional.

    My inner fangirl still would like to call blasphemy on Rimahiko, but that’s just because I’m behind on the anime and rather liked the Amu and Nagehiko interactions. I can’t really say. I’m probably rather blind in my views myself. You will see where my biases lie in a few days … ^^

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  5. You seriously need to stop making me start adore things I know virtually nothing about. It’s freakish. Or wait a sec, no don’t stop. I think I like fangirling about new things every now and then. XD
    I watched the episode and died. I’ve been doing way too much giggling lately. It’s uncanny. Now to go back to the skirt episode …

    (You’re post are just fine ~ I wish I could write as well on my crap days T_T)

  6. “At any rate, unless someone else is a fan of this pairing, they might not quite get the way it has hit me (even so they might not) but I did my best to explain without getting too fangirly and scaring away sane people who do not read my episode posts (and therefore can’t know what I can be like).”

    I completely understand where you’re coming from! : D I was completely spazzing out at the littlest things in the episode. Really, it was adorable! : D

  7. nazarielle: Oh~ Such a nice thing to say~ Unfortunately, when I’m sick I also can’t read or think properly so everything I write seems awful after reading through it.

    Heh. Rima isn’t the most tsundere in the show either. Amu and Utau are much more. Amu actually says some stereotypical things like, “It’s not like I’m helping you. I hate you after all.” (paraphrasing) and “Wh-Who would thank you?” while blushing (Ah~ Amu~). Utau can be even more so (but not so much in regards to romance).

    Ah! But that probably doesn’t help. Well, the show is full of pink and sparkles, so that might quiet down the urge.

    CCY: Oh “professional”. Even used quickly, I feel so humble and undeserving (ah, that sounded insincere, but I meant it).

    Ehe, I figured you would say that. Well, it might not be just because you’re behind anyway/ AmuxNagihiko supporters left a pretty nice dent in my recent Rimahiko poll. AmuxNagihiko get a few small moments in Doki too (at least one in this episode), which hopefully might persuade you to catch-up a little~

    saimaisama: Well, I suppose that just proves once and for all that fangirling is contagious. Especially for such adorable things like Rimahiko.

    Yes! Watch the skirt episode!!

    kelakagandy: You are another of my fangirl allies then! Haha, but it’s got to be hard not to spaz over an episode as adorable as 62 was. At least from my perspective.

  8. It’s not a perspective, it’s a matter of fact. ;D I’m really not sure how you couldn’t spaz at something so adorable!!

  9. *stares at the second pic*

    …um yea, something about 12 memorable moments? xD; J/k.

    Sounds fun. Dunno get what you mean by “cheating” but if this didn’t make it onto your list then I don’t know what’s wrong with the world. o_O *exaggerating*

    Aha~, I forgot what sparked my love for Rimahiko, too, I think…or maybe I just unconsciously slipped into it. Hmm, don’t remember. But I can still recall that you said you would’ve supported Rimase if nothing else happened (or something like that). lol …and I think I agreed. *not sure* xD

    Hmm, but I’m glad for the Rimahiko filler ep. It was so…well, not “nice” but just…wonderful…yea. Heh.

    Sidetrack a little: “I am as difficult to please as I am easy to please it seems…though it makes no sense.”

    It does make sense…it’s just really difficult to describe it. *is like that, too* Haha, I’m serious, especially since this is Doki! we’re talking about. Dunno. I think that statement just fits so well with a fan’s perspective of the anime right now. For a couple of us, anywayz.

    Ok, back to Rimahiko…I need to get my lazy butt to doing something for this shipping. I already have some ideas written down but my muse is too friggin’ dead to wake up. Argh, one more week~. Dx I’ll probably look through some songs though I don’t think I have any that will fit that well for them. And it needs to fit well! *extremely critical of fan work* …Ok, maybe not so critical but still. o.O;

    Ah, what else?
    Teach me how to put together scrolling screencaps! xD lol

    Uh, but, hmm…I agree with most of things you said so I don’t have much to add to it. Oh! Yea! I wish there was some nice phrase to term them. A word wouldn’t be enough so a phrase would be good (I even have a hard time finding one for Amuto, oi). I dunno. I always had the impression (ok, that’s a lie, I just came up with this a few minutes ago :P) that they were the never-thought-it-would-happen-but-it-actually-makes-perfect-sense! kind of couple. Or not really. I’ll have to think about it. :/

    So yea…Rimahiko~! <333

    And hey, Nagi makes a fine girl! …I can’t believe I just said that. |D; Rima would secretly agree with me. LOL

    & again, I don’t know what you’re talking about a messy post. Even when you’re not feeling well you can still type in proper English. Look at me. I have ellipsises (sp?) littered everywhere. Lots of ums, and yeas, too. And I’m sober (I think)! =P
    lol K. ^^

  10. To tell the truth, Nadeshiko/Nagihiko is the only reason I keep watching Shugo chara, as I find him the most complex of all the characters in the series. Since it is rather obvious that they are not going to pair Amu with Nagihiko, the next best girl would be his successor, Rima the Queen. Thank you for pointing out this possibility, as it gives me another reason to keep my interest on Nagihiko.

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