Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 62

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That’s better. A filler about actual characters in the show. And what’s better is that it focuses on a pairing that is rather widely supported by the fans. Rimahiko~! Of course just the general friendship cuteness, but the point is, I am pleased.

That’s right Satelight! Please the fans!

Also we finally have some proper news for the CrunchyRoll streaming.


Crunchyroll put up the full info on their new anime subscriptions. Of course they’re still only telling us about four series, even with their vague promise of “many more”. The episodes will be put on the site about one hour after they air in Japan with subtitles. They’ve also greatly improved the streams for the paid subscriptions which was my biggest issue until just now.

However, the price is pretty much going to double if you don’t get the preorder. And if you don’t pay for it, you just have to wait one week for the content to be available anyway.

I got the 12 month preorder because it’s worth it for me. I don’t want to change my routine with Shugo Chara! (and Skip Beat!) and I find no reason to download torrents when I have easy legal access online. The stream actually seems to be better quality than a lot of the raws and apparently the subs can be turned on and off, so I’m good on all fronts.

I’m not offering advice, just laying out the facts and my own plans. I chose this way because I’m a blogger and I’ve become accustomed to my immediate blogging, plus with subs (hopefully professional, but not the condescending type for these subs) it will be more accurate blogging too. Better for me, better for my readers.

Now before we move on, let me give one warning. If anyone turns this into a debate in the comments, I am going to delete your comments <i>so</i> fast. Episode relevant parts too. If drama evolves from the crunchyroll crap (which it will) I’ll probably make a post in the future, so keep your crap to yourselves or to forums until then. Keep it off my blog.


(Quick Summary to get the post up quickly)

Rima is feeling down because she hears the guardians talk about Nadeshiko again. Seeing how close Amu is with Nagihiko doesn’t make her very happy either. So Amu invites her out to cheer her up, but…with Nagihiko. They spend the whole day trying to cheer Rima up while they’re out. Then some x-eggs (accidentally released by our idiot scientist trio who are collecting them for the violin plan) appear. Rima and Amu start to fight them (Rima once again pointing out that Nagihiko can’t do anything) but when the x-eggs go after Rima, she’s saved by Nagihiko (kyaaa~). After that they all work together to fight the eggs and heal them. THen Nagihiko falls down into a hole and makes Rima laugh. But their rivalry is reignited when Nagihiko pulls Rima down into the hole too.


Oh~ I enjoyed this episode so much. Let us know that they haven’t forgotten the plot and much better…they gave me exactly what I wanted. Rimahiko filler!

Kutau is next, right? (After the Lulu episode, right? RIGHT!?)


…Go away you guys! But glad to see that because these fools are on the job, the plan is proceeding very slowly. (Also glad to see x-eggs)

Ah. After seeing these idiots, I kind of wanted to see Ikuto (because I’m greedy) but now that I think of it…if Ikuto isn’t around that means he’s safely away from Easter, right?


No kirakira’s like Rima-chan when she smiles. Ah…so healing. I can’t help but smile myself.


The reactions to Nadeshiko. Amu is happy, Rima is not, and Nagihiko is trying not to look suspicious. Alright. That’s our wonderful trio for the episode.


Nadeshiko! I miss “her” even though “he” is still around. Nadeshiko…

Well, technically almost all of the original guardians can still hang out now when Kukai comes to visit.  I still want Amu and Yaya to find that out though…


Aw…Rima… Rima’s theme music (or her sad one anyway) gets to me every time. Poor Rima. Amu’s her favorite person and she’s feeling so down that she might not be Amu’s favorite person. Rima ;_;

Ah. I think I mentioned this before, but I want to see what Rima’s reaction would be to Amu having a boyfriend (Ikuto btw). So many characters that I want to have more interactions.


Aww…Rima~! I could have done a whole montage of cute melancholic Rima pictures, but I’ll keep it limited to the cutest. Because this episode was so awesome that I used an amount of images only really known in amuto episodes before this.


Rima! It’s so cute how happy she is that Amu comes up to her. She’s like a little puppy.


…A stubborn jealous little puppy.

I actually got made at Nagihiko for coming up (bad me). Rima finally smiled after feeling so down about Nadeshiko being Amu’s “best friend” and then Nagihiko pops up to make Rima all frowny again. Poor Rima.



I have to take back what I said about Rima. No on kirakira’s like Amu-chan. It’s amazing.

Ah…Nagihiko…you’re so easily manipulated now (though Amu’s unaware of it).


Yay! Rima’s happy again because Amu invited her out. So cute…


No! Rima’s frowny because…you know what forget it. Yay again because Rima is fucking cute when she’s pouting.

This time though, if Rima weren’t so cute, you’d have to be mad at Amu. What was she thinking inviting Nagihiko when Rima is feeling down? Oh Amu~ You silly girl.

(I love Rima’s little coat too. So cute…)


Wow. Amu can really stretch her face out. And all for the sake of her friend Rima (Rima should be happier just for what Amu is willing to do for her, I think…). However we don’t use stretchy-face Amu because this is cuter.

And KusuKusu is just like Rima. The comedy drill sargeant.


But the God of Comedy needs to step up herself and tell her fools what comedy is really about! TRY HARDER! ONLY PERFECTION IS ALLOWED!



Sorry Amu. As cute as that is, it’s not perfection (perfection = Bala-Balance Class).

However! Their secret hole plan worked quite nicely!



sc62-18And…oh. Frowning.

Tch. Almost there. Rima’s too stubborn.


Nagihiko is so smart and cool. Saying things like “you shold laugh if you want to” (or whatever paraphrasing) and then catching onto the fact that Rima won’t laugh with him around. So cool Nagihiko~ That’s why we chose you for Rima the very nanosecond you two appeared on the same page (at least it was that fast for me).



But *gasp* Rima! So mean. Nagihiko was just trying to be nice~

Oddly enough though I didn’t get mad at her. I just started giggling over how cute Rima was afterwards. She’s just afraid of losing Amu after all. Amu’s her first real friend!


Ah! Yay! Both of Amu’s best friends got to see her house for the very first time together! It’s cute how excited Nagihiko got too. I’m only slightly disappointed that Utau has to be absent, but you can’t have everything.

But…even if I can’t have everything, can I have another sleepover? At Amu’s house?


Nadeshiko~!!! *squee* Nagihiko is more than just a good trap, he can go from boy to girl in five seconds. Amazing!

Ah. Nagihiko is so smart. “Transforming” to keep Amu’s daddy quiet.


Of course, perhaps Nagihiko didn’t think of everything. Because that look for Rima is more than just frowny. That looks like her (adorable) suspicious frown. Ooooo.


So cute how happy Rima was to see Amu’s room (then how Amu got all panicky over how it might not “match her image”). Ah~ Rima-chan~

Tch. But I keep getting reminded of Ikuto this episode. Now Ikuto doesn’t get to…ah! Trying to keep a mildly spoiler-free blog sucks! Especially when everyone probably already knows!



Ball-Rima~ So cute~! Especially angry ball-Rima. That’s something new. Thank you Nagihiko! (lol, Watching them fight is so much fun)


Hahaha. Amu only hung out with boys when she was younger. Her first male harem. (lol, it looks like they’re all older than her too…)

Amu was so cute when she was younger. I especially love that photo of her holding the teddy bear. I really feel like I need to do something with that.



Ehe~! ^_^ I have nothing to say except…I am such an easily pleased fangirl.

I love the early parts of shipping. The smallest scenes can be appreciated that much more.



Aw. Rima. And now Nagihiko is getting to understand why she’s being like that some more because he’s such a smart boy.

Ehe~ I really love early-shipping. Because I got to be happy over the way he said “Rima-chan” even though it wasn’t anything really special.


*gasp* *early shipping overload*

Even though he can’t chara-nari Nagihiko is protecting Rima and he gets hurt and…kyaaa~! What are you trying to do to me Satelight? It’s too early for me to expect something like this~!

Of course, it’s more of a friendship thing at this point and probably goes more to Nagihiko just being an awesome person…but still~!


Saikyou Love Power!!! I was so happy to hear it in there. More people need to buy the single! Because it’s Kanae Ito and it’s cute!

The music felt a little off with some of the fighting, but I think it’s okay because it fits in with the overall mood…


The song especially fit in with this part (ah, it’s my favorite part of the song too~). Rima finally laughed~ (Because of Nagihiko!!!)


Ah~! Rima really is so cute when she smiles!!! Rima~! So…cute…ah!!! (I’m having a minor cute overload forgive my lack of words)



Awww~ And Rima puts her hand out to help Nagihiko out of the hole. So nice and…I am just so satisfied with this episode. Let me just say that now. I got more shipping material out of this episode  than I thought I would (of course, I screencapped just about every scene that has any hints whatsoever).

But nonetheless…we have enough for Rimahiko AMVs now right? People need to go make them. Now~


Of course Nagihiko being the devious, smart boy he is has to pull Rima into the hole too. I can’t even be mad at him, because it’s Nagihiko.

Plus this is the sort of stuff that makes me like a pairing that much more~ (Oh this is so much fun!!)


And so we pretty much leave where we left off. Except with a lot more Rimahiko  material to work with. So this episode is enthusiastically Fuyu-approved.

More like this. More Rimahiko and now some Kutau too. Show off our side-pairings!



So it’s the Christmas episode and it’s dedicated to Lulu, which hopefully means she’ll get some development and she’ll stop being “that annoying ?-egg girl” to everyone. Because that’s all she is right now.

Also…what’s up with the preview? Is that Amu and Lulu getting along? Already!? Wow Lulu. Maybe she’s not that much of an Utau=copy after all. She’s not nearly stubborn enough.

And let’s see what else? Oh we can look forward to Amu with…spiral awesomely cute shoujo pigtails! Yes. YES!

Oh yeah and there’s a new single for Buono! coming out in February so I’m guessing that Buono! is doing the next ending theme. It should be changing sometime in the next three weeks. I’m guessing the week after next because that’s what happened in the first season. They changed it on episode 13 and episode 64 is technically “Doki – episode 13” too.


Another obvious one for a Rimahiko episode.

I am for Rimahiko and anyone who isn’t can be my enemy, okay? (No not okay, don’t take me seriously)


  1. gay episode. rima and nagihiko are a bad pair. .

  2. no. ur gay.

    Honestly. At least call it a “lame” episode if you must. At least is sounds a tad more mature.

  3. AMUTO 4 LIFE!!!! RIMAHIKO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  4. If you keep spamming I’m going to block your comments.

    And what does Amuto and Rimahiko even have to do with each other? Different people entirely…

  5. fuyu,who do u like best?




  6. I like Amuto best, but I like Rimahiko too.

    Seriously stop spamming my blog to have a conversation or whatever.

  7. Mystery: OMFG STFU! RIMAHIKO IS AWESOME! Fuyumaiden, seriouslt delete it, Rimahiko is NOT gay!

  8. What’s wrong with Rimahiko? I think they’re cute together. Very satisfied with the episode. Thanks Fuyu-chan!

  9. Question: The subs will be available without having to download or pay for it, right? Sorry, I wasn’t quite clear on that. Doesn’t matter if I have to wait a week/hour for it but as long as it’s there for internet viewing. :/

    Hahahaha! I was so thrilled with this eppy I had to watch it five more times before I went to sleep. xD; And it made my day so much better. *had an exam and missed watching Twilight* Ohhh~…

    So yea.

    On Kutau, I’ll have to be pessimistic and hang my head. T_T But maybe only in a month we’ll get it.

    Squealed when Rima laugh. She has such a cute and heartful laugh and you know it’s sincere because she only laughs when it’s worth laughing about. Ah, Rima~! x3

    I miss Nadeshiko, too~! ;__; lol But she made a cameo (lol) later on. xD
    I do wonder how Amu and Yaya will react when they do find out…though it’s slightly predictable. Yaya would be like “EEEHHH?! Reallyreallyreally?!” and Amu would just have a freeze-up for several minutes, snap back to reality, get all blushy (because of all the things they did together that involves locker rooms and whatnot *gasp!*) and then run away like Haine~!. lol xDD;; I want to see that now.

    And my thoughts exactly on Amu being Rima’s favorite person! Kyaa~! Rima Rima Rimaaaa!!!! x3333333333 God, I want that music box theme now. Isn’t the 3rd OST out yet? It’s already been over a month! >:/
    And me, too! *raises both hands* I want to see Rima’s reaction to Ikuto, too! xD I mean, with Kairi she only went “Oh…that’s nice” in a cute Rima way and with Tadase…hmm, not really much, assuming that everyone already knows and are just making subtle comments about him and Amu. But she does get annoyed with him every once in a while. Not actually jealous. But that’s…not much fun. Rima has to throw (proper) hissy fits when Amu isn’t available! And she should have the glare of death contest with Ikuto (though I doubt Ikuto will even care, ha) so it would totally confuse the hell out of Amu which will be cute. Yea! xDD

    And awwz, she likes Amu so much, she gets all happy just seeing her. So cute~! x3
    & Rima’s angry face has got to be the best and most adorable angry face made in the show so far. Everyone else was just very scary or humorous or both but they were never as cute as Rima’s. o.O

    Haha Amu’s kirakira kougeki > Tadase’s? xD *agrees*

    Rima also has the cutest pout. Damn, she’s on a roll this ep.

    Ah, I need to mention that I love the Charas this week, too. Particularly Ran, cuz I’ve never seen her so fired up and determined to cheer someone up (and that person’s Rima! yay!), Suu, cuz she was in her full element and made an Eru face (YEA!), and KusuKusu cuz she just wanted Rima to smile again (awwz!).

    Ohhh~, were you reminded of the first episode with the hand slap? Only that Rima’s was so much better and so much bitchier which makes it all the moar great? 8D Hmm, yep. Rima is awesome.
    Poor Nagi, though. Don’t worry, I support you all the way, Nagi!

    Suspicious “Oooo” indeed. Rima knows. She knows. hehehe!


    Amu-chan is a natural playgirl even as a toddler. *giggle* And she looks so cute when she’s little! Gah! Dare I say cuter than Ami? Yes. Utau? …yes…cuz she had a bear! And she held it so…cutely! Gah, why is everything so cute in this episode?
    Ikuto should steal the bear and hide it when Amu uses it to make him jealous. xDD

    *is so reminded of the Sorashi scene at the cream puffs* …*squeal*

    Early is better than waiting in this case. :D Argh, Nagi is so freakin’ heroic and such an awesome guy…he’s the best of them all.
    I find it really cool that he’s not affected by the X-egg’s power even though he got hit with a full-throttle attack without any defenses to shield him. Hmm, that’s interesting.

    Saikyou Love Power! Yay! Lol, now that’s promotion right there. Approved. Very approved. ^^
    And I loved how Amu’s all smiley at Rima and Nagi working together. Regarding magical girl heroines, it’s pretty cliché that a lot of them are simple-minded. Amu is also, in a way, like that but she doesn’t make it look annoying. You can tell it’s genuine. Gah, Amu, I love you. <3

    Did you notice the small blush on Nagi’s face when Rima gave him her hand to help him up? He fell in love with her smile/laugh! *overload*
    And that tug was his way of flirting with her. *overkill* Thanks for keeping it interesting, Nagi! *thumbs up* ;D

    Huh, so Christmas ep next week, eh? Yes! Next week, school is over! *can’t wait*
    & I am ALL for Lulu and Amu getting along. Not as much ALL for Amu’s awesome spirally pigtails but I really like the ending screencap and the part where Lulu smiles to herself after a present lands in her hand or something. Hopefully after this ep, Lulu will show some hesitance at fighting Amu from the shadows and we get another nice friendship happening. *hopeful*
    But omg, the pigtails are so cute! *A* I wonder if it’s the same hairstyle she wore on the 3rd DVD LE boxset. Besides Amulet Clover, who’s on the outside, she was wearing a maid outfit, too (which was quite cute), and the spirally pigtails were just too cute.

    …I need to count how many times I said cute…huh, 14.
    & uh…yay! Buono ED again! *cheers* Hopefully the actual ED we get to see will be as good (or better, but I’ll settle for “as good”) as Lotta Love. Someone posted a possible title of it on the LJ and it’s well…cute (oh, that’s 15, xD; ).

    Hmm, yep. Thanx for the summary (succinct and nice) and sharing your thoughts as always! ^^

    Whoa, long comment. xD;

  10. I used to be a RimaxTadase fan but reading this made me a RimaxNagihiko fan XD I loved how Rima got jealous XD

  11. HURRAY!! Rimahiko!!
    after I watched the episode a frist time I replayed all the parts and paused a lot and stuff. I loved when Rima reached down to help Nagihko out of the hole and when Nagihko was helping Rima stir the cream then was all happy after(I literlly squealed out loud), I love scenes with hand touching :D

  12. Dia: I don’t delete comments, unless they’re completely ignorant or disgusting (or if it’s repeats or spams). No matter how immature. It’s just a shame that it’s the first comment on this episode.

    I’ll just receive comfort from the 77% going for Rimahiko in the poll right now.

    oTAKu: There’s nothing wrong with Rimahiko. Some people are just immature. Bleh.

    xiao_jie: Complete subtitled episodes are available for free streaming after a week (except with commercials). That’s how I understood it anyway.

    Five more times? You beat me out then. I’ve watched it probably four times now. But I keep watching a new Rimahiko AMV instead (I’m on viewing number 25 now. It’s only 45 seconds long so I have to watch it a lot to get my fill).

    …And OMG another Rimahiko video just popped up in my subscriptions. *so happy*

    Pessimistic is probably the way to go for Kutau filler. Less chance of disappointment. I might be satisfied with another Rimahiko filler instead though (I think I love Rimahiko more after this episode).

    lol. That’s exactly how they’ll react. I can imagine memories slowly popping up and Amu slowly turning red when she finds out.

    I can’t find the OST so far. But hopefully it will come out…eventually.

    Yes~! >_< I can imagine her trying to glare at Ikuto, him just ignoring her, and then she’ll get all frustrated and cute. Rima~ <3

    Yes. Rima has the cutest angry face in the show. No contest. I’d surely remember something cuter.

    Ah you’re right. Su did do an Eru face. How did I miss that? (Too distracted by the Rimahiko stirring scene…)

    I was reminded of the first episode, but I didn’t say anything because it was Tadamu and…well I don’t want Rimahiko anything compared to Tadamu since Tadamu probably won’t work out (I get overly worried). But yes. For Rima it was better, she’s so good at being bitchy.

    Yes. Amu is cuter than anyone else as a child (when Rima was younger she looked the same, so Amu probably wins against her too).
    How did you think that up? Amuto fangirling going a little overtime today? XD That would be fun though.

    Yes! Nagihiko is heroic! Ah, that scene made me so happy.
    I think Nagihiko not being affected is a plot hole, but for once I don’t mind at all (for Rimahiko!).

    The only thing about Saikyou Love Power being used, is now I’ll think of it as a Rimahiko song sometimes.

    Yes! Amu is so genuine and honest and…a little simple-minded, but Amu makes it all work.

    I did! I did! I didn’t mention it!? *failure* But yes! Ah I love Nagihiko, flirting with Rima and…ah. We have such a great pairing here.

    I’m really hoping that I’ll get to like Lulu next week. Not as much as my favorite girls, but maybe somewhere near to how much I like Yaya. At least I don’t want to dislike her anymore.

    Anonymous: Really!? *glomp* Welcome to Rimahiko shipping then! Glad to have more fans!

    Kelly: Yes, those scenes were wonderful. I’ve watched them again a few times myself. The cream-stirring was my personal favorite for the episode. ^_^

  13. Agh, I feel all crappy because I had to put Shugo Chara on hiatus with school and all. -sobs- I think I’ll go and catch up now … or skip to this episode. Rimahiko looks way too entertaining to wait for. -gets shot- The last shot with the glaring KO’d me. I love how Nadehiko’s smirking. Too cute. <3

  14. LOL, this ep was soo freaking cute. I’ve watched it at least 4 times today. XD I love how they’re doing fillers about the actual characters, too. It’s better than devloping some random filler character who’s only going to appear once. Once Lulu leaves and the Ikuto Arc is clear to start, there should be more of this if it’s too soon to start it. Without random characters. Gah. You’re lucky, with the paid subscription for the subtitled eps. My mom’s not working, so we can barely afford Christmas this year. :( But it’s awesome they’re doing this, a week later being able to view it doesn’t bother me since I watch it raw anyway on the live stream. XD

    X-eggs are back! At least for this ep! How I missed you, x-eggs. Even though… god, even though we know what they’re for. ;.; Ikuuuutttooo! Looks like their plans keep failing because they ARE the Easter Idiots. Good. More time to piss off asshole director is good with me. ;) I loved the whole “Rima-getting-pissed-off-at-Nagi” scenes. Especially when she slapped his hand away. XD ROFL @ Amu’s dad when he thought Nagi was her boyfriend. Lol, he’s gonna be TOORN when Ikuto becomes Amu’s for real boyfriend. :P I just hope, for Ikuto’s sake, he doesn’t try to kill him, LOL. Hehe, speaking of Ikuto, at the scene where Amu was making the funny/weird faces in her room, I was totally wanting Ikuto to pop up by the window and see her and die laughing, with or without Amu seeing him. XD I hope he sees that cute little photo albulm when THAT hapens, and says, “*Smirk* So, even when you were an even smaller kid… you hung out with boys older than you?”

    Nagi helping Rima making that cream was so freaking cute. I about melted right there. Of course, when she started blushing and smiling, that made me go on cute overload. But nothing beat that scene at the end. Nagi protecting her, going directly into x-egg energy had to be one of my highlights, but the biggest for me was the whole part after the battle with him in the hole with that awesome song playing (Gotta love Nanae Ito!), and Rima laughing in tears, completed with her extending her hand to help him up, both blushing, and his way of flirting by pulling her in too. XD I was like “OMG! OMG!!! Sooo cute!” Especially when Amu fell in again and the lightning appeared… again. XD So awesome. I loved this ep so much. I’m glad you liked my vid too, btw! Thank you! ^.^ I plan on making more of this couple soon and Kutau as well. I’ll dedicate it to you! :)

  15. I just loved Nagi in this episode. One moment it’s Nadeshiko, then it’s Nagihiko again. XD And Amu’s sparkling face again, Nagi just can’t resist how cute Amu is can he? ^^

    Personally, I don’t really like Kutau. I like KukaixYaya more. Their only delaying chapter 28 since it would go right to the Ikuto arc right? I’m looking forward to the Lulu episode next week. We need to know more about her.

    Thanks for the screencaps, and sharing your thoughts to all your readers.

  16. Ri…mau. ;_;

    *breaks banana*

  17. This episode rocked. :D I kind of missed the X-eggs…though that Open Heart looks just as ridiculous cleansing them. <.<
    Even though it’s a Rimahiko episode, I think the episode was more of centered on Rima.
    Rima was so cute with her kira kira smile. She might just beat Amu yet to manipulating Nagihiko…(If they become closer friends of course. XD)
    There was so much intense rivalry between them in this episode. Good thing Satellight started to come up with better fillers rather than just inserting freaky chara-naris within.
    Poor Nagihiko. He’s in the picture and no one else besides Tadase, Kuukai and Tsukasa around know it. XD
    Yaya was cute in the episode too. Makes me wish Kairi would come back…(Yes, I am a fan of Kaiya XD)
    If Amu could actually realize that Nagihiko gives in to her easily, she could make use of that if she wants Rima and Nagihiko to get along with each other. Ohohoho~
    Amu did get a little OOC here, but since we do realize that it’s for Rima, that’s okay :D
    As for Rima brushing of Nagihiko…episode 1 much? :O Rima looks more angry than annoyed though…
    Nagihiko is amazing. With his disguise tactics he should go enroll in ninja school. XD
    Ah…whatever. The scenes in the whole Amu’s room thing were cute. XD
    About the Love Power thing…I didn’t really like it, because it interfered with all the conversation stuff. Seriously. They had to play the whole track, including the singing? <.< But you’re right…it matched the mood.
    Nagihiko was just in his cool self while he pulled Rima in.
    Good material for Rimahiko AMVs here…though I badly want to make one, I suck with them. Maybe a fanfic?
    The next episode. It looks like something’s going to go wrong there and Ruru will revert to her ?-egg corruption self. Well, it’s just really a theory, but…I just hope they make friends fast. The faster they become friends, the faster Ruru gets kicked out and BAM! Matter of making Ruru disappear is done. If it actually does happen sooner, anyway. XD

  18. RIMAHIKO RULES ! i am going to make lotsa amvs for them and kutau (hopefully) i LOVE them together Rima is super cuter and Nagi is Awesome in everything : looks , talking , helping , protecting and even loving ! i can’t wait for satelight to animate their fight together against the x-eggs in ikuto’s arc ! and maybe the next episode is a good one .. maybe lulu and amu won’t have to fight like amu and utau did so she would leave , maybe its planned that way so satelight would start airing ikuto’s arc and that’s the only way to remove lulu (filler character) from the story without ruining the story development !

  19. You made me a Rimahiko fangirl.

  20. ^//^ eep, Rimahiko, I was so happy! Can’t wait til Kutau~

    O: I think I might be starting to like Nagihiko a little bit more than Ikuto though…! I mean I still love Ikuto and he’s my smexi nekomimi…but he’s hardly in any episodes any more and can be a little arrogant. D: On the other hand Nagi is nice, cute, and witty. ^_^

    Oh, well, I’ll just have to see what happens :D

    Oh, and I miss Temari a little too. ;___;


  21. saimaisama: Ah, I feel like saying that you’re better off having put it on hiatus considering Doki so far, but it’s gotten better. But feel free to skip to the Rimahiko! It’s an awesome episode. (You have to go back to see the skirts episode too though!)

    MyVampireEyes: Four times? We’re about tied then. Fillers of actual characters is what I’ve been asking for all along and I’m so glad we’re finally getting it. More fillers after Lulu leaves…kind of like what we had after the Dia arc ended, right? I’d like some of that. Character based fillers are fine with me.

    That’s too bad, but it seems prioritizing has become more necessary now. It is good that they’re doing the free streaming though. And thank god, the live stream is as free as ever!

    Yes. Ikuto ;_; I hate being reminded of it, but hopefully all the problems will be solved soon! HAVE FAITH!

    Rima and Nagihiko are so wonderful because of how Rima gets pissed off at Nagihiko I think. Makes it more fun. And OMG I love thinking about Amu’s dad’s reaction to Ikuto. It’s going to be even worse because Ikuto’s older than her~

    Yes! That scene and the end scene and…ah! I loved this episode so much. That’s all I can really say.

    Dedicated to me? ohmygodIfeelsoridiculouslyunworthy. I can’t wait to see more Rimahiko (and Kutau~) videos from you though.

    xxHinamori_Amuxx: Nagihiko is just so awesome.

    Aww…no Kutau? Well, KukaixYaya is pretty popular, so I guess I can understand that.

    I think that’s why they’re delaying chapter 28. It seems the best way to go about it (though part of me still wants fillers after Ikuto invades Amu’s house…).

    Kiseki: …that poor banana.

    kaedamirumo: It does indeed. I was kind of hoping we’d get the old Open Heart back this episode after seeing the x-eggs, but I guess now.

    It was definitely more centered on Rima, but I think a lot of us can get easily distracted by RimaxNagihiko getting some screentime.

    Ah. I’d like to see that now. Rima manipulating Nagihiko. Though it might be hard since he sees through her tricks so easily, she’d have to do it completely by accident, like Amu.

    Yes, much better fillers. I feel like I have the old Shugo Chara back a little.

    Ah see, Kaiya is another pairing I’d like to see more of, but I can barely even think of it since Kairi left so quickly…

    Going OOC for your friends…Amu’s such a good girl.

    I think they included Love Power just to get to the part where Rima started laughing because it matched the lyrics pretty darn well. Also…promotion.

    If you write a fanfic, let me read it. I can find Kutau fanfics pretty easily, but I have a hard time finding Rimahiko (maybe I’ll have better luck now?).

    Ah. That’s a good theory actually I think. If that happens maybe it means we’ll head into Lulu’s main story too? So Amu can try to BEFRIEND Lulu as her inner mahou shoujo commands her to.

    Mo0on12: Oh I’m so glad that so many wonderful AMV makers like Rimahiko (and Kutau) more videos.

    Nagihiko is just…perfect (and without being annoying too!). Oh and I can’t wait to see their fight animated. Colored blushing, right~? Heh.

    Lulu would seem so pointless that way though. ^_^; But it would get her out of the way nicely.

    Phoebe: Yes! Glad to hear it! More fans for RImahiko.

    Naji: Oh my god I think I know what you mean. I think for me it’s just temporary though. When they animate Ikuto’s arc and get to a certain scene, Ikuto’s going to have to be my number one again. I like Ikuto the most when he’s being nice~

  22. Finally! A episode dedicated to a shipping that doesn’t invilolve Amu. :D … Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash Amu. I don’t hate the girl. But having development in a couple that doesn’t involve her is so refreshing. Her Harem was cute at first, but she can’t take every guy in the series. Especially not Nagi. I don’t wantbhis poor little heart to be broken.
    Roma was so cute this episode! And so was Nagi! I haven’t spazzed out this much since chapter 34! So cute.

  23. I’m sorry…I do like Amuto but I’m tired of the obvious couplings! Been watching/reading shoujo animes for too long now. That by the time the animes/mangas end and major characters are all coupled (if coupled at all), I’m bored or never surprised.
    As my name openly alludes to = I like Nagehiko x Amu more because I really like Nagehiko and I really like Amu (I also support bestfriends becoming lovers). Plus, how many animes/mangas have bishonen traps who’re straight (please no offense, if taken) that end of with the lead female character!?
    Unfortunately, I know amuto/rimahiko or even the *BLECH* tadamu couples are more likely to come true…(T_T)v

  24. 13Cici: Oh yes. I feel the same. We’re on episode 62, so a new thing in general is good. And I fully agree. Nagihiko is too good to have his heart broken (And Rima and he suit each other so nicely).

    Amuhiko_supporter: That’s fine. I don’t feel offended at all, just by someone having a different opinion than me. You’re entitled to your opinion and it’s one I actually agree with to the extent that I can…considering that I am for Amuto and Rimahiko.

    And yeah, traps that end up with the lead female are rare, but since straight traps in general are becoming more popular, I don’t think it will be too long before we see it.

    Personally, I just pay attention to chemistry most when looking for my pairings and I just saw more of it for Rimahiko and Amuto than I did for Amuhiko. I put a lot of thought into my pairings afterwards, but for me it’s kind of an initial reaction that gets my shipping blood going. No matter how obvious it may be. ^_^;

    Ah, but I rambled. Once again, no offense taken. I’m glad that you have your own opinion.

  25. At first i liked more RimaxTadase(but Rima is too much for tadase) but when i read the manga n then watch this ep i think the best couple for Rima is Nagihiko!! they r soo good togheter ahhh just love it.
    Im waiting for a filler ep with UtauxKukai (n more tsundere scenes form her) n now that the x-mas aproach why not dream whith a good Amuto filler haha XD
    i think that is my wish for x-mas!! Please Satelight Amuto filler!!
    do that for all the crazy fangirls T_T

  26. lol That’s exactly my point ! to get lulu out of the picture nicely because she is useless anyway !
    anyway after my test tommorow i am going to make a Rimahiko Amv … Do u have any suggestions ? if u do i will dedicate it to u because u love rimahiko so much and i love your blog as u know :P

  27. does some one now where can i watch ep62 of shugo chara?

  28. Sweetbabble here:
    When Nagihiko pulled Rima in the hole I actually thought he’d hug her.But this ending was good too.Second best episode.

  29. I gotta say, I like Nagi better as a she. It’s just not the same without my cute feisty trap.

    I’m not looking forward to Lulu’s episode, either. Amu’s spiral pigtails, YES! Lulu, no. ):

    But Kutau, YES! Want that filler! Want that filler BADLY!

  30. I really, really think that Rimahiko’s an awesome pairing(besides Amuto of course). It’s just that, there are unspoken factors that are obviously surrounding them making them a good pair.

    I just hope that the Peach-Pit senseis will consider them as a pairing.

    *Oh yeah, and in the part where Nagi pulled Rima, I was really hoping for her to fall on top of him but.. my shoujo anime cliche dreams are impossible at the moment. It’s just the developing stage XD!

  31. i didn’t expect the Nagihiko pulling in Rima thing like that..:P

    it was so wonderful and Rima is too cute, i can’t believe i hated her. :D

  32. i love this episode. can’t wait to see some kutau fillers.

  33. I think I became a fan of Rimahiko. I even made a fanfict in about it. Its called “Wings of Wishes”

  34. Awsome! i like the pictures…. im very random btw… happy, happy, happy

  35. Yay, Yay, Rimahiko!! Ah, loved this ep. Favorited it on CR. ^_^

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