Sakura Hime Kaden (First Impressions)

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Well, I did this for Mistress Fortune, so I decided to give my first impressions after just seeing the raw scans of Sakura Hime Kaden too. Too impatient to wait for translations!

Normally, I would have translated some pages myself (with my fail Japanese), but to keep going with the “first impressions” idea, I decided to do the same “fun” little guessing game. Feel free to shoot down my random thoughts. I’ll probably be shooting them down myself. Except for the fact that most of them are based on how pretty or cute certain things are…

So! I’m mostly getting a Time Stranger Kyoko and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne combo feeling from this one. With the action and such. I mean, combine those two and kind of put them in the past and I guess we have Sakura Hime Kaden.

Well, it’s not that simple obviously, but you get the idea. That’s the way I can explain the first impression feeling.

As for what else to say…I don’t have much left. Sakura Hime Kaden seems to be quite different from other Arina Tanemura manga simply because it takes place in the past. I know Time Stranger Kyoko took place in “the future” but it still had a present-day feeling to it most of the time.

So, I’m very excited about this series. It just seems so cute and I’m looking forward to all the pretty art we’ll get with those pretty kimono.

  • OMG! Sakura is way too fucking cute! She kind of looks younger than she actually is, but that doesn’t matter. Cute.
  • Hahaha~ Blushing~
  • Oh. Sakura got called a bear. We have a mean boy~
  • btw what’s mean boy’s name? (I’m not translating anything, remember?)
  • Hehe~ Sakura is so easily embarassed and gets mad so easily too. So cute.
  • Wtf!? Tiny person? So…cute! I want one! Look at her little clothes!!!
  • Lots of shots of the moon. Has me thinking of that Kaguya-hime story since this takes place in the Heian era.
  • Ooo. Even if Arina-sensei is still using her older tyle for her eyes, she still pulls of the beautiful shots better than anyone.
  • Uh…I have no idea what’s happening in this part without reading it. Did Sakura run away or something?
  • My goodness Sakura is so cute (and pretty~)
  • OMG DEMON!!!
  • Ah. Brave mean boy~ (with a stupid hat)
  • I see a badass sword!
  • I cheated a little (maybe) because I recognized the furigana for the kanji on the paper (or cloth) Sakura was given. It said “metsu” but that doesn’t tell me anything since I don’t know what it means.
  • Transformation into badass Sakura! Yay! (Though we didn’t get to see the actual transformation, so I’m a little confused)
  • Hey she uses a fan! (Reminds me of Jeanne)
  • Looks like badass sword might have been too heavy for her at first~ (or maybe hard to control)
  • YEAH! Die demon! I think the girl we have here can definitely win the “most badass Arina Tanemura Character” contest easily.
  • Aw…but she’s crying (it’s okay though, she’s so cute…)
  • And smiling! So cute~ (Oho~ We have a blushing brave mean boy~ with a stupid hat)
  • Hm. Wonder how many people know that Sakura was Sakura (because if it’s not many then we have our story!)
  • Oh. Sakura doesn’t look happy! And now our story can begin~!

Meh. I need to go through and try to properly read it. Wish I had a subscription to Ribon. It would make it so much easier. (I hate translating off the computer!) Why do I live in a place with no Japanese bookstores within a reasonable driving distance either!?

Someday though. Someday. I’ll get a subscription at least.

Now then, how is everyone else liking Sakura Hime Kaden? If you haven’t even seen the raw scans yet, the Shinshi Doumei Cross Forum is nice and active again with this new series. Nice people have scanned the chapter to share with the rest of us.


  1. lol i look forward to see this manga sakura is cute and i like the colors ~~ so springy :D and btw i love every girl with long hair and sword hehe like Shakugan no shana :) but sakura is waaaaay too cuteee !!
    i hope u blog it too and i hope we see it animated from a good studio :P

  2. oh and btw your guessing game is so funny :

    “Wtf!? Tiny person? So…cute! I want one! Look at her little clothes!!!”
    lol XD

  3. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s gonna be great *-*
    I’m waiting for the translation though so I can read properly =P

  4. “So! I’m mostly getting a Time Stranger Kyoko and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne combo feeling from this one. With the action and such. I mean, combine those two and kind of put them in the past and I guess we have Sakura Hime Kaden.”
    Exactly. :]

    “Oh. Sakura doesn’t look happy! And now our story can begin~! ”
    Apparently he (his name’s apparently Aoba) is her finacee and she’s pissy, cuz she doesn’t want to get married, and he didn’t tell her that’s who he was til the end of the chapter, even though she was up in the tree at the beginning because she didn’t want to get married.

  5. Here’s the summary from Aerandria:

    Sakura is a princess who lives alone with a few maids in a mansion deep in the mountains. She’s been engaged to the prince of the country since she was born. She doesn’t like that fact, as she wants to decide her fate on her own. However, one day, a messenger from the prince suddenly came to take her to the capital…

    This is going to be an extremely interesting manga (of course~). I hated Aoba’s hat too. I hope he doesn’t have too long hair when he takes it off. Engaged since birth yay~!!!

    That mini fairy type person really is adorable! I love tiny cute things and it seems that she is Sakura’s guardian angel of some sort. And the scenery was amazing though the moon reminded me of FMS which reminded me of Eichi which made me real sad. Though I got over it when I saw the sword come out of HER HAND!

    Also, I’m interested in the dark haired maids of SHK. They seem interesting. ^_^

  6. [quote]Lots of shots of the moon. Has me thinking of that Kaguya-hime story since this takes place in the Heian era.[/quote]

    This line alone probably gave me the biggest hint to what 桜姫華伝 may be based on…With what I know of the story, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it actually is.

  7. I read it…and am now dieing for it be translated so I can understand what the hell was going on. But I’m so happy…cause it was just absolutely brilliant. Oh, Arina-sensei….how I shall forever worship thee! XD

  8. You’re so optimistic. ;w; I just kept thinking of all the cliches and crappy art that it had.

    After I skimmed through it, I’m pretty sure that Sakura IS Kaguya-hime. :3 But this is from my crappy Japanese (I don’t even remember where I read it from).

  9. Hy, you are on a site with Arina-addictives…;-)

    I didn’t dare to call Aoba’s hat stupid before you did – keeping respect for past and foreign clothing but it is weird…

    The sword in her hand reminds me so much of Arashi-san from X. That’s bad a memory, I’m waiting for years.

    I understood that Kaguya-hime is Sakura’s ancestor and she gave her that power. But I have no idea about the Kaguya legend itself anymore…

    Agree on the TSKyoko (tiny person -> chokola?) and KKJ part *nods* The art style is so wonderful *___* and touching though it is only the first chapter. I neither know the characters nor a translation but I feel the story- Sakura’s smile on page ~50 ^^^ <3

    Lovely greets, Mina

  10. Mo0on12: Yes~ It is springy, isn’t it? That’s what I thought when I saw it too. I guess it’s to match her name, Sakura.

    Meball: Well, I know at least one person is working on it so far so it won’t be too long of a wait.

    kelakagandy: I heard that after my post (except for his name) and it excites me so much. Ehe~ This makes it that much cuter. The whole fiancee thing is another thing Arina-sensei hasn’t tackled in her manga! Haha!

    Tsuki-no-Hikari: Ooo, more information. Thank you.

    I doubt he’ll have long hair…at least it doesn’t look that way in the images so far.

    The scenery is amazing, which I think you have to credit mostly to Arina-sensei’s assistants. They’re all amazing too.

    Yes. The sword that came out of her hand! This series is so awesome.

    クレナイ夢: Ah. You think so? I’m hearing a little bit more of that now that I’ve been looking around. Kaguya-hime~ That would be fun if it is kind of based on that.

    amayalee: Yes! I’m dying for it to be translated to. I can’t focus enough when I try to read anything myself. Ah…can’t wait.

    Kiseki: Aw. I don’t think the art was bad. It’s no worse than her art used to be, which isn’t as great as it was for Full Moon, but I still thought it was amazing. As far as cliches go, I don’t think a shoujo manga can start without them these days. -_-;

    Ah. Sakura is Kaguya-hime? Hm…like her transformation or something maybe? Ah~ Now I’m so interested. I have to look into the Kaguya-hime story again.

    MinaMurray: I think it’s safe to call the hat stupid. I mean, I think everyone I know thinks powdered wigs are stupid, so I’m sure Japanese people feel the same about those hats. At least to some degree. (Honestly! That hat serves no purpose! It just looks uncomfortable!)

    The sword coming out her hand reminded me of Tsubasa Chronicle right now actually, which is a bad memory for me for a whole different set of reasons…

    Ah. Okay. Kaguya-hime is Sakura’s ancestor. That makes a lot of sense. Explains her power.

    Yes~ Sakura’s smile~! Doesn’t she just look so cute. I want to use that image in my banner!

  11. Kirei desu ne~? <3

    haha, was that wapanesing? =P *so tired = meh time*

    Ah, first of all, thanks for pointing the scans out to me. I don’t know how I missed that while I was skimming over the thread. =_=;

    Yes~! Sakura is indeed pretty! <333
    Huh, so we’re getting the brown-haired girl and blue-haired guy treatment again, eh? …hmm, alright.

    & mean boy with the dorky hat I will nickname Kuma-kun and/or eunuch head. Yes! I’m not the only one who thinks the hat is ridiculous, even if it’s Heian period and all but w/e. *makes fun of ancient male Chinese clothes occasionally* (like the bucket hat or the duck shoes, lol) And the reason I say eunuch is because his hat looks very similar to the Korean eunuchs’ hats. =P
    Aoba’s name sounds so…weird. And typical since he’s blue. *rolls eyes* Hmm, I have a little less than favorable opinion of him so far. I know that will change when the translations come out but he looks so…I dunno, like what is the start of generic Arina Tanemura main guy characters. Her previous ones stood out. Aoba…doesn’t. Agh, I guess it’s just me. *shrug*
    But he’s Kuma-kun…cuz I don’t like his name.

    & THE CHIBI ISH SO CYUUUTTTEEE!!!! <3 I immediately said “Chara!” when I saw her. lol *complete dork*

    The transformation was awesome. Now ANIMATE it, some random studio! *glares* If I’m not getting a Shinkuro anime, then I’m definitely getting this one!
    Yea. -.-

    So her costume is awesome! x33
    The ying yang bothers me like hell. I know for the sake of Asian culture or w/e that it looks cool from some people’s perspectives but to me, it doesn’t. Only on one or two times it did. The rest, I’ve seen too many awesome outfits just downgraded by this ying yang sign. *wants to rip it off and tear it into pieces*

    Huh, I’m actually not pissed off by the sword coming out of the hand even though it totally reminded me of CLAMP who, in everything I’ve read so far, are the first to pull that trick off. But that’s awesome, Arinacchi! Cuz since you had the guts to do it, everyone can ripoff from CLAMP now! Awesome! xDDDDD

    Oh, and the midget grandma looks like an interesting character. haha
    I like Sakura’s attendants, too~. They look so nice. ^^

    Mmkay, I want translations soon. Yesh~…

  12. I’m not reading the raws yet… I’m actually waiting for translations ^_^. The commentary you did sounds very interesting though. Sakura looks like she’s gonna kick some demon butt!!! Plus she has an awesome sword?! Wow… I really can’t wait for translations :D!!!

  13. ………am I the only one who likes Mean Boy in the Stupid Hat? XD
    I mean…

    ……..he’s cute.

    Chizakura<—–TEH WIN.

    Scans are up. :3 Visit LJ!

  14. […] already did my first impression, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise how much I love this series so far. Of course, it might […]

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