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My god, this episode was cute. Very fillery, but it was definitely cute just the same.

I think this episode has the best filler chara and character that I’ve seen in the anime so far. Which just goes to show you that the fillers really would be better if they used the fans’ ideas.

I don’t think everyone is aware of this after I kind of vaguely mentioned it last week, so Kiran was a character created by a fan of Shugo Chara!

There was a competition a while ago in Nakayoshi (though it might not have been run by Nakayoshi, but just advertised in it) for fans to create a chara. I thought that the prize was just to have a plushie made of the character (which they showed in the magazine as well…it was cute), but I guess I was wrong. Either that or they decided to make a filler after the anime got extended, which makes sense. When the contest was running Shugo Chara! was still supposedly set for 51 episodes.

Unfortunately, outside of that I don’t know what else might have been mentioned. I never even try to read the pages before the Shugo Chara! chapter because all the colors they use on those pages make it really hard to concentrate.

So, I couldn’t tell you if say…Minako in this episode is the real name of the girl who made Kiran (though that would be a nice idea).

What I can tell you, is that I enjoyed this episode, because it was really cute. Filler, yes, because nothing happened in this episode. But it was cute filler.


An shugo chara egg gets dropped out of a moving van. Amu and her charas see it on their way to school and bring it to the guardians. The charas all try to get the chara to come out of the egg until they’re too tired. Dia then…astral projects (or something) and tells the chara to come out. After that…Kiran~ is born.

Kiran rushes off soon after and the charas all go looking for her. Through Amu’s classroom (causing a little trouble for Amu) and then each of them encounters Kiran while she’s trying to help someone and makes them smile all kirakira~ (they usually end up helping her before she runs off again). They all catch up with her and help her with a kitty and Yoru shows up then too because they helped a friend of his (kitty~). Kiran tells them she got separated from her owner (or whatever we call them), so Yoru sends out a bunch of his cat friends to find Kiran’s owner and they come back with some strange directions.

Kiran tries to help a delivery guy who dropped a bunch of oranges, but she gets trapped in the box. The other charas try to help her, but they all get trapped in the truck.

They end up in another town and meet up with Eru and Iru who are trying to help Utau who has an event in that town. So all the charas work together to hand out fliers for the concert. By then all the guardians notice their missing charas so they’re looking for them when Amu gets a text message from Utau.

After they finish, Kiran tells them about why she was born. Hinako (her owner) is a really nice girl and wants to help people smile when they’re upset and make friends with them, but she’s too shy and gets embarrassed. So Kiran was born as her would-be self that would make her…not embarrassed. Then Eru and Iru tell them there’s a “pink elephant” (from the directions) in that town. When they get there, Kiran gets weak and falls down. Hinako can’t find Kiran (or because she can’t meet Kiran or something) she’s giving up. Since she can’t see Kiran, she isn’t believing in her and so Kiran is fading.

The charas all rush to find Hinako by going through all the clues, but when they find the last one, Kiran starts fading away. Then Hinako  suddenly feels something and Kiran gets better and is able to sense where Hinako is. So the two of them finally meet up. A girl in the playground nearby falls and Kiran chara changes Hinako and she’s able to talk to the girl. Then they go off to play.

The guardians show up (Utau saw them apparently) and Yaya drags Rima off to play. Every one else follows after and they all play for a nice happy ending.


This episode was so corny and cheesy~ But it was cute just the same. It doesn’t really help to get rid of that feeling that Doki keeps getting geared at younger kids, but once again…It’s cute. Shut up.

I don’t have a lot to say outside of “cute” though so I’ll keep it fairly short.


Ohoho~ You guys cheated. Ghost Dia isn’t technically ruining the impact for when Dia hatches again. Dia appeared but she didn’t come out of her egg again, so I can’t complain. It’s like when Dia shows up in Amu’s dreams. Tricky~


I liked Kiran. Best anime-original shugo chara to appear and she was created by a fan which just goes to show…fans know best.

Kiran was really cute with the way she was so polite and stuff (which is why Su is my favorite of Amu’s original charas). I have a real weakness for nice polite girls I guess. She was also just so care free~ Cute.


See? Cute. Worried polite girls are cute.


Hey! Someone remembers that you can’t talk outloud to charas in public. Nikaidou is so smart (or he at least he has some common sense).


Amu did well at first too, but then she lost it. Shouting “me too!” in the middle of class seems especially odd since there was no one said anything that could be a response to. Amu’s talking to herself~


Oh no! Kitty!!! Actually, this part was pretty funny because when the cat meowed, my kitty (Rin) turned around and stared at me. becaise I’m always doing a meow like that at her when she starts meowing at me. (That’s a pretty embarassing thing to tell everyone now that I think about it…)


Awww. Kirakira kitty~


Kirakira nyaa~

This is what should automatically make Kiran the best original chara. She made “enemies” work together. That’s the mahou shoujo way!


Eru and Iru~! Doing their best for Utau love and adorably carrying around fliers that are too big for them. As expected of Utau’s adorable charas.

(On a side note: I hope Utau’s concerts are going better now)


lol. Eru and Iru weren’t thinking. Cute silly charas.


Omg, shaky Eru is cute. She’s so cute when she’s working hard…and for Utau! As expected of our angel of love, the number one Utau fan (she’s tied with quite a few people though…Iru, Ami, and maybe Amu).


Um…couldn’t a whole bunch of them just floated up at the top to keep it held up instead of lying on top of each other?


Yes! For Utau’s sake Eru can and will do anything! And she will force everyone else to do the same! For Utau~!


Amu…you better have given Utau your phone number or else you deserve a bonk on your head to jog your memory. (Ah, but I know she has so it’s okay)

That aside, here’s my one real complaint this week: Why!? Utau sends Amu a message but we don’t get to see her? She’s in the town and everything! Couldn’t they have taken ten seconds to show Utau?


Eru is the cutests, so she gets fanned first. (My Eru fan state of mind never shuts off!)


Aww. A girl who wants to make friends, but is just too embarassed and shy to be nice.

That’s a problem I have with a lot of filler characters though. Their would be selves usually just are whatever job or whatever they want to be in the future. It’s not about improving themselves. So Hinako is a lot better than other filler characters.


ZOMG no! Kiran caught ghost-chara fever!!!

Actually, I was pretty happy about this. Usually a chara just gets x-ed or something and that’s boring. They only brought up the idea of not believing in charas like…once. In episode two. So I was really happy to see it actually come up. A little change is nice when you hit 61 episodes.


Awww. What a nice reunion. Kind of made me wish I had a chara of my own just so I could hug them. Maybe nendoroids are the right size…(but they’re not squishy!)


Aw, successful first chara change (usually they’re embarassing, but the chara change actually works for this girl). But eh…one more problem this week actually.

I think it came up that Kiran was like Dia, but I think this is the only thing that really struck me as similar, and it really bothered me. The hair clip looks too similar to when Utau chara changed with Dia. I don’t like that, but I guess it was unavoidable (could have given her the little crown or something instead though).


And at the end of the episode every one plays and hold hands…wow. I mean, it’s a little…wow. So ridiculously cheesy. It’s okay though. I’ll let it go.


Besides, it was cute when the charas did it. Eru~!

This episode was a little cheesy and corny and certainly more geared toward kids than a lot of fans would like, but who cares? It’s a filler and I think we all need to step back and stop taking it too seriously or we’ll never enjoy it.

Of course, still feel free to think whatever you want. I always encourage that.

I just don’t think people should complain about nothing happening this week, because…well duh. I’m glad a lucky fan got their chara in the show, but it’s a fan-creation. You have to keep it separate from the real plot. Chara adventure episode did that nicely. Just enjoy it…or don’t. Whatever. It’s a filler, but it made a fan happy so I enjoyed it.


Did somebody ask for a Rimahiko filler? Oh that’s right. I did.


Thank you Satelight~ You can still do nice things every once in a while. I’m taking back my thank you if you screw it up though. (but the preview looks promising.

We also have in image of Rima blushing (for who though!? Amu or Nagihiko and I’m fine with it) and one of Amu too (what’s up with circle blushes next week?). And lol…KusuKusu got mad. Maybe someone made a bad joke. And of course…suspicious Rima.

I look forward to next week. Hopefully we’ll be getting a Kutau filler at some point too.


Hahaha~ I couldn’t help but ask this because of the contest.

Even if you think it’s embarrassing you should answer honestly. It’s all anonymous after all.

Personally, I’d thought about it, but never really did anything. I mean, I think for improving myself I only focus on being healthy. How the heck do you make a chara out of that?


  1. I haven’t watched episode 61 yet (have to wait til later tonight for the subs), but it looks great! I don’t really mind the fillers either. Well, not when they’re not full or random crap. I haven’t really minded too many of the SC fillers yet though.
    Especially when it seems that the manga is coming to a head (SPOILER: the last page of the latest chapter is Amu getting ready to unlock the Humpty Lock!!!! 0.0 ). So I don’t really mind that we’re getting fillers now, when it means we might not get an anime-original ending, but one similar to the manga’s ending.
    And, Yay! Rimahiko filler! : D

  2. “I think this episode has the best filler chara and character that I’ve seen in the anime so far. Which just goes to show you that the fillers really would be better if they used the fans’ ideas.


    This is why they should hire me. xDDD;;; lol I’m kidding. I’m not arrogant about my own fillers…much. Haha

    A third of the time I was screaming “CUTEEEE!!!!!”, another singing “Minna nakayoshi~!” <3, and the last “*insert sharp Chara squeal*” throughout.

    This ep automatically ranks third after the Amuto and any other favored pairing fillers.

    Dia~! <3 She looks so motherly and so kind and…gah, I wish there was a word to describe her but that’s impossible. No matter, though. Cuz that’s why Dia’s so awesome. Hehe ^^
    I can see Amu’s future adult self (like around her 20s or something) to be like Dia. Amu already has that “power” to draw other people’s true wish out of themselves and that’s exactly what Dia did in this episode. Albeit, she did it in a more calm fashion but all the same. :D

    Kiran is so f*ckin’ adorable, it made me bubble giggles everywhere. And she reminds me so much of Coco on her looks. And Coco was pretty.
    Ah, but yes! The polite, happy Charas are the best.
    And she is so irresistible when she’s all *kirakira~!* Awwz…
    Hmm, on the Chara Change, I wasn’t pleased with it either but I guess that explains why Amu and Utau’s hairclips have two diamonds instead of one. Eh, but that’s weird cuz Dia totally came first before Kiran did. How the hell did P-Pit know that and decided to give them two diamonds instead? Hmm…weird.

    Lol at the classroom scene. I was happy to see Nikaidou.

    & yay for including Yoru, Eru, and Iru in there! This is also a future indication of teamwork, right? *will be not so patiently waiting for that to come in the manga*

    Mandatory Eru fangirling for a moment: ERUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~~!!!!!!! AISHITERUUU~!!! <3333333

    *cough* Erhm, ok.

    Ah, I’m happy Utau sent a message to Amu even though Utau didn’t show up herself. It’s one of those Satelight “let’s just do it even though we’ll do it later again” things but this one isn’t so bad (cuz it’s Utau~). At least the next time Amu gets a message from Utau, we’ll get to see her tsuntsun face along with the line (or something like it) I’m dying to hear: “I leave Ikuto in your hands with my feelings.” Something like that. Heh.

    Hinako is so pretty~!
    But good point on how she’s better on all the other filler characters. That is definitely true.

    The Charas should have sung Kumbaya while they were holding hands and dancing in a circle. That’s what popped into my head when I saw it. Lol

    I also liked the part where Rima totally dampened Yaya’s spirit for a moment and then Yaya went “Oh, shut it!” *drags a reluctant Rima with her* That was awesome. I’m loving Yaya more and more as the series goes on. xD

    Which brings us to…Rimahiko next week! Yay! Yay yay yay! *so excited* I like how Amu is trying to give Nagi hints on how to win Rima over. Lol, you have no idea how possessive Rima is over you, Amu. xDDDD;;;
    Thankfully, Nagi is such an understanding guy and wants to be Rima’s friend, too. And what’s the best way to win a girl over? Making sweets, of course! …Or that might be a bad thing since Nagi is so good at it (lol, Trap-kun, how I miss thee) and Rima, being so highly suspicious, might see through his secrets! Oh noes!
    Ah, well, she can’t be so sure yet. She needs to continue being suspicious! Cuz it’s cute! x3

    …For some reason, the last screencap in the preview (Nagi is wearing an apron, YES! 8D), reminded me so much of this (sorry for the crappy pic but I didn’t feel like pulling out my X boxset to take a screencap of it). Hmm, not so much on the cooking together part but I also thought that Kutau would be the un-X-ed version of Sorata and Arashi.

    Gah, now I want so Kutau, too~.

    Well, will be looking forward to next week, too. Thanks for the summary and review as always! ^^

  3. Eru~~~~ So cute! Satelight is horrible and awesome! GRRRRR! WHICH ONE? Bringing Ghost Dia back was stupid. I thought she was gonna tell Kiran how to REALLY sparkle. I have a theory though. What if Kiran is soooooo nica and sooooo sparkly thanks to Dia? Wouldn’t that make sense? RIMAHIKO! Can’t wait. It looks…weird though. Then after that Lulu is gonna make a christmas, then I think we’ll be getting on track, hopefully. LULU MAKING CHRISTMAS? GRRRRRRRR! SATELIGHT!

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaa~ At least we got Kutau hints in chap.36 huh? Well 37 will be AWESOME in the anime. Seeing what they did with chapter 25 and episode 42 is making me feel a little bit better.

  4. alllllllllll i have to say is that this episode was very cute! but i want more nice pictures of this episode cause they were sooooooo cute but i cant waith till the next episode! XD thanks for the summary :)

  5. i am glad you blogged this ep it was corny and cute at the same time at least no lulu !! its really good not seeing her :D the filler girl is cute as her chara :P after the rimahiko filler there is lulu filler called lulu flawless Christmas >> WTF ? we don’t need her !
    but i hope amu already kick her ass so we can move on to ikuto’s arc since it moving too fast now :D can’t wait for chapter 37 i fell bad for people who don’t read the manga and depends on the anime …if i have to choose between watching and reading …. i pick READING !

    btw whats the deal with the little bot in the manga do u know ? does he have the embryo or something and how come tadase’s brother know him ?

  6. How cute! Any idea on who voiced Kiran?

  7. I totally forgot that there is some shugo chara today,hehe.I was watching gakuen alice all day(again),god I can’t wait for the second season.Thanks for the summary.

  8. How cute! I’m going to have to watch this episode :3
    And yes…I made up my own shugo chara… It’s very cute. You know, I’m kind of like Kiran’s owner who wants to help people but is shy. So my chara’s pretty outgoing and a little sassy.
    And not only that…I also made charas for a few of my friends. Yah, I did. But I’ve always been into creating my own characters so shugo chara-making was easy to get into.
    For your chara…maybe it could be a “healthy” character? lol i don’t know, it doesn’t have to be all personality right? i mean pepe is a baby. oh well. x3

  9. well if kiran was made by a fan of shugo chara, and that fan liked Dia a lot, then maybe thats why.

    Yay! Rimahiko filler! or maybe not….

    maybe temari and rixzumu hatch! sometimes the trained monkeys that write previews leave out important stuff, like in the last episoe they left out the Honey Bubbles thing.

    but rimahiko!! SO HAPPY!*goes into corner to fangirl for a week*

  10. sad,theyonlydofillersnow.-_-.wherethef**kismyamuto???!!!=this filler was GAY.when are they going to make the episode where ikuto confesses his love for amu to amu??!! satelite better start making more amuto moments or i’ll sue for something.i’ll get proof for whatever i sue them for. you know what,i can’t think of anything. oh forget it.anyway,why are there so many gosh dang filler episodes?i guess they are trying to build suspense so when the big amuto confesion episode comes out every amuto lover,tadagay hater,and fan club goes to watch and satelite gets a bbig hit.well i think they should cut the susspense filler crap and build suspense that i mean do amuto episodes from now on and do the confesion in one of them.

  11. I admit it, I teared up during this episode, BOTH of them were so freaking cute. I felt like hugging Kiran myself D: Looking forward to next week!!

  12. Kiran is indeed a very cute chara. :3 I haven’t watched Shugo Chara Doki for a while since I planned to watch it when it’s already finished but seeing as there have been improvements, I think I’ll change my mind about it. About the next episode, I think that’s one of the biggest things I’m actually waiting for in Shugo Chara Doki! I’m a Rimahiko shipper like you too and I’m excited to see what happens. XD

  13. I really liked this episode actually. Kiran was very cute and I liked the Hinako character. She’s the first character whose would be self I can fully relate to with the whole wanting to help people and make them smile but being too shy thing.

    And Kiran’s character design was very cute. She looks like KusuKusu with the hair and Dia with the symbol/clothes. She also looks like a mini Coco from Mermaid Melody, and I happen to be a huge Coco fan, so Kiran’s totally a winning character for me.

    I’m looking foward to next week. Non-laughing KusuKusu having an anger problem Temari moment and jealous Rima. So cute!

  14. I loved this episode a lot more than the fortune thingy filler last week. Ah…Kiran is so cute. And yes. With this, Satellight knows know that fans know best. XD
    (Though I wouldn’t have minded seeing Kiran get X-ed though…that would be interesting *Shot* though her disappearing made it less cliche.)
    Oh my…Dia was so cute. <333 She has the ability to hatch eggs! 8D (Tch, now I can’t decide between DiaXYoru or KiranXYoru…XD)
    Nikaidou has common sense. Pft. XD
    But then…Amu always loses it. I wonder how many times she let slip that she can see charas? XD
    Yes, yes…Kiran has the power to make everything sparkly! 8D
    Kiran favours Eru out of the whole lot. Wow. XD
    The filler girl gets my love too. Though…I agree on the fact that the chara change item could have been something different. Because like that…it just edges to the fact of a Dia rip-off. -_-
    Next episode will be epic. 8D
    I’m quite happy about the lack of freaky chara-naris lately (Except with the most recent one) and not so much of the weird Open Heart. Ruru gets less screentime too.
    But after the Rimahiko filler…it’s going to be the Ruru filler. Bleh. If Satellight dosen’t make it good I’ll have their necks wrung out.

  15. Hello, I’ma luker who reads your blog religiously and has decided to come out of lurking. ^^;;

    Anyyyway. I just HAD to comment on this episode. So cute!! I loved the filler character and her chara. The resemblance to Dia didn’t really bother me that much because her character is so different than Dia’s. Kiran is really bubbly and carefree while even good!Dia is controlled and moderate. butbutbut… THE END. WHERE WAS KUKAI?! D-D-Daichi was there! As much as I love Nagi, my(blatantly raging) inner Kukai fangirl was extremely saddened. ;-;

    I think I’m the only one who likes the creepy Chara Nari’s Lulu makes happen. She may be a SUPER annoying filler character but oh boy are we getting some hilarious episodes out of her. I don’t really mind filler arcs all that badly. x]

    Next week looks promising though! I loooooooveee~ jealous!Rima. She is SO. AMAZINGLY. ADORABLE! <3

    & for the poll, I picked answer “Yes and it was fun!” Me & one of my other friends spent an entire lunch hour discussing how our Chara’s would look and act. ahahah. We may be dorks, but we have fun being dorks!

  16. eh, anyone mind telling me about where I can read the manga?! Please! Anyway, glad that Dia made it in this episode. Thought they had forgotten her or something, lol.

  17. Aw, she’s so cute~!! Of course, that’s because she wasn’t created by Satelight. ^.^ I really like Chara oriented fillers, they’re so fun to watch. Can’t wait till next week, Rima and Nagihiko! XD

  18. Er, my name is pineapple. Nice to meet you. I had thought Kiran is so cute! But Kiran makes everyone sparkly by the help of Shugo Charas help right? I was glad she had not turn in to x marked chara. x marked chara is ultra boring!: – ( Next week: YAY Rima + Nagihico! I actully hoping for Temari the blue egg (I don’t want to spoil the suprise so not telling who) is going to be born! X-D

  19. I love this episode. Not just because of the cuteness. It’s because that annoying Lulu isn’t in this episode. At ALL.


  20. Ah, this was one of the better fillers for Doki, I really enjoyed it =) I’m a sucker for cute and adorable things, even if they are way corny~~ I automatically have a weak point for chara-centric eps, and this one was simply great ^^
    It was quite refreshing to have a personality chara for once, instead of a dream-job chara. And I think lots of people have left like that before, wanting to get over their shyness to make others smile and be friends with everyone =3 Kiran was sooooo cuuuuute x3 Unconsciously, I was kirakira smiling through the whole episode as well~~
    Oooh, tricky Satelight, showing us Dia and at the same time, not technically showing her……it was really nice to hear her adorable voice again =3
    Oooh, finally some more Rimahiko in the next ep =D I can only get my hands on the official translated manga, and those are way behind, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it, especially after the glimpse of it in the episode when Nagi returned.
    About the poll question, I sort of designed a chara once….it was my friend’s idea to draw one for me, and I thought of the personality behind her after seeing the finished version =) She turned out really adorable, and I’m using that drawing as the background on my cellphone ^^ It’s a tad embarassing, but sometimes it’s nice to imagine that my own Chara is really there and giving me strength to be the way I want to be=)

  21. O.o this ep was really “shugoi!” … Kiran is so cute~
    yes, i definitely agree, best filler ever… the preview looks cool, too^^

  22. If Dia has the time to do this…please again at Temari and Rhythm…

  23. this is what bothers me a bit:

    ever since utau started being “good” [shes still got that same kinda attitude towards amu lol] everythin after that was pretty… action-less. they started doin the mystery eggs, but still, kinda lost the excitement the show had before. i did enjoy the new powers amu got from her charas, but still, it didnt feel like it was enough >_<.

    bout the makin up my own chara, she would be a kind of version of miki, but rainbowed hehe ^_^ since i draw a bit of almost every cute anime i watch, currently workin on a life size chugo chara one =]

  24. i agree that it was a great episode, corny is good bcuz it makes everything cute. :)

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