I hate the new dashboard.

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wp00(God this image is cute. Chibi angry god ftw!)
(Image swearing is too much trouble to censor, so deal.)

I usually never talk about stuff that’s not even slightly related to anime in this blog. Well, I guess except when I’m talking about a hiatus. But I’m so pissed off…or perhaps agitated is a better word to use, that I had to say something.

So, wordpress.com changed the dashboard recently and while it’s really cluttered and…different, I thought I could get used to it, but there’s just no way. I can deal with changes once I get used to them (even if I find them unnecessary) but specifically the layout for when you’re editing a post pisses me off…a lot. (Oh excuse me, it agitates me…or whatever)

Feel free to ignore the following rant like usual. Especially this one since it’s so off-topic.

I wonder if I’m the only one so bothered by this. I think I might be…at least the only one I know bothered enough to write a rant on it. So at this point I should explain why exactly I’m so bothered by it.

I hate it when there’s no set width for a page. It’s why I never, ever go on FictionPress.net or Fanfiction.net anymore (aside from the fact that I hate sifting through crap to get to the good stuff). It leads to too much back and forth, left to right reading and it makes my head start to hurt after too long.

It bothers me while I’m writing too, and that’s where we hit our main problem.

I have a widescreen computer, so the adjustable area stretches out quite a bit. And lucky me, the adjustable area is the part with all of the text that I’m trying to read and write. Yay.

Basically, this is what it looks like for me. And “oh it’s not that bad” yeah shut up. I know it could be worse, but unfortunately optimism doesn’t stop headaches. My god the text stretches out like twice as far as my current blog entry width judging by the picture. I’m never going to be able to properly judge where my images should go ever again. Or I’ll have to go out of my way to do it.

And before anyone suggests, “Oh, just shrink down your browser to make it easier.” Yeah. Thanks. I try that all the time and guess what. Instead of back and forth reading I get my wallpaper or some other stand-out distraction to my right. Like this. I don’t want to have to change my pretty desktop layout just so I can properly write some random…crap that I normally write.

Slightly off-topic: My god I’m so distracted while writing this that I’ve already mistakenly typed  “right” for “write” and vice-versa a bunch of time. So many more typos than usual because I’m purposely trying to keep my eyes on the keyboard instead of the screen.

They take about how its beneficial for people with smaller screens and lower resolution, but what the fuck. Just because I have a better monitor than some other people means I don’t get navigation that’s convenient for me? Fuck that!

Width complaints aside though, the rest of the layout pisses me off too.

Having all sorts of crap to the right and left instead of some stuff to the right and other stuff up top is bothering me too. Agh! It was so perfect before! Why didn’t I take screencaps of the previous dashboard!? Oh, because I thought it looked so nice and perfect that they’d never change it. So glad I was wrong.

My god I hate having all the navigation over to my left when I’m typing. I can’t just scroll down and make it all disappear anymore. It’s just sitting there in my peripheral vision all the time.

Luckily you can remove some of the clutter by unchecking a lot of the useless crap they added to certain pages (I will never in my life use QuickPress when it just takes one more click to get to a “New Post” There’s got to be a limit to laziness. And no one in the world should have dial-up anymore, so don’t use that excuse on me. You can’t enjoy anything on the internet if you use dial-up.)

There’s a few things I like better. Like the fact that now you can just add media without using a post (that always pissed me off). But all in all, I’m a rather unhappy girl.

Of course, it could just be me and I’d kind of like to hear what other people think of the changes so I can know if it’s just me. This next section is going to reveal quite a few things that are just my problems though.

I’ll explain why I’m having such an extreme reaction to this change that I went into ranting mode. Because a quick check of “WordPress 2.7” brings up a lot of titles about people loving the changes for no reason except for the better organization. (Kind of want to punch them in the face because they all sound like ass-kissers since they’re on wordpress blogging about wordpress. Kind of like some Mac-users and PC-users.)

So I guess that means that really makes me think that it might just be me, which makes sense to some level because of my little…quirks that cause my family to poke fun at me. Even if it’s not just me, some of the things I have problems with might leave me feeling lonely.

I have sensory…”issues” for lack of a better word. My doctor (who has the same issues) gave me a specific name for it before, but I can explain it most easily as an over-active imagination combined with having my nerves be on edge about 95% of the time. I guess you could say my senses are overly-sensitive sometimes.

A few examples: I can’t be touched from behind, I have a rather extreme reaction to that. People absolutely cannot talk across me when I’m trying to focus on something. There can’t be noises behind me when I’m trying to focus on something. I can’t be at my computer without my entire room being lit up. I can’t wear socks on a carpet. I can’t focus in a room that’s got really white walls…with fluorescent lighting.

Then add on a lot of other annoying things and it’s likely they bother me twice as much as they bother you (bad music, bad smells, etc.).

All of this stuff should also explain why I get sick so easily too. There’s that “condition” I have that causes me to be tired so often, but combining it with all my sensory stuff makes it really hard to get better because my reaction to a lot of these things includes me getting even more tired and less focused.

There’s a lot of other things that bother me too, but no matter how much I explain them, you likely won’t get it unless you have the same problems. I’ve explained it to my family and while they understand and are careful about it, they don’t get it. My doctor is the only one who gets it and that’s just because she has the same problems.

To put it simply…the visual aspect of the layout is bothering me extra because of my sensory issues. So that’s why I feel pissed off enough to rant. Hopefully it’s either getting me used to the back and forth reading (eh…I’m still mispelling a lot of crap) or it’s just getting my agitation out (that’s working a lot better).

Of course, a sacrifice had to be made because now I expect to be called a “super dork” of anime blogging for making myself sound like one of those kids with a thousand different allergies that have to be babied by their moms.

Also, to explain why I felt justified to write a rant beyond hoping it would “make me feel better”, I’m  just tired of “new versions” of crap on the internet. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Especially if I like the broken version better. Of course, so many bloggers are fucking idiots so they’re impressed by anything new. Though, like I explained before…I do make allowances for the idea that it’s just me because of my sensory issues.

But it’s not just updating stuff that pissed me off I suppose, because Google Reader updated too, but notice that I’m not complaining about them. The basic layout is still the same, so it didn’t give me any big “wtf!?” reaction like wordpress did. My subscriptions are all still on the left and I can still read them in the same place.

My navigation wasn’t move from horizontal to vertical. My editing space didn’t suddenly grow unnecessarily and inconventiently. I may have liked the old Google Reader layout a little better, but I can still use it easily.

And yeah…I guess that’s it. Sorry for this off-topic rant, but I got pissed off and cranky. I tried explaining it to my dad, but since I know he has zero chance of understanding, that didn’t help.

Anyway, here’s a cute image to apologize for the boring text as usual:


The heroine from Arina Tanemura’s new manga, Sakura Hime Kaden (and yes, it does seem that she’s named “Sakura”). A post on the first chapter should be showing up sometime soon as long as I manage to find a way to cope with the changes. I’ll stare at the keyboard if I must (then check for mistakes and such after).

Excuse me now, I’ve written enough about crap I could normally care less about. I have to go try and make the new dashboard function for my needs.

Unnecessary rant warning (that has become oddly necessary):
If you came here to flame me because I disagree with you, have fun. Publishing these rants usually causes me to get over whatever I’m ranting about (ranting is so therapeutic for me), so I could care less about what you have to say. Also, as usual, I didn’t reread this post because it’s a rant and I don’t care. I may not even think the same way now that I’ve finished (but I totally do, I just don’t care).


  1. I dunno I kinda like wp 2.7 and I also have a huge 22″ wide screen monitor. I mean if you have issues with your images just edit in HTML mode, I used to always do that until I switched to the wp servers. I quite like the visual mode now and even if its too big in your “preview” you should know by now the “avg width” of your blog space. (mine is 400 width for example)

    I mean unless you are going to stick your images not totally centered and not totally aligning left/right I don’t think should be an issue for you (particularly since I think most of your images are centered anyway.)

    I’ve kinda given up on Tanemura Arina manga. All the characters are starting to look the same to me (this was particularly an issue in shinshi doumei cross) and I just can’t figure out who’s who and what’s going on in her stories.

  2. Hinano: Ah, then that means it might just be me after all. I kind of figured. It looks like I’m just going to have to adjust the way I’m used to doing things.

    Thanks for the suggestion of working in HTML mode, it didn’t occur to me (too distraught over change). That will make it a lot easier for those rarer posts where I need to align my images to the left and right. Like you said, most of my images are just centered anyway.

    I kind of think that there was just a problem with Shinshi Doumei Cross being too long and that caused all the other problems. I loved it when it first ended, but looking back, it’s certainly not her best work. I’m hopeful about the new one though, different time period means some things have to be different. Unfortunately, she still seems to be using the style she fell into at the end of SDC where everyone does look the same (I thought she was getting better at it, but then she went back to her earlier style randomly).

  3. Friendly tip: don’t browse in fullscreen mode. I tend not to let my browser window get wider than 950 pixels, and while that gives me an annoying horizontal scrollbar on some poorly-designed sites (like Oi, Hayaku!), it keeps me from scanning left-right too much on scaling websites.


  4. I hate it, too! It’s ridiculous and pointless and such a waste of space. Everything is all moved around and put in the oddest places, it’s harder to navigate. It was a completely unnecessary update that is going to do nothing but annoy the crap out of me. :(

  5. Well, with all the random bullshit they have scattered on either side of the edit window, it doesn’t seem to big for me, and I have a widescreen monitor as well. Although I guess I’m used to scaling websites (mostly forums), so I’ve kinda adjusted to the fact that what might normally be a paragraph ends up being two lines of text :p

    “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

    I agree with you for the most part there. But as a comp sci major, I have to play devil’s advocate and also say that updating is extremely important to fix bugs and security flaws that were discovered throughout the use of a certain version. Even if something doesn’t start out broken, it can get broken through either cleverness or stupidness on the part of the user. I actually liked the old layout better myself, but I think I’ll eventually adjust to this one.

    Also, about what you were saying about all that stuff being on the left, I think you can move/minimize most of it. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get it the way you’d want it, but a good bit of it seems customizable.

  6. lolikitsune: But then I can see my wallpaper and it keeps distracting me. *whineywhinewhine*

    But yeah. I think I’ll be trying that, at least it’s preferable to getting a headache.

    amayaleee: Yay! So I’m not alone.

    Well luckily with the complaint about everything being in odd places, you can adjust a lot of it. But no matter what it’s something we’ll just have to get used to, because/

    nazarielle: Ah. You said it. It’s not as wide as it could be, but it still bothers me. I completely ignore forums that don’t have a proper set width (I despise them!).

    But they could have kept the layout the same *more whining* I understand about fixing bugs and stuff, but I want my layout back. *sobbing in a corner* Just when I was getting (kind of) back on schedule now it’s going to take me forever to write a decent post again!

    That’s the end of my dramatic tears though. I did discover the minimising stuff on the left, but I’d still prefer it to be on the top. I’m used to that sort of navigation, for as long as I’ve been an anime geek on the internet. GaiaOnline had it, livejournal had it, a few others did too. Now for the first time I have to get used to it being on the left and it has shattered my world.

  7. “because a quick check of “WordPress 2.7″ brings up a lot of titles about people loving the changes for no reason except for the better organization.”

    It does take a while to get used to, but I do like how things are organized better. How it loads up faster for me than usual, how I can move specific boxes into areas I want them to be in, and so on. Other than wondering why the sudden change after they just changed the dashboard designs a couple of months before this, I don’t really have any problems with the change. And that’s how I feel most WP.com users are, though you will have some ass-kissers involved as well. I can understand hating on wordpress for messing with what works, but when you direct that hate on people that have nothing to do with the change (like fellow users), it doesn’t seem too productive. :/

    Besides, don’t tell me you don’t love that we now have favicons. :P

    And I can’t say I totally understand your situation, but I feel like I can relate to how you feel when things aren’t the way you want/expect them to be, and they totally throw off your flow, mood and other stuff. But after the initial surprise, I think this will be easy to get used to if you work with it a bit more. :D

  8. it happened to me when i was using blogger and i no longer use it for those reasons … i hate changes … what’s wrong with the current situation ? :) like crunchy roll changed the photo way of searching and browsing and because its all Java stuff it always freezes while searching for something and on youtube … the changes are waaaaay too much !! i hate it !

    anyway … i hope u keep blogging because i read ever single post of yours and comment when i have something to say :)

    tomorrow is the 61 ep of SC doki ! i hope u blog it even though its another filler :) because most of the times i agree with EVERYTHING you say :P and btw instead of watching SC i keep on watching soul eater because its cooler than SC even the fillers of SE are better …

    i think that if i was in satelight and i want to make SC interesting my filler arc would be to make a new GUY not a Girl join easter and he hates amu ,and ikuto is against him because he loves amu and always try to protect her and i would make his hair grey for a change :) how about it ?? it better than lulu stupid shit ! and maybe his charanari would have something to do with dark angel so amu would fight him as amulet angel it would be an awesome battle between white and black angel :)

    should i work for satelight ? lol XD

  9. I normally hate new things but I like the new dashboard for the sole reason that when I’m writing a post the tags and categories are visible on the right. You won’t believe how many times I forgot about them before.

    One of the things I hate is they changed the default way pics are inserted into the post. The pics I use are often bigger then the 468 pixel width I have to work with. So I let WP autoshrink them for the post put if you click on it, the full size version opens up. It used to be the default that it would do this but now you have to click a button to include the link to the full-size pic.

    I don’t think they added any new features so I don’t understand why they couldn’t let people decide to keep the old version if they wanted to.

    I have a suggestion about writing your posts. How about writing the text of your posts in a program like MS Word. You can set up columns that have the same width as the blog and that would also minimize your time using the dashboard.

  10. Yeah, it’s fine to rant once in a while. Oh boy, hopefully I won’t have too much trouble with WordPress.

    Anyway, you want to see rant? Wait til the 13th. That’s all I’m going to say…

    Fiesta is on tonight! Really hope to see you there. Info on the main page. Cheers.

  11. Of course, so many bloggers are fucking idiots so theyre impressed by anything new.

    Oh gawd…I think I might be one of them. Nah, not really…I just get happy when the things available to WP.org become available to WP.com

    But yeah, sounds to me you have an extreme case of OCD..then again, OCD might be an understatement.

    That aside, I rushed to log back to WP just to see what the fuss was about. I thought the new layout was sorta neat. Not much to expect aside from improved GUI. I am not so much as irritable as you but I do suffer from some degree of OCD. If you haven’t noticed yet, the blue button (for login, save changes, submit) that used to be a rounded rectangle before is now a rounded rectangle superimposed on a rectangle. Whether it was intentional or just a bad image coding, I was overly annoyed by it.

    I wish I can help you with your problems. If it were only CSS, or some client-side coding, I can at least do something about it. Unfortunately, the WP dashboard is on the server-side, and anything on the server is a definitely a big no no.

    This is 2.7 right? Hopefully, things will get better as we approach 3.0. Sad to say, it’s 0.3 versions (or 3 subversions) away.

  12. Oh so were just the same. I hate the new dashboard too.

  13. Wow. Thank you for writing this rant. I felt the same way about the dashboard until three of my writers insisted that it’s “better”. I stopped ranting then. Sure, there are some things I like but there are more changes I dislike. >_< Anyways, thanks for your wall of text! ;)

  14. i’m ok with the new dashboard. but i’m annoyed the new post window is too narrow because my blog is a stretch window, not narrow like yours -_-

  15. Yeah you bet! Curse you wordpress! I went on and was like Holy shit they changed! To make things worse next week is a Rimahiko filler. Then Lulu will have an X-mas filler than maybe we’ll get onto the plot! Yays!

  16. I really dislike the new changes as well. It seems ten times more disorganized and confusing and was there really point in changing it in the first place? I always find it annoying when adjustments are made to something that was fine just as it was before. Sadly, I doubt they have any plans of changing it back to the old version…

  17. My only problem with my shit monitor is that the images don’t fit inside the editing window. Other than that, I’m peachy :)

  18. Same problem with omisyth. I have difficulties with the images too. My other problem is that I got so much used to the old one that I get so confused with the new one @.@ and click on the wrong places XD. It looks very cluttered T.T… But I guess the narrowness can help too in my part because it’s nearly-near my blog’s text width ^_^.

  19. Well, after writing two posts up yesterday I was really annoyed with how they relocated the insert image butan. I was so used to it being top right and now it’s top left. Not a huge change but it kept throwing me off :|

  20. TheBigN: It’s not productive hate at all (the term should actually be an oxymoron I think), which is why I kept it on my own blog. I got mad seeing the posts, but I knew it wasn’t quite rational so I just sulked in my own blog.

    Oh god yes I do love the favicons. I got that before the dashboard though, so I didn’t find much to like after the change.

    Well I just did my first episode post with it and it was difficult, but…eventually I’ll get used to it…I guess. (I want to be right and hate it forever though!!!)

    Mo0on12: Oh god I hated when CrunchyRoll changed that. I’d see and image and try to look into it to see where it came from and it caused a whole bunch of crap for me.

    Oh this stuff won’t stop me from blogging, though for the time being it kind of makes me want to write a little less. At least until I’m used to it.

    I will blog every episode of Shugo Chara! until it ends! It is my quest!!! God I really need to watch Soul Eater though.

    I kind of wish they went with a new guy too, but then I might get frustated because I’d want to call him an Ikuto rip-off…which is even more blasphemous than an Utau rip-off to me.

    You should. I think fans should work at Satelight, the recent episode proved that to me.

    thenullset: Actually I used to gotget the tags a lot before, so I do like that. But my one reason for hating it overules everything else for me.

    It still automatically links to larger pictures for me. Maybe something is off in your settings or it’s one of the bugs they’re still working out.

    The only new feature I think was the “blavatars” but you could use those beforehand.

    Writing in Word causes too many tags when you import it or paste it into wordpress and it takes too long to clean up. But I might try something like that (or I could stop being a baby and get used to it).

    M12: The 13th, huh? I’m going to be looking forward to that then. You’ve got me curious.

    I wasn’t able to play Fiesta. I caught an actual cold so I was asleep for like…14 hours and I missed it. I hope it happens again at some point though, because I’d still really like to join in.

    7: Oh! You said it! You said it! You sound like my family! T_T They always say I have OCD, or more recently, they call me “monkish” like a character (with OCD) from a TV show we watch.

    It’s not OCD it’s sensory weird stuff that just bother the heck out of me. I don’t feel compelled to do anything! There’s a difference…I’ve been told. If you have minor random things that bother you (actually I did notice that too, but then my brain got completely overloaded by the writing mess), you might have a similar issue with sensory stuff specifically. I used to just have samall things that bothered me (like marbles) but then it all got blown up when I got sick so…never, ever get sick and stuck in your house for too long.

    Or things will get even worse with 3.0 and more “modern” and cluttered and I will be left to sit sobbing in my closet (being just a little dramatic).

    Kairu Ishimaru: Yes! Another person that makes me feel like I’m not crazy!

    Minnie: Another allie then! I feel like such an underdog complaining about it. Too bad we can’t do anything about the things we dislike. Just have to wait and hope wordpress makes it better (or get used to it).

    biankita: So there’s two problems with it. It can either be too wide or too narrow depending on what your them is. Wow…that sure seems smart (*sarcasm*).

    Dia: How is Rimahiko filler “worse”? You misworded that, right?

    lostty: They just like changing things because they think people will get bored otherwise I guess. I like things to saty similar. Things I write in anyway (like Microsoft Word. It’s always looked pretty much the same).

    omisyth: Then they lied when they said it was supposed to be more convenient for people with smaller monitors and stuff.

    kanzeon: That’s a part of my problem too. The sudden change. Couldn’t they have at least made it more gradual so I wouldn’t keep making mistakes?

    nazarielle: Actually that bothered me a lot too. Why even change it just from right to left. Where’s the benefit in that? It’s just confusing.

  21. Fuyumaiden: Reworded it? NO It may be Rimahiko but it is still bad. WE WANT THE MAIN PLOT!

  22. I hope you feel better. I kind of understand what you are saying because I have some “issues” that you mentioned, though they are probably not as serious. I hate having to go right and left and don’t think it should exist to begin with.

    I love that picture of Sakura! I was expecting her to have white hair and almost red eyes. She reminds me a bit of how Haine would have been if she had Maika’s bangs. The cover for the chapter was absolutely gorgeous (of course) and the kimonos really are as pretty as I had expected, if not more. All in all, I am one happy fangirl. =^_^=

  23. I agree about the 2.7 dashboard. It’s ugly, and poorly organized, e.g., having a vertical menu on the left sucks. Unless perhaps you are left-handed. This is an example of an “improvement” that is bogus. At least we should have the option of pulling the dashboard to the right without rewriting the admin php and css files (something I will do in my spare time). Perhaps someone will write a dashboard plugin that restores a much saner horizontal menu with the visible submenu. Why anyone would think an expand/collapse menu on the left side of a page is easier than that I’ll never know.

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