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Yay! Finally they returned to Nagisa’s arc! And…they finished it off in one episode. Hmm. Well, more Nagisa is good no matter what.

I had to take a two week break from blogging Clannad because I was feeling all moody because of the lack of Nagisa.

There was enough Nagisa in the beginning considering I didn’t have any Nagisa at all when Clannad wasn’t airing, but I started getting impatient.

Then Yukine’s arc came along and was so below my Clannad expectations that I just decided not to blog it. Yukine is a character I like and her arc might be good in the game. It was not good in the anime. It felt like it was out of place or something. It had its moments, but the animation got all weird and that fight was…well, really weird. The fight at the end of the Sunohara siblings arc was fine, but this one was so over the top that it just felt wrong.

Only two sparkling Nagisa moments got me through it all (Nagisa is so cute~). And now, if Nagisa is the focus all episode, I can blog again with a smile on my face!


I automatically love any episode that focuses on Nagisa. So yes, overdone screencapping (and sometimes with nothing to say too…)

But I do not apologize this time because instances of extreme Nagisa cuteness needed to be captured.


Ooo~ I’m incredibly spoiled on what happens in Clannad except what happens in the other world after this point, so I’m going to be looking forward to seeing more of these parts from now on. Until now it kind of didn’t seem connected or very interesting (just a lot of random glimpses) so I’m definitely looking forward to it now.


Ah, I loved the scene with the two of them walking to school together. It’s the first time this season where I’ve really been able to feel like they acted like a couple. This cute little discussion was just so…I was the happiest fangirl I’ve been all season for Nagisa love and my NagisaxTomoya love too. Their conversation was just so cute and…*giggle* I was happy.


Ah. Considering he’s so good at lying, Tomoya is pretty bad at changing the topic. So unnatural and obvious.


Nagisa caught on right away. Of course that’s partially because she’s such a girlfriend and is always looking at for Tomoya (kyaa~ Nagisa!).


Ehe~! I love how Nagisa always blurts out such nice romantic things and they both get embarassed afterwards. Way too cute.


…OMG so cute. Nagisa~


Heh. Look at Tomoya. He knows he’s got Nagisa successfully distracted this time. Talking about dates and such, you’re not playing fair Tomoya!


…OMG so cute. Happy Nagisa~ (And blushing too~!)


Of course, Nagisa eventually realized (and that was so cute too btw), but it’s okay because she was distracted by Tomoya talking about going on a date with her which would logically work since she loves him so much (awww!). So she’s stil an incredibly great girlfriend (and so cute)!


lol. Tomoya’s reaction to Sunohara being a model. Classic (as his reactions to Sunohara always are).


Ah. Kotomi is leaving after all. I kind of figured it last season, but I forgot.

…Yeah I have nothing to say, but it’s a development that still needs a mention anyway (wonder if she’ll already be gone by next episode).


Nooo! Don’t be sick Nagisa! Ah…this sucks. Be prepared for me to say, “Poor Nagisa” and such with ;_; a lot from this point on.


Tomoya specifically makes sure to say goodbye to her in the morning. What a good boyfriend…

Oh~ After so many weeks without only little moments of NagisaxTomoya, this episode is pretty much like an overload for me.


lol. Stuffed Botan (or Button or whatever). I want one too. (I want to bring it to Class with me!!!)


Nagisa… ;_; She couldn’t even get all the way to school. Dammit, can’t life be fair at least in fiction!?


This scene was…just great. I can’t put it in better words than that. Tomoya talking about how he didn’t want to go out because he was waiting to go out with Nagisa and hold hands and then Nagisa saying that they could hold hands then and…oh such a great scene.



They both said such wonderful things and now no one will ever be able to convince me that there’s any other girl and Tomoya would make a better couple in the game because it just defies logic (of course, you couldn’t convince me in the first place).


Ah…Nagisa’s smiling even though she’s sick. I can’t help but wonder if she was able to smile the last time she was sick though since Tomoya wasn’t there and it makes me kind of sad (Nagisa ;_; of course, you hope her friends from the last year were there with her). Ah…but then I still have to be happy that Tomoya is there with her and she can smile now.


Tomoya…he was being pretty childish, but since it’s because he loves Nagisa I think it’s okay. He has pretty good self-awareness now though. That’s one thing I always liked about Tomoya, but never really got to mention. He can usually admit his own faults to himself.


Happy birthday Nagisa!!!

Now I’m making a cake on Christmas Eve~


OMG lol Sunohara. He was pretty much at his best in this episode…of course he’s always at his best. He’s Sunohara! The Santa suit was such a plus though.


Ah~ I love how happy the dango pillow made her. Partially because it’s a dango and partially because it from Tomoya (OMG, so cute, I’m giving myself a fangirl overload with all my thinking!).


Ah…so cute. Smiling Nagisa with her dango pillow. So very, very cute.


Nagisa! Listen to your parents! It’s not “someone like me” because you’re the best someone in the entire world!

Stepping away from Nagisa love for just a moment though, her parents are such wonderful parents. They always say the right thing (especially Akio).


Aww and a nice (almost) full cast shot. Hm…makes me wonder how many of these people we’ll actually get to see again. Mostly wondering about Kotomi (since she’s going away) and Yukine and Misae (since they’re side characters).


Ohoho~ Tricky old man. Feigning memory loss when someone catches onto his tricky ways. Of course, we know his brain is fully functioning because he knows that Nagisa’s a smart girl with her act together (because she is~).


Nagisa flashbacks made me get all teary-eyed. Of course, another time through I noticed that we didn’t get any clips from this season really, which got me all frowny when I reflected on this season, but keep it positive. I got teary-eyed (Is that positive?).


Ah~ Nagisa~ I got all choked up here again (though I never really ended up crying). Waiting outside for Tomoya to congratulate him even though she couldn’t graduate herself. Every time I think Nagisa has to be at her best she outdoes herself.


Oh…this scene. I wonder if this scene outdoes the others. It has to I mean…aww.

Being with Nagisa in his last year is what made him actually like school for once. He hated the school, but if it was with Nagisa he wanted to be there forever. Not with anyone else, but with Nagisa. And that’s just so…ah I can’t even really…it’s so nice and sweet and…awww. Let’s leave it with “aww” okay?


Oh snap. She did it again. Nagisa showed that her “best” is even better than what it was before. Of course, i realized she was this type of girl before, but she never sounded so mature before. For the first time I was able to actually think that she’s older than Tomoya.

“If you can move on, then you should.” See? What a wonderful and mature thing to say? I said before, during Sunohara arc, that Nagisa would become a great woman someday like her mom, but I think she’s pretty much already there (and I didn’t even realize). I think I love Nagisa even more today. Who would have thought that was even possible.


And aww…I got one last NagisaxTomoya moment to top off this wonderful episode. They got to walk while holding hands~

Of course, according to those who played the VN, the greatness is more due to the writing of the source material than the actual adaptation. I’ll have to take their word for it until I go play through Nagisa’s route myself some day, but without seeing the original, I liked this just fine. It made me happy and it made me feel very satisfied for an “ending” to Nagisa’s route.

I really think it would have been better if they ended last season with this episode instead (cutting out the extra episode and certainly Tomoyo’s episode if necessary), then just do the After Story this arc. I mean, I would have missed our extra episodes, but I feel like the series would have felt more “complete” and satisfying last season and it would make more sense story-wise. Of course, you can’t change the past though, so I’m just happy to see it now.

Ah Nagisa…you’re such a wonderful girl. I think you’re going to be one of my favorites forever now.



And the After Story really begins! Not much to say except for that and…do your best Nagisa-chan! I’m rooting for you!


  1. O.o i hope nagisa will have a fun year! Tomoya do you best and get a job… -.-


  2. NAGISA IS AWESOME! XDDD your fangirl-ing and screen capping seems justified to me lol. I also thought it was a pretty good adaptation. There are some people *cough* Hinano *cough* who illogically cling to the game x.x; Although I realllllllllly recommend you play the game, it has a few Nagisa x Tomoya moments that the anime skipped over, including their first kiss. Hm… on second thought if you played the game you might really die from Nagisa overload hahah. Oh yeah I noticed that in the anime Nagisa’s “Bombshell announcements” haven’t been said. They aren’t really a big deal but I think they are really funny and added a bit to the game haha. Well look forward to the start of the true After Story, you’ll get much more Nagisa, Nagisa cuteness, Nagisa awesome character, and Nagisa x Tomoya love.

  3. I absolutely love Nagisa’s resolved and determined look. It looks great on her. I think my respect for Nagisa just multiplied tenfold. And yeah, I think everyone can agree that the first season should’ve ended with this episode but … I’m sorta happy it didn’t.
    I mean, … there’s a bunch of drama that’s going to follow this and it depresses me even though I’m looking forward to how it’ll be done. Imagine if all that drama was in a season … I think I’d cry every episode. Well, either way, it doesn’t bother me much. I fangirl’d mostly over Tomoya again this week but Nagisa was adorably too.
    I loved childish Tomoya. His face made me melt. I love how he only gets that way when it comes to Nagisa. With all the other girls he’s a cool and stuff. -shoves more respect on Nagisa-

  4. :( I am really REALLY going to miss Kotomi.

    i loved how in this episode Nagisa came off braver than Tomoya. :) It shows girls can be emotionally tough and guys feel scared at times too.

  5. Yeah Nagisa is as cute has heck. I have to watch this episode real soon!

    Nishina is still the best, though. Nishina :3~ :P

  6. Lola: Yeah. Tomoya needs to make money so he can buy Nagisa more dango stuff (and food and other necessities too I suppose…).

    FlameStrike: Well, I guess some times people just can’t help but have expectations for the anime and sometimes they just aren’t properly met. I do my share of complaining. But as long as Nagisa gets screentime there is nothing for me to complain about!

    Oh I plan on playing the game, just waiting until the anime finishes, but I’ve already seen the CG of Nagisa and TOmoya kissing (ehehe~) but I would like the full proper context just the same.

    I’m okay with dying from Nagisa overload as long as I’m able to get through the game…and hear all of these cute Nagisa moments. Oh now I want to play it so badly. The Nagisa I get in the After Story will hopefully tide me over though.

    saimaisama: Doesn’t it? Nagisa is so great. I love fangirling over and calling her cute, but I got surprised this week when I remember why I started loving Nagisa in the first place. I respected and admired her and now she shows why.

    Ah well that’s true. If there was one season of just drama that would be kind of bad. But then it makes the beginning of the After Story really feel like it doesn’t fit, but I am glad it’s all in there.

    Tomoya was great this week, but he sadly get forgotten by me when Nagisa is there. There was one shot where he looked really cute though and I can’t believe I didn’t cap it. Ah and I love how he only gets like that around Nagisa too. THey’re both so cute together!

    Christina: I’m going to miss Kotomi too (but not her violin playing).

    Ah that’s true. Hm…Nagisa got to me the one who was strong for Tomoya this time. How fitting.

    M12: Watch it now. Nagisa is so cute!

    No way. Nagisa is cuter than Nishina. Nagisa is cuter than everyone!

  7. Argghhh…I am so late.

    I laughed at the fight in the Yukine arc, btw. I was like “WTF in hell’s name are they doing?!” and then went “oh…just being guys.” Heh.

    Ergh…nothing much to say. Since it’s been a week now. Lol ^^;
    But Nagisa was so CUTE! IT WENT OFF THE CHARTS! *A*

    Tomoya: About time we got to finally see you acting like a boyfriend!

    I’m going to miss Kotomi…hope she’s back for the wedding and the baby shower. Hehe x3

    NAGISAAAA~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! T_________T *wants to hug her*

    It makes me so happy to know that Nagisa’s birthday is one day before mine. She was this close to being…nvm. xD;

    AND ARGGGH!!! The end! The end the end the end the end!
    I seriously want the piano piece to the Dango song right now. *going to look for it later*
    But anyways…when Tomoya saw her standing there and then got all panicky and started to run to her, I thought “OMG! OMGOMGOMG! He’s going to HUG her and say awesome cheesy lines! 8DDD” and banged my head on the table when he didn’t. And I was about to complain about it, too, since he had months of build up angst just ready to burst within him. I mean, he hugged Tomoyo! Why couldn’t he hug Nagisa like that?!
    Ah, but then Nagisa is a miracle worker. She made all my small bad feelings about Tomoya go away when she showed exactly how mature she’s become (omg, I wanted to hug her so badly then). And then it got me thinking that even though they are boyfriend and girlfriend, their relationship holds a much deeper meaning that just being lovers. Nagisa isn’t just the girl who Tomoya’s in love with. She’s also the first true family he ever had (from his POV, perhaps) and one that he really needed. I mean, I never expected them to be really lovey-dovey or anything (ugh, that would be too weird) but I can’t believe that I didn’t think about this until now. Too occupied with wanting to see them go on a date. Thank god this ep made up for it even though Nagisa was sick and they couldn’t go anywhere. Buu.
    But yea, I’m seeing their relationship not in an entirely new light or anything but more…like refreshed view. It’s a very supportive one and just brings out the family theme that I thought was severely missing from season 1. So conclusion: Tomoya and Nagisa’s love doesn’t have to be romantic as the one he has with Tomoyo or Kyou. It’s purely perfect the way it is. Simple and supportive.
    Hmm, I think I always knew that but eh. *shrug*

    …still…I would’ve liked to see him hug her…since I can’t…and if I don’t see them hug, I will rage again. He even hugs Ushio. How does he not hug his own cute wifey? Makes no sense.


  8. I think your Nagisa fangirl power has surpassed my Nagisa fanboy power 0_o

    But regardless, awesome episode is awesome. Finally getting into the main plot ;P

  9. Where can I buy that Dango pillow! I must have it.

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