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Time to play catch-up~! It’s just Index this week though. It’s really troublesome that I’m falling so behind with my anime. Since it’s preventing me from reading some of my favorite blogs since I haven’t watched what they’re writing about! Poor me. Pity me.

Anime: CHAOS;HEAD 07, Index Catch-up (To 08), Hakushaku to Yousei 07.

CHAOS;HEAD – Episode 07

ch07-01Boring!!! After a return to “oh shi- Stuff’s happening” cliffhangers last week, I was expecting more from this week than, “lolz it’s NOZOMI!” Everything was revealed in such an obvious, “let’s talk about stuff” way (I believe exposition is the proper term) that I just started sulking partway through and couldn’t enjoy myself even if I tried.

Talking is boring! At least do what you did in episode 06 and give me crazy delusions while you’re talking! The conversation this week was just barely interrupted once for a swordfight. And I didn’t care one bit because every moment that I see other people with those weapons is a moment where I get all frowny and think about how I want to see Rimi in action with her weapon from the ch07-02prologue-y thing in episode one.

And what the hell blondie (I forget her name and I don’t care). You were the last girl to be appear and your only revelations are “I can use telepathy and I can tell you all this stuff that I had to learn from someone else” USELESS! I mean, maybe there’s more to her, but any question I had about her has been answered. Except maybe what was up with that fire in her first episode, but whatever.

ch07-03Blondie is annoying me too. They ruined her incredible cuteness by making her incredibly annoying as well. It’s not fair.

Ayase became pretty boring in this episode too. We know she has her sword and she pretty much told us everything she knows (or so it seems) so she’s boring now. But I guess there must be some reason for her staying alive? Or is that just them wanting to show off Takumi’s special power?ch07-04

I’m willing to bet that next week Sena becomes boring too. My god we better learn something interesting in a “Oh snap!” sort of way, because this week’s episode end sucked. Yay, a picture. Come on! Where’s my cliffhanger!?

Tch. At least I still have Rimi. For some reason, I now think she might be working for NOZOMI by the way. It kind of explains why she’d know about the swords and stuff, but isn’t really telling. But I still stand by the idea that she wants to help Takumi (wanting to and being able to are two different things).

ch07-07Hmm…as of right now my interest in the girls ranks as such: Rimi, Nanami, Sena, Yua, Ayase, and…Kozue (finally looked up her name). Nanami’s rank is so high, because I’m still interested in the fact that she got to see her own delusion in episode 06. Maybe she’ll be getting her sword soon.

Meh. Not much to say. Lots of information came out, but none of it really interested me. I want more murders already (more Rimi too please~).

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Catch-up (06-08)

index06-01Touma lost his memories instead of Index…that was a surprise? I am curious to see where it will go since he told Index he still had his memories. She didn’t know him that long so he might be able to hide it from her, but I assume someone else is going to find out at some point.

The memroy loss thing did manage to get an aww, out of me, but I’m feeling like it was kind of forced in there. I tend to think that the story could have moved along just fine if Touma still had his memories. Unless it’s important for some future plot point. And speaking of plot points…this anime sure has a lot of them. Sometimes I think that I’d just be happier reading the light novel  for all the explanation we get in this anime, except…well that’s not available to me. So a talking light novel with shiny animation is what I must view. Though, I really do enjoy the action scenes…when I get them.index07-01

But at the end of episode 06, the main plot set-up seems to be out of the way. Then we get to start introducing other characters and learning more about them (yay~). New characters including a cute miko voiced by Mamiko Noto…and yeah, I’m not going to make the Ma-miko joke because it’s already been done. And besides~ She says that she’s not a miko.

Himegami Aisa (our non-miko magician) is a character I think I’ll grow fond of. She;s so spaced out and weird that you can’t help but like her. I think she might become my new favorite~! Index is still really cute, but she tends to be more on her cranky than her cute side these days and it’s bothering me a little. Though I’m sure some people find that crankiness cute (I find her cutest when she’s talking about food).

index07-02And as far as other characters go, Stiyl has become really fun to watch with the past two episode. It’s fun to go, “lol~ Blushing guy who acts all tough and smokes” for me. As for Touma, he’s still cool, but I need less memory loss emo and more awesome lines from him. I don’t know if we had any mid-fight action lines from him at all in the episode I had to catch up with. Well…there weren’t many fights, so that’s to be expected. I got to see him punch one person, but I won’t really feel right about Touma still being Touma until I get an action line from him.index08-02

Oh yeah, and there was a cliffhanger at the end of episode 08. Save Index guyz! (Yeah, I’ll start blogging by each episode again next week.) I thought I saw a blood-covered Touma in the preview, so I expect good things.

Hakushaku to Yousei – Episode 06

hty06-01Lydia is bothering me for being too stubborn sometimes now, but I guess she’s still cute when she holds a book upside down or something so it’s still acceptable.

But yay! Despite me complaining in episode 02 about knowing too much about Edgar too soon, there’s still stuff to learn. It seems Edgar used to be so much nicer as a boy. Now he’s so mean~ Teasing Lydia all the time. Which is another reason you have to tolerate Lydia’s stubbornness. You really can’t know when to take someone like Edgar seriously.hty06-03

Oh! I loved the scenes with Edgar and Kelpie. Kelpie is so easily worked up and Edgar’s such a clam gentlemen, that it makes it fun. Edgar, you’re so cool! Of course he’s bothered by Kelpie, but he only lets Lydia know that (and she doesn’t really believe him…). And the fact that he managed to deliver some lines to Lydia during that makes me smile~!

We actually got a serious talk hty06-04between Edgar and Lydia this time though which made me happy. Stupid Edgar had to be all gentlemanly and didn’t actually kiss Lydia though. But Edgar seems to be good at everything a bishie should be good at. He can be a tragic, “she doesn’t love me, but I’m still such a gentleman” bishie too. Well, he pointed out Lydia’s weakness (about being afraid and such) so why doesn’t he just go for it! Ah, well I guess you can only say so much. Lydia needs to stop being stubborn after all.

Lydia’s father is a great guy though. He’s really reasonable, so Lydia must have gotten her stubbornnes from her mother. It seems strange to me how someone can be so stubborn, but be all involved in fairies and stuff too.hty06-05

Ah and…since the plot of this episode and the arc has to do with Paul I should probably mention him…but I don’t want to. Seriously, any plot is just there to make more scenes so I can giggle and carry on like the fangirl I so obviously am. There was a cliffhanger, but that’s just so Lydia can save Edgar and we can get to what happens in the next episode so I can giggle and carry on like a fangirl.

I’ll have to catch-up with both episode 07 and 08 next week since I ran out of time this week.

I’m now officially considering Yozakura Quartet dropped overall. I really like the series, but I’d rather just like the manga. I have other anime to catch-up with and Yozakura Quartet just isn’t worth it since I like the manga better anyway. I like its Slice of Life feeling best, and you get that mostly in the manga, so that is what I will stick with.

Now then…I need to catch-up with ToraDora and then I am done! I can just watch anime weekly. I only intend to catch-up with AkaSaka if I hear good things about the ending. Or if I happen to be in that, “I want to watch crap!” mode. Which is actually pretty likely.


  1. Dang we’re watching completely different shows :O!

    Well, at least until you catch up on ToraDora.

    Lydia is pretty :3 (random).

  2. SO MUCH ANIME~ I unfortunately watch more. Over 10…………. Your like seriously one of the only people I know of who didn’t drop Shugo chara because of Doki…Poor me…..

  3. C;H ep 7 was boring?! o_O

    It’s alright I guess.

  4. yeah, you better catch up on Toradora! :p It doesn’t even matter if you write about it, but it’s just so hilarious you have to watch it :D

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who was disappointed in the sudden ‘oh here, here’s everything you need to know about the bad guys, enjoy.’ It makes all the mystery in the first six episodes seem kinda pointless if we’re suddenly just allowed to see everything from their point of view and listen in on them.

  5. I really like Aoi Sena from Chaos;Head. I don’t particularly like Kozue or Nanami though the one that interests me most is Rimi. I don’t understand her at all, except that she doesn’t seem like she wants to do any crimes.

    I love Hakushaku to Yousei. It’s my current favorite fall anime. The baby chick scene in episode 6 was so adorable, but I feel really bad for Kelpie because it’s obvious Lydia likes Edgar. My favorite character is Nico. I love kittens and Nico’s behavior as a human is so cute. I really want to find out about his background soon.

    Toradora, Akane …., and Shugo Chara Doki!, are well on there way to being dropped from my current anime list. =_=;

  6. HtY – I think everybody, with the exception of Raven (and Lydia’s pops, too, I guess), needs to be slapped.

    Lydia is getting on my nerves because I just can’t understand her. Yea, she’s stubborn, I get that but it still annoys me. It’s quite clear that she’s attracted to Eddy and gets all worked up when he’s “involved” with another woman but all this “pushing him away” business makes me frown. She can’t believe him, fine. He’s a liar anyways. She doesn’t like his smooth talk, ok. Sometimes it does get annoying but it’s all lol to me. But when he’s really serious about his feelings towards her, then what happened to her “peridot green eyes that can see all the truth in zah world”? =P Sure, if it’s Eddy, it’s tougher to be convinced but yea…
    And the whole “don’t want to get hurt” thing is big fat piece of bull to me (yes, I will be harsh). But since she didn’t have any human friends…eh, I guess I’ll give her that. Still, get over it, woman! You’re seventeen now! You weren’t even close to that little brat who invited you to some stupid party! *sigh*

    I know, I know, I’m ranting but this just gets me really mad. I guess I just can’t understand her situation without having gone through it in her shoes but I don’t think I’ll be as stubborn as she is. I’d punch that bastard who made me look like a fool, that’s what I’d do! Hmm, I dunno. :/

    Eddy…dude, if you love the woman, then just say it. It’s nice you’re being a gentleman and all and you don’t want to force anything on her (otherwise, she’d run away~!) but will it kill you both if you say “I love you”? Just honestly say your feelings straight out? She’ll figure it out eventually. *rolls eyes*

    Kelphie is starting to get annoying and boring. Won’t blame him for constantly going after Lydia, though, since I know his whole backstory (I think) but there’s really nothing special about him. And he’s such a dummy. :P

    Agh! I’m so mad at this show! & I blame Artland for its horrible deliverance of the adaptation! >:(

    But oooo, do catch up on ToraDora when you can. I think that’s the only show that doesn’t fail this season (on my list, anyways). It just keeps getting better and better. lol xD

  7. You HAVE to catch up on ToraDora!, the newest episode is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Kitamura is absolutely hilarious in it, and I just don’t know what else to say but…you HAVE to watch it. xD

    Eh. AkaSaka is ok, it’s not gotten any better lately, still has its moments of amusement, but overall I’m not quite sure why I’m still watching it, other than that I want to know who Junichi ends up with…

  8. Episode 7 of Earl and Fairy is good but I heard episode 8 is better =D Yozakura Quartet is starting to annoy me, I don’t know what it is but I felt that episode 7 was a total waste it took 20 minutes of the show just to get down to the main thing. Maybe thats just my opinion ,but still.

  9. For reasons unexplained, I haven’t seen ToraDora, HtY, or To Aru Majutsu no Index yet, so I’ll just comment on Chaos;Head since my predictions for the series from Day 1 seem to be right…Unfortunately.

    (Based on episode summaries and screens).

    Ayase attempts to commit suicide while ranting about some prophetic things? Check.

    Sena explains the Dirac Sea and the Di-Swords relation to their powers? Check.

    Kozue saves Takumi from the thugs by beating (killing) them? Check.

    Focus on NOZOMI’s motivations and their reasons for doing this? Partial Check. There’s still more that has to be explained.

    Change the focus of the story? Check. Think F/SN peoples.

    So, apparently, there was a lot of explanations regarding the Di-Swords and the Gigalomaniacs, but most people won’t get it unless they have some understanding of Quantum Physics, notably the Dirac Sea concept and the idea of particles/antiparticles in relation to time. The explanation of what is real and a delusion should be simple though…

    Aside from that, if anyone here plans to play the VN, stop watching the anime. NOW. You’ll only ruin the experience if you watch the anime ending. Judging from how MadHouse produced the anime, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a big promotion for Chaos;Head since the Xbox Version is set to be out soon in Japan.

    About this episode…there’s not really much to say about it. Except there’s a lot of anime original stuff here. I’ll probably watch it later for the action.

  10. hey fuyu chan ! chapter 36 is out from shugo chara and its awesome!! amu is gonna unlock the dumpty key with the humpty lock ! and tadase got a sword and there is a flashback where ikuto is crying when he was a kid !


    thanks for the anime weekly !

  11. Dia: I’m watching ten right now (or at least I was trying to, I dropped two). It’s not good to watch too much though.

    Yeah…lots of people are dropping Doki. Hopefully they’ll pick it up again when it gets back on track.

    7: Well boring in the sense that…all they really did was talk.

    nazarielle: Then I will do my very best to catch-up. I just have the recent episode of Index to watch first, then it’s ToraDora time!

    Good then I’m not the only one disappointed in hearing all that crap about Nozomi. Hopefully something else is going on (ah~ At least I have Rimi for some mystery).

    Tsuki-no-Hikari: Rimi is definitely the most interesting I think, because we know the least about her and her appearance in the first episode is what started the whole story.

    Oh yes, the baby chick was so very cute. Ah. Nico. I don’t mention him much, but I really like him too. Hopefully we will find out more about him soon.

    ToraDora too? AkaSaka and Doki don’t surprise me, but I thought every one in the world was in love with ToraDora.

    xiao_jie: lol. I can’t argue with that (well, except maybe Nico too).

    Well…basically I think you just have to take a step back from HtY and go, “They’re all being stupid about relationships because if they weren’t we’d already have our happy ending and the story would be like…half over. At least.

    But after the series ends, I’m going to have to look into everything else for HtY to get my full fix. If you say Artland is doing a bad job, I believe you.

    *gasp* Does that mean Clannad fails too? Clannad can’t fail just because it has Nagisa though!

    kelakagandy: Everyone keeps saying stuff about ToraDora!!! I’m going to try to catch-up with it today. Though I might have to go out so I’ll only get through a few episodes.

    That’s the only reason I’m even following AkaSaka actually. Hopefully he will end up with someone, but the way the anime was going before I dropped it made it seem lik they could easily go for the “no one” route.

    Maura: Well then. I have to watch episode 8. It’s all ready on my computer. So much anime to watch.

    So Yozakura Quartet is still having problems with pacing. I think I may be better off sticking with the manga after all then.

    クレナイ夢: Can’t the reason just be that you’re busy? That’s my reason when I keep falling behind.

    I don’t get it becauase I have no understanding of Quantum Physics (because it’s boring!!! And doesn’t particulalry benefit me).

    Aw…I plan on playing the VN, but I still want to watch the anime. I will just ignore your suggestion then and watch my 12 episode promo/commercial. Because the VN isn’t likely to be fully translated too son and my learning has been mightily halted.

    Mo0on12: Thank you for the link. I saw the scans and…so exciting. That’s all I can say. Ah can’t wait for the 27th!

  12. My reasons for dropping ToraDora is mainly because of the blue haired girl. I really hate her. I can’t find any good enough reason for putting her in the show. The main guy doesn’t really interest me and I got enough of Taiga from Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana (though SnS was worth it because all of the fighting scenes). The animation isn’t that great either.

    I think despite all of the above, I’ll give ToraDora another try mainly because I’m curious to know is who is going to end up with who. It’ll most likely be Taigaxthe main guy (forgot his name) but I really want to know what will happen to the rest of them. My favorite character in the show is Minorin because she’s different from most other cheerful girls and I like how she isn’t afraid of anything and doesn’t try to fit in.

    About AkaSaka, I really can’t see where this is going. Yuuhi doesn’t seem to have any feelings for Juunichi, and Minato is so annoying. I can’t stand her perfect attitude and though we are more than half way through the series, we still don’t fully understand what’s going on with the parents. Every female in the anime seems to be in love with Juuinchi except for his fiancee, which would be fine if we weren’t already on the 9th episode. -_-”

  13. your welcome i can’t wait for chapter 27 too it will come early this time in December 29th :) so yeeey !!~~ amuto !

  14. Ehehe, I think Nico should get abused, too…cuz they left that part out. xD;
    Hmm, I don’t know if it’s the relationship part I’m peeved about anymore. Actually, I really don’t know. When I think about how I’m not raging anymore over SC! couplings, then HakuYo is really nothing compared to it in the romance department. It’s just that…it’s so poorly executed that makes it even seem more annoying. Y’know what I mean? I dunno, I’d have to think about it more to make what I want to say sensible. But I’ve lost all the love I had for the anime. I didn’t even watch this week’s cuz it feels more like a burden with keeping up. *heavy sigh*
    They did a bad job but it’s not stinking, downright horrible for the most part. I guess I’m more affected it by it because I feel that the seiyuus are not able to use their voices to their full potential. It’s too rushed.
    Of course not! …Though it did deserve a few spanks on the hand for certain faulty trip-ups and for zero-transitioning skills on the Nagisa parts. =P But I will forgive them fully if they bring Kappei in. I mean, we still have enough episodes to fit in Yusuke’s arc and the Afterstory. And Ryou was crying in the OP. That means Kappei will show up, right?! T____T *wants Kappei really badly*

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