Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 60

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Filler episode is filler. Some subtle stuff from romance thrown in to not make it a total waste I suppose. Of course none of this stuff is going to come up again in the short term so it’s not exactly like it matters.

…Well just take it for what it is I suppose. Filler. It’s up to you whether you want to watch it or not.

I’m feeling more “blah” than usual lately about Shugo Chara!, so I’m toning down the coverage a little until there’s something to get excited about. Subtitles come out quickly so there’s no need for my super big summaries anymore. I’ll just do something small (like last week) and I’ll be sure to mention anything that has anything to do with a carried-over plot specifically. I’m also not going to rush out the posts in the meantime. Expect to see them sometime on Saturday. That’s all.

I feel so unenthusiastic about this though. I can’t help but think that Satelight is going to really screw up the anime at some point. Right now it’s just not up to par, but down the road…I mean the feeling of this season has been really different. I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen when they try to get back on track.

Right now, the worst possibility is that they’re never going to get back on track and that they’re going to rush into Ikuto’s arc before tidying up this mess they created with Lulu. I can’t help but think that they are heading for that worst possibility.


Amu’s fortune for the day is really good, especially for romance (and confessing~), causing her father to despair and Amu to think of Tadase and Ikuto. Lulu on the other hand seems to have a bad fortune. She brings the doll house Ami got for her charas for the other Guardians to see (I guess, for some reason…nothing important happens). Amu thinks about confessions and remembers when she confessed to Tadase (or rather, when Ran made her, since she didn’t get to use her own words and such).

In Amu’s class fortune telling seems to be all around for some reason, and there’s on girl who is really good at it. Amu pretends that she doesn’t want her fortune told to match her Cool & Spicy attitude, so when they ask Rima, Rima says she’ll do it if Amu goes first. The fortune leads her to thinking about both Ikuto and Tadase again. After Rima’s fortune, they go to the Guardians’s meeting and Amu still keeps thinking about confessions. Then before she knows it the day is over and nothing happened.

When Koyami (I think that’s the name of the girl) is walking home, she meets Lulu on the way and tells her fortune. Lulu basically tells her she was wrong (or something) and leaves saying some things to get the girl thinking about how she might not be good or whatever. The next day the girl tells her friend’s fortune and it makes her friend decide to confess to Tadase. Tadase turns the girl down because he has “someone he likes”, Amu hears this and thinks back to when Tadase was about to tell her something after he talked about knowing the Tsukiyomi’s. Koyami was also there and because her fortune was wrong and she runs off (because her fortune was wrong and it caused her friend trouble I guess).

Amu goes after her, but Lulu finds the girl first and does the ?-egg thing. The girls transforms into Fortune Dream and causes bad luck for people. Amu transforms into Amulet Clover to stop her and the girl uses her power to make a bunch of people chase after Amu, wanting to confess to her (…or whatever…) and Amu uses her new attack “Honey Bubbles” on the people and the girl. She does her speech to make Koyami’s ? into an X and then does Open Heart. After the girl wakes up, Koyami’s friend shows up and after Koyami apologizes, the girls shows that she’s fine and is just happy she confessed (twelve-year-olds get over crushes so quickly…). Amu then says something nice that wraps the episode up and the episode is over. Yay.

(You can tell how unenthusiastic I was, can’t you? Also summary was done after watching the raw, I didn’t bother to update it since I didn’t bother watching the subtitles.)


I. Am. So. Bored.

There. Those are my thoughts. Add in that I expect Satelight to screw up big time too.


I know we all say it, but lol, Poor Amu’s dad. Amu’s mom takes the possibility of romance for Amu in that motherly way too, so it’s not like he has any allies.


And now we can’t even say, “At least he has Ami” because Ami’s putting together her own male harem that’s bigger than her sister’s!


Especially now that Amu’s harem has been brought down to two members only! Alright Satelight! That’s more like it!

This is the biggest progress in terms on inconsequential filler episodes. Sure, Ikuto and Amu get more dokidoki scenes together, but now any pop-up daydreams have been narrowed down to include just two guys. That means serious love triangle business!


Ew…I don’t want Lulu to be a Leo. I’m a Leo. She’s not any of the things that make up a classic Leo like my friend Ashley and I have! I’m not sure what she fits better, but it isn’t a Leo. Do your proper homework for Fortune Telling episode next time guys!


Aw~ Amu~ She’s turning into a wonderful girl in every episode (do not read as “Mary-Sue” okay, if I meant that, I’d say that). She wants to have the chance to confess for herself someday, because…OMG~ Guess what? Ran isn’t Amu. Neither is Amulet Heart. If Amu feels that way, that’s what’s most important.

I know that some fans like to ignore the Amulet Heart crap now that we’ve past it, but if you tried to argue for Amulet Heart being Amu at any point, you can’t just drop it without admitting you’re wrong. Do it! (I am very spiteful, I admit it)


I’m glad that Saaya wasn’t around for a while so…let’s make that happen again.


Rima’s such a good friend. Amu’s never going to be able to drop her Cool & Spicy act, is she? Well, that’s just fine as long as Rima is there to help her out. (btw, I love the fact that the fortune hinted at her “inner-personality” for everyone)


“You desire two things” Oh Amu, you playgirl~

I’m still satisfied that Ikuto’s only popping up on Amu unexpectedly in her thoughts and every other time she’s trying to consciously think about Tadase (or just vaguely thinking about confessions in general). Amu is so cute~ We all know why she can’t confess (it’s because she’s so unsure now).


It seems that all stubborn girls know how to handle other stubborn girls. Amu knows how to handle Utau (Utau pretty much knows how to handle Amu too), Rima knows how to handle Amu, and Amu knows how to handle Rima (as seen here).

Ah yes~ Stubborn Rima is cute. But suspicious Rima is even cuter, and do you know what that reminds me of? The fact that we don’t get to see suspicious Rima, because we don’t get to see Nagihiko. I didn’t even get the chance to really take a screencap of him this episode. I am not satisfied. I certainly won’t get enough Nagihiko next week either. It’s not fair!


Lulu’s such a bitch. “Sensitive on the inside” my ass. If Satelight wants to make us think Lulu is sensitive on the inside, they better show it. I’m getting pissed off at Lulu being such a random and unimportant character.

Also…”sensitive on the inside” reminds me of Utau (with Eru), so my Utau-copy rage has been restarted. I want Lulu to have a real personality. If she has to be in the show, that make her un-crappy! Akemi Kanda voicing her is the only good thing about her right now.


-_-; What the Hell. I’m glad things are back on track, but it takes a bit of suspension of disblief to buy the way they did this crap. Didn’t she get rejected in the, “I like someone else” way also? And couldn’t “someone else” be Amulet Heart? And what Tadase was starting to say in the flashback was so vague, how did doubtful Amu connect it in any way to a confession?

Honestly guys. Try harder next time.

Another thing I have to mention, with all these fillers with romance and crap, it’s going to dull the impact of when the actual scenes from the manga come. There’s too much build-up in this case, so it becomes kind of obvious where we’re heading.

And another thing (last thing), I have a little beef with the manga too. I want to know when Tadase started noticing Amu for Amu anyway. In the anime they shoved in that clip at the end of episode 18 (which was stupid), but what about in the manga? Did I miss something entirely? Or…whatever. I don’t care anymore.


Fortune Dream I think is least lame ?-chara-nari. It looked kind of fitting (except ? always looks stupid) and the power was kind of a real power that would actually be useful for a “villain.”


Um…this might be funnier if the same joke hadn’t been used last week with Amulet Angel, ‘kay?

But just the same…wow. There’s girls in that crowd. One girl is so into Amu that she’s drooling (quite creepy…).


Yay~ Honey Bubbles~

This is an attack I actually like. It’s useful. Amulet Heart’s roller skates are kind of useful I guess, but everyone thought Amu could fly already (it definitely came up in episode one with her chara change anyway). Amulet Spade’s Musical Whatever is just an attack like Colorful Canvas. But Honey Bubbles is a new useful attack for Amulet Clover that is different from her other attack, so I like it. Plus I just like bubbles~

Oh yeah, and it answered why Amulet Clover who deals with mostly sewing and cooking would be able to use bubbles. They’re honey bubbles. Take that doubters (I have to take that, because I had a “wtf” reaction to bubbles).

…And that’s it. I can’t remember the last time I used so few screencaps.



Cute Chara, Kiran appears for some adventures. Yay…


And Dia too. wtf. I mean, I love Dia, but they’re ruining the build-up every time they do this.

I’m not going to rip on the next week episode much though because even if it’s not going to have to do with anything, it’s making some little girl out there very happy. I think that’s going to be about the most useful thing Satelight’s done with Doki so far anyway.


I’m tempted to ask, “How bored are you?” but I won’t.

Kind of a vague sort of poll. I feel like there could be more answers than I gave, but whatever.


  1. I admire your dedication to this series.

    I stopped watching this show on a weekly basis since the Dia Arc ended, and I don’t really think I’m missing things either. Sure, i continue to watch some of the more plot-driven episodes and the Amuto ones just because i’m such a huge fan, but the anime totally has lost my interest.

    The “romance” that they insert in the series now, is what I see as Satelight digging their own plot holes. Not just that; since there’s not much pre-chapter 27 manga material left, Satelight is just scraping up every piece of manga-plot they can. Like Ami, in episode.. 44 or something. Since Satelight waited until Doki to show Nagi again, that means that Ami was somewhere freely wandering the dark streets alone. Yeah.. she does that, while Amu has to sneak out or face the wrath of her dad doing the scream pose.

    I’m glad and all that the romance aspect is narrowed down to the two main guys, but seriously. Does that fact have to be shoved down our throats every single time? More time on character development please~ Tadase’s personality, imo, keeps on shifting from oblivious cute boy, to considerate “i like you amu” mood.

    I don’t mind fillers that much, and don’t see why the majority of the fanbase gripe and moan about it. Heck, as a high school student, that just means another hour or so of more time for homework or other activities instead of sitting at the computer watching SC! ( yes, a horrendous idea…)

    Kiran’s appearance in the next episode semi-annoys me too ==;

    I’m thinking its best if you treat the anime and manga as two separate entities, and keep the expectations low, orz.

    meh. i might add more stuff to this incoherent and rambling post later.
    3AM, and still gotta finish my research paper, otl…

  2. BORING EPISODE !! I hate the anime a lot now … more than ever ! i can’t wait for chapter 36 after few days from now because simply the manga is way better and i understand that Satelight have to wait to animate ikuto’s arc for the manga to progress but u can do like vampire knight and make us WAIT for 3 months its better than putting SOME STUPID mahou shoujo CRAP ! believe me its better !!

    but again there are stupid ppl who don’t know about the manga and enjot the fillers they are like “Kawaii , awesome…” WTF fangirls if u want to see ikuto more read manga or mait for the REAL amuto scenes !

    Just STOP IT satelight !!

    but i don’t get one thing : so the next episode is dedicated to a girl ?

  3. ShiningNinja: Well it’s less dedication and more like habit I’d say. Since I started blogging, I’ve been blogging Shugo Chara! every week. Stopping before the anime ends would feel weird. But part of it feels like I don’t want to give up. So it’ll be kind of like an accomplishment (except it’s not).

    Ah~ That sounds like such a good idea. I kind of wish I’d done that sometimes, but too late now (and I’m too stubborn). If only they’d taken a break after the Dia Arc ended and then just picked up the anime again after the manga finished. Then we wouldn’t even have a decrease in animation quality for the good episodes.

    Yup, plotholes. Satelight has a lot of those lately, especially for romance. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching a train crash or something. There’s all these bad signs about the anime screwing up and you can’t do anything to stop them.

    I got into a little mini-rant over the inconsistency with Tadase’s character about two weeks ago. They’re trying to go off of jokes from the last season, but still have development and it’s not working at all.

    I don’t mind the fillers that much either (I just think they’re boring), but people should, like you said, just spend that time doing something useful. But I’m stubborn so I can’t do that. Lots of people who comment now aren’t even watching the episode anyway. So smart.

    I decided to try to view the anime and manga as separate things three episodes into Doki, but it’s not all that useful right now because you still can’t help but compare this season and last season.

    xxmo0on12xx: Yup, that kind of sums up the episode, doesn’t it? Boring. I don’t hate the anime yet, but I’m definitely not fond of it.

    Yes. They should have waited (though 3 months wouldn’t have been enough I don’t think). But we have to deal with this for now…and just look forward to the manga instead (hopefully this month something will happen).

    Well, you can’t really complain about people who like the fillers if they haven’t read the manga. Though it is annoying if they try to attack you for not liking the fillers, just because they don’t share the same opinion. And they don’t even take the time to figure out that, yeah, there might be something better out there.

    The chara in the next episode (Kiran) was designed by a Shugo Chara! fan. It was a contest.

  4. lulu a LEO!!! NOOOOO!! im a Leo i dont want her to be Leo she isnt like a Leo at all

    kukai is a Leo (i read it somewhere in the manga) he is fun easygoing always has the spotlight whenever he is in a episode or chapter

    but lulu i don’t she fits any zodiac signs if fits one it has to be a new zodiac sign which i haven’t heard of and that sign has to be for all the evil hearted people

    and this is a crappy episode seriously i was waiting for the next episode i thought it would have something do with ikuto but shit shows up ARGHHH!!! at least the manga is exciting i cant next chapters

    they should stop making so many filler episodes seriously it’s boring over that there is no ikuto in the episodes :((

  5. Kyaaaaaaaa! I was waiting forever for this! This was really bad episode.I mean REALLY bad. I can’t wait to see Kiran and Dia though ^^

  6. It probably all depends on if the manga actually gets finished before the summer, and if they get rid of Lulu and her ilk before they start on the Ikuto arc. Also, if they actually animate it with any degree of profincy.

    Heh. I love Amu’s family. There’s probably going to be a lot of them in the Ikuto arc.

    Yes! Now it’s a two guy haram, like it should be.

    Rima is awesome in this episode.

    Lulu is an enormous bitch. “Sentive on the inside” doesn’t fit her at all. Also the reason she actually wants Embroyo is even more unworthy than it usually is.

  7. I thought the filler was a nice break after last week. Of course, last week was awesome, despite its crappy animation (I don’t understand why this one, a filler, is better, stupid Satelight) but it made me feel all angsty and happy at the same time cuz it reminded me so much of the Ikuto arc that we’re never going to get until like…next year or something! T_T So yea, this one was a nice breather. Because there was bubbles. YEA! Bubbles~! 8D

    So, aha~, fortune telling. One thing I don’t get at all is why did Saaya show up but Saeki Nobuko didn’t. Sure, the woman is only meant for comical purposes and all that but this is her field. At least she should have shown up on TV while they were eating breakfast. :/

    LOL Ami~! She’s a natural playgirl just like her COOL & SPICY Onee-chan! xDDD

    “That means serious love triangle business!

    Yea, finally, we’re back on track. And…NOOOO! I don’t want triangle! Too much drama! Drama tortures me! I want everyone to be happy (except for two a-holes)! Even though we have to go through a little drama pain first but I do! I especially want these three to be happy in their own separate ways! Why can’t we just have an ending already?! *dies*

    And omg, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed how cute and charming Amu was. And yay, I finally get to ramble on her! Putting who she’s crushing on aside, Amu’s starting to become quite the young lady, no? hehe ^^ I mean, I’ve always thought she was pretty and all but it’s a little different now (and it may or may not have to do with the better animation this week, I dunno). She’s grown up quite a lot because of her…rocky love life if we can call it that. lol
    Hmm, but it reminds me of some saying “A woman shines even more beautifully when she’s in love” or something like that. Well, Amu isn’t really “shining” yet (though she is close to it) because she still can’t choose (urgh…) but all the same, unlike at the very beginning of the series when she was just a schoolgirl admiring someone, her feelings have gone the extra mile after getting to… “experience” them more in proper way. I dunno, is that the right word for it? Hmm.
    But yea, Amu was cute. Now shine, girl, SHINE! It’s about time you switched Chara-naris from Amulet Heart in the manga, too! RAWR!


    I adored Rima so much! <3 She doesn’t mind doing things she couldn’t care less for if Amu’s happy. And that makes me happy. I love their friendship. Haha, espcially since it’s a very stubborn one, too. So far, that’s my favorite type of friendships between girls right now. ^^
    *sigh* But I wish I knew what her fortune was (and if it had something to do with Nagi). I heard “transfer” somewhere in there so I went all “Huh?! Really?!” excited about it. Meh, but I still have to finish a paper so the sub will have to wait.
    And ditto on the lack of Nagi screentime. We need more Nagi!

    Why does Lulu look so…plastic? D8

    Hmm, I agree on the ? Chara-nari this week. Heh, it also got me amused on how the more timid a filler character is, the more evil she becomes when she’s corrupted. Got quite a good laugh out of that. xD

    …I love bubbles. x333

    Kiran is so cute. I wonder who her seiyuu is. She sounds very cute, too.

    And yay because I get to see my beloved, adorable Dia~! But WTH?! indeed. And everybody’s takin’ a nap so no one can even see her! This gets me frustrated like nothing else and makes me wish that they didn’t do another “season” until after the manga ended even if that meant less episodes. But that’s fine with me! I have no need for fillers! I’m not against them but filler is like…leftover gravy. And what can you do with leftover gravy? But then again, I never liked gravy anyway.
    Ugh, if they could’ve just took all the actual meaningful moments in Doki and put them into a short 24/26-episode season, it would be enough. That would be the best second season that was made in the history of mahou shoujo. =_=;;

    Mmmkay, thx for the summary and thoughts as always. Hopefully, my mood will lift a little when/if I get the Nakayoshi chapter tomorrow, which has to be good since Utau’s back. Hoping for some Kutau since I want to keep my expectations low on them rescuing Ikuto just in case it doesn’t happen. *sigh* P-Pit are bitches! And yet I still love them for being such awesome manga-kas. *sighsigh*


    for a second when i watched the preview raw on YouTUbe, i though maybe Kiran was dia, but that thought(courtesy of my wacko inner self—i have a lot thankx for asking) quickly died. i hope dia’s back for real this time i wanna see a standard amulet dia henshin!!!

    kiran seems cool

  9. kiran looks like a mixed up version of Dia and KusuKusu

  10. Sorry guys, but I’m tired of watching Shugo Chara Doki, hoping for some new plot… I’m sooooo fed up with fillers, already!!! WTF, have they forgot about P-L-O-T somewhere along the way? OK, maybe there are some good points in these episodes, but the whole atmosphere is ruined.

    And that’s for these Satelight weirdos: Get your butts moving and do something already! Get Shugo Chara back, NOW!

  11. The only reason I haven’t dropped SCD! is because of Ikuto, Yoru, Amuto, Utau and her songs and NagihikoxRima. I haven’t watched episodes 58-59 because I got super bored after #57. Random characters showing up and leaving after one episode are really annoying me. Lulu doesn’t even feel like a bad guy because she hardly shows up except to screw things and she and Amu haven’t really had a “meeting”.

    In every episode, there is hardly 1 minute of plot development. It feels as if I’m watching the same thing over and over. I really liked the first season but I’m thinking of dropping SCD! altogether. -_-

  12. Aww how cute. That yellow chara is the one that a little girl made in a nakayoshi contest right? That’s pretty cool.
    Lol to be honest I’m not really watching the anime right now, I’ve only seen one or two. I think I’ll wait until they get to the good parts. That and I really don’t have the time right now. I love your summaries though.
    Haha! Lulu has no personality. They’re not developing her at all, any developments they’ve done are pretty shallow or copied, but she’s probably just a shallow, copied character. And she and Amu never officially met,did they? and somehow Amu knows she’s the bad guy? it’s very formulaic. It feels weird. if they took her out all together i think the show would be fine haha
    Glad you’re sticking it out. Keep up the good work.

  13. Right now the manga has more plot then the anime but I think I can tell that this season will have a huge,huge finale or one of them. I pretty sure it will have to do with the lovely violin.

  14. Honestly, I almost never watch these episodes anymore. I just go straight to your summaries to find out what happened. Then I’ll watch a few parts that look interesting. Since the end of the Black Diamond arc, there haven’t been many episodes where I watched the entire thing. So yeah. Thankyou for your wonderful summaries~ I appreciate it. :D
    Anyway, where the heck is trap-kun? He gets two episodes dedicated to him, and now we barely see him. I was actually hoping Rima would get a fortune that vaguely mention Nagi. D:
    I was hoping our favorite love angel would show up too. Eru~! D;
    Honey bubbles~! Cutest attack ever!

  15. Well, this episode was boring. I really can’t say anything at the whole lameness of this. -_- But then…

    61-Todoke! Kiran no omoi!
    62-Rima VS. Nagihiko! Futari ha raibaru?
    63-Ruru no kanpeki kurisumasu!
    64-Shin shiyun! Kyara nari ha(tsu) warai!?

    At least it looks like the later episodes will be better. :D

  16. Rin: You share my pain then. I heard about Kukai, and he actually fits, but Lulu…eh. I like you said she doesn’t really fit any Zodiac signs. Well…I think there’s one I can’t remember which though.

    Well maybe in that upcoming episode about Lulu (I heard we’re getting one) we’ll actually get more of her character.

    Well, the filler episodes are kind of necessary right now, but there’s no reason why they have to be so boring. (Alice in Wonderland filler!!!)

    warriorhope: I…think it will, but you can’t really be sure. All I know is they ebtter get rid of Lulu first. And…for animation, they better do it better than they have been.

    My god. I know. They really need to make Lulu not seems like such a bitch, and not just a bitch, but an inconsequential bitch.

    xiao_jie: I know!!! Why does this episode have better animation? But yeah…I think the filler was a nice break, but it’s still boring.

    Ah. That’s a really good point. I mean…you’d think Saeki Nobuko would show up at least on the TV or something. Satelight doesn’t seem to think things through.

    Aww…but love triangles are kind of necessary. It’s the manga too. But it’s kind of depressing when you know whoever loses (sorry Tadase) isn’t going to get another girl, because pretty much every one else is already paired up (Yaya and Tadase would be such a bad fit).

    Yes, I think Amu’s growing up quite a bit. Her love life is definitely part of that. Dealing with so many confusing emotions at her age, it’s only natural.
    A woman shines more beautifully when she’s in love…ehehehe~ Brings up that certain popular amuto fan theory. Ooo, I wonder if we’ll get to see Amu shine in the next chapter of the manga now that I think about it.

    Stubborn girl friendships are th best. That’s all there is to it.
    I liked Rima’s fortune. So fitting (but ah…there wasn’t anything to do with Nagihiko and that makes me sad. Such a missed opportunity!)

    Ah. That’s true. The more timid they are the more evil they become. Kind of makes sense I think. Because they’re holding all their evilness inside and it all gets released when they chara-nari. Muahahaha~!

    Taking a nap? Dia sounds like a stalker now, watching people wen they’re sleeping.

    Well, in the tradition of mahou shoujo, I guess that Satelight decided that good second season couldn’t possibly exist. At least it can’t be better than the first.

    Meikyuu: Eh. I don’t think Dia’s back for real. If she was that would cause a whole other rage of a different sort from fans. When Satelight brings Dia back, they just can’t win.

    Nadeshiko-san!: Well, I don’t think you’re the only one. Especially after the last episode where they brought in some plot and this week…nothing. The atmosphere from last season is definitely ruined.

    Tsuki-no-Hikari: What a coincidence! Those are some of my reasons too.

    Lulu is…so unimportant that it’s awful. She has an episode coming up that she’s in the title for, so hopefully she’ll start seeming important.

    Even though I’m watching Doki, I always feel like advising other people to drop it. At least because you can find out when good things actually start happening again.

    Luna-chan: Yup, that’s Kiran. Been seeing her in my Nakayoshi issues for a little while.

    Smart girl. Only watch the good parts. Then hopefully your view of SC! won’t get so spoiled by random filler.

    Amu and Lulu met like twice, but Amu doesn’t know she’s the bad guy. Hopefully they’ll have an actual real meeting soon though because right now Lulu is just some girl who makes Amu act OOC.

    Maura: Oh yes, the manga has a lot more plot than the anime (which has almost no plot). Hopefully the violin will be coming up in an important way after whatever this arc is finishes.

    12Cici: That’s what the summaries are here for now. To help people who don’t feel like sitting through crap.

    I know. It’s awful isn’t it? Nagihiko actually reignited some Shugo Chara! love in me and then they pushed him aside. Looks like he’ll get an episode with Rima soon though. Yeah!!!

    Honey Bubbles, yes~ The best random mahou shoujo crap doki has produced I think.

    kaedemirumo: Ah. These episode titles do look promising. Rima and Nagihiko episode. And something that’s actually about Lulu? Does that means she might get real development?

  17. Arigato! I visit here everyday and am impressed of your dedication of my fave series! Arigato! I love your summaries!

  18. I seriously need more romance stuff.

    Well, in my opinion, Amuto is the most likely to happen, now that Ikuto’s violin is being stolen, I think they’re going to follow the manga stuff and have Ikuto sneak into Amu’s room. But I may be wrong.

    So, what’s this? Narrowed down to two guys… Tadase might gain the upper hand, because he was, after all, Amu’s first crush. Well, Ikuto, you have to work harder.

    As for this episode, except for the narrowing-down-to-two-guys thing, this episode is a major filler. Also the next episode. WHY are they not concentrating on the Ikuto arc? This is boring. I think I’ll read summaries and then watch it myself…

  19. i think that if i was in satelight and i want to make this anime interesting my filler arc would be to make a new GUY not a Girl join easter and he hates amu and ikuto is against him because he loves amu and always try to protect her and i would make his hair grey for a change :) how about it ?? it better than lulu stupid shit ! and maybe his charanari would have something to do with dark angel so amu would fight him as amulet angel it would be an awesome battle between white and black angel :)

    should i work for satelight ? lol XD

  20. thats what i said about lulu being a leo too
    leos are too nice shes just … plain and her charas laugh i SOO ANNOYING!!!!

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