Nijiiro Chara Change! (DS Game Single)

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*drags self further out of self-imposed semi-exile for the sake of Kanae Ito newbie love~*

This single came out…quite earlier this month and I got it about a week and a half ago now. But as a Kanae Ito fan (even though I’ve only watched Shugo Chara!) I must properly review her first character song.

And by properly, I of course mean with complete bias and fangirl adoration.

Title: Nijiiro Chara Change!
Artist: Kanae Ito (Feat. Kana Asumi, Nanae Katou, Aki Toyosaki)
Anime/Game: Shugo Chara! Amu no Nijiiro Chara Change!
Game Opening

  1. Nijiiro Chara Change!
  2. Saikyou LOVE POWER
  3. Nijiiro Chara Change! (Amu Only Karaoke)
  4. Nijiiro Chara Change! (Ran, Miki, Su Only Karaoke)
  5. Nijiiro Chara Change! (Karaoke)
  6. Saikyou LOVE POWER (Amu Only Karaoke)
  7. Saikyou LOVE POWER (Ran, Miki, Su Only Karaoke)
  8. Saikyou LOVE POWER (Karaoke)

Release Date: November 5, 2008

Score…something incredibly and outrageously biased. Because it’s so cute.

Nijiiro Change! is the opening song for the second Shugo Chara! Nintendo DS game titled, “Amu no Nijiiro Chara Change!” (I wonder how they came up with the name for the song…).

nijiiro011In the game, apparently Amu does a bunch of chara changes with the charas of other people in the series. Not sure what sort of plot there is beyond that, but hey it’s a DS game. It doesn’t need a plot. I played the game really quickly a few days after it came out, but then turned away in disgust because DS emulators suck. I’ll probably buy it when if I win the lottery and I can play it then. Or if I get a nice job. That would be useful too.

You may think that all of that doesn’t matter too much because I’m not reviewing the game, but you’d be wrong. No game, no song. Shugo Chara! merchandise is pretty much just directed at kids (but we all buy it) and kids aren’t known to buy lots of character singles (as far as I know). However if they hear a super cute song on their new super cute game, they’re probably more willing to run out and buy it.

At least I was like that when I was twelve.

I’ve even lost count of how many toys and random stuff the series has caused to come about. Right now I know every one is grabbing for cute little gachapon Humpty Locks and Dumpty Keys…which I of course want as well so I can giggle every time I look at the two together (also useful for cosplay~).nijiiro02

Even though logic and reasoning told me that Kanae Ito (and quite a few others) weren’t popular enough to have successful singles without a reason, I was ready to riot. No need to complain anymore though. At the very least we can say that the heroine of our show finally got her character song. We finally get two whole songs of Kanae Ito (and others) singing.

Maybe now I can stop affectionately calling Kanae-san my favorite “newbie” seiyuu now that she has a proper character song out. After all, she’s been in Shugo Chara! for over a year…and she’s in every episode (…a lot). Nah, not until she’s been enough anime I watch (maybe two more) so that she’s no longer just “Amu’s seiyuu” to me. Though she did do an impressive enough job voicing Dia. So cute~!

I think we’ve all been waiting to hear Kanae Ito sing since…episode 12 when she did not sing because of an unfortunate choice in altering the story (at least from the general fangirl POV). We didn’t get our chance again until episode 45 when Amu was supposed to sing in front of the whole school, but the damn chorus drowned out Kanae-san so I didn’t hear a thing! Then just a few episode later we finally got our chance to hear her sing properly in episode 49 and I was pleased.

Kanae Ito isn’t a spectacular singer or anything. I tend to think she passes quite easily for a “newbie” seiyuu though. Especially for Amu specifically who isn’t really supposed to be a good singer or anything. Amu’s an “average girl” and having her be a wonderful singer would make many people roll their eyes and mutter “Mary-Sue” yet again.

I personally like Kanae Ito’s singing voice, which is probably just because I like her regular talking voice so much. I’m not sure what the word for it would be, but maybe it’s relaxing for me to hear? I’m not sure if that’s the proper way to explain it, but it’s what fits best.

Basically, she doesn’t have a lot of range so the songs can’t be too complicated, but she does a capable job. There’s some parts of a song that her voice is perfectly suited for as well and somehow it fits and I end up smiling. But that’s me personally and that’s actually me mostly thinking about “Yuki no Uta” from episode 49.


I have to break away from the Kanae Ito love for a minute to give a proper review though.

It’s a good thing that we had episode 49, because I wouldn’t be able to entirely judge if I like Kanae Ito singing or not from these CDs. There’s too much going on in the music (and with the singing from the chara trio) to be able to full hear Kanae-san. Which is fine.

Both songs are a little like…drowning in cuteness and happiness. Especially Nijiiro Chara Change! which is “coincidentally” my favorite.

I love upbeat songs and I can listen to an incredibly cute and catchy song on repeat for an hour (or more) sometimes. These ones I could only go about a half-hour with, but my spacey-head I get when I’m sick is to blame for part of that.

Nijiiro Chara Change! is my favorite because it’s the more upbeat and cutesy one. Saikyou LOVE POWER is probably the one that suits Kanae Ito (or perhaps, Amu specifically) best. At least at certain parts. Like I said when fangirling for Kanae-san before. Some parts of a song her voice is really suited for and it just sounds right. Others…well she’s no bad. I wouldn’t say that. She’s just not really a singer.

As for Kana Asumi, Nanae Katou, and Aki Toyasaki…sorry but there’s nothing to say. They do their cute chara voices throughout the song and never get any spots to themselves. So it’s safe to say they’re just adding to the cute overdose.

The overdose of cute is good if you like that sort of thing, but very, very bad if you don’t. Since…it’s every where. It’s a pretty safe bet to do the cute song though, considering that Shugo Chara! is a mahou shoujo series and is so full of pink and sparkles (and sometimes both) that anyone who enjoys the series has to have a high tolerance for that stuff anyway.

I saw a comment somewhere before writing this that said they thought it would have made a good opening for the anime, which I agree with 100%. I think either song would have fit the anime better than Minna no Tamago. It’s something I’d like to return to when I (hopefully) do a review on Shugo Chara Egg’s first single, so I’ll leave it be for now. Basically, just take it as “the songs are cute and fit the Shugo Chara! mood” because that’s what I’m trying to say.


You need to check out the single (preferably buy it if you can) if you’re a Shugo Chara! fan. If you’re just a fan of seiyuu in general and looking to see how Kanae-san sounds, I’d say you’re better off looking for “Yuki no Uta” from episode 49 on YouTube. Just be careful to avoid fandubs. I’d say they’re very likely to ruin the charm and entire purpose of the song (Amuto – Amu = failure).

(Those of you waiting for the episode 60 post are going to have to be patient with me. It won’t be up until later today.)


  1. Dang I thought we would be able to hear Kanae’s cute Dia voice singing! At least Dia’s in episode 61. Kiran looks cute. No! Must stay focused! I HAVE to buy the DS game and single. Is the game at least good? I’m thinking of buying it. Will it work on American DS’s? I wonder……

  2. Amuto – Amu = failure

    …What nonsense are you spouting?! Amuto – Amu = …Nothing! Nothing at all! Alien poop! Never heard of it! It’s nonexistant! RAWRRGGHH!!!


    So…*GASP!* 8D!
    AMUUUUU~~~~~~!!!! KANAE-SAN~~~!!!!! <3333333
    I’m so glad you posted this. I was watching the news on Mumbai and couldn’t take it anymore. *so exhausted*

    Ok, single! Single! No depressing thoughts for now!
    Hmm, I can’t say how much I love this song. And I listen to it every single morning. It wakes me up and puts me in a good mood cuz it’s so upbeat and positive (which is really needed cuz I have to get up at 6 in the morning, ugh). Not enough to have me radiating off deadly protons or anything (lol, yea, I’m tired) but just take all the crankiness away.
    *content sigh*

    And if I never said it before (which I can’t even believe), then I’ll say it now: I ADORE KANAE ITO! 8DDDD
    I mean, I’ve been thinking a lot about SC! in general lately and a lot of my love has gone to Amu especially after this week’s episode, regardless of the filler. But I’ll get back to Amu when you have your episode post up. Anyways, hearing her sing just makes me very happy. Because she’s not aiming to be astounding or the next Nana Mizuki/Utau which is almost like singing career suicide. It’s just because she’s a seiyuu who’s doing her job as Amu’s voice actor and loving it at the same time and it shows. It really shows. I might sound like I’m gargling cheesey stuff but hey, it’s the truth, isn’t it? If she didn’t want to do it, there’d be no single (nuu~!) and I wouldn’t be a fappin’ fangirl on high over it.
    Plus, I just really, really love her voice. It’s not so over-the-top girly or just plain weird. *coughLuchiacough* It has a balance of a normal girl and a tomboy all nicely mixed in together (for Amu, specifically, of course) and if any other seiyuu were picked to play Amu’s role, no offense to the seiyuu but I will personally go over to the studio and drag her out (kindly) by the arm and hire a chaffeur to go pick and send Kanae-san to Satelight. Kanae-san is the Amu-voice. Period.

    That’s not to say I’m just liking her just for being Amu’s seiyuu, no, because I can’t wait to see if she’ll star in any other upcoming new anime. And I’m usually not so picky about how similar seiyuus sound with other characters they did from a whole different series. I don’t even think about it because it kind of ruins my appreciation for the character him/herself. “Oh, yea, she sounds so much like so-and-so. I love her cuz of that!” Uh, no.

    Oh god, I’m rambling…

    But yea, I think I’ll end Kanae Ito fangirling love there for now. I just realized it didn’t have a lot relation to what you said but I did read it and it just got me inspired to start spewing fangirl everywhere. lol xD;

    So, the songs…are so cute! I love them both equally! I can’t like one more than the other! x33;;
    The Charas’ part were cute even if it was minimal. They do a lot of acapella singing in the anime anyway so yea. Haha
    Yea, just cute. And I love cute. Unless it’s like…Pretty Cure cute, then no. NO. …That suffocates me. *wrings neck*

    Uh, yea, I think that’s all I have to say about it (rly?). Hmm, thought I’d have more. :/
    Oh, right, the DS game. Hmm, maybe if it comes out in English I’ll get it…or when I actually start to learn a little more Japanese and get a DS. I dunno. Was pretty content with looking at the screencaps of it (there was even Kutau! At the loveknot temple! 8D!)
    And one more thing, did you scan and edit the CD images yourself? If you did, please tell me how you did it. My scanner is an HP (not sure if that makes a difference) but the scans came out really crappy (the colors were all bleh) and I don’t know if I have to adjust something or just fix it on the computer. *shrug* If you don’t know, it’s ok. ^^

    Mmmkay, will be waiting for ep 60 post. Thx for the review! ^^
    In the meantime, continuing the “Heartful Song” and “Yuuki (?) no Uta” CDs campaign. I want it now, Pony Canyon. :P

  3. Bah, I think I really need a get a DS! There are soo much anime games coming out for that handheld. I wished they’d release them for the PC! Why can’t they do that :O?

  4. Dia: I know. I wanted to hear Dia singing too.

    Yeah, Kiran does look cute and I’m…looking forward to seeing Dia again (though I still think it ruins the impact for later).

    Yup. DS is region-free so Japanese games should work with it.

    xiao_jie: Well that’s true Amuto – Amu = Nothing…but I was just referring to fansubs. If it’s not Amu’s voice, it doesn’t mean anything! It’s a failure!

    News is depressing, don’t watch it! Well, I need to learn to listen to my own advice I suppose. I’ve been watching it a lot too.

    Every single morning? Hmm…that sounds like a good idea. I’m impossible to wake up (and oh so grouchy) in the morning. Super cute and bouncy Kanae Ito song would be the perfect pick-me-up.

    Yes! Moar Kanae Ito love~! (But yeah, I think you said it before, just not in bold all caps)

    Oh…you said it so wonderfully. She’s a seiyuu who’s doing her job as Amu’s voice actor and loving it and…oh. Make a blog now silly. You say things in such a nice clear way. Perhaps cheesy like you said, but blogs are founded on cheese (or lulz depending on the style).

    Again you said it perfectly. The tomboyish-ness, but not to a weird degree. Kanae Ito is the best person to voice Amu…absolutely. It’s got to be one of those times when everyone was wondering who would suit Amu, because no one they knew seemed to and then voila~ They pull our beloved newbie out of thin air. So there can only be one voice for Amu, and that is Kanae-san.

    I want to see Kanae-san in more anime, but part of me was afraid that she would forever be stuck as Amu in my mind because of how perfectly she suits her. Then we got to hear Dia and now I know she’s versatile enough not to force Cool & Spicy into every character (shame on me for not knowing). But lol…somehow I think Kanae-san is going to be known as a “Cool & Spicy” voice forever because of Amu. At least to me.

    Oh god, Pretty Cure “Cute” is bad cute. I don’t even find it cute, just…ugh. None of the characters look cute they all have weird eyebrows and ear crap going on. And then there’s too much sparkles and color I’ll go blind!!!

    *gasp* Kutau at the loveknot temple!? I want to see!!! Now I suddenly want to play the game again…but no. Not on that evil emulator. Never again on that.

    I did not scan the images myself, I just downloaded the images from a torrent. We have a scanner, but for some ridiculous reason it’s not set up. But the scans were too dark so I did fix them in Adobe Photoshop a little. I think it’s impossible to do good scans unless you use software to correct them after.

    M12: Because they hate us! Well…actually I think it’s just because they don’t want to hire the seiyuu for a lot of voicing and they just want to make it simple. But it sucks.

  5. Ohhh~! Ok.

    I hardly watch or read the news. They’re always covering the depressing stuff but since I didn’t want to be dumb for once by not knowing my current events on an international crisis, I just watched it. My god, the world is getting worst and worst each day. *heavy sigh*

    Hehe, yep! ^^

    I think I said I loved her before, not adore…but there’s really no difference. xD;

    Cheese, eh? Hmm…cheese…
    Lol As soon as I get all this other crap done first. Then I will.

    And I know~. She fits Amu’s voice so well that it’s hard to imagine her as anyone else and/or not be thinking back to Amu’s character if you watch her voice in another series. Hmm, but the seiyuu can do mysterious things with their superior acting so it might be a pleasant surprise. ~.^ But yea, my favorite Kanae Ito voice permanently goes to Cool & Spicy Amu, yep!

    Y’know, there should be a limit on how a mahou shoujo balances its sparklies and Skittles out. But apparently, a lot of them are having a hard time keeping it under that limit. *makes a face* It’s like certain girls with their make-up. They continue caking their faces with it every five minutes or something. And it’s just gross.

    Ah, I see. Hmm. Well, thanks for telling me anyway. ^^

  6. Y’know, I thought everyone thought like me. xD;

    I can see why you like it, but I believe it’s with… a lot of bias. x3;

    Imo, Kanae Ito sounded sorta forced and flat and just wtf in some parts, while the shugos were just pushing it. ^^;

    Haha… I might get killed for saying that.

    As for PreCure… it’s Toei, what do you expect? They came out with all the sparkley henshin mahou shoujos, no?

    Ah, what’s Kanae Ito’s first role?

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