Thanksgiving = Food

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Welcome to episode two of my own delicious filler arc on this blog. This one’s acceptable though, because it’s the Holiday Special. I learn the meaning of friendship and family and stop being a selfish lazy blogger. Hahaha, no of course not. Laziness is part of what makes Thanksgiving in the first place. (Lots of food makes you tired and therefore lazier than usual. Foolproof logic.)

So, in the world of lazy filler blogging Holiday Special = Image Spam! So…since it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, enjoy some images of girls holding food and stuff…I guess. (There’s no pilgrim girls. Leave me alone. Food is good.)

There are…no thanksgiving related food items. I threw this together in a half hour. I’m lazy. We all know it.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) there aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving-ish images out there…even just using food as a basis. So next year I’ll probably do something real like…I don’t know. A post on family or something lame (it must be lame because of the severe lack of anime girls). This year, as you should well know. I was sick. Don’t pick on me.















Hurray for foods~! Especially hurray for the Clannad girls seeming to make a lot of food (same goes for chibi Arina-sensei characters, I got all four in there).

But let’s see that leaves us with only 14 so…one purely for the fangirls.


What? Ice cream is food… >_>

It is quite obviously the most delicious of food as well.


So! I hope that everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving today has a very Happy Thanksgiving. The rest of you can just have a nice ordinary day.

This year I know I’m thankful for a lot of things. The internet giving me the ability to share my thoughts on a common hobby with others is very near the top of the list. And, corny as it may be, I am also thankful to everyone who lets me share my thoughts and those who share my thoughts with me. I could name you all one by one, but I’m so self-conscious and shy~ But I’m basically thankful for everyone. Except flamers. I don’t care about you guys (though I suppose I owe you some thanks for making me laugh).

I know a couple of times I’ve felt support from comments on this blog when I’m in the middle of a tough time blogging and I know I’m thankful for that as well. I’m always happy to know that even with the internet being…the internet, I still know enough people that are decent. Even without really knowing them. I guess that’s more of being thankful to everyone again, but um…you get the idea.

And um…I’m thankful for shoujo and other fangirling anime for letting me get out all the stress in my life with “kyaaa”ing and my…rather regular bouts of ranting and raging. It’s also just fun.

I am very thankful for the wonderful new Arina-sensei manga we are about to receive. And yes, it will be wonderful. Because the heroine has a sword. A sword. Sword = action and action = anime = me being able to get out more frustration by criticizing the poor souls who try to undertake the task of animating Arina-sensei art. Or I’d be thankful for a good adaptation (I can dream anyway).

I think that’s all I’m thankful for that’s really on-topic (but I’m also thankful for my adorable kitten Rin, even if she does keep growing…).


Now then. It’s time to get ready, because Damn whatever the Calendar says. Tomorrow is Winter because it’s the start of the Holiday Season. And the Holidays just don’t happen during Fall.

Lots of (hopefully) fun things will come on this blog for the season, so look out. Though I’m still preparing my details (it’s tough~ I am not thankful for waking up with a head ache every morning this time of year).


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is up and enjoying the parade right about now. :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your interesting posts :)

    There is no such thing as lazy – only unmotivated :P

    Omg… Noooo! Save the piggy! >.<

    The star girl looks like she put some evil spells on those stars… Just look at her expression! :P

    My favorite picture is of the girl with glasses, and I also like the girl with grapes :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Are you enjoying the Parade? I hope so I am!

  4. I’m thankful that I ran into your livejournal almost a year ago and commented cuz that got me even more motivated in anime/manga/the internet/etc than I ever thought possible. lol So yes,thanx for putting up a wonderful blog so we can all share our thoughts (and rants). ;D
    And thank you for the image spam~! <3 Haha, I went all Whoaa… at the CLANNAD pics. “What’s she doing?!” I said. xD; So it’s official, Thanksgiving officially go to our CLANNAD girls. Mostly. ^^
    And HELL YEAZ! ice cream is food, too! …I want some now. I see you trying to work your way around giving a taiyaki Amuto image with the Kanon one but it ain’t workin’ on me! >:D lol J/k.
    So yep…have a turkey. *drops one at your feet* God knows I won’t be having any tonight. I’ll have every single type of food except turkey. :P
    Haha, so enjoy your holiday! ^^

  5. lol

  6. I agree with xiao. ^_^

    Clannad girls do seem to cook at lot in promo images anyways. (They don’t actually seem to cook that much in the actual show).

    ice cream is totally a food.

    lol. where I’m from winter basically starts after helloween (currently looking at snow).

    Have a nice thanksgiving.

  7. […] have been a surprising amount of Thanksgiving posts around the otakusphere, and I’m glad to see some spirit and good […]

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Fuyu!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! I tried looking for Thanksgiving/food related pictures as well, but there were appallingly little, so I ended up using anything with an Autumn theme instead >_<

  10. Even though we don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday here, I still want to feel the celebration and give a huge Thank You from here almost halfway around the world XD!!! Thanks for being an online friend and sharing your thoughts. And thank you for putting up an uber-fab and ferosh blog which keeps on rockin’!

    Wow winter… I hope we have winter and snow here in our country too T.T..

    P.S. – The Amuto pic is so hot that I really wonder why the ice cream didn’t melt XD

  11. Happy Thanks Giving! But we don’t celebrate in here, unfortunately… We don’t even have winter here. *sighs* But we do celebrate christmas though. If we don’t, my parent’s will be facing my wrath. *insert evil laughter* Sorry for the random chatter. :X

    Happy Holidays! :D

  12. Just replying to a few comments today. So tired and busy…

    xiao_jie: Aww~ You’re so nice. You’re my favorite reader and commentor again today.

    Too bad you’re not motivated enough to start your own blog though. (Do it~ Start one for Winter or something!)

    I know. There’s a lot of Clannad pictures. I was surprised by the amount I found actually. They all just happened to be ones I had in my folder.

    Taiyaki Amuto image is a spoiler though, I can’t do that~ Ice Cream licking is okay though.

    Oh~ I didn’t have any turkey either. I don’t like turkey at all (it too dry!). I’m the only one in my family though and get picked on for it, so I’m glad to hear that actually.

    warriorhope: Well, I’m guessing it’s because Kyou an Ryou cooked food for Tomoya in the anime and Nagisa works in a bread shop (bakery…whatever). But for the others…no idea.

    Oh my, so early~ I don’t get any snow until January usually (it’s usually cold enough often in December, we just don’t get it).

    ETERNAL: Ah. Autumn. I should have done that. Well, I’d probably be stingy since I want to save them for my future Fall Preview posts anyway.

    kanzeon: Aww, thank you for saying such a wonderful thank you! I can’t say you’re welcome, because that doesn’t seem like enough. Make a post some time so I can thank you specifically too! I might just have to wait until your next landmark post though, huh?

    Oh, I know~ Isn’t it? I had to include the Amuto picture because I’ll probably never have another excuse again.

    Starry: Aw….no winter. But as long as you get to celebrate Christmas it doesn’t matter. Christmas is the most important part. Presents!!!

    And thank you/you’re welcome to every one else with another belated Happy Thanksgiving! added in.

  13. Aww, I feel so favored and humbled when you say that. *humble* <3

    I am so motivated! I’m just…lazy. xD; But I got it mostly planned out. I just need to figure out how to work wordpress (and it is intimidating to me~).

    That reminds me. I have to start saving some images to post on my blog. @.@;

    And yes you can. You’re just being a good blogger so you won’t. =P lol

    Rly? :D Hehe, I don’t have much a preference for turkey (I usually choose chicken) but if I’m hungry, I’ll just eat it. Heh.
    And aww, such a silly thing to be picked on about. Hopefully it doesn’t get shoved in your face repeatedly even after you say no. My dad does that everytime we order lamb and I’ve been tricked into eating rabbit once, thinking it was something else. *shudder* Yea. :/

  14. Well, wordpress was a little difficult to get used to at first (the buttons aren’t very clear), but as soon as I got it, it was the easiest way to use it. Just poke at it enough and you’ll get used to it.

    Ah. Images. Luckily I’d saved up a whole bunch before opening my blog. If you need some place to get images from, I can always help you. I have at least four sites that are really good (and useful).

    Well, it’s not like most people don’t know, but yeah. I’m trying to be a good blogger (as good as I can while being lazy)

    Well, the odd thing is that I like deli turkey breast, but not regular turkey (explaining part of the reason why my family picks on me). The fact that I like chicken (a lot) also contributes to that.
    Ah. Well luckily I’ve never been tricked into eating something. Though I didn’t get what lamb was until I was about seven, because for some reason it never connected until on year during Easter.

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