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Half-hiatus means filler posts are finally going to show up on this blog for the first time since…well really since the first month I opened it. Thankfully there’s Arina-sensei to look too, because she is capable of inspiring so much filler through fangirling.

Kelakagandy was nice enough to scan some images from the December issue of Ribon, which is the issue that announces Sakura Hime Kaden. And so it inspired me to do this filler (I am so lame that I need inspiration for filler posts).

It came along with the AWESOME poster that you see above. I tried to edit it a little in photoshop to edit out the creases and stuff, but didn’t do that great of a job . I’ll probably try again later since I might want to use the image as a header (if kelakagandy says it’s all right, of course). I suggest you head over to the post now by the way, since kelakagandy was also nice enough to post some preview pages from the same issue. Oooo~

Seeing the poster really makes me look forward to seeing what we can expect from Arina-sensei’s new series. Her blog seems to be full of updates with images that can get all of us excited with promises of Arina-chi goodness.

The blushing girl (our heroine, right?) made me smile. I was especially excited about seeing the seven-layer kimono since as soon as I heard about Sakura Hime Kaden taking place in the Heian era, my mind immediately went to “super pretty” kimono. As usual, even just from the lineart, Arina-sensei makes it look good.

Right now I’m trying to translate the first page of the preview…the one with all that text. But it’s really difficult because of the amount of kanji and some of the furigana I just can’t find because they aren’t printed clearly enough (I guess…my head might just be screwy).

What I did get through makes it sound like it’s just a set-up page, “1000 years…” “Heian…” blah, blah, blah, my head hurts and I decided to stop. It’s become pretty obvious that I don’t have enough resources to do this stuff since I can’t find any of the kanji and just using the furigana makes it difficult to determine meanings all the time. And I can’t spend a half hour looking each time like I did to find “ka = 華 = flower” and for that I just happened to have heard it before and remembered it.

Dammit. I need to take that kanji dictionary out of the library again.

I think I’m going to try and get into studying again. I don’t really want to ask for text books for Christmas, but my parents said they would give me the money from some old books we’re selling and if that’s enough I’ll use it. It’s a waste not to use my free time of work-free misery. Especially if it’s something that keeps my brain active.

…Well in the mean time (because I’m not going to learn enough in a month), better people should do us all a favor and just translate it properly to share with the rest of us. Ah. And I guess that’s as good a reason as any for a filler post. Recruit people to translate stuff! …Please?


In random blog-related news (using my filler to its fullest), I’m still in my half-hiatus and can only post occasionally. I’m not quite as sick any more, but my head is in constant spacey-mode so it’s almost impossible for me to think straight.

I’m trying to go through and think up some topics for random articles, because as much as I love episodic blogging…I’m tired of seeing just those sorts of posts on the main page. It’s boring. I intended for Simplicity to be the home for all sorts of blogging (episodic, editorial, reviews, rants, randomness) with the common thing being my…whatever it is that makes me, me.

…Well right now I’m just trying to focus on some figuring out some fun posts for December. Anime isn’t very cooperative with Holiday spirit. But I will do my best!

Also probably on…Friday? Yeah Friday. I’ll finally put up my review for Kanae Ito’s first single, the songs for the second Shugo Chara! DS game. There’s also going to be a…certain change in the blog early Friday (or late, later Thursday) reminiscent of the Halloween change (except hopefully less lame and annoying). And I’m leaving it all at that.


  1. I honestly can’t wait for this one. I mean, a new Arina-sensei manga is just a great Christmas gift already :). I really like her heroines because they’re fierce so I’m sure that I’ll also like this new heroine. I’m can’t wait to see some scans for the main guy and more cast ^_^. This series would be very interesting indeed.

  2. as if my wallet didn’t hurt already from all of my manga purchases! :(

    thanks for the link/pictures. :) happy turkey day.

  3. Glad I was able to inspire. :D
    Feel free the use the image for whatever you want it for.

  4. That poster is amazing, I really love it!
    I can’t wait for this new manga, it’s so cool that the heroine has a sword :D
    I also want to thank kelakagandy for the scans she posted, they are fantastic. Thank you very much :3

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this and reminding of Kelakagandy’s blog! I would have waited until December when my friend will scan her Ribbon^^

    God, how I love this poster…<3 Arinacci’s at her best.

    I am wondering if sakura will have more white hair pics than brown hair pics – since she seems changing her hair colours (there’re some pics wiht her brown-haired but the white hair is way better)

    Arina seems to have return to her Kyoko-drawing style, doesn’t she? Very nice^^

    Today my special edition volume ten ( in German^^) arrived. Finally I can read the picture book <3

    Lovely greets Mina

  6. First of all, thank you to kelakagandy for the wonderful scans! <3
    Second of all, pretty kimono girl thar is going to be one damn hard character to cosplay as. o.O; But she’s so effin’ pretty! WAAAAHHH!!! Arinacchi is the best! xDDD
    Third of all. *is buying Nakayoshi and Ribon next Monday and will take pictures of the chapters to upload if they are available…and maybe scan them later or something, dunno yet* Why can’t all the issues come out on a Monday? Grr!
    And finally, looking forward to your review on the CD. ^^ And you can post whatever the hell you want. That’s what I’m gonna do. oh noes~ xD;

  7. Girl with sword=awesome.

    Super pretty designs. It’s also cool that it’s a period piece. Their aren’t enough good period shojo mangas out there.

    Exicted. ^_^

  8. kanzeon: An early Christmas gift too~ The issue should be coming out soon now. December 2nd. Next Tuesday (or really Monday in my area I think).

    The main guy (if I saw the right guy) looks really good (as expected of Arina-sensei!), unfortunately…Heian clothes for guys are crappy.

    Christina: Oh I know. I just looked at my priorities and realized I may not be able to get the issue after all. NOT FAIR!

    kelakagandy: Ah! Thank you! I’m going to start working on a new banner soon then. Though, maybe I should wait to read the chapter…since I’m not exactly going to be able to put the banner up that soon anyway (Holiday banner time…).

    Meball: Yes! The sword. The sword is awesome right? Ah…heroine with a sword. Somehow every time I look at the image I love it more.

    MinaMurray: There are images with brown hair? I need to look more. I think I’m getting overloaded by images. I’d be pleased with her hair changing color (though that reminds me a little of Kyoko too).

    It’s nice to have Arina-sensei return to her older style. Feels nostalgic somehow. But she’s still putting in the crazy detail in long hair it seems. She always draws such pretty hair in her manga.

    I am jealous. I want a special edition too. I never got around to getting the Japanese version, so hopefully they’ll release an English version (if we get a Full Moon art book, I want a picture book too).

    xiao_jie: No one would dare try to cosplay as her I’m sure. Less about challenge and more about comfort though. You can’t walk around when you’re covered by seven layers of cloth! And my god it must be hot (how did they do it 1000 years ago!?).

    Oooo, I’m jealous. More Sakura Hime Kaden furoku I’m sure. Tch…all I have are my two lonely postcards it’s not fair. I want to huddle in a corner and sulk about the economy again (not that it does any good).

    It’s going to be on Friday! I got the text of it all done, I just need to get the images together properly. I could have it ready for tomorrow, but I don’t want to post it since it won’t get enough attention with Thanksgiving. That is a day made for filler posts.

    warriorhope: Whoa timing. I had to edit my comment because you replied while I was typing.

    You know, there really aren’t that many period manga out there (let alone shoujo) and it’s a shame. At first I was about to say, “like Fushigi Yuugi” when I remember that (and others) actually take place in China. Why is China’s past more popular with shoujo than Japan’s?

    …I think it’s the guy’s clothes in the Heina era. Seven layer kimono are pretty…the stuff guys wear…not so much.

  9. I would…just to see how far I can go before I fail. xD;
    I meant her magical girl outfit but it would be tough either way. & beats me. *shrug* At least they maintain a good weight since they’re practically wearing a sauna everywhere they go if they could even move around in that heap of…ngh. lol
    Don’t think about the economy…just worry about yourself. Like me! *getting ready to buy really cheap stocks* ^^;
    Does filler include Black Friday as well? *curious*

  10. Sorry. ^^;

    Maybe because China had a huge effect on Japanese culture at one period in time. (Tsuki No Shippo’s pretty good since it actually takes place in Japan. )Another thing I notice is that most period manga takes place after or during the Shogunate period. That’s why it’s cool that she’s setting it Heian period, since not many other people have done it before.

  11. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s been sick. I’ve been coughing for about two weeks now. I’m getting angry >:(!

    A detailed post as always :).

  12. […] for the wonderful new Arina-sensei manga we are about to receive. And yes, it will be wonderful. Because the heroine has a sword. A sword. Sword = action and action = anime = me being able to get out more frustration by […]

  13. xiao_jie: Oh yeah. Well the magical girl outfit too. Actually, that would be harder to specifically create. Looking at it….I don’t think Arina-sensei drew it with the idea of it looking super good as a drawing, but some parts of th outfit…Yeah. I’m not sure as to how to even begin puttig that together,

    Oh well yeah. I’m worrying about myself only (and my friend too actually who just finished beauty school, I’m keeping an eye open for those sorts of jobs). Unfortunaztely, unless the economy (at least in m y area) gets better…no jobs.

    Black Friday…kinda~ It’s actually not more fillery than what’s normal on this blog.

    warriorhope: Ah that makes sense. Now that I think of it too…it could be kind of like how in America, stories in England’s past are more popular too. You learn about your own country’s past in school, so it can be boring to read it in a book too.

    But if you add in shoujo, I think any setting is fine.

    M12: I see I’m not entirely alone on winter colds (of some degree) that won’t go away then. They’re certainly awful.

  14. […] you may notice something a little similar to the Sakura Hime Kaden poster I edited. This image had a nice big line in it too (luckily, people are smart not to let the fold […]

  15. Kanae Ito’s single? Kyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! (over otaku level) I want it soooooooooooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!! Must have it….. Need to hear chara’s and Kanae’s voice……… Also need Heartful song single (mumbles to self)

  16. Ribon’s website is updated, from what I can see from that ‘trying-to-get-the-new-pretty-wallpaper-game’ Arina Tanemura seens to have toned down a little on the screentones, I did find towards the end of SDC there was a little too much screentones. So it’s a good thing that it’s toned down.
    WAH?!?! They released a limited edition with volume 10 in german? I’m going to hunt for it even if it’s in german, I WANT THE STORY BOOK. AND WHEN DID THEY RELEASE FULLMOON ARTBOOK IN ENGLISH. My…school must have kept me busy.
    Kanae Ito’s single wasn’t very good, it was just about okay to enter my ear, any worst, it would have been Yuko Goto.

  17. […] used the poster scanned by kelakagandy that you may have already seen in that filler post when I tried to clean it up a little bit. Then I used the smiling image of Sakura from the actual […]

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