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Well, this is less like a “Weekly Anime” and more like a Two Week anime, but whatever. It’s been a tough two weeks. I don’t think I even got a full week’s worth of anime watched.

Anime: CHAOS;HEAD (05 & 06), Hakushaku to Yousei (04 & 05)

Ah. First off I’m dropping Yozakura Quartet from my Weekly Anime because I really just have nothing to say about it anymore. It’s fine to watch, but eh…not much to talk about. The finale for a show can always be interesting, so maybe I’ll talk about it then.

I’m also thinking about dropping AkaSaka entirely because I just lack all motivation to watch it. It doesn’t really seem to have any sort of continuous plot from what I saw (episode 05) and it’s boring. I mean, it’s surprising how little romance there is. It’s all outweighed by random crap and at this point I just think it’s going to end without anyone getting together so…I don’t care.

Maybe I’ll power through it if I’m feeling well, but bored, before it’s over, but with the holidays coming up, I think there’s too many Christmas specials to watch on regular TV anyway so I doubt it.


Episode 05

ch05-01Somehow this became my favorite anime airing with this episode. Or at least the one I look forward to most. The end of the episode (with the exception of episode 04) always gets me excited and anticipating the next one.

This time it was seeing Takumi actually figure something out. The way he said it too kind of just made me go, “Oh snap!” This anime is definitely the best I’ve ever seen for cliffhangers. No question.

As for revelations from this episode, most of them are pretty obvious and explained outright. The delusions = di-sword thing was something I was kind of actually guessing at while I watched the episode before it came up for certain. It came from watching the annoying imouto suddenly have her own random delusion when she was playing tennis. Kind of made me wonder if part of Takumi’s power came from his delusion and if it was possibly some sort of family thing…or something~ch05-03

It bothers me that I didn’t figure out the delusions were something important earlier on, but I kind of figured it was just to make the story more exciting. Not knowing what’s real. But it seems I underestimated the people responsible for this story. Good play guys.

Considering the emphasis delusions was given in the OP lyrics too…actually looking back a lot of the lyrics seem to give more hints than I would have thought. Sneaky! I’ll catch onto you next time!

ch05-04Honestly though, it’s hard to come up with theories for this anime since I pretty much always feel like I’m going to be wrong. Except about Rimi. We got even more clues about her being someone who is legitimately close to Takumi through that dream.

Speaking of that dream, it was the most intriguing part of the episode for me despite all the revelations. I guess because I’m all “woohoo! Rimi!” but also because of how much the tone of that part contrasts with the episode (and the series as a whole). I mean…was it just me or was Takumi not even whiney?

Let’s see. Oh yeah, we also learned that the police aren’t complete morons and they are keeping their eye on Takumi. That’s good. They were pissing me off before.ch05-05

And that girl with pigtails (whatever her name is) seems…to be pretty unimportant to me. I’m sure she has a purpose though, just like everyone else. But it’s hard to come up with anything when she’s barely said a word even though we’re almost half way through the series. All I can say about her is that she’s into the frog thing too with her band-aid.

Also…was amused at the return of crazy Yua’s crazy way of questioning (she seems so unbalanced). Then there’s the error stuff too which I really can’t make much of just yet. Oh yeah and the reason kids go to Shibuya too which I’m also kind of just, “wuh?” about. Lots happened. Really. That’s it for this episode I guess (I typed most of this up a day after watching it).

Episode 06

ch06-01Yes the fansub for this came so much quicker after the last one! Glad to see I’m not going to have to deal with [D-R] releases. I only checked them out the once, but…that was enough.

Well, all the delusion stuff from the last episode got me thinking this time that Shogun might be a delusion of Takumi’s somehow. But once again, it’s something that’s only occurred to me and not really something I believe. It’s hard to really think anything for certain while watching this show. There’s a lot of possibilities, but I don’t think anything for certain.ch06-04

As for Rimi, well this episode had a lot of focus on her so I got thinking again. I’m pretty sure that she knows more than she seems to (but I still think she’s on Takumi’s side somehow, or that she wants to be). She at least knows about the swords. I mean from all the promo material where she pretty much always had one, I’m kind of surprised that hers hadn’t appeared yet. But she has to be our mysterious pink-haired girl I suppose.

ch06-05Which reminds me. I’m really finding it odd how quickly Takumi started trusting her and even relying on her considering how long she’s been the devil woman to him. I mean, it was kind of like that with Yua, but he never saw Yua all covered in blood either, did he?

This week I also got answers about what I’d been wondering about most. What the heck was up with the new gen murders? Up until now they didn’t really seem that connected to the rest of the stuff, outside of the one link being Takumi. But now that we’re halfway through the story, we’re finally getting some answers and things slowly seem to be coming together. Two victims on the murders now have some sort of…importance. So it all doesn’t seem quite so random.ch06-06

Of course, as much as things finally seemed to be getting solved a whole shitload of questions got dumped on us at the end of the episode (ah cliffhangers~). To that I can only say…WTF!? And as usual the preview doesn’t give a single hint. Well at least it looks like we’re going to learn more about twintails girl. Hopefully. All the other girls get plenty of screentime and it’s about time for Nanami to become the most uninteresting character again.

Hakushaku to Yousei

Episode 04

hty04-03Well. That was quick. The whole arc that the anime promo stuff all indicated…over. In the fourth episode.

We’re totally not getting another season of this anime.

I mean, I obviously wanted to get to a lot of the spoilers I’d heard, but I was hoping we could get to them in a second season or something. This seems to be going…way too fast. The first episode felt right but since then, it really feels like the director sat back and just pressed FF. And I’m only watching the anime. nothing else. *sigh*

Well whatever. I’m enjoying it just the same. Though, I’m suffering from the same problem still. Not a lot to say.

First off, I have the common complaint…wth opening credits? I mean I’m fine with them skipping the hty04-01opening because they need to get down to srs stuff this week, but they could have cut out the music. Watching it this way made it feel so…ridiculous and inconsequential. Yay! Raven’s beating up a shadow monster! And that’s it. Especially since the music didn’t match the mood or anything at all (unlike in the chase scene in episode one). I mean it really did make it seems funny at the end where Raven looks for Lydia. Oops. I guess she got away while there was all that loud music blaring so loudly that it covered up all other noise.

hty04-021As for the actual episode, I honestly can’t think of anything to say. Lots of back and forth on Lydia’s part this episode (she decides to trust and distrust Edgar an awful lot). I was happy whenever I got my fangirling moments (tch. Too few of them and too much plot this episode though). Hopefully Lydia will eventually stop being her stubborn proper self and will let herself be swept away by corny one-liners. Huskly’s a useless asshole too. I mean it’s useful if you’re good at being an asshole, but he’s so bad at it. His little group always getting beaten and kicked to the curb. God I hope we don’t see him again.hty04-04

Of course, the most entertaining part of the episode was the after-credits part where Nico is suddenly okay with Edgar and Lydia gets a letter from Edgar which basically amounts to, “Haha~ Not done yet. Come over here so I can hit on you some more.” Well naturally. Without that letter we wouldn’t have much of a story left would we?

Overall, I think I’d enjoy these sorts of actual story moments more if I was reading them (I like reading stories like this), but HtY rules for its other moments which are almost always more fun to hear and see. So. Looking forward to more~

Episode 05

hty05-01Oh lulz. Another bishounen on the scene. This series has it priorities straight now, doesn’t it? I’d put our newbie Kelpie at the bottom though. The current ranking has Edgar at first (one-liners and shiny smile ftw!), Raven (badassery has to be at least in second place), and…well newbie. There’s really not that many yet. It’s surprising. And newbie has to be at the bottom because he stole from that cute little fairy. How cruel! I hate you forever!!!

Now then, that little fairy, Marigold (oh my god even the name is cute). On voice alone…she’s so fucking cute. I was surprised (and then not surprised) to find out it hty05-03was Rie Kugimiya! What the hell! Why did you stop doing fairly annoying tsundere roles and start doing such adorable voices? Now instead of sighing and rolling my eyes when I hear that Rie-san is voicing a character, I’m actually getting excited! (Well good. Glad to have her casted in different roles in shows I’m watching.)

Mostly this episode made me happy to have the old feeling of this anime back (plot is good, but I’d be completely satisfied if this anime was just one big long conversation between Edgar and Lydia).  I loved that scene where they were talking at the ball and Edgar started asking about other guys. Oh Eddy~ You’re so hard to take seriously. As frustrating and amusing as it is to have Lydia be little Miss Stubborn, I can completely understand why she’s like that. It’s really hard to take someone’s confessions of love if they’re smiling so calmly.

hty05-04Though her opinion that he hits on every girl seems a little uncalled for. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t even really seen him around other girls to hit on anyway. She’s just assuming things. Silly girl. Of course, her assumptions became more…allowed later in the episode…but still! The point stands!

It was really cute the way she got all panicked when she heard “the fairy queen’s bridegroom” too. Lydia~! Of course her jealous panic was short-lived when it was interrupted by a reverse harem moment followed by still frame action!!!

And in this episode it wasn’t just still frame action, but still frame dancing as well! Their dance moves are all too fabulous to animate! (lol they didn’t even talk during the still frame dancing…)hty05-05

As for Kelpie…I feel he deserves a slightly better description than our at the bottom bishie. He’s, like Edgar said, someone who looks good but pretty much has no brains (I’m paraphrasing obviously). Like Lydia was saying too, it’s like he just wants certain things (Lydia) for no other reason except he wants them. So with kelpie and Paul (I can’t even consider him a bishie so he doesn’t enter or rankings) Lydia has herself a nice male harem, doesn’t she?

Of course in the end Lydia is going to be with Edgar, because she’s just a stubborn girl who’s afraid of getting hurt and she’s already fallen for him. Obviously.

…I know there’s almost nothing here especially considering this is supposed to be for two weeks, but what can I say? I didn’t watch anything else that I intend to blog. I mean, you can wander over to My Anime List and see. Those episode counts are fully updated (for once).

I’m really tempted to just drop Yozakura Quartet from watching, but it has some good moments so I don’t want to. AkaSaka I already talked about too. Index, however, I do intend to catch up with and blog. I’ve just been too tired to read subs and the only time I felt good enough I watched…well what you see here.

But! There’s good news! I’m feeling a lot better today! I found a way to make sure I get out of the house every day to make sure I stay active without overworking myself…the library~ I’m going to ask if they’ll let me volunteer there too since I might as well do something if I can’t work. (For the record I’m not lazy. I’ve been trying since Spring to get a job, but college kids came home and took them all over the summer. Then Fall came and…no one is hiring at all.)


  1. Glad you’re feeling better. ^^
    And it sucks you couldn’t find a job. *sigh* Recession…at least prices are low…just no money to buy anything. ^^; Hope you get a job at the library.
    So…ahhh~…AkaSaka is a load of bull. Nuff said. Held out for the seiyuu but even that faded quite fast. Srsly, what is the point of this show anymore? xP
    And I’m dropping HakuYo off my buy list but I’ll watch it until the end because I love the original concept of it (and Eddy, lol). Don’t have anymore to say about it, though. I can’t even rant about how much I hate the certain points that detract from my enjoyment of the anime…just b/c I can’t care anymore. Disappointment period for the season is over for me and just tryin’ to savor what other good ones are left on my list (meh, CLANNAD is just half-good and half-bleh now).
    Eh…I guess that’s it. Heh. Going to try to finish some work now. =.=

  2. xiao_jie: Well I have $200 for Christmas, so it’s not that bad yet. It’s just frustrating not having anywhere to go. So hopefully I’ll find out about the library tomorrow.

    I think I’m just going to check back on AkaSaka if I hear at the end that it actually had some sort of conclusion. One that’s pro-Yuuhi. I’m against siscon, blood-related or not.

    Aww, I don’t know what’s sadder. Ranting about an anime, or not even caring enough to rant.

    Personally, I’m just ignoring Clannad until next week because Yukine’s arc was so disappointing. I had one attack over Nagisa going, “Shhh! Desu” but I can’t build a post around that. And the Jam and bread joke didn’t even strike me as funny because I already saw a comic (danbooru so there’s a NSFW ad) with that idea months ago.

  3. Nanami is actually my second favorite girl in the game(Rimi being the first one). However, the people behind the anime thought it’d be a brilliant idea to remove a certain key scene related to her character so she’s gonna get like zero development now. -__-;

  4. The anime skipped past/couldn’t fit in a lot of the Taku trusts Rimi stuff. Well they crammed it in real fast but the when I saw those scenes in the game I really felt “Oh wow Rimi is so nice and awesome!” XD. You can feel how messed up Taku became and how much Rimi saved him from all of that. When he was crying and throwing up all alone she comes and rescues him. Then he finally accepts the handkerchief she offers him for the third time. Well it’s good that you still enjoy the anime XD. I guess seeing the improved version first has killed the impact for me.

  5. Ah yes, I remember AnimeList.com. I tried to fill up my list, but it took too long so I gave up XD. I actually stopped following Hakushaku to Yousei, because it’s very shoujo. But hey, it’s cool if you’re enjoying it :).

  6. i seriously don’t understand anything about chaos;head anymore. i’m kinda putting it on hold.

    as for hakushaku to yousei, all the expectations fizzled after edgar became earl and just want him and lydia to get together. but i really like kelpie ^^

  7. It may be hard to believe with Earl and Fairy but that whole first 4 episodes were based on only the first book. You got to remember that their are currently 15 novels out. So in this whole first season will only probably get the second and thrid done.

    In my opinion Kelpie is starting to get up on my list. You might see what I mean when you watch episode 6 of Earl and Fairy. But Edgar will always be number one. Anyways keep reviewing it, I enjoy reading your Anime weeklys.

  8. I am very pleased to know that C;H became a favorite of yours.

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