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AHAHAHAHA! *maniacal fangirl laughter* That was absolutely everything I wanted and expected. Those of you who commented may remember that I was setting my expectations pretty high too. Of course, it’s still not from the manga or whatever, but…I don’t care anymore. At least we can call this like…the best filler episode.

Also, to ruin my buzz there’s some…probably good news that I need to get to first. Ugh (want to fangirl~).

(Warning: Severely overdone screencapping, so there’s lots of images (40+). But I apologize for nothing!)

CrunchyRoll is going to be streaming Shugo Chara! episodes soon after broadcast (with subtitles~).

This won’t start until January 8th, 2009 though. And unfortunately, they aren’t making a lot of details obvious. However when they announced Naruto streaming, there was mention of a paid subscription for the immediate release and free streaming a week later so maybe we can expect something like that.

It is just crunchyroll though and if it’s just for the stream, I still fully intend on downloading raws too. That stream isn’t exactly the sort of quality I’m want to pay for either (though it depends on the price I suppose).

Well, hopefully they’ll make things clearer. Right now (as far as I know) their only announcement involving Shugo Chara! is here. As far as I know neither fansubbing group has announced what they plan to do come January, but most fansubbing groups for other series plan on dropping the anime (which, in my opinion, is the best thing to do). I could list some other problems, but that’s boring and no one wants to read it so we should move along.


We’re doing super brief summary for now because I want to fangirl nao! It’s all done from memory of when I watched the live stream, so don’t complain.

Utau is having trouble getting people to her concert and such so Amu decides to help, but predictably Utau doesn’t want Amu’s help. But she does want to see Ikuto~ So Amu goes to find Ikuto, super DOKIDOKI moment ensues, but ultimately, Ikuto isn’t going to come.

Utau is still determined to do her live, but a lot of people aren’t showing up and Amu goes to hand out fliers. She gets help from the other guardians (minus Nagihiko wtf…), they all transform (Amulet Angel makes a reappearance) to draw a crowd.

During all of this Ikuto went into Easter to try and get his violin back, but before he was able to an alarm was sounded and he got cornered on the roof during his escape.

Lots of people show up at Utau’s concert thanks to Amu’s effort, she sings Heartful Song and Ikuto does show up. Utau sees him and is (obviously) very happy. Amu sees Ikuto leaving and goes out after him, but doesn’t misses him. She’s happy that he shows up, but oh no~ Ikuto’s hurt (but he was happy for Utau).

(Also…add in the kitty scene at the beginning)


Oh-em-gee~ Doki is finally living up to its name. How many fellow fangirls had a little heart-attack for the commercial break cliffhanger? I did.

Of course, there’s even more to love about this episode than just that.


Starting an episode with Ikuto? Good sign. Up until now it’s either meant amuto or plot…or both. Both is good.

Speaking of plot…do you realize that this episode doesn’t even really spend a full minute on ?-eggs? It’s all real plot. Sure the episode is pretty much purely anime-original, but the plot is real plot. Yes~ And it doesn’t really screw stuff up either (though it does leave me going “wth are they planning?” about Satelight).


Kitty scene at long last~! Ah, how nice, but I have to be honest. Wasn’t looking forward to it as much as before. Partially because it took so long and partially because I already read the scene in the manga. Then it was also overshadowed by other stuff in the episode. Sudden decrease in art quality in this episode didn’t help either (I knew it would happen eventually, but why this week?).

However. Bad stuff aside…this scene is so much fun. Getting to see what Ikuto is like around someone who is older than him that he doesn’t hate. I mean, he can freely tease Amu and Tadase, but they’re both younger than him. In this case he’s the one getting all teased and bothered and it’s cute~


Eru!!! I love that very un-Eru-like entrance…with such a depressing aura. And she surprised Amu and her charas so much~! Eru love mini image spam!




Tch. Just two. Not enough (I had one more, but it got deleted and I don’t want to retake it). Update gives us three, I think that’s a good amount for Eru-run love~ I can’t dwindle on Eru love too much for the sake of other (possibly) greater fangirl loves. So let’s move on…reluctantly.


Next love: Tsundere love. Utau answered just like Amu thought she would. Ah~ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The friendship between two stubborn girls is a beautiful thing.


Oh Amu you sly girl. She knows Utau’s weakness and she isn’t afraid to use it. It seems Amu is pretty good at knowing how to deal with her tsundere friend (surprising since she’s so similar).

I am reminded of how Nadeshiko used to deal with Amu, so maybe that’s where she learned it from.


Now we know how this was caused and it makes perfect sense. Fangirl mode. It never fails to break a stubborn posing.


Oh my god Utau looks so cute here. Sure, it was shortly followed by extreme brother complex fangirling, but just this is cute.

…I don’t expect this sort of face necessarily, but I just realized again how badly I want Kutau fillers. They’re falling behind in my relationship ranking!!!


Pondering Ikuto~

(I swear this is the last time I’ll have a screencap without having anything to say. I have too many anyway.)


Amu found Ikuto way too easily. He’s Ikuto. He should be able to be found unless it’s by coincidence.

…but because of what the meeting led to I will be lenient. I’ll just say it’s because Amu knows him so well now (yeah, that suits me just fine~).


Ehe~ Stubborn Ikuto. Amu came to see him and it turned out she just wanted him to help Utau so he said no (that is how I choose to interpret it).

… The more I think about it being that way, the more giggly it makes me. Ikuto’s cute in this episode~


Ah. This time Ikuto couldn’t stop Yoru’s big mouth from blabbing. Of course it made Amu feel all bad because of what she said before and led to much cuteness, so at least Amuto fans can all forgive Yoru.

Now then. I know how this could be bothersome to the plot since Amu now knows about the missing violin, but I think it’s fine. Amu seems to just think Ikuto lost it somewhere. Adding in the discussion that happens because of this scene actually makes me think a certain scene later will be even more aww-encucing. So well done filler development!



I don’t know why, but I’m so weak for these scenes. Amu getting her emotional shoujo eyes going because she wants to help Ikuto (…and Utau…).


But Ikuto just calmly walks away! No! You’re missing such a gigantic opportunity! Be your proper mischievous catboy self and tease her!


So Amu has to try again after Ikuto says he hates his violin (nuuu! Don’t say that!). Amu actually gets all honest like she only can about Ikuto’s violin and music (because admitting you like a song is a lot easier than admitting you like a person).

If Amu’s being so wonderfully blushy and honest, Ikuto can’t keep walking away (he did that in episode 12 and I didn’t like it then either!).


Ah. Well it’s a start. Some sort of teasing. (But it’s not enough~)


So Amu has to go all chibi tsun since Ikuto’s still being stubborn and trying to leave and…


Ah. Well that did it. Invasion of personal space and shoujo background mean…omg! DokiDoki time~!

… *speechless in fangirl mode*


O_O *super speechless in fangirl mode*

Ah~ That voice. Oh he used that voice again. Ah. Kind of like way back in episode 25 in Amu’s super raburabu daydream, except…omgnotadream.


Thank you shared charas for giving every one a proper face for how I’m sure we’re all feeling. Oh and I loved the commentary you guys added~

My first time watching my brain got completely overloaded by the OMG(unexpected/original)amuto and I couldn’t understand anything until “kiss” woke my brain up.


And I died again.

Ikuto is so mean~ For once I actually understood enough to get a better feeling than just “omg amuto dokidoki happenings~” and…heh. I really think I had to make the decision to keep it to myself, you have to see it in full context.


…They really get you going right before the commercial. Of course, the best way to get people coming back is the promise of moar amuto.

It was a good thing too because right about at this point I was on the verge of a full-blown fangirl heart-attack.


Then they got back and sure enough, got out of the situation pretty quickly. Ikuto’s so mean~ Teasing Amu like that. Considering how excited I got (and I know others too) Amu must have been dying. Plus we had the benefit of knowing that this was going to happen (but then again, Amu should know better too.)

…Ikuto’s so mean (but in a good way).


Of course Amu doesn’t find it to be good at all and we have super tsun.

Hahaha~! The fact that she didn’t get mad until he laughed says a lot I think. Stubborn Amu~

Ah…but now the fun is over. I need to pause to collect myself and turn to talk about something entirely different.


Oh. Lulu. She didn’t have any real appearance in this episode at all. She was only mentioned once.

Therefore…best episode in Doki ever! (Heck, minus some spotty art and animation, I’m pretty much ready to call this the best filler since so many others have been based off of a manga scene.) Because if there’s no Lulu, there’s no half-assed ?-egg plot.


Ikuto sneaking into Easter to take back his violin. Don’t want to say what I’m oh-so-reminded of because being specific makes it a spoiler, but I was reminded of something. So watching it the first time through really pissed me off because I was sincerely hoping Satelight didn’t just cop-out and try to stuff Ikuto’s arc in before it’s time just because some fangirls are impatient and keep complaining.

We’ll get to see it no matter what. You can stand to wait a while. Just because SC! is still airing doesn’t mean the manga is moving any faster.

Post Sub Edit: If Suspeedia’s subs were right, I’m pissed. “Ikuto’s violin first” pisses me off. They’re not allowed to do that. Filler arc and then Ikuto’s arc, don’t you guys dare combine the two. That would suck. A lot.


lol Loser scientists put in their place by Ikuto once again. They’re adults and they ran so quickly from a teenager. It makes me laugh. (more so than the stupid adults who got ticked off by Ikuto glaring at them…losers getting into fights with teenagers)


Of course Ikuto ended up being a cornered kitty which leaves me torn in two. Yay~ for my preserved plot (no Ikuto arc with ?-eggs around!!!) and boo…because Ikuto got cornered.

Then this also nicely tells us that Ikuto’s being stubborn about his violin because I’m sure I’d break into a place and threaten people to get back something I hated. (Stubborn~)


Meanwhile, Amu is still sulking over her missed opportunity of a kiss with Ikuto. Even in the time it took Ikuto to get into Easter and try to get his violin, she’s still not over it. So cute.


lol fangirl Utau. I love how she’s looking all around like Ikuto could be hiding behind Amu or something.


Oh. Seeing Utau’s expression when she heard that Amu didn’t get Ikuto to come makes me so sad. I’m not sure if they properly went over it, but Utau still hasn’t seen Ikuto since episode 44, right?


Of course Utau can’t sulk for long, because her bro-con senses are tingling and they’re telling her to be suspicious of Amu. Be suspicious and glare! (I wonder who’s better at it. Utau or Rima?)


Ah. Tadase. It was pretty near the end of the episode when he showed up so I figured Satelight was just trying to pre-empt the 30% Tadamu retaliation.


But then possible Tadamu dissolved in one of its three common ways so I just went …lol. This time more guardians showed up to make it more of an “everyone” moment.

Except where the HELL is Nagihiko? There is less than zero excuses for Nagihiko not joining the rest of the guardians. It’s like they decided to set Nagihiko aside after his first two episodes because he hasn’t done anything significant since and here they decide to leave him out entirely. NO! Not allowed! Bring Nagihiko back properly you assholes! If he doesn’t get at least three full minutes of screentime next week, I am going to have a crazy fangirl tantrum and I’m going to bring out my dusty wiffle bat.

…Not this week because I’m satisfied by other things. But you better watch out next week Satelight.


Oh my god yay! I honestly never thought I’d get to see it again, but yay! Amulet Angel!

Now someone’s going to ruin my excitement by going, “*whine* But! *whine* This is against the manga! *whine* If it didn’t happen in the manga, it’s bad. *whineywhinewhine*” Shut up. That’s what fillers are for. Nothing in the manga says Amu and Eru can’t still transform, so shut up. *smack*

Though yeah. The fact that everyone transformed seemed kind of unnecessary and I’m sure they just wanted to take up time with stock footage. Except Rima, no one did anything legitimate I don’t think.


Yay~ Lots of people came to Utau’s concert and surprised her! Though it’s not good enough. They’re not real fans. I understand that some of her real fans couldn’t find out because there’s not enough media coverage, but at least some of her real fans should have.

Seriously, where was that girl from episode 55? I fully expected her to show up and I think it would have been a nice touch to prevent a filler character from seeming completely forgettable, but nope. Satelight forgot her even before I did.


Ikuto showed up! (knew it would happen though) But ah he’s hurt. How did he escape from those Easter sucktards?

Hm…this brings up some important stuff now too. If Ikuto escaped (and without his violin), what’s he going to do now? Ikuto. ;_; (Well I guess right right now he’s going to listen to his sister sing)

I was so happy when he showed up by the way. Ikuto’s the best.


Finally. More Heartful Song. Hopefully this means the CD is going to be made available soon. Can’t find a release date yet though.

It’s such a pretty song and it fits that angelic feeling needed for Utau’s third song. We had an Iru song (Meikyuu Butterfly), a Dia song (Black Diamond), now we need our Eru song (Heartful Song). I…have a lot more to say about the song, but I’ll save it for when the single comes out and I do my full review (need to do that one for Amu’s CD too…).



Awww. Out of relationships I might like Utau and Ikuto second best. Relationship doesn’t automatically equal romance btw (because I’m anti-incest too except for lol’s). Second favorite is probably Amu and Utau and the other pairings (and Rima and Amu) fall somewhere after that).

Because you have to be a really immature piece of poo not to go aww over something like this. Then again i guess if you don’t read the manga you have a little bit of an excuse, because knowing what I know about the manga is what gives me such an “aww” feeling over something like this.

But to put it simply: Ikuto’s such a good brother. Even though he was hurt he went to his sister’s concert.


I’m glad that Amu saw him too. Surprisingly, I think Satelight managed to hit every thing I really wanted from this episode. I’ll have to go over the comments again to see, but…I really think so.


And Ikuto. All hurt so he had to pretty much stumble out. I wish Amu had caught up with him to help him (I know it’s not allowed for plot reasons, but still!!!).

On a slightly happier note, Ikuto’s such a good brother~! I love how happy he is for Utau. See this is a good reason for fillers, so you can see more of Ikuto being a good brother. He’s like that in the manga too, but you don’t really get to see it as much.

But Ikuto. ;_; What’s going to happen to you now!?



Meh. Return to fillers.

There’s some fortune-telling involved and apparently lots of people with crushes or something (I don’t know), but either way it’s guaranteed to be boring. Especially after this week.


Ohoho~ This week gets to have another obvious question.

Ah. It just ocurred to me that this is a fun way to find out how many people who read this blog aren’t Amuto fans. Answer honestly guyz! I can’t find out who answers in what way.


  1. Now My heartful song has to have it’s own single! Maybe even Yume no Tsubori will be added! There will be a new chara in episode 61!

  2. thanx for uploading it for everyone to read.. i have been waiting and im finally happy it came out.. thanx !!

  3. OMG yay you did this fast! :D I still have to do mine.. XD Once the subs are out because i didn’t understand as much as usual.. because of the heart attack at that Amuto scene! Yes, I had one too! I was practically hyperventilating at the computer and squealing like hell. I agree with you, best filler episode EVER! It was so epic! The whole kitty scene.. was fucking hilarious. Ikuto really was OOC, but it was very welcomed OOCness. XD Utau was so great! Amu certainly does know how to get at her. So funny, when you think that Ikuto knows how to get at AMU.. Utau going into bro-complex mode was awesome! Amu did find Ikuto too easily! I was a little bit confused about that since it’s usually just rare and conicidental. But here, it was as if she’d seen him earlier or something. I love how she was all happy to see him. That rarely happens. The only other moment like this is the amusement park scene in ep 26. Omg.. that scene was just… so heart-attack worthy. I don’t know what Ikuto said, but.. soo fucking awesome. Amu’s never reacted like that before. For the very first time, it looks like they’re BOTH seriously in love with each other. Especially Amu. With the pleading eyes and everything. And she even apologized about saying that in episode 57. I love that they’re becoming so close..

    Ikuto breaking into Easter scared me. I loved him owning those bastards, but I was afraid, like you, that he would steal it back and the Ikuto arc would be done now.. I was like “NOO! NO! NOT YET YOU DAMN IDIOTS!” but luckily, it didn’t happen. Although, I felt so bad for Ikuto getting hurt by those bastards!

    The concert had me crying. Seriously. The song itself is so pretty enough to make you get teary-eyed, but when Ikuto walked in, hobbling and holding his side, with bruises on his face and still managed a smile and Utau saw him and was happy, I nearly lost it. I’m soo happy she’s free, and so is he. Except now he’s going through hell, and that hurts me. When Amu caught him leaving, I honestly thought he would’ve fell on the ground or something and we would’ve had a repeat of ep 26. But the fact that she even went after him was so nice I can’t complain.

    This ep.. was epic win. I’m definitely making a vid with this ep tomorrow! XD

    Great post!

  4. I’m super excited about this episode! :D

    And yeah, I’m still pissy at crunchyroll for not giving out more detail than they have. :/

  5. Shugo Chara!Doki: Oh it will. Otherwise they face the consequences! But since Black Diamond has been out a while and we finally have more of the song in there I’m sure we’ll get it soon. Yume no Tsubomi will probably be in there too.

    Ah and yeah I heard about the new chara. It’s one that a little kid designed, right?

    MyVampireEyes: Meh. I’ve been faster. I kept on getting distracted because I have a super spacey head right now (I’m sick). I also did more screencaps than usual.

    Oh I know~! That’s pretty much all I can say because…agh! I pretty much lack the ability to be coherent because of all the epicness in this episode. Pretty much can just say I agree with everything you said~! If it’s fangirling about all the awesomeness in this episode, it’s hard not to.

    Ah as for what Ikuto said in that scene, because it’s the comments I’d don’t feel quite as weird saying it. You can choose to skip past it since I’ll mark the end with capital SPOILER-ness.

    The way I heard it was kind of like Ikuto saying “You have to ask me nicer than that” kind of with “You have to do something” which is me paraphrasing and with my unreliable Japanese too. That’s just the way it comes across with what he said in context…and I can’t be trusted at all. /SPOILER-ness

    Well, fansubs are coming out quickly now so it’s not a big deal to wait, but because of how that line was, I’m checking out both versions.

    Ikuto owned them, but then he got all hurt after. I want to know what caused that! I want to just think that Ikuto jumped down from the building, because I don’t want those Easter guys to have gotten him. Even if he escaped they aren’t allowed any extra victories.

    Oh! I know! Utau’s concert made me get all choked up too. Especially when ikuto came in and how happy that made Utau. And we got to see Ikuto smile~! I love seeing him smile since it’s so rare (smirking we get a lot, but not smiling). Of course, I can’t cry when I’m sick, so I just got really happy/sad, ready to cry (except I couldn’t).

    I kind of figured Ikuto would get out of sight, but I wanted Amu to find Ikuto laying on the ground and I wanted her to take him home~ (or some place). Of course I knew that wouldn’t happen.

    Oh another video? I can’t wait to see it~! Another good thing about Amuto episodes is that I can almost be certain you’ll make an amuto video afterward.

    kel aka gandy: It was just a generally exciting episode, so I suppose that’s expected (I’m still excited somehow).

    Ugh. I know. Me too. They’re always like this, so I really don’t expect to find anything more until about a week before the official episode streams start. They’re so unprofessional there some times, but now that they have official content they better start behaving properly.

  6. Right. But that isn’t really important what is important is that satelight is messing up everything! Make each detail two episodes!I don’t care! Just get rid of Lulu! She’s a worthless anime original! Maybe Nana’ll eventually see Lulu’s wrong, go to amu become Amulet Dream (or whatever) Then go back to Lulu! I don’t know I’ll be jumping for joy when she leaves! Utau~ The queen of Tsundereness! So happy your back! Eru~ The Angeru of Love! Amulet Angel? Don’t really care for….. At least it wasn’t Amulet Heart. If Satelight had their way Amulet Heart would be the ONLY Kyara Nari. How stupid are thay? You put this post up quick huh? Not as quick as you usually do huh? I’m glad you did though! (Longest comment ever!) I love Nana Mizuki sooo much! They had BETTER come out with a “My Heartful song” single with Yume no Tsubori on it or else fans will rebel! 88% are amuto fans! Yay!
    I guess.. Like I said before as long Amu doesn’t ebd up with that Seiichiro kid I’m happy! That’s right PEACH-PIT Seiichiro is not an option (Oh and as long as Saaya ends up with no one!)

  7. OMG ! AMUTP *dies*
    LOL XD now that’s a filler i like to watch ikuto’s arc is moving closer :D i can’t wait … i sorta blame the manga that Doki isn’t moving faster with the story i mean … its so slow !! if the next chapter (36) will make a HUGE development in ikuto’s arc then i think doki will start to follow the story without too many fillers so i kinda now understand satelight’s way and we have to understand that they are waiting just like us ..

    even though there is a big difference in theanimation i like the old one better but the new one is fine its kinda cute :)

  8. i was so ecxited i spelled it AMUTP lol XD i meant AMUTO :D

  9. I liked this episode :D it’s good filler that seems to have a point in the grand strem of things. Hopefully Nagihiko will appear next episode because it does involve being at school if he dosen’t show up I’ll be disappointed. Nagihiko is probably one of my favourite Characters.(I never liked Nadeshiko because I found out “her” real identity before watching the anime or reading the anime)

    I’m not really an Amuto because of the age difference, Ikuto being the same age as me and Amu being 12 like my brother it’s a bit odd for me cause it would be like me loving one of my brother’s friends.

    Although I don’t reject Amuto, I just find it odd.
    I also not a big fan of Tadamu because of him liking Amulet heart. it’s so awkward.
    I would say my favourite Amu-couple is probably Amu and Kairi. But Kairi probably won’t end up with Amu.

  10. This episode was simply epic awesomeness =D Havent had so much fun watching an episode for a while now, I was smiling and kyaaa~~-ing all through it x3
    The kitty scene at the beginning was soooo adorable, I couldnt help but watch it twice in a row x3 More kitty-ikuto scenes kthxpls =3
    Fwee, more Eru after last week =D Soooo cute, with the ominous aura then the sparkle attack =3
    Ahhh, gotta love the Amu-Utau interaction, the wonderful tsundere-friendship =)
    The anime-original Amuto was super-amazing, almost fell out of my chair from the excitement. Super hear-attack: check! I couldnt believe what I was seeing, and turning it into Ikuto’s teasing was so very Amuto-like. I usually wait for Chibi’s subs, but this time I’ll watch the speedsubs as well because I’d really want to know what Ikuto said exactly, and I’ll watch the better one as well. I dont mind watching a great ep like this three times =3
    Ikuto visiting Easter and scaring the hell out of them was hilarious xD
    When Tadase appeared, I was afraid they’d try and squeeze in some Tadamu and ruin the pure joy that the Amuto gave us, but thank goodness the other Guardians came as well. But there was no reason for Nagihiko to be absent! The sudden Amulet Angel appearance makes it forgiveable for now though. More of Eru’s spontaneous chara-nari’s are always good =) Didnt expect it to happen again, so it was a really nice treat ^^ Then all the other Guardians chara-nariing too, for Utau’s sake (even though I think Rima said something like they’re not doing it for Utau but for Amu, still makes it for Utau’s sake, but indirectly) was quite touching, imo. Twas funny how it was all done randomly in the street, you’d normally expect the passers-by to go “wth?” xP
    Ikuto truly is a really good brother, coming to Utau’s concert when he’s badly injured. I want a caring brother like that too~~ Preferably a just as good-looking one with neko-mimi =3
    It was great to hear My Heartful Song again, I absolutely love it and really-really hope a CD single will be announced soon, with Yume no Tsubomi on it too. It’s too awesome to be left unreleased! And surely it would sell just as well as the previous singles.
    The best way to start a weekend is with a wonderful ep like this one =3

  11. Now, if only they could kick Ruru out, it would be perfect. :D
    So! I loled at Ikuto’s face when Tsukasa showed him the cat thingy. That was hilarious. XD
    Ah, Tsukasa, you cannot deny that you are a pedo. 8D He made Ikuto lose his cool.
    Eru-Drama queen. XD
    Hmm…seems like Utau still hasn’t got over her brother complex. XD But ah well. That will all be gone when Kuukai shows up. 8D
    Oh my, I was actually…laughing (Wtfu O.O) at the Amuto scene. It was actually funny to me. Amu is getting her hopes wayyyyy too high up. XD Though I wouldn’t have minded it…XD Ikuto gets so much pleasure by annoying Amu to death. XD
    Well, well. The loser scientists strike again. And they’re as useless as ever.
    I’m surprised. I’m so sure that Utau would have found Ikuto with her Ikuto radar by now… XD
    Very slight Tadamu here. It was more of a group gathering, so…Satellight, you shouldn’t try to make up for the Amuto moments with Tadamu. It’s becoming painfully obvious that the Amuto is a lot better. XD
    Utau’s single of the Heartful song must come out. Nao. 8D Seriously, I really like it. Hope it’ll just be great as Meikyuu Butterfly.
    I am still wondering…how did Ikuto survive that many guards? And wtfu happened there? Won’t it be harder for him to infiltrate Easter next time? O.O
    Ah well. Just proves it. Easter’s just that dumb not to think of taking prevention measures when they KNOW how important the violin is to Ikuto and what he’ll do to get it back.
    The next episode looks like pure filler. -_- Tch, especially after an episode as great as this one.
    By the way, Fuyu, did you think of any specific death for the director? XD

  12. (ARGH! So it didn’t work after all…hope it does this time. I don’t know why it won’t let my comment get through)

    Hun, it is 1:40 AM right now and I was just about to go to sleep…

    But what the heck! I’ll fangirl with you as the fangirl within me commands it (and then I’ll go to sleep, muu~…)! xD;

    I was shaking and shivering so hard after watching it on live stream, it scared the shit out of me (and it’s so goddamn cold outside, too!). And believe it or not, I had to really tell myself that I can’t rewatch this until tomorrow after my class…cuz then I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Yep, this episode was PWNSOME like no other.

    Kitty scene was just awesome. Other than that…yea, nothing more to say.

    Ugh, but yea, why did the art quality have to drop this week? Why? Whywhywhy?! Dx Everybody looks like they gained some few pounds or something. Except for Tadase, he looked absolutely like his usual self. Good for you, Tadase! Somebody has the right diet! *makes no sense but is happy for Tadase anyway* :D

    My god, Eru…and she called Amu “Utau-chan no shinyuu”. And Eru never lies. She is Utau’s honest side. I am so FAPPIN’ HAPPY at this. For Eru’s awesomeness. For Utau’s never-gonna-admit-it-but-Amu-is-really-her-best-friend…ness. Yea, do we really need to say more? xD

    Aha~, Amu’s sly face…I really liked it. Gah, now that you mention Nadeshiko, I want to see Nagi. Wtf is Satelight doing by cutting him out? But since this week’s ep was so awesome, I’ll let it slide. He’d better be back next episode, though.

    Anyways…Utako is so cute. xDD

    Agh, as much as I loved Ikuto in this episode, I got a little pouty when he lied “I hate the violin.” but it was instantly cured when Amu says “I love your violin!” Amu, you are awesome. Really, somebody had to say it and she’s practically the only one who can (Utau doesn’t count…she’s busy being a pro but I don’t mind at all, nope). Ikuto says all that stuff like it was nothing but I’m sure that he has second thoughts about it when Amu is being honest in front of him. And she’s learning to be more honest, which is good. *guess I can’t help but like honest people…or something*

    So, yea…I was on the brink of having a happy seizure (lolwut?) and then commercial break saved me as well. *sigh* It got me really inspired, tho. Yay. :D

    Lol And speaking of the Charas during this scene, was Eru against the Amuto? *gasp* Well, no. Eru against love? Nevar~! She’s just more pro-Utau than she is pro-love. Aww~, Eru~! <3

    I’m meh now to Ikuto trying to retrieve his violin. Satelight did this before…they’ll do it properly again later. Meh.

    Lol Utau was so excited. So cute! x3
    And aww, she looked so sad when Amu told her Ikuto won’t come (silly yet typical Nii-san). Ah, but yes, the bro-con brings her back. Lol “Why are you apologizing?” Cuz she knows Amu would try her best to encourage others (the whole reason why we had the Utau arc) but is too stubborn to say “But thanks for trying for me.” Kyaa~!

    And then the fliers…my two favorite parts:
    Amulet Angel – The boys fell for her like a ton of bricks not Amulet Heart! xDDDDD
    Rima – “We don’t know about Utau but since it’s for Amu, we don’t mind.” Rima…I love you. You are Amu’s best gal pal. Hehe, and I sense friendship rivalry in the future. Ho ho ho~… x3

    & Utau is so pretty. I want to cosplay as her but I can’t stand the thought of ruining her image. So I won’t do it.


    *gasp!* Ikuto is hurt! *is angry* EASTER BASTARDS! *goes to beat them up*

    But he came! He came! Of course he’d come! <3 And both Amu and Utau noticed! Just like you predicted! Lol
    Ah, and yea, the sibling relationship is a really beautiful one (lol “immature piece of poo”…I’m quoting that someday xD; ). Utau is happy she always has support from her brother and Ikuto is just happy that Utau is following her dreams without things getting in the way of it.
    Huh, come to think of it, animation got extremely better at the end. o.O Weird…

    And I’ll tell you what’s going to happen to Ikuto now! They’re gonna finish up the Lulu-filler arc within three episodes, make it suddenly snow, Ikuto will get his violin back successfully and Yoru will drag him all the way into Amu’s bed and later Amu will be deredere cuz she can’t leave poor sick kitty out in the cold like that! BAM! Back to our plot! Now let’s get some taiyaki to fit the mood!

    …Yea. It’s 2:23 AM now.

    Thx for the supah-early review. I come to stalk your blog tomorrow…or later today. *sleep now* Zzzzz…

    (Didn’t get much sleep after all. ^^; )

  13. ppfffttt you forgot to show that ikuto went from

    to this


  14. OMG! OMG! OMG!

    He looked like he was going to kiss her! And Amu didn’t like she was going to pull away…

    Best Doki Episode ever. Satelight focused on the characters not ? egg plots. It’s super awesome.

    Heh. Eru has the power of the tsukiyomis to appear anywhere suddenly.

    I agree too. Utau and Ikuto are cute brother/sister pair. I liked that Satelight remembered that he does care about his sister.

  15. LOVED IT. I’m a huge Amuto fan so I really enjoyed this episode. YAY. I love it. But I still can’t believe that Nadehiko wasn’t in the episode. *cry*. Satelight is so mean. I am so glad that Ikuto came to Utau’s concert.(He is such a good brother♥). LOVED IT> AMUTO ROCKS!!♥♠♣♦

  16. The animation in this episode really bugged me. It kind of stopped me from enjoying a lot of scenes – I’m picky like that.
    Tadase~! That scene when he picked up the flyer was so cute. He’s such a good friend.
    What you said last week about Tadase and Amu’s relationship really got to me. I wish they didn’t reset it like that. He went from having a fanboy crush on Amulet Heart to understanding and loving the real Amu. It was a huge part of his character development. Uwah. They can’t mess with my favorite shota’s character development~! They just can’t! D:
    One thing I loved about the chara-nari at the end it this: the guardians finally realized how cute and moe their transformations are. It’s about time other people started fangirling over the cuteness of Amulet angel, Clown drop and Platina Royale. Poor Yaya didn’t get much attention though. Boo-hoo.
    I’m actually relieved Nagi wasn’t there (omgwhatamIthinking). What was he supposed to do while the others transformed? Stand in the background and watch? Maybe shoot some hoops?
    I really loved Utau in this episode. Her relationship with Ikuto is the cutest thing ever. Even if they haven’t seen eachother much, you can tell how close they are.

  17. I had a heart attack. This is definatly the BEST shugo chara doki! episode so far!!! I loved how they showed a lot of Ikuto.♥♥♥ =3 He seriously looked like he was going to kiss her. I have a feeling that Amu wouldn’t back away though. xD Ikuto got hurt though…*teary eyes* Ikuto…

  18. AMUTOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST FILLIER EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF SC!*passes out from ovrload of fangirlism*

  19. I totally agree, this is the BEST filler episodes through out Shugo Chara, I would have thought this was based off the manga. Ikuto kitty-fied +1, Amuto scene +1, Amulet Angel +1, Nana Mizuki singing +1. What more can I ask more for a filler? Well I would have liked to see Nagihiko, more Rima-tan. I just wish they do more fillers without egg-off-the-week.
    It’s really nice to see Ikuto caring about Utau, since we always just see Ikuto ignoring Utau or pretend not to care about her. Definately would love to see Utau’s music career.
    The animation is iffy this week, except I noticed Utau seems to be drawn especially nice.
    Up to now, I’m still amazed how great is Shugo Chara anime is, Satelite is definately doing one great job on this. If anyone seen Kamichama Karin or Galaxy Angel Rune, you’ll see how great is Shugo Chara is. Alot of animation company only do a half-arse job on mahou shoujo series, unless it’s aimed at otaku (like Nanoha).
    A little random note. The CG Jiggling Party by Rima-tan looked ALOT like missles from Macross Frontier, especially how they move the tail glowing effects. I always thought Shugo Chara has some lovely CG effects, must be because it’s animated by Satelite ^_^”
    In my opinion, Satelite should take their time with fillers till the manga actually have an end. I would prefer a big block of bad fillers, so it won’t ruin the good episodes.

  20. I support Amuto but I don’t FANgirl… so that doesn’t mean that I can’t get a mid heart attack with this episode (I had them not during the Amuto scene in the middle) … by the way, I have the impression that you think that everytime they drop Tadase out there is to make a Tadamu moment which I highly disagree… Satelight has already shown that Tadase still hasn’t developed true feelings for Amu (from that episode I can’t remember when Amu was technicolor and Tadase wasn’t) so he might be dropped out there for the fans… just like they do with Ikuto

  21. I agree this is the best filler episode on doki so far (well, and I don’t really expect any filler episode that can actually beat this one).

    Yes, I nearly had a heart-attack with the eye-catch. I was like: “couldn’t it be belated for some seconds? :K”

    But though I found somehow unnecessary setting Ikuto in a secret-agent-like mission to retrieve his violin right now. I mean, since he escaped without his violin, and he could have gone to Utau’s concert without being hurt, and Amu didn’t even notice he was hurt when she saw him. And that gave the feeling of a preview to Ikuto’s arc. Just like everyone else, I wouldn’t like if they joined both arcs. (Well, anyway, probably when they suddenly feel like it’s Ikuto arc time they will just send Lulu back to France without previous warning or reliable reason).

    I also felt like they had a director-gozen talk moment just to have Lulu mentioned at least once in the episode O_O

    but I really liked this episode *claps*

  22. OMG I LOVE THIS EPISODE CAUSE IT HAD IKUTO IN IT AHHHHHHHHHHH i was like screaming my head of and love amuto scenes and i like almost had a heat attack halfway through the episode! ikuto kiss amu OMG i was like sooooooooooooo blank but when i heard the word kiss i replayed that scene again to make sure i heard it right YAY AMUTO! IS LIKE THE BEST COUPLE. and i agree there should be only one episode with just ikuto and amu and thats it adn without the eggs NOW THAT WOULD MAKE ME REALLY REALLY HAPPY!

  23. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! AMUTO!!!!!!!!!! hee hee hee! That is what I did when I saw this.

  24. At Least crunchyrolls keeping Skip Beat, and Shugo Chara. Crunchyrolls change might not be so bad. Will see.

  25. What a cool filler! Ikuto is still one of the best characters, I like the fact that he’s tough but nice at the same time.
    I love Utau’s braids & Amu’s outfit, and I’m waiting to see what the future episodes will bring new to the plot.

  26. omg! i just love the part when ikuto acts so chidish at the beginning b/c hes always so serious XD yay amuto!! XD

  27. Best Doki episode ever.That’s all I can say…

  28. Oh my god I just saw the full thing. “Hmm their seems to be something going on between those two. I must tell Utau-chan! No!” Hahah Eru your so hilarious

  29. Haha, I always enjoy reading these. Although I was weirded out when those men thought Amulet Angel was cute. They looked much older, but I can’t say anything because Ikuto looks much older than Amu too. Ahh, me and my pointless rambling…anyway can’t wait for a plot episode :)

  30. Finally! Plot movement! you may have caused me to start watching the anime again… well, at least this episode. And more Utau! Heatful song is too pretty X_X I’m in love with it, practically. Bit surpirsed about Amulet Angel, but you’re right, they didn’t specifify that she couldn’t do it anymore in the manga, so I guess it’s okay.

    And of course, amuto makes everything better. They got reeeeaaaallllyyyy close thsi time. Dang it, just do something already, Amu!

    And, as usual, thanks for posting this ^^

  31. KYAA!!! i love this ep so much but for one thing.. \


    But no Lulu! YAY!!! You got nothing on Utau, evil French *****!

  32. HOLY SHIT!!!!

    -goes pale, falls to floor dead-

    DAMN IT, IKUTO!!! Stop teasing and kiss her, damn it to hell!!!! XD

    mini heat attack this week, thanks, Fuyu-chan :3

  33. Quiero saber que pasa en el 61!!!!!!
    Quien es Kira, Dia , u, otra guardian chara!!!!!
    ya quiero que llege el sábado!!!!!!!!

  34. that was the best review i ever read XD
    i was about to have a heart attack in the mid part of the ep!!!!
    i want to watch Ikuto´s arc but this filler was really something
    ….n again great review haha im a fangirl to so i really enjoyed u describing the situation XD

  35. […] wait. Lulu’s still here. Hmm…makes me think back to what came up in episode 59 and my edited-in […]

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