Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 58

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Well, this seems to be the chara-based episode for the season. Nothing really happened (at all), but it was a pretty cute episode. I liked it purely because I got a lot of Eru. Eru~

It’s nothing great, but it’s not bad either. Just…filler. That’s as simply as I can put it (next week seems to have things happening though).

Oh and speaking of next week, I want to thank everyone who clarified what the Utau episode would be about. Now instead of being pissed off at Satelight, I can be pissed off at Easter. That’s much better.

Also, I’m thinking of just doing shorter summaries for episodes I’m not that excited about (like this one) instead of typing every detail I think readers would find important (even to the point of typing “I don’t know”) because there’s not two groups fansubbing Shugo Chara! and one of them is really fast.

So today is going to be a slightly shorter summary. I figure it’s fine to try it out this week since nothing happened. Though it’ll take some practice at deciding what’s not important.


Ami is mad at her parents because they didn’t get her something (they can’t find what she wants). Amu ends up needing to take Ami to her school, along with her charas.

At the garden, the Guardians (minus Amu) are discussing ?-eggs. Amu arrives to find all the charas (including Eru and Iru) there, when the guardians ask where Amu is (after some silliness) she explains that Ami has them. The charas go to get them (and Yoru spots them on the way).

At the kindergarten, all of the kids are staring at the “Shugoi” charas (as introduced by Ami) and the rest of the charas arrive and the kids are all ecstatic. Yoru shows up and Kiseki attempts to have a discussion about the ?-eggs, but they get interrupted when Yoru starts chasing after the cat toys the kids have (or whatever) and Kiseki gets grabbed by some artist kid who wants to do a sculpture of Kiseki. (Lots of chara antics in between too). The kid keeps resculpting it when it isn’t how he wants it and Nana appears and gets all villainy giggly.

More crazy chara antics ensue (with rabbits and stuff) which is all obvious even without understanding a bit of Japanese really. Then the charas have a bubbly fight with the kids and all get caught in a bubble and stuff. Nana’s still doing her villainy giggle.

After the meeting, Amu is walking with Tadase to pick up Ami and gets all flustered (and sweaty too…), so she tries something, but fails (Tadase misunderstands I guess…or whatever). When they get to the kindergarten, Ami runs out to her sister and has her goodbye with all the charas (except Eru who is trapped in the rabbit cage because of chara antics…Eru ;_;). They go inside and see the sculpture(s) the kid did, including the one of angry Kiseki which Kiseki doesn’t like because it doesn’t look kingly (I guess) so the kid starts over. After Amu and friends leave, Lulu shows up to do her ?-egg thing on the kid.

While Amu and Tadase are brining Ami back home, Amu gets embarassed thinking about how they’re like a family, but she gets a call from Yaya about something happening (?-egg). They go to a river to see the artist kid with lots of Kiseki sculptures floating around and stuff so everyone transforms. They all try to fight, but their attacks pretty much fail on the sculptures (which inevitably join together to make a giant Kiseki sculpture) and Tadase stops them from destroying that because Kiseki is controlling him and eventually Kiseki undoes the chara-nari.

Lulu watches from the sidelines…cheering in a really weird and unlady-like way (our rip-off character seems OOC…). Ran switches with Miki so Amu transforms into Amulet Spade, Amu tries out her mahou shoujo speeches on the kid (Ma-kun or whatever), but they all fail somehow. She finally gets her attention, but can’t do Open Heart because there’s no “negative heart” to lock on to. They can’t do anything, but end up being saved when Ma-kun finishes his sculpture at last (Giant Princely Kingly Kiseki…) but it falls apart because the kid got bored once he did what he wanted to (his ?-egg turns into a regular egg on its own).

Ma-kun’s mother shows up and Ma-kun is into origami. Lulu gets pissed off at Nana and they have a little fight. At home, the Hinamori parents present Ami with her present at long last! It’s a doll house! But Ami wanted it specifically for Amu’s charas (awww…). The charas then fight over rooms and stuff and everything’s all good and cute. Yay.

Except Eru is still stuck in the cage at the kindergarten (nuuu! Eru~).


Ah, I took so many caps of Eru. Because Eru love consumes my soul. If I had my way I’d ignore the rest of the episode completely and just talk about Eru this week.

Unfortunately, my comments about Eru usually consist of “Eru~!” or “Eru-run~” so…that’s not really enough. So you get your lousy complaints and critique.


Pouting Ami is cute. This has nothing to do with what’s going on, but it made me automatically hope that Ami will turn into a wonderful tsundere just like her sister and her idol. I want Ami’ unborn would-be self to be a tsundere would-be self!!!


Hi Eru! \o

My god she’s so cute. I didn’t see her in the preview at all (did I miss her or was she just not there?) so I got so excited when she appeared.


The angel memo! It still exists! Hurray! I had no idea~


So today’s filler character…what’s up with this kid’s eyebrows?

Honestly, I disliked little filler boy, but I almost always despise filler little kid characters. Don’t know why, but they piss me off. Aside from awful character design, the kid was fine though…I guess.


My god Ami is so cute. I love that little pose. She must have done it at least three times during the episode. So cute…


Eru~ I love hearing my adorable angeru sing. Eru~

Raburabu Eru wa angeru eru~ eru~

So cute…


And Iru! You’re so cool! Coolest chara ever! (Though since charas are so silly there’s not much competition for “cool”).

As for Yoru…we’re skipping him because my thoughts are the same as the kids.


Eru on a slide is cute. *happy*


Ami is drawing Utau? That’s so fucking cute! (Sorry for the language, but it is~)


XP I love you Eru. It’s that simple.


And yay! Her forced lock opening powers are still in tact! As seen in episode 33.

Go for freedom you cute little bunnies! GO!


Yeah, the whole part with bunnies was really, really cute. Probably one of the highlights of the episode for me (all the bigger ones are every moment with Eru though). If only it didn’t lead…


…to this. Eru~ My rabu angeru turned into a jail angeru. Nuuu! I’ll cry with you Eu. T_T


So time to take a break from chara antics and talk a little about another problem with Doki and the filler arc that became apparent in this episode.

We basically seem to have a relationship reset going on here because a lot of things can’t happen until Ikuto’s arc. So basically until then all of the romance in Doki is going to be completely halted because there’s nothing left to make it move forward unless they start moving stuff around (which won’t work either).

So basically, sorry Tadamu fans, but Tadase is a dense little boy again with zero interest in Amu. I imagine the Tadamu fans are like this. Personally, I think it’s a little painful to have to watch Amu be all flustered with zero reciprocation again.


Especially when she’s trying so hard that she get likes this. (OMG so sweaty…)


Yeah Amu. I know. Somehow I think this is how some Tadamu fans are feeling right now too (except the ones who like Amulet Heart x Tadase because they like anything they can get…).


I don’t know why, but I thought all the charas saying goodbye to Ami was really cute (especially Iru for some reason). So I capped it.


Heh…this is so unfunny, but it makes me giggle because Ami made the expression too.


Now then, the second problem I noticed about Doki with this episode. I figured out one of the biggest problems with Lulu. She doesn’t associate with anyone.

The only real characters she’s met are Ikuto and Amu (and I guess asshole director), but she really…isn’t involved in anything at all. She feels like…I don’t know. Well, to take another example from Peach-Pit, she feels like Canaria did at first. She’s doing stuff and you see it…but it’s not really important to anything.

I mean, the only impact Lulu has is transforming kid’s eggs into ?-eggs. And that’s the same every time, so it’s not really important at all. She really just feels like other filler characters and she’s just a tool to make something happen. But she’s a recurring character, so Satelight really needs to fix that. I mean, what exactly is her would-be self? I don’t even know what Nana is.


See? Painful. For Tadamu moments they either stick to having Amu be the only one thinking anything, or having it be all chibi and making it seem like it’s just a joke.

Obviously I’m not a Tadamu fan, but I really need to give my criticism with how Satelight handles things for the story wherever I see it.


lol…so many clay Kiseki in so many different moods.

…I want a bunch of clay Eru in different moods. Ah. I suddenly decided I hated filler kid because of that. How can you not want to make dozens of Eru idols when you have the ability! I myself can’t resist buying any Eru item I come across.


I also love how Kiseki wouldn’t let them destroy the giant Kiseki. That was fun.

Also, I love how we get so many images of Rima being ticked at Tadase lately. Slowly chipping away the Rimase evidence. Hahahaha! Yes.



I also liked seeing Amu fail. See this complainers? Take your “Mary-Sue” and shove it!

It helped to change up the absolutely predictable and stock footage fights that you always see in mahou shoujo filler. Whenever they do things a little differently (like they got to do with Amulet Angel’s random attacks in Dia arc) it makes me happy.

This is more like the Satelight I entrust with my Cool & Spicy mahou shoujo.


Whoa. Epic streaming tears Kiseki. Also lol at giant statue with shiny eyes.


Also, hopefully a one-episode complaint, how did our rip-off character seem so OOC and ridiculous?

Well…I’ve never seen any other character act like this, so I guess it might be a good thing. Though I doubt Satelight will ever have it be part of Lulu’s personality in the future. They’re stuck on her little nagoya slip-ups instead.

As a personal preference, I only liked Lulu when she was talking about her mother with Nana. Meaning I like a good intentions, but naive Lulu, but we’ll see what happens. I don’t think Satelight really knows what to do with this girl.


I also liked this. Nice touch. I was ready to be all ranty about a kid Ami’s age having a heart’s egg because supposedly from a previous episode, their eggs are just about to be born at that age, when their dreams are just starting and stuff.

But after the kid did what he wanted to, he switched dreams. Just like real kids that age do. The egg them works again!

…still think Satelight will screw up in the future with it though.


Awww. Ami got the charas a house. That’s so cute. It sorta happened in a extra story in the manga too, so I kind of figured it would happen eventually. Anime love to grab at every scrap of manga they can get at during filler arcs.

They’re almost fresh out now though. All I can really see them being able to use is the ramen scene (somehow) and Ikuto’s kitty scene (which might be appearing next week?).


Of course…at the end…Eru… T_T

Someone release her soon! Dumb Iru leaving your best angel friend behind!!!



Utau. ^_^

She showed up in episode 55 and now we’re getting another episode dedicated to her for episode 59? I like it. This makes me very, very happy. But what could make me happier?

Eru and Iru? Why yes thank you. There was quite a bit of Eru in the preview (and it makes me very happy).

Utau with Amu? Oh stubborn girls make me so happy. Especially since Utau is shaking Amu and letting her cool stubbornness go a little bit. I can’t wait to see that scene.

Now then what else could we possibly have? Wait…Ikuto? In the planetarium!? I swear not to let my mind get too carried away, but please…I want that scene. I’ve waited for so long. There was no reason to take it out in the first place, no please give it back!!


I actually had a little trouble coming up with one today, so I used charas for the heck of it.

Cutest in this episode though. Don’t just put down your favorite. That’s cheating.


  1. Tadase’s WTF Kiseki? Look when all the little Kisekis transformed into one giant Kiseki was hilarious I was laughing so hard, I fell off my chair.

  2. Iru’s look when all the pans were being dropped on Kiseki was also priceless

  3. This episode Sucked for me ,actually every episode of this filler arc isn’t good at all but i still like the manga original scenes like the skirt scene but on this episode … NOTHING from the manga and u know its a filler but CHANGE something stupid Satelight .. make one of the guardians or ami get a ? or X egg make something exciting GOSH ! and i hate lulu … useless filler …

    But Eru~ is soooo cute i want to kiss and hug her :D she is awesome :P and i love Yoru rapping i wonder why u didn’t mention that lol XD

  4. oh and btw the ikuto screen shot from the preview is wrong its the same screen as utau shaking amu :P

  5. Okay. Amu messed up once. I’m still keeping my eye on her and her sue-antics.
    But I guess it’s not her fault. It’s a little rare that I’m crazy about the main heroine. Some how, I get sick of most of them after a while.
    Aw~! Tadase carrying Ami was definatly the cutest part of the episode! Something about it was so adorable. I can’t quite put my finger on it.
    Eru was so cute this episode! She’s my favorite chara now. I’m sad that she missed out on the bubble scene because she was trapped inside the cage. I love bubbles. Eru inside the bubble would have made the scene even better.
    Yoru… I’ll admit it. I never really liked him. I don’t even like his chara-nari with Ikuto. There. I said it.

  6. Shugo Chara! Doki: Haha yes~ There were quite a few funny moments in this episode (but I of course laughed the most for my beloved angeru).

    Mo0on12: Well yeah, nothing at all happened in this episode so I figured that some people would really dislike it. I have zero expectations for every episode though so I enjoyed this one quite a bit (I was expecting it to try to be funny, but fail…but it did make me smile a bit so it was sucessful).

    I want one of the guardians to get a ?-egg too, but I don’t think it will happen for at least a little while. Going back to season 1 with Nikaidou, it took until episode 17 or something for Kukai’s egg to be x-ed (though in this case it was fake).

    Yes! Yes! Eru is very awesome.

    Yoru rapping…wasn’t mentioned because it was so the opposite of cool for me that it was painful to think about. That makes it funny, but still.

    And thank you. I fixed it now.

    13Cici: Well if she failed all the time, but still managed to save the day she’d be a sue then too. She’s getting a…kind of okay balance of Sue in her. For a magical girl anyway (not saying much).

    It was cute seeing Tadase carrying Ami (I got too distracted by poking at Satelight to mention it). I’m not sure what it is either, especially since I’m…me and do not usually find scenes with Tadase to be cute.

    Yes! More love for Eru! (This probably makes me happier than it should) Yes! Eru should have been in the bubble. Eru should be everywhere (they should make up for it next week at least).

    Oh! You’re going to be in so much trouble. But now that you said it, I can admit that I’m finding Yoru less likable and cute as the series goes on. That’s what happens when they give chibi characters too much spotlight. They run out of jokes and cuteness (unless they’re Eru!).

  7. hey thanks for responding i agree on everything and your welcome ~~ and i get what you say its just …. i really want to see amuto bed scene and to see ikuto’s arc animated its just killing me to even look at the filler characters even the manga is so slow the latest chapter which is 35 was about yaya and before it ch 34 it was about Nagihiko and rima (which is Awesome) but i want the manga to show development in ikuto’s arc too ( and hope for a kiss from amu to ikuto to wake him up like most mahou shoujo Anime lol XD)

  8. I actually enjoyed the episode even if it was pointless.

    Eru’s memo pad. Yes. Missed it.

    Next week looks awesome. Utau, Amu and Ikuto. I’ve heard something about Amu asking Ikuto for help with Utau too so, hopefully we’ll get to see Ikuto acting like her big brother.

  9. Fuyumaiden: I laughed at Eru too. She was hilarious. I’m glad to see her lock unlocking powers are still intact, she might need them on day you know! As for Iru shame on her! Leaving her adorable precious Tenshi behind! Also Ami’s drawing of Utau… I misunderstood it for Sailor Moon…… *Tee hee*

  10. Ami~! <3 Agrees. Our Ami-chan should be a poser tsunderekko just like Amu-chan and Utako when she grows up…or something. xDD;;
    OMG! ERUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams* xDDDDDDDDDDDD I’m so happy. We get more Eru next week, too! Satelight’s being good so we can’t yell at them about that right now. :D
    & she was just not in the preview. :P
    I thought the kid’s name was Mark…? Ah, well, he amused me. Don’t know why but hearing his name and looking at his face makes me think of Marx. o.O;;
    What the hell, is that Eru fanservice I see?! They gave her longer legs or shortened her skirt? Satelight, what the hell are you doing? D8 (I blame this all on Geass…)
    Iru~! Kakkoii~! xDDD Yoru was just…yea…lol
    I’m betting Ami’s gonna beg to go to Utau’s live next episode if she overhears it. If she does, she should bring her drawing, too, and give it to Utau. & Utau, of course, can’t refuse a gift from one of her die-hard fans. Hehe ^^ Though she’ll probably secretly say “My eyes are all wrong…” xD;
    Eru is the bunny savior! But I loved jailed angeru even more. Haha So cute.
    Hmm…making litte sense so far, my comment…just woke up.
    “Personally, I think it’s a little painful to have to watch Amu be all flustered with zero reciprocation again.”
    Maybe…but I have something more painful to worry about than this and it’s not Tadase’s fault but Amu herself. And ah! You said it. *claps hands together*
    I mean, ok, Amu’s whole line of “We kinda feel like a family” is understandable since her crush has only lifted by like, I dunno, I think it’s safe to say about half but it still kills me. When she said it like that, it scared me. It really scared me and I had to remind myself that’s she’s still just a kid who really doesn’t know much about love herself. She’s completely confused about it, in fact.
    I can see how, if we look from her perspective, it would be painful to always get that gentlemanly behavior from Tadase because that’s how he acts with everyone (minus Ikuto). But there’s nothing wrong with him acting that way, though. Tadase is just a kind, polite kid. And because he’s a kid, he doesn’t know how to act any other way yet (dumb anime for making all that development disappear somewhere *sigh*). She thinks it’s ok since she likes the “yasashii ouji” but shouldn’t she be worried over whether or not if he regards her as someone special? It’s not enough to be nice to someone you like, y’know. There are lots of barriers you’ll have to break through if two people are truly in love.
    Which kinda leads me to my next point. I would feel bad for Tadase if he and Amu got together and I’m serious. I feel sorry for Amu, yea, but it’s time to give Tadase some of the sympathy because it wouldn’t be fair to blame just one person and let the other one off. Love works both ways, after all, otherwise there would be no love (in this case).
    For one thing, Amu still can’t allow herself to just be herself in front of him. Cool&Spicy always takes over at the crucial moment. And Tadase doesn’t realize this now because they’re still in an early stage of being “raburabu” but he’d feel uncomfortable later on if the girl he likes is always putting a mask in front of him when it’s really not necessary, right? That’s the barrier I’m talking about. I really can’t see Amu letting go of her Cool&Spicy mode or give up trying on the false-happy talk when she’s with him. She’s too worried about being the ideal girl in front of him and letting her flaws show. But Tadase isn’t like that. He likes Amu, regardless of how she is, even though he use to like one part of her more than just her and that’s all changed now. He wouldn’t suddenly dump her if she did something that was corny or anything. No. So if she keeps the act up, it’ll be unfair to him. They’ll never get to actually know each other like a real couple should.
    …yea, now that I think about it, if Tadamu actually happened, Tadase would’ve gotten more of my sympathy than Amu would’ve. Amu just doesn’t know how to be honest with herself (I think she’s a little afraid of facing that side of her, too) and I’d be more angry about that because she is dense. :P But Tadase is more innocent (yes, no parentheses). He can be honest but she…I just can’t see it happening for Amu in their relationship. Nope. The friendship works better. *nodnod*
    Well, that aside…Kiseki annoyed me at the end. :/
    And why is it every time I see Rima now, I see her more and more like Ushio? ^^;
    Yay! The dollhouse! That was a very sweet scene at the end. Ami is so nice. x3
    Eru~! It must be horrible to be stuck there with a cage of poopy-smelling rabbits.
    WAAAAAHHHHHH!!! UTAKO~~~!!! <33333 I’m gonna be callin’ her that occasionally from now on. I dunno, it just popped up in my head one day and I thought it was cute. ARGH, but Satelight screwed up her pretty features AGAIN! DAMN THEM! Dx
    …hmm, well, I hope her live will go alright (sure it will, cuz Amu will be there, ho ho ho…the two most stubborn girls “being friends” is just pure awesomeness, yep!) and that Easter will finally fail in sabotaging her performances behind the scenes. Bastards…
    And yes, kitty scene. Need. Kitty. Scene. *starts foaming at the mouth* …eww. xD;
    I’m also hoping if Amu bumps into Ikuto somewhere and asks him if he’s going to show up for Utau’s live that he’ll either make the decision not to go (he wouldn’t do anything against his imouto for Easter, hell no!) or go and try to make sure everything is not going to be royally screwed up. Hmm…I like the latter but I see it happening with him in the shadows than him just suddenly jumping out to fend the Easter fags off. That’s more Ikuto-like, lol. And he’d want to avoid Utau’s sudden glompage, too, no doubt. ^^;
    Hoping for some Amuto, too, but I’m keeping expectations low. I’m just happy it’s about Utau. Heh.
    K, thx again! Can’t wait for next week! ^^
    (Whoa, long comment for a filler…)

  11. Mo0on12: Ah well I try to reply to comments, but on the SC! posts they usually build up too much before I get the chance and I just…can’t. Luckily I caught it before it got messy today!

    Oh I think we can all relate to that. I’m managing because I’m pretending that the manga and anime are two different series (somehow). The manga’s pace is pissing me off though. There’s going to an entire volume of them just trying to get to Ikuto the way things are going. -_-; (Though I did like the Rimahiko chapter too).

    I’m hoping that the chapter after the next one something will finally happen. With Utau appearing at the end of the last chapter, I think Utau (and maybe Kukai) will get some spotlight…so we’ll end up needing to wait yet another months.

    warriorhope: Same here. So very pointless, but it was still fun.

    Yes! Ikuto acting like a big brother! For some reason after seeing Ikuto with Amu, seeing Ikuto act like a big brother to Utau gets me the most excited (but like I said, Amuto number one).

    Sugo Chara!Doki: Heh. Well when a kid draws her, Utau does look like Sailor Moon. Now I can’t help but notice that.

    xiao_jie: Oh god Eru. This just occurred to me, but I feel like next week’s episode is going to be really great just because all my major fangirling characters are going to be around. I mean Eru and Utau love are regularly combined, but Ikuto too? I will die.

    Mark, huh? Could be. My brain just shuts off when filler characters appear. At least for trying to understand conversation anyway.

    I think Satelight shortened her skirt a little so they could actually show her dance. Otherwise…it wouldn’t be much.

    Oh~ Why do you keep saying these things? Now I want to see Ami give her drawing to Utau. THat would be so cute (though it probably won’t happen).

    …Whoa. So much analyzing, you’ll have to give me a moment to catch up because it’s been a while. I’m trying to wonder where it all came from so suddenly a little bit (get a blog missy!).

    Well first of all, I did kind of get that feeling about the “we feel like a family” line too, but I decided to keep completely silent because I’m tired of random flames. But this is the comments (which almost no one reads) so yeah. I completely agree with everything you said about that. It scared me, but me being me I kind of automatically went, “What the Hell Satelight?”

    Well I guess it’s all because Amu’s still a kid. She seems completely fine just being flustered, even if it makes her sad sometimes. Like she’s sort of just enjoying her crush. Using recent events, it feels like Amu’s fine if she just gets to see Tadase in a dress…even though she gets upset when things don’t go well, it feels more like she’s just frustrated about things not being how she wants them to be. Kind of…well, let me try again (I’m confusing myself).

    Basically, like we’ve said before, she’s a Tadase fangirl and she seems to just…be that way. Like when I was that age I wanted to marry certain celebrities and stuff, but…not really. I kind of tend to sit back and think that at Amu’s age, if I had met one of those celebrities I would act the same way she does around Tadase. Trying to be perfect and acting like a girl with a crush would, fantasizing and stuff, and doing your best to make the crush real…but then really just being fine with how things are.

    Except there’s the fact that she becomes familiar with him and they become friends and stuff which just complicates the whole thing. Some of Amu’s feelings about Tadase are genuine, but it feels like the ones you can just chalk up to friendship.

    Now I went way off track somewhere…where was I? Oh yeah. I feel bad for Tadase too (just not in the anime because of how Satelight is handling it and making him all calm and carefree again). Tadase ended up liking the real Amu because he got little peeks of her, but their relationship couldn’t go anywhere because Amu would always be holding back. Because if Amu did go out with Tadase, I get the feeling she wouldn’t change at all. After confessing to Amu, Tadase did change a little, but Amu? Nope.

    Yeah…I really would feel bad for Tadase. If Tadamu happened, I think we agree that it wouldn’t last, but yeah…I’m really thinking that would be Amu’s fault now. Because she’s such a poser girl and hasn’t really dropped that much around Tadase…even after all this time.

    Utau’s live will definitely go well! Looking at the preview I think I saw a poster of Amu? So I’m kind of wondering if they’re going to fake that Amu has a concert for Utau or something~ (Weird theory I know, but it’s Satelight and I expect anything from them).

    Yes! I want Amu to run into Ikuto and tell him about the live. Because that gives me everything I want Tsukiyomi sibling stuff (Ikuto acting like a brother makes me smile somehow) and at least a little bit of Amuto. And kind of a combo, because I get the feeling Ikuto would be happy Amu cares about Utau (oh~ That makes me so happy somehow imagining it. I’ve always wanted more interaction with Amu, Ikuto, and Utau, but it really got ignited when I saw all the calendar scans today).

    Ikuto doing something behind the scenes is kind of what I expect more too (but I kind of hope Amu or Utau…or both see him doing something too).

    I can’t keep my expectations low because I have Eru, Utau, Ikuto, and Amu all in my preview (has this ever happened before?).

    Whoa. *looks at comment* Been a while since we’ve done these randomly long discussion comments, hasn’t it?

  12. I personally think this episode was sort of pointless, because I couldn’t really understand some parts…O.O But the good thing? No freaky chara-nari. I guess I can be happy at that.
    I found the Tadamu moments…weird. I didn’t get it…at all.
    There was quite a lot of Eru love here, here? ;D I loved Eru singing…and Iru was so cool doing her rock guitar thing.
    As for Yoru…seeing him rapping while at the same time remembering he’s Ikuto’s would-be self makes me wonder. Would Ikuto even do that? XD
    Ah. I missed Ami drawing Utau. Kawaii!~
    So…we didn’t get to see the ridiculous Open Heart. That’s good. SInce it wasn’t a Negative Heart, it pretty much wouldn’t have worked anyway.
    As for Ruru…she’s a pedo who hits in on little kids. <.<
    And the charas all forgot about Eru…XD
    Overall, the plot in this one was like, almost all over the place in this episode, but overall, I enjoyed it.
    The episode next week looks pretty good. Should be worth waiting for.

  13. HA! Fuyumaiden your blog gets worse and worse each day… I STILL HATE YOU!

  14. Ok I don’t know if it was deleted or not but some stupid person named mikuruasahina commented your blog! What did she say I saw it but it was deleted…

  15. Don’t die before you watch it, at least. xD

    Because I can~! Nyahaha~! x3

    Don’t wonder…it’s safer that way…*evil laugh* (I will! I will!). lol

    Ah, I see what you mean about the celebrity-admiration aspect of it. Hmm, yea, that’s definitely what it seems like. But in her case, there’s drama. Add puppy love in there and it’s just…well, sad…especially since they’re only just kids! They’re not supposed to be worrying about that at their age! @.@;;
    Hmm, but I guess it can’t be helped since P-Pit has given us characters w/quite a considerable age range. *sigh* …I’d just say no to romance altogether but that wouldn’t be any fun. xD;
    So yep, let’s hope they both realize this as soon as they can to minimize the hurt, get over it quickly and be good friends. Come to think of it…hmm, nah, I’ll save that certain bit for later but on the other hand, I think it would be cute if Amu helped Tadase find a more compatible girl for him. That’d be really cute. & hey, we’ve had a positive talk about Tadamu without needing to shove Ikuto in there! *finds it a rather amazing feat for herself* 8D

    I hope next week’s ep means we’ll get another Utau CD soon.
    & Amu on a poster? O.O …Does she get a CD soon, too?! 8DDDDD *wants it*
    Oh, speaking of which, I uploaded the game OP & ED CD here if you’re interested. The songs are really cute! x3 But I don’t think I heard Dia in there anywhere. Just Amu and the usual three. Ah, well, it’s awesome anyways. ^^

    Argh! Now you’re doing it to me, too! But yea, I think it would make Ikuto smile that Amu’s giving her all in helping Utau in her career. I want to see his smile again~…but yea, since he knows that Utau has never had any real friends before Amu, it gives him some relief amidst all that crap Easter’s making him do. Arrrr…I hope in the next chapter we’ll get to see some of that interaction.
    & I don’t remember but expect it to happen more often in the future~! xD

    Yea…*nostalgic LJ feeling* Hehe ^^

  16. mikuruasahina: Holly, seriously get a life. I don’t know how to email you and I don’t have your number. Please STFU! That’s in the past. Go away please. And stop flaming Fuyumaiden. ERUUUUUUUU! MY PRECIOUS ANGERU! US YOUR LOCK UNLOCKING POWERS!

  17. Gah.. I was so late seeing this ep. XD

    You’re right, it was actually pretty good. Lulu was definitely OOC, and I was hoping for her to fall off the damned bridge just so I could laugh at her. The chara antics were hilarious. Poor Eru, though! I love her too, so when I saw that I was like “Fuyu’s gonna love this! So much Eru! :D” And next week Utau, Ikuto, AND Amu! My three favorites combined into one episode. I hope Ikuto helps Amu and Utau out. Though if he doesn’t, I won’t be surprised. I wonder if Easter (specifically the asshole step father) will make Ikuto sabatoge Utau’s concert? (Although from the shadows) Hope not. I would prefer Ikuto helping either visibly or in the shadows. Visibly would be awesome, with evil step father all watching and getting pissed off. Ikuto needs to own him again. XD

    You actually didn’t like the Yoru rap scene? O.O I loved it. Though it’s mainly from trying to imagine Ikuto doing that, and Ikuto seeing Yoru acting that way. Though I had a long “WTF?!” moment when I saw it that then turned into fits of laughter.

    Gah.. I just can’t wait to next week. XD

  18. I have nothing to say this week… Sorry…

  19. kaedemirumo: Oh yes. The lack of freaky chara-nari makes me happy too. Maybe there won’t be one next week either. At least there wasn’t any filler character in the preview.

    Yes, lots and lots of Eru love. Eru-run is the angel of love so she needs a lot of love in return.

    No. Ikuto wouldn’t do that! He can’t! (I firmly believe this in my heart!) Well, he’s a violinist too so rap doesn’t fit him at…all. Made it feel extra weird for Yoru to be doing that…

    lol. Lulu the pedo~ But yeah, with the way she stalks everyone she’s turning out to be the sketchiest character in this series.

    Next week better be good! But yeah, it does look good…for a change.

    mikuruasahine: …lol.

    Shugo Chara!Doki: Yeah, it just wasn’t approved yet (now it is though).

    xiao_jie88: Of course not! I can’t even die until I get to see all of Ikuto’s arc animated. Heh…imagination running wild again.

    Yes, yes. That’s true as well. In Amu’s case there’s drama as well. Lots of problems with what is someone’s “true self” involved in the romances in Shugo Chara! too actually. For Rima and Nagihiko it came up and with Tadase liking Amulet Heart. Hm…didn’t really think about that much before, but the true self stuff really does pop up everywhere, doesn’t it?

    No romance would stink…

    Tadase’s becoming a smart boy now that he realizes his mom is an idiot again (it’s true) so I’m sure he’ll be able to realize it.

    Oh…we really did, didn’t we? It’s amazing~! Well for it to be a positive talk we’d need to have the discussion without taking any time to compare Tadamu and Amuto (because we all know how that comparison comes out).

    It better mean that we get one soon! Oh. Wait now that I think of it, there’s a single coming out on Nana-sama’s birthday. I suppose it could be Heartful Song (but then it could be a song from White Album or something too because the girl Nana-sama is playing is a singer…I think).

    OHMYGODTHANKYOU!!! My CD isn’t going to be arriving for “2-3 weeks” I got an e-mail just the other day. I ordered it with my calendar, which I wouldn’t mind so much (especially since I’ve seen all the images), but I would have been in despair without hearing those super cute songs! Have to write a review…

    Yes~ Ikuto should be happier knowing that Utau is happy (and Amu too~). But hmm…this made me think of something else. It’s pretty common reasoning that the reason Ikuto was part of Easter was because he was watching out for Utau and that’s why after Utau was freed from Easter he ran away not long after (and went to stay with Amu~). So…this is another inconsistency from the manga caused by the filler arc isn’t it? Now Ikuto has to stay for his violin, but until now he could have left any time, couldn’t he?

    It’s been a while~ Maybe half-hiatus is good because it lets me reply to more comments!!

    MyVampireEyes: Oh it would have been great if Lulu fell off the bridge (but she can’t because then people would actually see her! Oh no!).

    I did love it. Eru~

    Oh I know, my three favorites all in one episode too! Ah and now because of the calendar I have all three of them in an image too (it’s the Nov/December image).

    Ikuto’s definitely going to help Utau or else Satelight is making him OOC and they will suffer my rage. I’d really like to see Ikuto help Utau, because it seems like Utau sees him helping Amu and gets the feeling that he doesn’t care about her (but he does! Just you know, not in that weird siscon way).

    Yes. More step-father getting owned. I need my small victories especially in times like this!

    I guess it’s because I don’t like rap? Combined with the fact that I can’t ber to even imagine Ikuto’s would-be self doing it. (Nuuu! The drama CD was one thing, but this is over the limit!!!)

  20. And guess what folks? Fuyumaiden’s plagiarized.. AGAIN here’s the link

  21. He’s got some guts… and it is starting to piss me off. Also, is this a different person from the other girl? I mean, here he says that he’s a boy: “I am a boy. I am called Jonah. I <3 Anime. I <3 Manga. I speak fluent japanese. I speak fluent english. I speak fluent french. I am only 13 <3”

  22. Wow Fuyu…you sure are a plagiarizer magnet…lolz.

    From the looks of it, either 13 year old male, Jonah is the same person who plagiarized you in the past or his estrogen kicked in at puberty instead of testosterone. ^_^

  23. Actually I wouldn’t overlook “the missing violin” in Doki. I think that a big thing in this plot. Have you only been reading the english translated version of Shugo Chara? Because I’ve been reading it in Nakayoshi magazine recently (a japanese shoujo mang magazine) and it seems like in that chapter Rima starts to wonder about Nagihiko and Easter is making Ikuto play the violin and then it says continue. So I think the violin plot arc is following the manga and that will be a huge think in Shugo Chara Doki.

  24. lol i have nothing much to say but OMG IKUTO COMES BACK AND UTAU WHOOOOOO! BUT the episode was a bit okay only liked the end when kiseki’s staue showed up and he wont destroy it LOL! but thanks for the summary!

  25. LOL! Yeah. XD If Lulu did wind up falling, she’d probably have to be rescued and then she’d be shit out of luck because they would figure it out. But the way she was moving.. I’m seriously surprised she didn’t lose her balance.

    Rofl, agreed! Even the slightest bit of ownage would make another battle won. I say this all the time, but I seriously hope Ikuto’s father is still alive and shows up at the tower and pushes evil step father off. That’d be epic win. XD

    Ooo yeah, I saw that calender image too! :D It’s so cute and epic! Especially with Ikuto smiling! :D Ha ha, I don’t like rap either. XD ^.^ I think I mainly just loved that scene because it was so unexpected and came out of nowhere.. like.. the LAST thing I expected Yoru to do was rap. So it was just hilarious to me that he did. I’ve never heard the drama CD. O__O

  26. True. Come to think of it, there didn’t seem to be any signs of a filler character in the preview.
    But this is Satellight we’re talking about…who mangaed to hide the Amuto scenes in ep26’s preview. So it actually might be possible…T3T
    I’m starting to really like Eru as a character. She is so cute…though she’s on the same position as Dia. XD
    Hm, and people thought Ikuto was a stalker…but Ruru seems to have gone off the far end of stalking O_O
    Well, I did like the Yoru rap scene, only that the thought of Ikuto doing it is making me laugh like crazy. XD
    Well, we seem to be getting back on track with the manga, at least. ^^

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