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Oh god I cried so much. And twice. Once while watching the raw and again when watching the fansubs. Kitties are the best pets ever today!

And yeah…new favorite arc (again). I doubt anything (except the full After Story) will surpass this for me.

I wonder which one made me cry more now. Kotomi’s arc or Misae’s. I’d say Misae’s just because hers was shorter, but made me cry pretty much the same amount. But both of them made me need to get a tissue.

It was the same music both times that did me in though. I’d find out what it was and download it…but I really can’t spare time to sit at my computer crying randomly. It’s a really great piece though. It gets you all teary eyed, then they hit that one part and it all just overflows (matching with the scene and everything).

I really think it’s only Clannad that’s ever been able to make me cry quite like this (partially owed to the music). Mostly because it always gets my, “happy and sad” crying out all at the same time. Kind of like with Kotomi’s arc. This one was the same. It’s happy, but oh god it’s sad too.

This episode caused me to add Shima to my favorite characters list on MAL. It’s always changing, but he has to be on there! Because today I don’t love anyone more than Shima!


I sadly can’t say quite as much now as I could have when I first watched the episode. I’m sorry. But even so, I really can’t say much besides the fact that this episode really made me cry a lot and it was just all around touching and…nice. Ah…Shima-kun..


Oh my god Shima you’re so cute. Normally things I’d only find cute if a girl did them (and disgusting if a boy did them actually) end up being just as cute (or cuter) when Shima does it. Shima-kun~! God…who would have thought such an adorable boy came out of a series with the main draw being bishoujo.


Aww, poor Shima. But I still can’t even take it as violence because of Misae being voiced by Satsuki Yukino. To me it just seems like her stubborn way of saying, “I love you.” Strange I know.


Blushing makes me smile like the good fangirl I am. ^_^


Aww, this scene was so sweet. Talking about all of the things he likes about Misae. Shima really is so sweet and innocent and just absolutley perfect (and now we all know why).


Sure. It’s just because he’s waiting for you and you feel bad for him. No one is fooled. Especially not her friends.


More blushing~ And smiling too~ ^_^


And this. This. This probably boosted my already sky-high Shima love even higher. This is something I like to simply say is…epic. Yes. Completely epic. It made my day ten times over.


Shima-kun in girls clothes! And with a giatn red ribbon too! Kyaaah! So freakin’ cute. He is cuter than regular girls. Why? Why!? Why do boys always make the best girls in anime!? (But I love it just the same.)

Ah…watching this when I did originally watch it (damn you cold!) made last weekend a trap weekend and I loved it.


I love it so much that we get a wonderful collage of the misadventures of trap-Shima. It’s too cute to reduce to too small of a size so I made a clickable bigger size. Just sit back and enjoy.

…Ah~ I am at peace with the world.


Aha. This is actually one of those smaller details from the game that I’m not spoiled on. This explains how they all knew each other at the softball game. I kind of got why Kouko and Misae knew each other because Misae had gone to the school, but Yoshino caught me by surprise.

How Kouko and Yoshino met again later should be explained later in the After Story, right?


Yes Misae. He does make an incredibly cute girl, doesn’t he? (We can’t have too many images of Shima-ko).


Another fantastic collage of screencaps (it’s only four again though…). Only laugh out loud moment in the episode, but it was so good. So very, very good. Confessing to a girl while dressed as a girl…it’s fantastic. I love you Shima-kun! (This cannot be said enough)


Oh god Shima-kun. ;_; Even when you know it’s coming, it still breaks your heart. Because Shima is just the sweetest boy ever and he should be human! He should get the absolute happiest ending available to him!

See? This is why I always think animals are better than humans. Some people who got all upset at me when I say I was sadder about a dog dying in a car accident than its master. But to be honest, humans do crappy things every day. Dogs (and other animals) are pretty much just completely innocent. Even when they do something bad it’s because they don’t know any better. Even dogs that kill…it’s just something they can’t control.

So poor Shima the kitty boy not being happy makes me sadder than a real boy not being happy. Of course, it was like this before I remembered Shima’s full story too, because he’s just as innocent as a kitty (more so actually, since pretty much all cats can be major bitches when they want to).


Oh god Shima. ;_; (it just doesn’t stop…) I rarely get to feel this bad for a fictional character, but Shima should bring out the tears in everyone.


Ah…happy date montage makes me sad and happy at the same time. He and Misae really are suited for each other like Misae’s friends said earlier in the episode (though not in those exact words). But to be perfectly honest, I think every girl in the world wants their own Shima. Boyfriend, little brother, or…even as a kitty. Just want one.


Ahh…my usual fangirl squee can’t help but be caught off by, “aww” and “oh…”s when you know what’s coming.


Shima-kun ;_; It’s hard to tell if he’s happy or sad in this moment, because personally I couldn’t help but be both. Such complicated emotions from an anime…


More ;_;. Really, what way is better to make it more dramatic than to make Misae unable to catch up with him and then fall down. They were killing me a little bit more each moment while I watched this episode.


Oh~ At least this part was more happy than sad. Ah…Shima is a weird kitty. He’s so nice and smiley~ Anyone who owns kitty knows how unusual that is. It’s like Shima is in kitten mode all the time (and even cuter!). I guess because he got to be human too? Ah…Shima (want one…).


We have to take a small break from the sentimental now since the flashback is over.

…Doesn’t Tomoya accept this way too easily? It took until it was proven to him for him to believe the stuff about Fuuko. This he could have just taken as a dream.

…but I will accept it. I’d believe Shima-kitty too. He’s cute.


Heh heh. Date.

Ah~ They really do look like they’re a couple on a date. It makes me happy and I hope they keep it up because everyone is right. There’s not enough couple vibes from these two yet. More.




Ah. Such a great, great scene and I can’t even use words to express how wonderful it was. just to say that this is the part that really got my tears going (up until then I got watery eyes, but you couldn’t really say I “cried”).

My god, who would have ever thought that one of the most emotional “romance” scenes I’ve seen yet would involve a kitty. And my god that kitty is adorable (that first image! >////< ).


No one can do the happy & sad bittersweet stuff like Key can (and KyoAni obviously does a good job adapting it). I can’t help but want to cry from happiness and sadness too. But we do seem to get the happiest ending possible here. Shima gets to stay with Misae and Misae decides to finally move forward.


Well, like I already said. Best arc so far. It’s absolutely just…touching. I mean, it’s definitely not the sort of story anyone on Earth can fully indentify with, but that’s part of the charm. Some of the best stories can be the ones that are impossible. It’s one of the great things about fiction. What hasn’t happened and couldn’t happen, does.

In this case, Misae gets to fall in love and even when she can’t love that person any more, she still gets to have them with her and have them love her. And it’s done in the only possible way in which this sort of situation could ever be fair.

This is also…probably a happy ending (the best happy ending that the circumstances can allow anyway). It’s not like the whole thing was “pointless” as I know some unromantic pessimists can say, because Misae got to grow as a person because of her past experiences. Somehow part of me thinks that lame fireworks thing Misae’s friends had Shima say was true…just not in the lame way. More like how love is beautiful no matter what and it has an effect on you.

…and I think I’m out of things to say. Relationships can always be a difficult subject, so I’m amazed that I managed to say anything at all.



Yukine~! I only know the absolute basics of her story, and a bit of that has to be changed for the anime I already know for sure. So I’m really looking forward to her arc starting (we get to see it tomorrow actually…).

Now then, as for my blogging with the current half-hiatus, I’m going to have to update at the bottom of every post as I go along.

I’m going to try to do Clannad’s next post on Friday like usual (but if I can’t, I can’t). Skip Beat!, I’m shooting for Sunday, after that I’ll double-up for 07&08 again for the next Monday (unless things change). As for Weekly Anime…I’m doing the next one on Monday, but from now on it will probably be Sundays always, not matter how much or how little I did end up watching (unless the number is zero, in which case it’ll just be next Sunday).

Right now I’d call Clannad and Shugo Chara! my top priorities (but for different reasons). Everything else has the tendency to feel like more of a chore right now (also for different reasons). Also thank you to everyone for your support and understanding on my hiatus post.


  1. Awwwww! Shima-kun!

  2. It was really a sad arc, but I still think Kotomi’s arc was sadder. Although this one was short, it had all sorts of feelings and emotions, so it was very good. I almost cried in this episode but thankfully there was a happy ending xP

  3. I loved this arc, true, it indeed, has to be my favourites too. The end just seems to give a war fuzzy, yet, sad feeling at the same time.
    Shima-ko= Shota Love

  4. And yeah…new favorite arc (again). I doubt anything (except the full After Story) will surpass this for me.

    If you haven’t realized already, you will find yourself having your current favorite arc replaced by a new one, every time they make a release. ^_^

  5. Shima!

    I don’t usually like shotas either, but with Shima the orderinary rules seem to fly out the window.

    Crossdressing. ^_^ (the weekly theme perchaps?) Yeah. It’s sad that he’s actually cuter then some of the other girls in the series.

    The festival scene was so sad. I think it was a bit of both too.

    Darn. I started to tear up again just looking at the screencaps for the two tissue needing scenes.It really was touching. It’s the best Clannad arc so far. (even though the Mei/Sunohara arc was good too).

  6. Everyone says this show is such a tear-jerker or a emotional roller coaster. I haven’t seen it so I can’t imagine it. But maybe one of these days I’ll watch with tissue in hand.

  7. I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one that shed a few tears over this episode. I didn’t think I was that into Misae’s story until I felt the tears welling up. I would really like to see Misae happy by the end of the series.

  8. Meball: Kotomi’s was probably sadder, but they both pretty much made me cry the same amount. This one just made me cry for happiness too (though Kotomi’s did that too since it was so sweet).

    F.C: Yes, that warm fuzzy yet sad feeling. Ah, Clannad seems to be a master of that sort of thing. How can a show that’s so funny make me feel so many other emotions too!

    7: No, actually this time I’m pretty sure this one will stay my favorite. I know about the rest of the side arcs before Nagisa’s after story starts and I could probably bet $100 that this one will stay my favorite. Because my favorites are the ones that make me cry the most or feel the most sentimental or overall emotional.

    warriorhope: I guess it’s because Shima has a cuteness that transcends gender. Once he got forced into girl’s clothes it started to make sense to me. He’s a rare character that’s cute no matter what.

    I don’t tear up anymore because I’m sick and for some reason can’t cry when I’m sick (don’t know why…), but it really was touching. I’ll just go ahead and say that it’s the best arc in any Key KyoAni series for now.

    Maura: Watch it! And don’t just be prepared for tears, prepare yourself for embarrassing actually laughing out loud humor.

    thenullset: I think it’s impossible not to cry over this episode (though I didn’t shed a few tears, I literally had streaming tears the first time…so embarrassing). Hopefully Misae will be happy. Even if it’s just a small shot, they really should show us something like that. Misae deserves happiness!

  9. I still didn’t cry! o.O
    & I still didn’t watch this subbed yet…and I think I’ll skip watching this week’s for today, too. So tired…ugh, stupid school. Gave me such a friggin’ headache! My comment will be fragment-y and brief cuz of this. -.-;

    But anyways…Misae’s friends are like the best, awesome side characters I’ve seen in a while. People like that don’t appear often anymore. It’s quite sad. :(

    Lol That week must have been cross-dressing week in Japan or something. xD; But agreed! Shima-kun makes such a pretty girl~! *giggle*

    Yusuke…he’s so…unique. xD

    …emo Shima = do not want but want to hug him anywayz! Shima, a cute boy like you shouldn’t angst! It’s a crime, I tell you! A crime! A CRIME! ;_____________; But their date was so cute. <3

    Tomoya wore a tie. Lawl~

    & kitteh + blushing, happy Misae = UBERLURVE!
    Hmm, yea…

    Thx for sharing your thoughts and screencaps. Ah, and sorry for the bleh-ness of my comments. I’m sick, too. *feels awful* Hopefully, it’ll get better by Saturday.

  10. Misae blush = instant death.

    Yeah this arc was pretty touching. That music gets me everytime, too!

    Speaking of crying randomly, I have a story to tell. I listened to Kotomi’s audio drama track in the office one day. Bad idea. Hehe, I didn’t actually cry, though.

  11. Aside from the obligatory “a cat is fine too”, I found myself enjoying this episode quite a bit as well. While in my mind it didn’t reach the tear-jerking level of Kanon or AIR (or Fuuko’s arc), it was emotional nonetheless, and I loved how it dealt directly with romance. We often see ambiguous stories in the Key adaptations when it comes to romance, because the plot has to be coherent and still accommodate every arc, so it was nice to see an arc that directly states what it’s about. It may not have been realistic, but it was touching either way.

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